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Mod: Inverted Google Apps For Your Galaxy Nexus

For those of you looking to further your custom ROM experience, then the next step to take is to completely black out all of the Google applications. Thanks to themer travp624 over at RootzWiki, you can grab all of the popular Google apps in all black. Hotness. By inverting the apps, you can give your phone a completely new look and feel. For screen shots, hit each link and check out what your device will look like. 

Apps available inverted are:

For downloads, head on over to Rootz and download each apps zip file. There are individual instructions on flashing for each app, so be sure to read before flashing. Have fun!

Via: Rootzwiki

  • QtDL

    Me likey. So much easier on the eyes than bright, white backgrounds.

    *Dumb thought – Would these save some battery juice b/c of the dark backgrounds?*

  • Anonymous

    black apps + aokp rom + glados kernel = joygasm

  • Anonymous

    ok.. this may have just been the thing to push me to root my Nexus!

  • Maui88

    Will these work on my stock rooted LTE 4.0.2 Galaxy Nexus? I am not deodexed.

  • Jdstell

    Tim, is that your music list? “2 Fast 2 Furious – Ludacris” Are you serious? hahaha

  • Too dark for me 🙁 I’ll stick to stock

  • Eazy

    Droid- Life how i have missed thee!!! NOw you are back to your roots  HELLSSS YEAH!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    Would this work with automatic updates?

    • Anonymous

      no, you’ll have to wait for them to make a new apk with with update.

      • Guest

        Very sad face 🙁

  • ddevito

    Friggin sweet.

  • M1ghtysauc3

    That music selection is the perfect mixture of awesome and gay.

  • Dshudson

    The only thing I want for my Galaxy Nexus is a data connection. 

    • HuskerHater

      Sucks to be you!

      Sent from my Galaxy Nexus on 4G in Nebraska!

      • znibbor

        Sent from my Galaxy Nexus on 4G in Belle Fourche, South Dakota!

      • angermeans

        This is really a messed up comment my friend. You really shouldnt be rude. 

    • angermeans

      1. Turn off phone and remove battery. Replace battery and leave phone alone for five minutes (no really sometimes people that have problems with data the phone never properly activated when getting it, with that being said if you were like me you have more than likely removed the battery numerous times and still having problems. If that the case move to opt 2)

      2. Call Verizon or go to store. More than likely you have a problem with the 4G LTE SIM card. I had the TBolt (I hated that thing) and for months numerous times a day I would have problems. I then called and got a new SIM and worked great the last two months of service. When you get your new SIM put in phone and go back to step 1. As much as you want to dont mess with your phone! Give it at least 5 minutes and make sure you are in a good coverage area even if you have to go outside. Also when you call have the rep refresh PUK codes on your SIM (you can try this now before getting the SIM replaced as this has helped in my attempts to fix this intermittent problem with 4G data problems)

      I have no idea what causes this but have spent a lot of time looking into (plus I work for Verizon). Since Ive have been affected by this problem and it basically made me want to throw my Tbolt  in the fire and go elsewhere I tried everything and this is what finally helped. There are other factors that I’ve seen esp when it comes to where you are in the country as some areas are stronger than others, but it seems that most problems come from the SIM not authenticating once being pinged for authorization on the 4G LTE network. Hope this helps. I now have the Galaxy Nexus (also have the 4G Xoom) and neither have ever disconnected from LTE or even went down to 3G. I had the same Tbolt the entire time (since launch and got rid once I got the GNex on launch) and the only thing changes was the SIM.

  • Angelrod111

    As much as I like these, I like having automatic updates more!  Last thing I want to do is have to tinker with my ROM just to get the latest version of Gmail or Google +

  • The Race To Die
    • Anonymous

      I use the same one. The hints of ICS blue are what put it above the other options.

      • The Race To Die


  • This is why we choose Android over iOS.  Well this among a host of other reasons.

    • Anonymous

      You can do very similar themeing to iOS after you jailbreak. There are many themes and tweaks in Cydia or you can directly modify color codes in the properties files of the stock iOS apps.

      And the stock apps can be updated without you lossing those changes…but enough about iOS. I’m loving my G-Nex ;P

      Former iPhone User

  • T4rd

    Hellz yeah.  I keep everything on my phone on a dark theme if I can.  The stock SMS and Gmail app are annoying to me because I can’t change them. 

  • Guest

    Wouldn’t be needed if Google would allow you to switch between Holo Dark and Light themes on the fly. http://developer.android.com/design/style/themes.html

    • Derek Stiles

      That would be awesome.

      • Indeed that would be awesome.

    • EC8CH

      That’s nice but it’s still that washed out grey.  These are better in my opinion as they are deep black… G-Nex’s amoled screen was made for black… not grey 🙂

      • angermeans

        Should theoretically make battery life better too if what has been said about AMOLED tech is true. These look great. I think I might have to jump on these tonight. Tinker with my Galaxy Nexus, eat dinner, and than hours of Skyrim and loads of beer sounds like a great Friday night to me 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Black is where it’s at!  Looks so good as a background on this phone – great idea!

    • Derek Stiles

      Not to mention, saves on battery life.

      • Anonymous

        This is what I was coming to say. I’m looking forward to CM9 with a blacked-out custom ROM. 

  • Derek Stiles

    I’ve been using this: http://www.mediafire.com/?13xeiel8lc8yf45 mms app from here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1461540 and think it’s the prettiest thing I ever did see.

    • John

      aw very nice. hope it works fine with 4.0.3 roms

      • Derek Stiles

        Yep. I’m running CM9 kang by winner and it runs perfectly.  Love all the hints of ICS blue.

        • John

          nice. will check it out. thx

  • Anonymous

    ummmm YES!

  • EC8CH

    Oh… I need this. I miss the black messaging app.