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DROID RAZR MAXX Battery Test Day 1 – The Very First Charge

Over the next few days I’m going to do my best to document my DROID RAZR MAXX battery journey with posts like this. Since the big selling point of it is clearly the massive 3300mAh battery that has been tucked inside, this just seems like the right thing to do. So up first is day 1, which with most phones, tends to be one of the worst as far as battery life is concerned. 

Day 1

After fillming a quick unboxing of the device, it went straight to the charger so that I could put it through day 1 with a full battery. Unfortunately, I failed to look at how much juice it had before charging and then how long it took to charge. As some have already mentioned, a larger battery may last longer, but it should also take a lot longer to charge. I’ll be keeping track going forward.

Once it hit 100% – which was about 1:45PM Pacific – it was off the charger until this morning. I decided to go with 4G LTE only for the first few days as I have not had the best of luck with LTE batteries in the past. Both the original RAZR and the Galaxy Nexus could barely get me through 7 hours before I had to dig through my desk to find a charger. With 3300mAh inside though, this should make it through a day, right?

Now with any new phone, the first day is the day you traditionally hammer on it the most. It goes through setup, you start testing the call quality and other features, snap the first set of pictures, look at the battery meter every few minutes to see if it has dropped, set up all of your bookmarks in the browser, download must-have apps, etc. I did all of these. From the early afternoon until I passed out somewhere around midnight, the phone still had 31% of its battery remaining. When I awoke this morning, it was begging for a charger at less than 5% charge remaining. I quickly slapped it onto a computer to take screenies, and that’s where we stand now.


So a couple of things stood out, most notably the battery drain from voice calls. I took maybe two calls yesterday, but one was around 30 minutes. That single call took 25% of the battery, which is shockingly bad. For a device that is supposed to last through 21.5 hours of call time, we are hoping to see an improvement in this going forward. Again, day 1 usually sucks with almost any phone. The second thing was the time I spent playing the newly released Anomaly Warzone Earth, which after just 12 minutes of playing, robbed 7% of the battery. This isn’t all that surprising as a pretty CPU intensive game, but 7% of 3300mAh is a hefty chunk. Will monitor this as well.

After day 1, I’m pretty pleased for the most part. It still seems like after 10 hours of use (yesterday afternoon until I went to bed) that it should have had a little more than 31% remaining, but again, that was day 1 and we could see a dramatic improvement over the next few days. The good news is that no other LTE phone would have lasted as long through the beating I put on it.


  • Anon

    “The good news is that no other LTE phone would have lasted as long through the beating I put on it.”

    No other LTE phone with the stock battery, correct?

    Having the extended battery for mine (Droid Bionic) has been great.  I don’t mind the phone being a little thicker either, it’s easier to hold.

    I do hope that the RAZR MAXX’s slight increase in thickness makes it more comfortable; I found the original RAZR not so much with its thin, angular edges.

  • Chip Chiperson

    Too bad there will be no custom kernels to achieve even BETTER battery.. 


  • FortitudineVincimus

    26% drop over night???? WTF!

    Even if the first days are heavy battery drain, how the heck do you explain a 26% drop over night??

    • Jim McClain

      well if email,facebook and other crap was updating all the time,it will do it

    • Chip Chiperson

      Thats a Blur feature.

  • Jim McClain

    after 9 hours 12 minutes on my gnex , im at 51% on my battery,got the screen shot to prove it, so im sure that big battery will get a whole lot better after a a week or so

  • Jim McClain

    from what I have read on this battery, to get the most out of it, drain it,then charge it,when it says its 100&, leave the charger on for 2 to 3 more hours,then drain agiain and repeat 3 to 5 times

  • TheRobotCow

    No need to get boner rage over what kellex is doing. He’s simply testing the maxx’s battery in stock form. Cant some of you dumbasses figure that out? 

  • Mark

    Interesting comparo on Laptop Mag about 4G battery life and the RAZR MAXX (just saw a retweet). No idea what their testing methods were though:  http://blog.laptopmag.com/longest-lasting-lte-phone-ever-motorola-droid-razr-maxx-lasts-8-hours

  • Anonymous

    My gosh some of you people have no concept of the fact that the first couple of days you get a phone, the battery life is usually terrible regardless of what phone you have. It gets better as you settle into your normal pattern of daily use. My original RAZR did the same thing. Battery life got better and better consistently for the first week and a half before leveling out. I was able to get 17 hours out of an OG Razr while using it on Wifi in my home. I expect this MAXX will be blowing people’s minds shortly. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m watching this test closely. I was fortunate enough to have had the benefit of Verizon’s extended holiday return policy which allowed me to return my OG Razr a couple weeks ago. I’m anticipating this phone being my next upgrade but I’ll wait and see what these tests conclude first. I’m glad to see this type of review being done right off the bat. Thanks Droid Life. This is exactly why this site is a consistent read.

  • Anonymous

    2 hours on screen time is a joke. I’ve gotten over 5 hours on my gnex 

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised by this. I have the extend battery in my thunderbolt (I know, it’s a tank), and I easily get almost 48 hours before needing to hook back up. Even listening to Padora or Google Music to and from work, I go to bed with 60% battery. And this is the Thunderbolt we’re talking about.

  • I know its just the first test, but I did a test on the new GummyNex at 50% screen brightness and only 4G and I got better screen on and talk time results. I ran Slingbox, browser, flick golf and maps for over 3.5 hours before I killed the battery. And I had -100 to -120 in true service.

  • Sinofueramos

    Maybe they meant 2.15 hours of talk time…

  • bgreetz

    I picked up a razr maxx yesterday and out of the box, it had 50% battery.  I did the usual play around with it, download apps, setup everything, and since it’s my first LTE phone, i streamed some video to bask in the glory.  However, my battery had plummeted from 50% to 30% in a little under 2 hours.  The main culprit? Verizon Location Agent. that thing wouldn’t sleep and had sucked up more battery than anything, including the display.  unfortunately, i was at work and couldn’t root and freeze it, but I did some googling and found that if you download an update from the market for that app, it isn’t compatible with the razr, so it stops doing anything.  after I did that, battery drained much slower. i drained it all the way until it turned off, and the last 5% lasted me a good half an hour of heavy use (streaming video, downloading apps). when it finally died, i had gotten a good 11+ hours out of a 50% charge. I didn’t make any calls, so I can’t comment on how much that drains it. overall, I got better battery life on a 50% charge with LTE on the whole time than I would with my X.

  • doctorOta

    Kellex.  Was this test just strictly 100% 4g?  Also do you plan on doing a test of 4g/3g to see how a mixed signal would work on the battery?

  • Sporttster

    I got my RAZR for $60 accounting for restocking fee returning my other RAZR that I bought for alot more $$. Got it at BB after HHGregg screwed up and posted a regional sale link on their national site for a day. Otherwise I would have returned this one for the MAXX but I can go get a external batt for this for $40 and still be alot cheaper than paying the $299 for the MAXX. Just made no sense to do. And I’ll get multiple charges out of the external. Oh..and MOTO…unlock the friggin bootloader already as you said you would!!!

  • 4geez

    i still think the droid charge has the best battery life on an LTE phone.  I was able to get 1 day and 4 hours out of it with 12% left at one point.  keep in mind thats on a 1600mAh battery not a 3300 like in this phone

  • Cartkid11

    Everything is getting fat these days!! People, phones, pets lol

  • me

    Hopefully moto can shrink battery thickness in the future.love them or hate them moto always brings ground breaking hardware to the mobile world

  • why hasnt someone created a battery benchmarking app…i get dibs on naming it if somene else creates it…

    • Stephen D

      Too late, Antutu released one a month or so ago. Look up Antutu in the market and you’ll find it. 

  • J99

    Another thing to keep in mind. The first day out of the box is not at all representative of actual battery life. Part of this is what you mentioned – trying out all the new stuff. But a big part is also setting up accounts and syncing all your data (email, contacts, calendar, FB, MotoCast, …). Most of this happens in the background, without you doing anything (other than setting up your accounts) and may not be captured correctly in the Battery Meter. At least get through the first day before you start measuring (and bashing) on battery life.

  • galaxy nexus 
    no 4g (town doesnt have it)
    extended battery

    15-20 hours any day

    • Anonymous

      I can get 20 hours on my RAZR if I’m not running 4G. 4G is a real battery hog, right now.

  • Sirx

    Thanks for doing this, dude!  Those numbers that Moto was spouting sounded like straight BS.  And judging from the horrendous results of your day 1, that certainly seems to be holding true.

  • Anonymous

    Voice calls percentage wise are about on par with my razr. Absolutely terrible life with voice calls, way worse compared to using data with screen on.

  • Skinja99

    Just be Aware that it takes batteries a few days to settle down. So the first couple days don’t have much meaning.

    Also, batteries last longer if you run them down to zero then charge to 100% the first few times they are used.

    • Anonymous

      He mentioned that the first few days are bad test days in the article.

      But your second point has been proven time and time again to be untrue.  Batteries aren’t affected by dropping them to 0 charge and back to 100, only the software monitoring their usage is affected by providing a more accurate battery percentage.

  • Rational Man

    I use the 3500 mah on my DInc running cm7.1. I can go 48 hours without a charge with wifi on. Rooting this phone has been a godsend for battery life. I’d be interested inseeijg what the Maxx can do rooted battery life wise.

    • Anonymous

      The Dinc is a small screened, 3g phone, it’s just not going to use the same amount of power.

      • Anonymous

        I didn’t say they would. I said that I appreciated the effect that rooting had on my phone and that I was interested in seeing what effect it would have on the Maxx. 

  • Anonymous

    Looking at your photo, Kellex… the little blue activity indicators under the chart scare me…. it says 17 hours…. but it obviously wasn’t active much while you slept… and the big drain happened in the first ~40% of that chart… and there really wasn’t too much during even that time.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, it dropped 26% while idle overnight..?!  My Galaxy Nexus drops about 1%/hour while idle overnight.  That was when it was totally stock the day after I got it too.  Something must be running in the background and syncing a lot or something.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah that seemed a little much to me as well. Had the same happen on my Xoom took me three days to find the bad app. Now its back to lasting a week instead of 2 days

    • Anonymous

      My first thoughts as well after reading the article. With all that “smart” power control on this phone, you’d think it’d do better than using a quarter of its battery while its doing nothing but waiting. Moto’s used to have a battery saver mode that reduced usage during overnight hours, does the RAZR no longer do that?

      • Mark

        Yes, but you have to set up smart actions to do that.  He probably hasn’t done that yet.

    • iHateTheMofo

      Maybe with 4G “Off” and on wifi. Tell the rest of the story.

      • Anonymous

        Wifi off on 3G (don’t live in a 4G area). 😉

  • Livin2bFree

    what a waste of time and posting. Battery is not even conditioned yet and these numbers are meaningless still. you won’t see actual true real world data until it had been charged and discharged at least 3 or 4 times. That said this thing will be much better then the Razr. I’m getting over 20 hrs out of my Razr right now as it is with moderate usage. this ting will blow it out of the water, and comparing to a gnex its a joke. It’s battery life it absolutely terrible even using an extended battery and trying to undervolt it.

    • Franks

      Have a GNex? How bout you stop dissin’ it. I charge once a day and consider my use moderate.

      Have a good friend who got the orginal razr and he charges twice under the same usage.

      Good luck swapping your batt out when it starts to wear out 🙂

      • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

        “I have a friend who has [insert device]… ” is the new “Some of my best friends are black/gay.”

      • Jajsnjdjd

        Same here. Only charge it once a day with moderate use. It only drains battery if you look at screen way to much (and I can’t really resist staring at the beautiful screen everyday ugg~), but off-screen almost nothing. Love my GNex.

    • Anonymous

      He said multiple times that the battery will see improvement over the next few days.  10 bucks says you’ve never even touched a Gnex for more than 5 minutes.

  • Chet Stovepiper

    a huge battery is cool and all, but when you wake up and have 5% battery and get a call and have to be somewhere, you WANT a replaceable battery. I have nexus batteries on the ready and no giant battery will replace that convenience

    • Xfloggingkylex

      Or you could, you know… charge your phone at night.  Who goes to sleep with their battery low enough to wake at 5%?

      • Anonymous

        Stuff happens. I’ve been so tired in the past that I have fallen asleep and forgotten to plug my phone in. Or, I have come in late from having a bit too much “fun” and not felt or cared about plugging my phone in. Or fallen asleep in bed while reading an e-book or something.

        In my most likely usage scenario, I will get home from a long work day, and take a shower or change clothes and then head back out on the town. Being able to swap in a freshly- charged battery in moments like that is absolutely invaluable.

        Sometimes I also have a reason to be out of the office all day for work or out in the field or on a site where it is not convenient or even possible to have my phone plugged in and charging. I would much rather carry a small spare battery in a pocket than have to lug around a big external battery pack with a microUSB plug on it.

        For all of the reasons outlined above, I absolutely require a removable battery unless it has absolutely staggering capacity on a fixed battery. Personally, I’m going to assume that Motorola has fudged its MAXX rating a bit and it provides only about as much juice as my Bionic’s extended battery. Impressive, but not groundbreaking.

        • Anonymous

          I have about the same scenario (come home from work and go right out, again), but I’ve found that I can keep my RAZR on 3G and not have to worry about it. I’ve lately kept my RAZR on 4G and I will use a computer charger at work and my car charger with the same results, but I’ll be curious to see if this backplate and battery can be put in my RAZR so I can go all day with 4G and no cords. Either way, it’s pretty all day usable for me. I had a removable battery on my OG and I only ever pulled it out for resets.

    • Lgreg64

      he did this on purpose to see how long the battery would last. this is a test.

  • Anonymous

    i’ll gladly take this phone off your hands if you don’t want it

  • Anonymous

    c’mon Kellex…if you haven’t rooted your gnex with custom rom and kernel…GET ON BOARD. 7 hours on stock is pathetic. we all know that! 🙂

    • Comment about the Nexus is completely unrelated to the post about the Razr Maxx.

      On places like Reddit your comment would be moderated.


      • Anonymous

        “Both the original RAZR and the Galaxy Nexus could barely get me through 7 hours before I had to dig through my desk to find a charger. With 3300mAh inside though, this should make it through a day, right?”

        Keith, try reading first.

        • Everyone relax. 🙂

          The 7 hour test was stock on purpose for the review. I get crazy good battery life on it now. 😛

          • Anonymous

            Kellex, out of curiosity, what ROM / Kernel are you using? I am running Codename Android 1.2.0 and Imoseyon’s Lean Kernel, and I have pretty good battery life (still seems the display is the main killer, AUTO for 4 hours, display is 56% with 1hr40min ON time)

          • Have you experimented with any of the other ROM / Kernel combinations? I’ve using the LearnKernel with AOKP and I think I’m getting better performance than I had with Revolution HD. But now I’m interested in trying Codename Android.

          • iamCC

            I came from CNA and I loved it while I had it but ever since I got AOKP I will never look back. I don’t know why but it seems smoother to me and I love the options.

          • Anonymous

            hows battery? What kernel you using?

          • Anonymous

            @KleenDroid:disqus  I will give his kernel a shot, I just like the leanKernel because of interactiveX and the ability to underclock to 230mhz when screen is off!

            @google-c85f247deccb41b160bdb94b7925c63b:disqus Yeah, I have flashed a bunch of ROMS / Kernels. As far as balance between speed / stability / batterylife / features,  Codename Android is far and away my favorite. Revolution was alright, I didn’t get great battery life, and correct me if I am wrong, he won’t update until ICS 4.0.3 is released right? I may give that a try when he updates. Droidtheory’s was really good, but then he stopped because of too many people complaining. Codename Android has an all-star like dev team, and new updates come out weekly. Absolutely ZERO complaints 

          • iamCC

            In regards to interactiveX you can run Franco’s on interactive and enable hotplugging in his app (which exactly what interactivex does differently than interactive).

            I have noticed no real gains by underclocking as far as 230 with screen off mainly because i’ve been able to substantially undervolt my 350 slot.

          • Anonymous

            Do you mind sharing your volts for Franco? I just flashed it through the app

          • Anonymous

            I am on the same rom, but give the Franco kernel a try. I get the best battery life out of this one than the other kernels on my phone. I only drop about 7% of my battery in 8 hours while sleeping. It always bothers me when a battery drops more than 10% overnight when it is just sitting there doing nothing.

          • iamCC

            I have been using AOKP Milestone 2 with Franco 13.1 and getting incredible battery life. I’m running at 350-920 and slightly underclocked as well as having hotplug enabled.

            Yesterday I made it about 16 hours with 2 hours screen on time… i’m very happy with that.

            I also notice absolutely no performance loss by running at 350-920…

          • Anonymous

            AOKP Milestone? ROM manager or Rootzwiki?

          • iHateTheMofo

            Crazy good life? Bull…. C’mon Kellex don’t let them bully you into the party line. Oh and I have two gnex. So lest you think I’m a hurt fanboy. I say bull. If you use any of these phones, you will be charging every 8 hours. Unless you are able to tolerate a dead phone which some here may be able to do.

          • Ron Perlman’s Jaw
        • Sharky

          He’s obviously trying to start something…which surprisingly resembles a troll. hmmm

      • Anonymous

        This post about the battery life of the RAZR Maxx…why even mention the GNex if you’re not going to make a good comparison? This is no better than iBGR mentioning an iPhone in an Android post. I see you calling out several other “trolls.”

        y u mad about free speech ?

        • y u trollin’?

        • Anonymous

          Nothing to get excited about.  We all know that the battery in this phone is awesome and will last a long time compared to any other phone out at the moment. With this in mind people can babble about anything they want… 🙂

  • Diar

    Are those battery percentages just the percentages of battery power that’s actually been used (not including what’s remaining at any moment), or the percentage of the battery’s total charge that’s been used? It has to be the former. A 30-minute call taking up 25 percent of the battery would only allow for two hours of talk time, which would be ridiculous even on 4G.

    • Thanks for actually adding to the discussion.

      • Matthew Rosidivito

        Oh the irony…

        • Guest


    • Tbolt07

      Yea I always thought it was the former. A percentage of of what had been used not the entire battery.

      • Mike Petty

        Right, but when you’ve used 95% of the battery, those percentages are pretty dead on.

        Kellex, often times I’ll play Sentinel 3 on my phone for like 2 hours and then when I look at it in the battery display, it’s only taken like 25 minutes of CPU time.  The battery monitors how much CPU it’s using and in a lot of games, the CPU sits idle a decent amount.  So it doesn’t necessarily show how much time the game was played, but rather how CPU intensive that game was.

  • Anonymous

    I’m at 45% with my Nexus with a screen on time of 1hr40min and heavy usage (Facebook, Reddit, text messaging, Tweeting, listening to music for ~30 minutes) … This doesn’t look good for the MAXX, the only thing tempting me was the promise of upwards of 4hr screen time

  • GF1 Fanatic

    For me, nothing can replace  the security of a replaceable battery. My Galaxy Nexus has a very easily removable battery cover (thank you Samsung!). The only reason phones don’t have removable batteries is the iPhone and Apple’s irrational thinking. Android, please to not fall victim to this insanity!

    • Anonymous

      Have you found a way to get rid of that squeak with the battery cover? 

    • Comment about the Nexus is completely unrelated to the post about the Razr Maxx.

      On places like Reddit your comment would be moderated.


      • Anonymous

        Actually it is very related to the maxx. He was saying what he gets with heavy use from his nexus and what he hoped the maxx would get with such a large battery. Don’t get butt hurt someone compares two phones to eachother. You are the troll fool. smh

      • Barnaby

        Apparently you are not familiar with the concepts compare & contrast….GF1 is relating features of the GNex to the above posted Razr Maxx.

        A very legitimate post.

        There i go, stepping in troll dung again…

      • Keith, love the enthusiasm, but lets not call everyone that is comparing one product to another a troll and bring up reddit.

        We want people to share their battery experiences. The goal is for people to be able to decide which phone is perfect for them.

    • Mark

      Actually, there is a valid reason: making the phone water resistant. Can’t tell you how many phones my girlfriend has fried by constantly using them from the bath. Hopefully this one will last a bit longer 🙂

      • Jdjddjsjjsjd

        Big difference between splash resist and water resist. UR gf take Rzar in a bath and it’ll be f***ed.

        • Mark

          LOL I didn’t mean she actually dunks in in the tub with her. 🙂  That would be water PROOF, not water resistant. Just keeping it in an overly humid place for hours can accumulate and cause all sorts of problems on these devices (like in a fogged up bathroom).

  • Looking at those screenshots make me so glad I didn’t get a RAZR.  Look at what they did to Android.  I shudder thinking about how they’ll destroy ICS.

    • Troll.

      • Everyone


    • I’m so happy that you enjoy the Gingerbread and ICS UI’s completely bone-stock AOSP without any graphical or feature enhancements of any kind.  Personally, I like the style route that Motorola has taken, and I can’t wait to see what goodies they’ve added to ICS.

      By the by, your comment doesn’t add to the discussion of the battery life of the RazrMAXX, but then, neither does this comment, so I can’t really fault you for that.  However, there is a post about the leaked Razr ICS build that would be appropriate for such discussion.

      • I’m normally a big Blur hater, but the latest versions of Blur are not all that bad and would tend to agree with you. Sure, some things annoy the hell out of me, but they mostly have to do with the stuff missing from ICS that I like since it’s not running ICS.

        Wouldn’t say I’m “excited” to see what Moto does to ICS, but will at least look at with an open mind. 🙂

        • Well, I figure I have a choice:  be excited to see what they’ve cooked up, or continue to languish about jumping on the Bionic on launch day.  I’m mostly just excited because I’m hoping against hope that it will fix the dam phone already 🙂

          • So by saying the latest version of Blur are not all that bad is basically like saying “Well, they didn’t screw up Android too much so I guess it’s ok”.  There’s something wrong with that.  Pure Android is stable, fast, and clean.  And you can still customize if you want with apps to change the look and feel.

          • Anonymous

            I have to admit, I used to hate Sense but the newer builds of Sense are pretty nice.  BUT Sense has become so bloated and a CPU & battery hog that the eye candy and bit of extra functionality just isn’t worth the hit. 

            I detest TouchWiz and whatever LG uses with a passion.  TW looks amateurish, cartoony, and is a blatant iOS rip-off. Of the manufacturer skins, I think the latest Blur best straddles the line value-added stuff and keeping it somewhat close to stock. I just dislike the bugginess and sluggishness of Blur, especially its camera and gallery apps, as wel as Moto’s refusal to update perfectly capable older hardware (Droid X2, Bionic, D3) to the latest goodness that the RAZRs have.  Viewed through the eyes of an “average” consumer, one bad manufacturer customization experience can taint everything Android. 

          • Anonymous

            I’ve used stock, themed, custom, and Blur Gingerbread. I have to say that the Blur version on the RAZR is so far my favourite. I can’t yet speak for stock vs. Blur ICS, but neither can anyone else (even using the leaked build, since it’s not final software).

          • Anon

            I don’t find the current versions of Blur to be bad, but I think Moto needs to do some work with some of their widgets.  Some of them have a really old, blocky look that date back to the beginning of their Droid phones; I got CurveFish’s free widgets because they matched so much better.

    • LionStone

      OMG its not PUURE!

  • Jason Purp

    I’d still rather get the original RAZR. But that’s just me.

    • Troll.

      • Jason Purp

        Not at all. Battery isn’t that important to me. My Nexus lasts about 6 hours with wifi on and that’s really all I need. I don’t like the idea of having a fat RAZR. Then it isn’t actually a RAZR.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t know if you’re rooted or not… but I would HIGHLY recommend it! Takes about 20 minutes start to finish, and with Codename Android, pretty much risk-free. With WiFi ON and Mobile Data OFF, I see only a 1% battery drain PER HOUR with the screen off! Best ROM out there, give it a shot! 

          If you have any questions, feel free to message me :]

          • Jason Purp

            Haha, I’m actually running the exact same thing. I love Codename Android. It’s so damn fast.

            I usually leave mobile data enabled when I have WiFi on because I figured it doesn’t matter. The phone is only using the WiFi for data anyway. But I guess if you’re having so much luck with the battery, I should do whatever you’re doing.

            Thanks 🙂

          • When you are connected to wifi, your mobile data connection IS off.  Physically turning off data when connected to wifi won’t make any difference in battery life.

          • Anonymous

            Just going by my experience, it has saved me battery. I’m sure not all cases are the same, but I did two tests overnight and got less battery drain with only WiFi enabled

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, I have to agree it’s very slick, and is updated constantly! Great Dev team!

            As far as the WiFi, I assumed the same, that it didn’t really matter because all data goes through the WiFi connection. But, as I was reading Rootzwiki, they pointed out that even if you are on WiFi, the phone is still searching for mobile towers, thus putting a drain on battery. I made the swap, and noticed huge improvements! And with Codename Android’s notification widgets, its real easy to switch off mobile data and turn on WiFi!

            BTW, dunno if you flash kernel’s, but this is what I am running and has given me the best battery life ( http://rootzwiki.com/topic/13092-kernel-leankernel-minimalistic-kernel-171-12012/ ) . Running the 230 EXP 6 with interactivex governor (shuts off CPU when the screen is off) and battery drain is pretty much non-existent if I were to not touch my phone.

            Sorry for the long post, had to get my nerd-post of the day out! Cheers and happy Friday!

          • Anonymous

            I run BB with Franco kernel and I do nothing special and get 12 hours with moderate use.

        • Tommy Thompson

          The “Fat” Razr is still thinner than the nexus.

          • LOL

          • Travisjshepherd

            its a bionic with a bigger battery. then again its every single moto phone that has come out in 2011.

          • Anonymous

            Though it’s thinner than the Bionic with a standard battery and it has a sAMOLED screen and a faster clock speed on the processor (not to mention the goodies the RAZR got like Smart Actions). Hate on Moto all you want, but this is one impressive phone.

          • Jason Purp

            I know, but still. It has the same design as the original RAZR so I just think of it as a big and bloated RAZR. If I’m to get any RAZR, it will be the one that’s actually a razor.

          • J99

            Dude, it’s less than 2mm thicker than the RAZR – and still thinner than most everything out there. Chill out.

          • Jason Purp

            I’m not worked up about anything. It’s just my opinion. I’d rather have the original RAZR with so-so battery life than the bigger RAZR with improved battery.

          • Diar

            You’ll trade double the battery life for 2mm in thickness? To each his own, I guess.

          • Mark

            I understand the thinking wanting the thinnest thing possible, but after returning my RAZR for the MAXX, I think the MAXX feels better in hand. Softer corners, smoother back, and more balanced somehow. It still feels crazy thin.

          • Anonymous

            “Improved battery life”?  You mean double the battery life?  You can’t possibly think double the battery life isn’t worth an added 1.8mm.

          • Anonymous

            It’s actually the same thickness as the Nexus(8.9mm). 

            There is absolutely no reason not to get the Razr Maxx over the Razr.  The original Razr is too thin, one has to hold the edges which feels awkward.  The Maxx gives you twice the battery and a phone that’s easier to hold, it’s a no brainer.

          • Tommy Thompson

            To the HSPA+ model, not to Verizon’s LTE model which is thicker.

        • Anonymous

          still thinner than the gn

      • Anonymous

        How is he trolling?  He’s stating an opinion on version 1 of the Droid Razr.