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Case Review: Ringke Slim for the Galaxy Nexus

I may have just stumbled onto the case of my dreams. Say hello to the Ringke SLIM in white for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. As someone who tends to go nekkid on the case front, this is exactly what I have been looking for. It covers the back to give me a new color without adding much bulk and leaves all of the physical buttons on the side fully exposed. Most importantly though, it doesn’t overlap on top of that big beautiful 4.65″ screen like so many others. It also has replacement rubber stoppers for the USB and headphone ports to give your bottom half a flush white look and to keep dust out, a leather inside so that it won’t scratch, and has a some sort of coating to make the back non-slippery. 

The extended battery won’t work with this case. Will fit the GSM version.

The case is not the cheapest on the market at $25.99, but you do get a set of replacement rubber stoppers, screen cleaner, and a screen protector in the package if you are into that sort of thing. Gallery below.


  • BEAZman

    Has the white case discolored at all (on the backside, which looks to be rubber). I had one, different brand (white incipio), and it seems to absord color around the edges as it makes contact with my clothing. 

    I really like white cases. Not to look clean like Mac products, but to be different and add contrast against my other black electronics.

    Let me know, because this case looks like a winner.

  • Hank Hill

    I don’t know why people are bashing this because its protective qualities aren’t that great.  Have you people ever thought that some people buy accessories to change the way their phone looks?  I don’t give two craps if this doesn’t really protect my phone well because i haven’t had a case on it the entire time.  I’m buying this because it’s sexy, and i know it.

  • Anyone who has this, please post whether or not it works with Ext battery and no having the battery door on. Alot of people say this works with alot of hard cases and the Ext battery. Most cases fit snuggly enough that it doesn’t matter and the battery wont jar loose or anything. I would love one of these, but I just need that extra couple hours of battery life. 

    • Denverduck14

      I have my extended battery door on and it still fits.  It may not be perfect, but it stays on and works well.  I would buy it

  • if it would fit with the extended battery I would have been all over it already 

  • thanks for sharing! I have the silicrylic but it just makes the phone too darn bulky. 

  • David

    Would this work with the extended battery but without the extended battery cover?

  • g_what

    I don’t think this should even be considered a case based on how minimally it covers the phone. I’d call it a cosmetic accessory, at best.

  • Anonymous

    The color is definitely NOT manly enough for me…LOL. But no love for the extended battery?!? No bueno!!!

    The bare GNex is way too slim for my hands. I dropped my first GNex right after I tricked it all out. CRACK! So I went with the Otterbox case with my replacement GNex. The Otterbox case (the full protection version) also accommodates my extended battery – WINNING!

    With a phone as expensive as the GNex, you need full protection. I am a rough and tumble cat…LOL. Additionally, the phone is now perfectly sized for my hands, its not too bulky for pocket carry (if I so desire), and it can take a tumble without issue.

  • None

    Fail have the ext battery on my phone.. I guess I’ll look else where.. 

  • I don’t really like how the side is pretty much exposed.. I think the cruzer lite cases look much better.

  • iamCC

    Saw this exact case review on another site… do you write for multiple sites or just this one?

  • Anonymous

    No fit ext battery = NO SALE!
    Come on!

  • Anonymous

    no love for extended battery?

  • Andrew Scott

    I’m normally not a case guy but I unfortunately dropped mine less than 24 hours after I bought my phone. Luckily I just have a very minor ding on the bottom corner. So, I bought an incipio case the next day. I don’t really like the case since it’s terribly bulky now but at least I know that my phone is protected. I’d love have. A much slimmer case. I wonder if they cut out the sides to allow for it to sit in the dock.

  • Lizz.0

    i dont understand why we can’t get a case made for the extended battery!!

  • Dbarden31

    Pretty cool case but i think i’ll stick with my Otterbox Defender Series. Yeah its bulkier but I can be a little clumsy at times. Haha

  • Anonymous

    I prefer my OtterBox.

    Even with extended battery, it still securely fits.  And it’s still smaller than my T-Bolt was W/O a case.

    • Dbarden31

      I was curious if my defender series wiuld fit with an extended battery. Is that the case you have?

  • Jim McClain

    I  bought the cruzerlite case after seeing it on here,  have the extended battery and cover and it fits like a glove

  • Ryan S

    Whem they make this fit the vzw gn then i will buy one. It is designed for the gsm version. Look at the pictures on their site where on the gsm version it covers the edges of the top and bottom bezel. They say they are thinking about redesigning one for vzw version, but im not holding my breath.

    • The website says compatible with both GSM/LTE versions

      • Ryan S

        Yes but it does not fit the vzw correctly. There are posts on xda and android central forums showing this. It doesnt protect the sceen when laying screen side down as it does on the gsm.

  • Zebra

    Where’s the other half of the case?

  • Are there any decent cases besides Otterbox that fits with the extended battery?

    • eze4

      What is wrong with people? The regular back fits over the extended battery without no.struggling.

      • Benjamin Landwehr

        Point being?  It still has a bit of a lump even with the normal battery cover. 

    • Anonymous

      i use the incipio silicyrlic case in gray from amazon. Works w/ both battery covers. The verizon cases fit too.

    • Anonymous

      Diztronic TPU case, it’s $10 on Amazon, can’t beat it.  I usually get the Barely There or Incipio Feather for all my phones, but this one does a good job.