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Polkast Offers You PC Access From Anywhere a la MotoCast, Only it Works on All Android Phones and Tablets

One of my favorite features that Motorola has built into their newest versions of Blur is MotoCast. As someone that is on the go a fair amount, yet still needs access to files stored on my home computers, it has come in handy more than a few times. Since I have mostly migrated to the Galaxy Nexus as my daily driver for now, I have been looking for a decent alternative. A reader may have found it for me in an app called Polkast.

The service acts almost identical to MotoCast in that it takes minutes to setup on each of your computers and is then instantly accessible on your phone over WiFi or data. It defaults to pulling in your music, pictures, videos and documents folders from your computer, but adding in additional locations is super easy. It also has this “recent” section that recognizes a handful of your most recently added computer files, just in case you need to access one immediately.

While there are a few tweaks that I would offer the developers (like the ability to turn off the constant notification or cloud music playing without having to download), I’m impressed for the most part. Oh yeah, it’s also free.  

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Cheers Jeff!

  • Jeff J

    I had Splashtop for a while but didn’t like it at all. I found this a few days ago and downloaded it to try it out and I like it a lot so far. I see now that Polkast is chiming in here to answer questions too so that’s a plus.

    • Granted

      You know what is sad though? The fact that they only will pursue this level of customer service while they are a smaller company. I commend Polkast for taking the time to come here, but it just seems like most well-to-do companies could give a phuck about their customers, it’s only the bottom line that counts. And it’s not cynicism it’s pure fact. One could postulate that a large company doesn’t have the time to allocate resources to grade A customer service, but, well that is a complete crap. A company like Google has billions and yet they have no live person you can converse with if experiencing issues with Google Checkout. I know this all too well. They offer only a crap email form that they send you an automated response from and if you do talk to a human they simply copy and paste a form. It’s a conscious choice not to appropriate funds for live customer support and they are so profitable they have nothing to lose money or legal wise from screwing over and angering customers. There are some exceptions to this fact in the business world today, but in the grand scheme it’s no longer the customer comes first, it’s what can you or what have you done for me lately?

      So the best support experiences I can recently recall all have involved small businesses. Whether they see providing proper service as an obstacle they have to address now, and forget about when they become larger. Or if it’s just good business ethics and treating your customers how you would want to be treated remains to be seen. But there is a good reason Google had a grade of “F” last time I checked on their BBB page in regards to Google Checkout. But I bring it up because I see a developer wanting to make sales by posting help in here and I hope at the same time doing it because it’s the right and moral way to run a business. Just don’t forget this if your company explodes profit wise is my main point.

  • James Jackson

    ive been using PhoneMyPC and emailing myself files ive needed in the past. this seems cool for instant file download. but i like the interface better on PMPC… wish they could implement this feature

  • RodBarnes

    One word – Tonido.

  • i would only get this if it would stream my movies which i dont think it does.

  • Anonymous

    I tried it and did not like it cause I have a D drive on my PC and this thing only saw the c drive and in the preferences it does not give you an option to see a selected drive or omit any of them “SUCKS” ZumoCast is better and has more options. 

  • Anonymous

    Will this allow me to sync my music on my desktop and phone?

    • Who knows… but Google Music already does that.

    • Anonymous

      Nope, only Apple can do that.  They just invented that a few months ago with iCloud actually.  Awesome feature, so many lightyears ahead of Google with their lame fragmentation. 

      • Anonymous

        What does fragmentation have to do with cloud syncing? And iCloud has been a disaster for my friends with iPhones.

        • Anonymous

          I was really hoping I’d get more with my trolling lure than topwater but no dice.

  • Splashtop has worked great for me, but that is for remote control of your PC on your phone/tablet.  If you just want to move files back and forth, this seems to be a good alternative.

  • Anonymous

    How is this useful in a “post PC world?”

    /sarcastic question

  • Anonymous

    Splashtop remote was free on amazon a while back. The only problem was it didn’t work if the computer was sleeping. Will this work when sleeping?

    • psuturtle

      For polkast, the source system must be awake (message about this during the install).  So if you install it on your PC, it’s probably going to disable any sleep states.  If this, or any of the alternatives like it, can implement a “send WOL packet” solution that works, that would be a great feature. 

      • WOL is planned.

      • Keep in mind that WOL only works on the same Wifi. I know that when I am at home, I’d just get up and deal with files on my computer. The strength of this kind of software is that you can get your files when you are away. However, disabling sleep is horrible practice, and I doubt that anyone (other than media players) would make software that disables sleep — you can do it yourself though.

        Unfortunately, software like this is a couple of years early. Once we are all running home servers (and our laptops — or other devices — are just clients on the home server), we can easily run software like this, since by definition, servers have minimal downtime.

        • I use WOL outside my LAN. Maybe you need to change your router settings or get a different router.

  • Anonymous

    For video, I set up a Plex server.  The PC server is  abit buggy, but it gets the job done pretty well. 

    This is ONLY for TV shows, Music, and Movies.  Works great since it processes the video on my PC; which is fantastic because my Transformer can’t handle an MKV.

    For home video, it won’t do much good; this is much more of a total solution. 

    For this kind of stuff, I use splashtop and skip the “Simple” interface.  You could also set something like this up with Astro I believe, but I didn’t have much luck.

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like a pain, no se habla Slingbox?

  • Anonymous

    I have been using Tonido on my GN for weeks and it is great.   The only issue has been if I stay on line a long time and keep opening different files it occasionally disconnects.  It is free in the market 
    http://tonido.com/ & 

    • This works good for ya?

      • Anonymous

        I use it mainly on my Xoom, but it works on my GN as well I have it set up on both my work laptop and home computer. Last week I was traveling out of state and accessed both from the road, downloaded files

        • Nooo it doesn’t play anything but mp4 🙁

          • Anonymous

            Have not tried music

  • Has anyone tried this? I’m looking for something like this on my Galaxy Nexus.

    ZumoCast didn’t work very well

    • Anonymous

      As I posted above, I use Plex for that, or Splashtop.

    • Try BubbleUpnP for streaming video.  This plus mobo player used to work for me on my DX, but I haven’t been able to get mobo player working on my Gnex just yet (might be fine now, haven’t tried it in a while).

    • Streaming is in the works. Stay tune.