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Motorola Sold 1 Million Tablets in All of 2011, 5.3 Million Smartphones in Q4

Motorola published their Q4 and full 2011 earnings report today, giving us a look at potentially their final pre-Google numbers. While the merger with Google is still wrapping up, they are no longer doing live calls, so unfortunately, we are left without any gem quotes from CEO Sanjay Jha. Instead we will have to do the boring thing and look at sales figures.

The first thing that stood out to me was the fact that they sold 1 million tablets total throughout 2011. After launching in late February, the XOOM’s rocky start was documented across the internet, with many calling it a flat out flop. It depends on what your definition of “flop” is, but after looking at what the iPad continued to do (15+ million last quarter) and what the XOOM and almost every other Android tablet could not, I’d be willing to go down that road. 1 million, in an entire year.

The other big number was smartphone sales for Q4 which Moto pegged at 5.3 million. That’s up from their Q4 of 2010, but Samsung is expected to announce numbers 7 times that on Friday.

It’s sort of sad to see Motorola, who was once on top of this Android game slip into mediocrity as they await the takeover by Google. Sure, they have created some nice handsets in the RAZR and RAZR MAXX (our unboxing), but it still feels like if they took one more handset down the road of the original DROID, that they may rise back up again. We all know what I mean by that sentence, I’m just not sure they ever will.

Full Q4 earnings report here.

  • Wmsco51

    It flop because of three times the price it was worth and still needed updates and still needs full sd card access and they didn’t listen to there customers. So epic fail. Phone’s the same didn’t listen to their customers! Blur blob whatever it sucks! EPIC FAIL!

  • An army of OG Droid users were, are renewing their phones around this time. If Motorola managed to deliver 1 kick-ass ICS Google Experience phone (I don’t even f*cking need a Nexus, just bring one without the “Motorola” experience), I mean ONE, not ONE, then another ONE less than 2 months later, many of them will be upgrading to a Motorola phone. Instead, they gave us a RAZR. Not only that, less than 2 months later, they told us “ha ha we screw you again” and bring us the RAZR MAXX. Do they deserve to sell 7 times less phones than Samsung? YES.

  • crash_davis

    Moto got arrogant.  They erroneously thought, “If we build it, they will come.”  Wrong.  Android users are not Isheep.  We don’t buy crap from a company just because it has that company’s logo on it.  I had the beautiful OG Droid.  I bought an X2 for me and my wife.  The X2s were ok phones but the locked bootloader and the simple fact that they can’t program an OS to not have music skip was the last straw.  And then they release phone after phone w/ only slight increases in specs, each one as buggy as the previous.  Their focus was all over the place.  Oh well, screw Moto.  Never again with Moto.  Even if they miraculously unlock the bootloaders sometime soon, I will still not buy because they f’ing lied to us.

    • Bobo

      We don’t buy crap from a company just because it has that company’s logo on it.”

      I hate to argue, but given the whole Nexus dilemma, most of you here would have bought it regardless whether it was a crappy device or not.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think you can use that blanket statement for Nexus owners as much as you can with Iphone users.

        I sure as hell wouldn’t have bought the Nexus if it sucked, but Google’s done a great job with the Nexus line so it was bound to be a good device.

        • Stating El Obvious

          What are you talking about.  The Nexus line has historically been failures sales-wise.  But don’t let reality cloud the sheepism.

          • Anonymous

            Nexus sales don’t equate to how good they’ve made their phone.  Hell the first Nexus was only available for purchase online and yet years have gone by and it’s still getting ICS as it’s OS.  

            Although responding to you is like responding to a donkey, he’ll still be a jackass no matter what you say.

          • Stating El Obvious

            Did you buy the Nexus on launch day?  If so, how did you know if it did or did not suck?

            Responding to you is like responding to a fandroid, he’ll still be a sheep no matter what you say.

      • Anonymous

        I didn’t buy the Nexus because the logo says “Nexus” on it. I got it because ever since the D1 I wanted a stock phone with an unlocked bootloader.  
        Samsung simply gave us what many of us wanted.

        Motorola stated that those of us that want to root and rom should go elsewhere.If Motorola turns things around and gives is what we want I am sure many of us would come back. 

    • Wmsco51

      Agreed totally!

    • Anonymous

      That is exactly it.  You know, when I bought the OG Droid, I felt like Motorola was doing all they could to work out any bugs, to upgrade the software and keep the OG Droid on top of its game despite other newer devices entering the scene.  They were hungry for success.  There was not a new device every month.

      Fast forward.  Motorola releases devices by the month now.  A new one goes out the door and instead of the focus being on making it the best that it can be like the OG Droid, they are more worried about what the next screw is they’ll add to the next new phone.  Their focus went from taking care of the products they put out to getting more products out.  We don’t need 12 new models a year.  We just want one perfected one, like the OG Droid, per year.

      They had the perfect recipe for success out of the gate and then turned their back on it. 

      • Anonymous

        Well said.

  • Scottholstein Sh

    What we need is someone to give a device all the software and hardware features there are to offer. I like my gnex, but it doesn’t have the best camera features, removable SD, etc…It seems like every one of these manufacturers comes up with a phone that has some great features while missing others. No one is willing to offer the complete device because then consumers won’t need to buy for a while. That’s the way it seems to me.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone actually think Jha is doing a good job at Moto? 

    • Dog

      He is doing a great job. He managed to con Google into paying 12 billion dollars for a company that is going into the can. 

  • The reason that their number are down is because no one want to buy a phone with blur on it.

  • GCurry

    I’m not sure Moto is slipping into mediocrity.   

    I’m an OG droid owner, and it was the best Android device I’ve owned.

    Two Acer A500 tabs later (both with mic problems) and one Transformer Prime later (slipshod IMHO) and now a Galaxy Nexus later, I’ve come to appreciate those companies who finish a product – six-sigma.

    I’m no longer buying “specs” and hype, as much fun as that is.   I don’t have the time, so I’d like to buy properly finished phone and tablets, with actual accessories at time of intro.   More and more, that looks to be Moto.

  • IOSlover

    But i thought Android was going to take over the tablet market. Amazing how well Android sells when you don’t get it subsidized or BOGO.

    • Anonymous

      It’s because these tablets are way overpriced. It is difficult to compete with the iPad at the same price. They need to be half the price of an iPad.

      I think they need to start selling all these tablets at almost no profit or else everyone is going to get an iPad. And after everyone gets an iPad they are going to start thinking about getting and iPhone to go with it.

      My employee and his wife just got new Android phones 2 months ago. She got an iPad for Christmas and also just got herself an iPhone to go with it…. I bet this is not all that uncommon.

      • IOSLover

        That is a great theory but who is going to make money if they sell the tablets for less than they cost to make(or break even)? Manufacturers only make money on the hardware so why in the hell would they want to cut into their profits? Google would be happy because they don’t pay for the cost to build tablets and they could make money on the back end but how does that help Moto, HtC and Samsung? 

  • Anonymous

    We all know why this has happened to Motorola. Motorola turned their backs on the momentum of the D1. They kicked off with a great start and then all but destroyed the “Droid” name. 

    I would have stuck with them through thick and thin if they had not locked down all their phones since the D1. I did get the DX because it had a larger screen and I did like it, but had to leave to never return.Yes there are those that don’t care about locked phones but there are many of us that were disappointed that Motorola is pretty much the only fully locked down phone left. I think they would eventually fade away into the darkness if it were not for Google taking over. I hold out great hope that Google kicks the idiots out of Motorola and turns that turd around. If Google comes in and unlocks the phones there is hope that it could be a good company again. 

    • They’re actually turning something of a profit, with aggressive plans to expand into the biggest market there is…unless there was some catastrophic eff up, I’m pretty sure they’d be around even if google didn’t need their patents.

      • RINZLER

        I’ve never heard of anyone calling a LOSS of $80 million in Q4 a profit.

        • And you srtill haven’t, cause I wasn’t talking about Q4…

          • LarryPage

            yes it is the phone. they have lost 281 million dollars this year. Google spent 12b to buy THIS company??? hahah. Larry Page might go down as one of the worst CEOs in modern history. 

          • No it isn’t you twit, revenues went UP. Unless moto is selling something I don’t know about, revenues isn’t going to go up from selling declining amounts of their bread and butter product.
            If you’re gonna talk out of your backside at least cleanup first.

          • LarryPage

            Wow you are not only dumb but you call people out for being dumb when you clearly cannot read. 

            The GAAP net loss in the fourth quarter of 2011 was $80 million, or $0.27 per share, compared to net earnings of $80 million, or $0.27 per share, in the fourth quarter of 2010. On a non-GAAP basis, net earnings in the fourth quarter 2011 were $61 million, or $0.20 per share, compared to net earnings of $108 million, or $0.37 per share, in the fourth quarter of 2010.so clown boyMotorola made money from stocks, bonds, treasuries, cash, interest or any other investments the company has. You should really study accounting or economics. You can use google to find out what GAAP means.

          • Listen you fathead. Revenue is money you make from selling a product or service. Point is operating losses are their biggest problem, because lawsuits aren’t cheap, and they’re still selling enough phones to profit once those suits are wrapped up.

            Don’t try to lecture me when you don’t even understand the importance of revenues and by extension growth for a business.

          • LarryPage

            You are so clueless. Revenue means absolutely nothing in business. Profits matter. Revenue minus operating cost equals profits. Revenues could be 100 trillion but if you lost money last year you go out of business eventually. Profits are the amount of money you “make”. Please go read a book about basic accounting. You are embarrassing yourself. 

    • Motorola makes great hardware, but their software sucks and needs to be retooled. I hope that is what Google will do to them when they take over. Because a Motorola phone with vanilla Google software would be a wonderful thing and IMO unstoppable.

  • I really can’t fathom how the shareholders let Jha stay in control for this long.  I mean, there are only two good things he did for Motorola: 1) release the OG Droid, and 2) get bought by Google.  Quite literally everything else (with the possible exception of the Droid X) has been a failure.  Hopefully he’ll be given a nice pat on the back and a gentle shove out as soon as Google takes over.  With a nice parachute, I’m sure.

    • Jay

      They’re #2 in the only market they have any significant presence in, and they’re basically on a single carrier(albeit the biggest). Obviously…something had to go well. Otherwise they’d be lagging behind HTC and LG as well.

  • Anonymous

    heres a tablet tip.

    stop over charging for last years technology.

    • Wmsco51


    • Nashun

      The Xyboard hasn’t been on sale long enough to matter in that way, I predict It’ll be a flop as well though. However most fo those tablet sales are the Xoom, and it was as modern as any 1st generation HC tab could be…though they did get undercut by damn near everybody.

  • Michael Forte

    I just thought of this…notice when Motorola changed their logo to red, their sales went into the red. But when the logo was black, their sales were in the black.

    • EC8CH

      for once Moto marketing gets it right!

  • Anonymous

    200,000 tablets sold in Q4 is pretty pathetic.

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      Not to be outdone by Coby….. But we were outsold by Coby…… And they made a profit….

  • EC8CH

    Oh well…

    I’m sure their tablet sales will pick up now that they’ve changed the name to something sensible and lowered the price to match…. ooops 😛

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      Classic…. Maybe another commercial with a woman/freak/tronlike ninja will help sell some…. No? not even a wiggle in those pants?  Ohh, well.

  • Obviously they can’t compete with Samsung. Samsung went full alphabet soup crazy with the Galaxy lineup, and did so globally.  I bet they moved more  Galaxy Y’s(or whatever the hell) than Moto moved Tegra devices(including the xoom) all year.

  • Kuboo99

    I personally am hoping for a Motorola Nexus this year. That would be cool. Maybe even a DROID Nexus.

  • Anonymous

    Kellex, I don’t know what you mean by that sentence.  Not everyone here has been here since day 1 or in the Android ecosystem for long. Expound, por favor?

    • EC8CH


      • PSU_DI

        & NO BLUR

        • EC8CH

          THAT 2

        • Philip A. Kaiser

          Blur is invisible under a launcher. 😉

          • Anonymous

            You can hide a turd under the pillow but you can still smell it.

          • Anonymous

            that analogy kinda doesn’t work here but I see what you’re getting at

          • kretz7

            I think it works just fine.

          • Anonymous

            it doesn’t because the ADW,  Go launcher et all, are thorough enough to not leave any traces of blur sticking out…so there’s no “smell”

          • WindedBison

            no. no it is not.

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      The original Droid was a flat out game changer. Not a compilation of some improvements, it was something completely new. This is what he means, this is what they need to get back on top.

      • EC8CH

        no, I’m pretty sure he means just release a stock android device without an encrypted bootloader.

        • Anonymous

          nailed it i’m sure

        • yeah but that isn’t really different anymore is it?
          T-mobile continues to put out a new stock G_ device every year, and they won’t be completely blown out of the water like the G1 was by the Droid the first time at the rate things are going today. Likewise Google’s gonna put out a new Nexus every year that’ll make it most if not all carriers eventually.
          At this stage I’m almost certainly all moto can do is expand into other markets and put more work into other carriers(nothing notable on t-mobile, and 3 devices between Sprint and AT&T…really?).

          • EC8CH

            well I had to wait 2 years to replace my OGD with a stock unlockable phone on VZW.  If moto had released a true successor to the OGD maybe they would have gotten my money instead of Sammy.

          • Sure but I’m almost 100% the number of possible lost sales Moto had for not putting out a stock device is insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

          • EC8CH

            probably… but I care more about my wants than Moto’s sales numbers 😛

          • Can’t argue with that.
            Well played sir, well played

          • SteveJobs

            OMG!!! MrSix actually has common sense and doesn’t think that the average consumer gives two hoots about a stock Android experience. Kudos to you sir for having common sense in the land of delusion. 

          • Anonymous

            Fully agree… Motorola turned their backs on us and told us to go elsewhere if we wanted to root and rom.

            So we did.

          • EC8CH

            they can delete their youtube comments, but we will always remember 🙂

        • Scottholstein Sh

          I think both of you are right. The OG was a game changer…and it was unlocked and free to the developers and users. 

  • Can’t wait to hear Samsung’s numbers. I hope they announce the total number of Nexi sold.

    • LasVegas

      Lets make a bet. I bet it is under 1.5 million. What do you bet?

      p.s. this isn’t a real bet because Samsun doesn’t announce numbers.

      • Remington Bob

        LOL Let’s hope they don’t announce the number of Nexi sold.  That would be embarassing.

      • Anonymous

        There was a line at my store the morning the Nexus launched. A few days later my salesman told me they sold 100 of them in the first half of the day. If the results were similar across the nation along with the continued sales I bet they are not doing to bad with it. And keep in mind that the Nexus launched silently with no advertising.

        The salesman told me that there was nobody waiting the morning the Razr launched. And they had done advertising well ahead of time. He said they sold well enough, just not anything exciting. 

        Now I hate to say this… when he told me they sold 100 Nexus quickly I asked how many iPhones they would sell on the first day of launch and he said 200. But then again everyone knows it is coming and are excited. To sell 100 Nexus phones on launch when nobody knew it was coming isn’t bad.

        But who knows, I am curious to get the real numbers.

    • Anonymous

      I am sure they are selling plenty of Nexus phones, but there real big seller is the GSII line on all the carriers. I love my Nexus, but they should have sold Verizon a fully unlocked stock Gingerbread GSII…. “and call it a Nexus if they want”.

  • Weybie

    Could have been 5.300001 if you released the D4 😛