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HTC Rezound Update to 2.01.605.11 is on the Way – Improves Audio Quality, Device Stability and More

The HTC Rezound has its first major update on the way according to Verizon’s support pages. The update is a decent size at 52.5MB, improving audio during calls, resolving a task manager issue, updating the signal strength indicator to 5 bars, and addressing overall stability. The new build is 2.01.605.11 with a new baseband of Normally when we see these documents, the update rolls out within a week or two. Let us know if pops up!

More info.

Cheers to everyone who sent this!

  • Showtime

    My co worker just updated his this morning. He got the new update so they rolling out

  • W3ndtr

    Tried the update and it failed while also factory resetting my phone. After syncing acounts again I tried another update which work. Has anyone else had the first update try fail with a factory reset?

  • Pissed

    Just received the firmware update, now my Rezound will NOT connect to the mobile network AT ALL. I have absolutely NO SERVICE! WTF!?

    • Andersonchristian38

      oh my gosh. that happened to me too. i am so upset. i have been having to use textplus to call & text.

  • Brian C

    After the update, no app that I have installed on the SD card can access the network (LTE – I’m not somewhere with wifi right now)!  This doesn’t seem good.

    • Brian C

      OK, it needed one more manual reboot after it said it was done installing, and now it’s working.

  • Guest

    I just checked my phone and the update is now live and available for download.

  • Updated

    Just got the update. Denver Area

  • Mine’s coming out of the update… so far no issues.

  • …and I just returned my first Rezound due to the continuous reset nonsense. I guess at least I have a scratch-free screen now with the replacement.

  • Jsmyth

    Just started updating a minute ago! we shall see.

  • Paul

    Just got the notice on my phone- waiting for installation and reboot now.

  • Yoderz

    Downloading mine now.

  • saly max

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  • 2 questions, and i apologize now for maybe posting in wrong section. on the rezound is there a way to turn off 4G and still have 3G? (some areas around here have weak 4G and drains battery) and whats drains a battery more, WIFI or 4G?

    • Jer85008

      4G smokes your battery much faster than wi-fi. You can change your settings to turn off 4G in the network menu. Choose “CDMA only” instead of LTE/CDMA.

      • thank you, that will help alot, now if only there was a hot key/ widget

  • Stating El Obvious

    When will the update to improve update 2.01.605.11 be rolling out?

  • Update? Sweet! Although I didn’t even know I needed an update. This phone has been rock solid since they day I traded my Nexus for it 🙂 

  • Rich

    Yet, another HTC device being shipped with UN-par software and hardware… And over priced too…

    I mean damn, HTC get your act together… You have all these patants you steal, your phones suck when it comes to quality and security… You ship phones not as advertised… Then you make updates that take a year…

    • Sounds like somebody has/had a Thunderbolt and hasn’t quite got over it yet.

    • Jer85008

      Do you actually own a Rezound? I do, and you are way off base. Software and hardware are both top notch on this phone. I have had no stability issues at all, and as a former Droid X ownder I am pretty much an expert on bugs and stability problems now. And over-priced? You can get one on Amazon for $99 right now. That’s what you would pay for the iBeats earbuds alone.

    • Jim Ortmeier

      Show me a smartphone that hasn’t had a maintenance update. Every Android OEM has maintenance updates. Even across OSs they have maintenance updates, Android, iOS, & WP. At least HTC seems to be on top of things as far as not letting any issues go too long before an update to correct the issue is rolled out (looking at you Samsung). I’d rather have a manufacturer working hard to eliminate issues as they come rather than pretend they don’t exist.

  • Babyboy14622

    Add better battery life of when phone is fully charged and on charger still, it doesnt loose percentage until an hr later or two when battery starts to decrease. Also add the update of when a link is touched it doesnt go to a different link.

  • Bewara2009

    And they said HTC sucks at rolling out upates…. HTC is on track, the nexus isn’t on track. Feel bad for those people that are suffering from the major issues the nexus has.

    • ddevito

      No you don’t (feel sorry) for anyone. All you are is a GNex hater. So be it, everyone has tastes, let it go.

      As for HTC rolling out updates, yeah that’s great, but last time I checked this update ISN’T ICS. So who cares?

      • Bewara2009

        Doesn’t matter, ICS is coming no later than next momth. YOU ARE RIGHT I DON’T FEEL SORRY FOR ANYONE!

        • ddevito


        • Lol your going to be sadly disappointed when you don’t get that ics update on your rezound next month.

          • Bewara2009

            I already have ICS on my rezound .. its not the official one but it will do till than. Ha no disappointment here.

    • Anonymous

      The Rezound came out a month before the Nexus, please stop trolling.  


    can you install it with an unlocked bootloader only?

  • JohnPA2006

    The pictures of this phone dont do it justice.
    I setup one for company email at my work.
    This thing is pretty sweet. Sense on Android is pretty nice.

    I just hope verizon can finally squash that problem with the data connection dropping on the hotspot feature. Very annoying when you really need it to work and you have to restart the phone every 10 minutes.

  • EC8CH

    Improves Audio Quality???


    •  “improving audio during calls”

      I don’t think it has anything to do with Beats audio.

      • EC8CH

        I’m lazy today…. just read the headline 😛

        maybe they’ve added beats to incoming calls, changes everyone’s voice to Dre’s?

        • Monty Waggoner

          I want the outgoing voice changed to Dre’s. I’d sound awesome.

          • Anonymous

            how about Dres’s voice for Google Nav?

        • Edwin M

          As long as I can play the Chronic on it, I’m good.

        • Jer85008

          You should work for the HTC marketing department.