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HTC Rezound Update to 2.01.605.11 is Available Now

HTC Rezound owners, the 2.01.605.11 update is ready to be pulled to your device. Head into Settings>Software update (I believe) and it should be there waiting for you.

Cheers to everyone who sent this in!

  • Anonymous

    2/1/12 – Got the update 2.01.605.11, phone not rooted. This update is advertised to fix sound, add a sig bar, etc etc. IN FACT, all it does is add a TON of VZ and HTC non-removable BLOAT. Phone is generally MUCH SLOWER, voice popups keep appearing, etc etc. I ForceStopped a lot of it, but some has no clear description.

    What would really help is for some knowledgeable person to publish a list of all this new BLOATware, with descriptions of what each item is. If there is such a person willing, many thanks.

    I was not going to root my phone, having some previous experience with linux – THIS may be the thing that pushes me over the edge.

  • RickX93277

    My phone was not able to update.  I’ve got the unlocked bootloader, rooted, and bloatware removed.  I’m guessing that’s the cause of the dead android screen after the reboot and failed install.  Has anyone confirmed that, and is there a workaround?

  • drummersue

    I just downloaded the update and it seemed to fix a problem that I had on the audio when talking on the phone. BTW, you guys half-way down the page all need to get laid.

  • Anonymous

    This OTA does unroot but using Voodoo OTA RootKeeper fixes this problem. It’s free just have to install and run before performing the update. Once the update is complete open Voodoo OTA RootKeeper and restore root. It is completely painless.

    • George Panayiotou

      And it actually works. If when you install it, it says that its rooted and you click on protect, you can be sure that it will carry over when you update.
      All you have to do after the update is click on restore root

  • I updated mine and I have had the phone for about 10 days, so far everything is working.

  • ajq

    How do you re-root your phone after the update, My phone is still unlocked and the apps are still there but my phone is no longer rooted and none of the rooting devices that I used before work anymore.

  • Wyngo Masala

    The update fixed the static noise I was hearing on headphones. Anyone else?

    • Caleb Martin

      Hm, that’s awesome if it really does. I don’t have my headphones with me at the moment, but I will check as soon as I get a chance.

      • Wyngo Masala

        False alarm. The static is back, or I was just too tired to hear it that night 🙁

  • Chris C.

    Funny that this was supposed to fix the continuous reset problem. Never had that issue before and now since installing this my phone is stuck in an infinite restart loop . . . 

    • Chris C.

      And no, I wasn’t rooted or even unlocked

  • TC Infantino

    Huh, this is a bit odd.  I d/loaded the update, gave it the OK to reboot, and it stuck with the dead android with the red triangle/exclamation point.  Pulled the battery and rebooted, now it says under settings-software update-check new that I have the latest version. Then checked status in the same menu and it shows that the update is what I am running.  But under settings-about phone-software information it shows software number 1.02.605.6.  Am I missing something or did the update take and the software info just not refresh?

  • Anonymous

    Updated fine, no problems. 

  • Linbmcd

    Has anybody who experienced the audio interference issue with the Rezound WITH BEATS AUDIO seen this update fix it?  Not me! 🙁

  • keith knutson

    So it definitely lost root.  I still have the superuser app listed though.  Can I use the same permanent root method I used before? 

    • Edwin M

      Mine keeps booting to that red triangle exclamation point. I rooted but only used that to uninstall bloatware.

  • Anonymous

    any of you guys having problems even after the update to where the camera stops working when you transfer files like mp4 vids to your pc to your phone.. mine freaks out when i do that (which i have done with all other android devices with no problems) and the camera somehow stops and i have to do a factory reset by holding power and volume down keys.. ugh.. i must have a crappy one since it was replaced since my bionic was having massive 3g issues.. tell me this doesnt happen to your phone when you transfer mp4 hd videos to your phone from your pc. its crazy and Verizon reps dont know why.

  • Chrisconman

    No update for MI yet.

  • Hudnall_j

    I installed updated and yes the was phone rooted with unlocked bootloader but the update did remove root

    • ajq

      I have the same problem, and now it doesn’t want to root anymore? Any Ideas?

  • Pmegna

    Thanks for the heads up!!

  • Anonymous

    updating this puppy now.

  • RickX93277

    I’ve gotten the dead android screen 2 times now after the restart and software starts install, then after a few seconds it’s the Exclamation Mark and blackness  :'(  I’ll keep trying

  • updated with no problems, phone works great.

    • Ywah… works great as a regular phone but sucks with bloatware, audio issues and bluetoith audio issues. Sounds worse than my HTC Incredible thats 2 years old through my 10 speaker Bose car stereo. When pure quality lacks in every superior function of the phone then its as useful as whats in my toilet.

  • Momadave

    i’m waiting for a few days before I update. Currently my phone doesn’t have these issues that the update fixes that I notice… If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. My Rezound is only temp rooted to clean Bloat.

  • Russ

    Just downloaded and tried the update. Phone is rooted with an unlocked bootloader. Got a dead Android icon in the middle of the screen and had to do a battery pull. I didn’t lose root but I didn’t get the update either.

    • Rezounding

      This is what happened to me too… anyone know a work around?

  • Matt

    Update install failed several times on me. I think its because I un-installed the VW bloatware.

    • Edwin M

      Same was happening to me. I unlocked the bootloader, rooted the phone, and uninstalled all the crap VW stuff. I hope I don’t have to go back to that stuff just to get the update.

      • Caleb Martin

        Updates don’t work if you’re rooted as far as I know. At least, that was my experience with my Incredible.

        • Edwin M

          Gotcha, I thought that the update would break the root. I didn’t think it wouldn’t work. I remember with my rooted Eris, when I had stock it broke the root whenever there were updates.

  • cmoney

    I can’t get it to work

  • Anonymous

    This is sad. How many people don’t have the Rezound. It’s a great phone. But all the newer phones cover it up. Anyways downloading it now, more than halfway through

  • Trophynuts

    Not an RZ owner anymore. Had it thought it was a good device but i needed some vanilla android in my life. Anyways I must say that i’m impressed with how fast HTC/VZW have put together an update for this device….i just hope it isn’t a step back like previous HTC updates sometimes are. 

    • Anonymous

      Not sure if you meant an update to HTC Sense but this was a maintenance update by Verizon.  I don’t think it did anything to HTC Sense (at least not from what I can tell).

      • Chris

        Nothing really. The dialer got a small tweak though. The voice to dial option was moved to the right of the “call” button. But thats about it. Nothing major. nothing worth a 3.5.x update. 

        • KevinC

          it was a maintenance update, meaning bug fixes.  what the hell do you care about a version number anyway, it’s for us, not you.

          • Chris

            awwwww did I upset you kid? Here is a tip: Get over it. YOU are the exact reason fan boys get called fan boys. You get so sensitive over silly stuff like this that its pathetic. 

            and for the record I never once said I care about a “version number” so please show some respect child.  

      • Trophynuts

        yeah but the update no matter what it does has to be approved by both parties. Basically im impressed with how fast the update came in general. 

  • Downloaded and updated. Had to restart a second time in order to get data connection to work.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve got the update downloaded and installed.  

    Update went smoothly.

    I haven’t unlocked the boot loader yet so I can’t tell you if you maintain root after the update.  I’m sure someone will know soon.  (I’m waiting till we get ICS to unlock).

    Too soon to notice any differences.  I did have the boot loop issue and used the *#*#4696#*#* fix.  Even went into Verizon and replaced my SIM card so it’ll be hard to tell if the update fixes the issue or not.

    Just got off two calls. Maybe I’m just imagining things but I do notice improved sound quality on my calls after the update.  I never thought there was a problem with call quality before the update though.   The increased quality IS noticeable even though I was very satisfied with quality before.

  • ghh

    Still root?

    • Anonymous

      It really doesn’t matter if it’s root still or not since the boot loader is easily unlocked by using the HTC tool.  What does it matter?  It’s just a few minutes of running the boot loader unlock process and you’re back to where you were.

      It’s not like the old days (or today with most other phones) where once you update you have to wait for someone to come up with a new unlocking solution. Since the root ability on the Rezound is something HTC allows for this phone you can unlock the Rezound as many times as you need without worrying about it.

  • Anonymous

    7 ahaha… waiting on it to restart.. its loading.

  • trevorsalienarms

    Wait, is this for the Rezound, or the Rezound WITH BEATS AUDIO?

    (deferred my update to later tonight.)

    • Chris

      There is only one rezound. 

      • lol, read the manual for the rezound and you will know exactly what trevorsalienarms is talking about

        • Chris

          I own the rezound. I don’t need to read the manual that no one reads. There is only one rezound. It’s the same as the beats audio.

          Damn kids these days.

          • Blackmagick20

            No…damn you for not understanding a joke

          • thank you black magic, some OLDER people just dont get it, and im in my 30’s

          • Blackmagick20

            The funny part is that if you look at his profile that’s linked up there…he was born in 1990! He would definitely be one of those ‘damn kids’

          • Chris

            stalking much? Got to love children these days…

          • Blackmagick20

            Yup…got to love pea brained losers, all the same, too…

          • Chris

            Not really a joke when it doesnt take a rocket scintenst to figure out that there is only one rezound.

          • Blackmagick20

            Are you seriously this stupid?

          • TC Infantino

            Wow, a stubborn idiot who instead of reading the manual, or even glancing through it to try to get the joke, just decides to argue.  Eh, like Ron White said “Ya can’t fix stupid”

          • Chris

            This is why children need to stay off the internet.

            Anyway I’m done here. You kiddies have fun. I’m ignoring any future responces.

          • Test

            What’s the difference between a joke and two dicks?

  • Justin


  • Matt

    Looks like there are 5 of us Droid-Life readers with the Rezound….

    • Nyce2beme

      Make that six

  • Downloading the update now. Will let you know if I lose root. Make sure to backup your root with OTA RootKeeper if you are rooted! 


  • Chris

    Anyone still expressing mobile hotspot issues? I know they fixed it but I’m still having connection issues. 

  • David Hayden

    The question is, will this remove root?

    • Edwin M

      I hope not!

    • Rezounded

      I’m not sure if it removes it… but I haven’t been able to do the update yet due to the red triangle on restart… looking for a fix

    • ajq

      yes it removed root

  • Edwin M

    Phone is restarting after download now.

    • htc junkie

      How do u download it? Mine started downloading for a second and disappeared.

      • Pmegna

        It does that……it’s normal and will come back to the main screen at the end.