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Anomaly Warzone Earth HD Hits Android, Turns Tower Defense Into Offense

There are almost too many tower defense games to count, however, it was only a matter of time that someone would come along and properly create a tower offense game. Anomaly Warzone Earth HD takes place in the year 2018, where a huge comet has struck the earth and has landed right on top of a major city which US forces have now gone in to investigate.

In this game, you play as the attacker instead of the defender. The player uses resources strategically to create forces that will help you destroy the opposing sides. If you love yourself some strategy games, then this should be right up your alley. It will run you $4 in the Market, but with hours of gameplay, you should feel justified in the purchase. Let us know hat you think down below. 

Market Link ($3.99)

  • Anonymous

    is it compatible with the xoom on ics?

  • Anonymous

    I own this game on Steam…it’s definitely not your ordinarily average tower-defense game… there’s a twist.

  • The game is incredibly fun…but there are a LOT of compatibility issues. ( big surprise ). If you know your phone will work with this game just buy it. Its a AAA title and well worth it….

  • I’ve had it for awhile from Amazon. Works REALLY well with touch controls, and the small changes made from the PC version make it a real winner. Definitely worth the money.

  • Anonymous

    This game is pretty fun. I have it on my prime, haven’t tried it on my nex though. 

  • Tyler

    They should apply this sort of style of gameplay to online multiplayer. 

    • Lodidarkening

      A great game for the multiplayer strategy game is Uniwar!

  • Anonymous

    Would be nice to see some gameplay shots.

  • MTPenguin

    My hat thinks?

    “Let us know hat you think down below.”


    • Anonymous

      You know what they say: put on your thinking cap.