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Wednesday Poll: First Accessory You Buy After Getting a New Phone?

We are well aware that many of you are accessory hounds. Whenever you purchase a new phone, our inbox fills up with questions about this dock or that case or if this battery is worth the extra couple of bucks. But is there something in particular that you purchase before even walking out of the store with your new phone? Is there an accessory that you feel makes your smartphone experience complete? Are you looking for added protection, battery life, or extra multimedia functionality?

And depending on what the product is, feel free to let us know all about it in the comments. For example, if you can’t live without a specific brand’s case, let us know what it is.

First Accessory You Buy After Getting a New Phone?

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  • LionStone

    I’m not wasting anymore $ on screen protectors (that take away from the beauty of the screen) and cases that add bulk and cover up the beauty of the phone, that’s just me. I’ll put the $ to a desk dock   and get the insurance and keep it covered that way.

  • Penis

    bluetooth enabled dildo that I can control with the new app AndPenis available in the market.

  • Matthew Rosidivito

    I can’t put a screen protector on a phone with an oleophobic coating. It throws off the smooth texture and attracts fingerprints, only to fall off after 10-12 months. I typically stay away from cases, however the Gnex is pretty slim and Cruzerlite sold me over with that 3 for 20 deal.

  • GF1 Fanatic

    I find cell phone cases an interesting phenomena. Companies put so  much effort into industrial design and users cover it all up with ugly cases. Steve Jobs once yelled at a journalist when he took out his iPhone, its beauty all covered by a case. I think my Galaxy Nexus is the most beautiful phone out there (a floating magnolia leaf according to its designers). No way I would cover its beauty. Maybe I’ve been lucky, but I’ve never damaged a phone when it fell.

  • Rob

    This is what I don’t understand – most people get a case first (or eventually). So why does everyone go apeshit when a phone comes out in a second or third color???

  • Guest

    Why no option for car charger? 🙁
    Absolutely, hands down, the  first thing I get is a car charger! Don’t need no freaking docking station – just give me a charger. I spend enough time in my car to never need to charge anything as long as I have a car charger. 😀

  • Anonymous

    Always the case first, then the screen protector, THEN finally if possible, an extended battery(or just an ordinary second battery).

  • Anonymous

    It would be funny to see how many people voted for cases that also complain about a phones thickness or buy/prefer a thin profile device

    • QtDL

      I agree w/ this but I always take into account how thick the phone will be AFTER I put a case on it. I don’t like my phones to go naked. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Skins > cases. Unless your phone is constantly flying out of your hands.

  • Anonymous

    Car charger wasn’t listed. Case just adds weight and bulk. Spare battery charger is better than charging through phone or bump-charging.

  • Anonymous

    Wow – I did not expect cases to be the number one accessory out of this group. I thought only iPhone users were that fanatical about phone cases…

    I’ve never been a fan because I can’t stand the added thickness or the feel of most cases.

  • I really like Piel Frama cases, they add a little bit of bulk but then again so does an OtterBox, which I love as well. But the Piel Frama is made of leather and deserves to be on a B.E.A.utiful device such as the G-Nex.  I work for an online case re-seller so I get to try out all the cases I want. Tried out a lot with my OG Droid before I could upgrade to this “Bad Boy”! I’ve always had a screen protector as well,  not because I’m not careful but because I do not want something so small like a grain of dirt/sand or some hard pocket lint to scratch the screen.

  • Ahku Droid

    In an era of Gorilla Glass, why are people buying screen protectors?

    • Anonymous

      The gorilla glass on my droid x scratched from being in my pocket. Micro scratches all over it now. I bought a protector for my nexus so I can sell it as “like new” in a year.

      • Ahku Droid

        My OG Droid’s glass is in pretty good shape, except for 3 essentially unnoticeable  scratches.  I guess I’ve been lucky since I always have it screen facing in touching my thigh.  The keys only touch the back.

    • QtDL

      For me, probably a little OCD. We spend lots of cash on tech gadgets – just want to make sure they are fully protected I guess. 🙂

  • I guess technically I bought the extended battery first, but that’s only because it was on sale and I hadn’t decided on a case. Case was first priority, though.