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Sonic The Hedgehog 4, Episode 1 Now Available On Android

I can imagine Kip Dynamite’s excitement after hearing this one. Episode 1 of Sonic the Hedgehog 4 is finally available for Android. After being an exclusive to iOS (how many times have we said before?), we have another great game to spend our precious time on. Sonic 4 picks up right where Sonic and Knuckles left off. Burn through these levels and fight that jerk Dr. Eggman and show him who’s boss. For just $4, you’re going to be reliving the best years of your life.

Market Link ($3.99)

  • Kakashiisagod


  • Jdstell

    yea, just tried it. No ICS support.. lame.

  • Taco

    That’s funny…I’ve never heard him named that before. I’ve always known him as Dr. Robotnik. And I grew up to Sonic. Remember playing the OG Sonic day after day and then came tails then knuckles. Even the animated series! AHH memories 🙁

    • They dont even Refer to him as Dr. Robotnik anymore…. I dont know what started the Craze but his new Name isnt doing him any Bad Guy Justice! =/

  • Saikuran86

    I can’t get it to run on my Droid X, once the extra 13 files finish downloading it freezes on a white screen. 🙁

  • wont install on galaxy nexus sucks!

  • BethesdaMD!

    Save your money, I bought it on my iPhone a few months ago. it’s 4 worlds, with 3 stages in each of them. I beat the game in 2 days with little effort. Its over before it starts. Get sonic cd instead.

  • Anonymous

    So glad I bought this on my phone. I wanted it on my Wii but $15 isn’t justifiable for 4 episodes….call me cheap, but I’ve never thought Sonic was THAT good.

  • not compatible with ICS

  • It doesn’t work on my ICS Transformer Prime, but at least it works on my Droid Bionic

    • Anonymous

      I bought Sonic CD a month or so ago when it came out and it took several days for Sega to get their servers straightened out so I could actually fully DL the game content. I tried it via LTE and wi-fi but it just would not finish the download of the game content.  When it finally finished, I must admit that it’s an awesome game and the Sonic control scheme seems nicely suited to touchscreen controls. I’d wait until I beat Sonic CD or they update this one a bit more for tablets and ICS devices. 

      • Anonymous

        I have Sonic CD on my bionic…the actual SEGA CD version as a ROM. IMO unless its revamped with better graphics then ill just use my emulators. 

        • Would widescreen support, minor graphical enhancements, special stages with 60 FPS, leaderboards, US and EU/JS soundtracks, and achievements sway you? It really is a nice port; it’s based on an engine a hardcore fan wrote from the ground up.

          There’s several minor differences between the original and the remake, but it’s pretty much the definitive version of the game.

  • Yah, bought it when there weren’t any comments yet (here or at market)… wish I’d waiter.  106 MB supplemental download so I’m outside of the refund window now.  It just refuses to load altogether on ICS.  :/  Buyer beware.

  • Anonymous

    Seems to be having issues with ICS frm the comments… ill wait.

  • Anonymous


  • If only Sonic Team designed the levels for this one like they did for Sonic Generations…

    I’ll probably pick it up and stuff. I’ll just wait a bit first.

  • Anonymous

    this is so awesome