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Motorola Sues Apple in Florida Court for Patent Infringement, iPhone 4S One of the Targets

Motorola took its battle with Apple to a Florida court today, claiming that a couple of the Cupertino giant’s products including the iPhone 4S infringe upon six of of their patents. The patents involve technologies that utilize wireless antennae, software, data filtering and messaging. This suit follows up Moto’s win in German courts last month, a case that could force a ban on iPhones and iPads in the country.


Via:  Reuters

  • Josh Groff

    It’s fine with Skull Candy headphones if you aren’t an audiophile and want good bass without having to side load an additional music app or equalizer. I don’t buy headphones over 20 bucks because I fall asleep to music, which ruins the wire after a few months.

  • Chris

    Going off topic here, but I just wanted to add this:

    Invest on iPhone: stays current, dependable, and consistent throughout
    the whole year with stable iOS with upgrades available to ALL owners with features and functions that really matter, closed system that comes from single source with expectation of quality control (software and hardware developed together to make sure all is compatible working seamlessly) and resale value being
    almost the same if not higher than what was originally paid for.

    on Android devices: becomes obsolete in a matter of few months due to
    continuous overload of different models being released every month, open system that results in frequent crash with incompatibility issues and
    overload of fragmented features, being rated as highest risk for mobile
    malware, sporadic random OS update distribution, battery life
    that puts holes in owner’s pockets from having to purchase bigger
    battery, resale value resulting in loss of money cause by the time you
    sell your device, it’s become ancient and a big “has been”.

    1 iPhone 4S vs. 100000000000000000000000 Androids. Whooopi, so impressed. NOT!

    How you like them Apple(s)!

    • Anonymous

      Not everyone likes the icrap from crapple………..that’s what choices are there for….You choose what you like and move on…

      1 iphone 4s vs 100000000000000000000000 Androids, is not a disadvantage for the android customers. They have a 100000000000000000000000 Androids to choose from. There you have diferent shape and form factor. You pick the one that suits your need and the one that you like. In the other hand you only have 1 iphone 4s(uck) and thats it great variety you have there.

      Last I read the battery on the iphone 4s(uck) is not doing so great and you can not replace the battery for a better one.  My VZW G-Nexus gives me 13-15hrs of use per charge.

      Frequent crasshes, I haven’t gotten one those. You must be talking about the iphone 4s(uck)

      Malware whats that? I haven’t gotten one of those for the 2+ years that I have been using my OG Droid and now my G-Nexus

      …………back to the topic….Go Moto go…..I hope that Moto sweeps the court room floor with crapple….

      • Michael

        haha, you mad bro? dont be bitter, just get an iPhone then!

        all your statements are highly exaggerated and holds no merit since you clearly never owned both devices to compare.

  • How iRonic…. I hope you see what I did there. LOL!

  • Daniel Archibald33

    Well I think all of us Android users should sue anyone with an iphone for being a traitor..LOL

  • Anonymous

    More money wasted… assholes. Stop focusing on litigation and start focusing on innovation.

  • yep, it won’t though. they will bargin down to a point where they aren’t suing anymore.

  • Anonymous

    What’s funny is Apple’s been bullying all these companies, then Motorola gets bought by Google and it’s like Motorola’s on the playground now with Google standing behind them saying “Yeah, whats up now?”

  • Moto/Google better win. They invented the fu**ing cell phone!

  • About time someone teaches apple a lesson for their patent thuggery

  • Anonymous

    haha finally someone sues apple for a change. frickn morons. whats sad is stevey boy was their ace in the hole and he couldnt even pull them out, so now they go sue happy to make enough money to equate the fact that live as apple knows it will only rely on their ipod and computer line….let android make something like an ipod but with the ALL powerful android os on it apple no longer will be able to stand with no core. they could call it DroidBox (boombox) or something of the sort. 

    • Josh Groff

      With HTC and beats audio, why would someone buy an mp3 player when a phone can do much better (or without beats audio, you have poweramp.)

  • Anonymous

    I’m so sick of this.  IP needs to be protected, by why can’t they sit down and work out licensing?  These lawsuits are getting rediculous. How much does all this cost tax payers?

    And don’t say so-and-so started it.  This isn’t a playground.

  • Zoballer11

    these companies are like Obama, just want to limit the flow of technology.

  • icedhot

    oooohhhhh i love it….{clap}….{clap}

  • Ehall247

    This changes everything …

  • The Abba Dalla

    I am honestly in favor of tech junkie and love to see companies innovate and utilize similar technologies, but if apple gets shut down I would be ecstatic because they are causing millions of people financial hardship with their lawsuits. They only look to have their hand in someone else’s pocket for free money, so this would be befitting if they were shut down due to patent infringement making them the least profitable company in the business realm. How’s the candy apple taste now? I bet not so sweet. I would throw a party at my expense to celebrate or give my measly money I have now to push this forward. Apple has tried to destroy companies with patent trolling. Other companies have not done this patent suit nonsense out of respect for the industry and progress, which apple claimed they were all about, but now I hope to see apple completely swallowed up whole and for good or for the company to be taken over by a android competitor and fire the heads of apple and put the lawyers to good use instead of patent trolling.

  • magy gomez

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  • Anonymous

    Hey Apple, you might feel a slight pressure 🙂


  • Anonymous

    And so it begins.

  • A temporary ban on the sales of iPhones and iPads would bring this whole patent war nonsense to everyone’s attention quick. This would be a great wake-up call to Apple and I would hope it pushes them to quit this pitiful anti-innovation game.

    If it happens, I bet Apple lovers will blame Moto for throwing the first punch.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s the thing Apple we all repsect how you taken the Smartphone thing and made it blossom. This is what you get for trying to be petty with all your lawsuits. I hope Moto actually wins and I REALLY hope you learn a lesson from this.

    • Anonymous

      Since Motorola has been innovating for years before Jobs had the dream of an iPhone, I hope they are able to bury Apple and make Apple’s Q2 the very opposite of Q1.  A temp ban would put Apple in its place.  Next, once Google finishes the acquisition of Moto, they can use those patents with its partners to also tell Apple where to stick it.  Go Moto go!

      • Kinchas

        And then they can kick Microsoft and its cell partners in the ass….

  • Davros

    Hopefully this will be Microsoft all over again 😉

    • TC Infantino

      That is one of the things I have been saying.  I fully think that with Android spread out over many devices by many manufacturers, Apple’s iOS products will fall into the niche catagory that their computers have been in for a while.  Apple acts like they can make everything about their products proprietary and make it so you have to jump through hoops to make their products work with non-Apple devices so that people are almost forced to buy all apple systems for their homes and personal use (Just look at the huge connector that has to be used for the iPhones and the iPods, when almost every other manufacturer out there uses micro-usb connections).  That might work if all their products were 1) as good or better than the competetion, and 2) priced very competatively.  This is not the case, and so you get those die hard Apple lovers as your main customer base, and those who compare features and pricing start to drift towards the competition, which would be Android or Microsoft. 

  • this is big though guys, Moto has the largest patent portfolio of any cell phone manufacturer. Apple screwed up for even starting this whole thing. 

  • Motorola (Google) VS Apple: Round 1


    • Raven

      Motorola (Google)

      Flawless Victory!

  • Jason Purp

    I don’t like either of these companies.

  • Anonymous

    HHHHHHHHHHHHHahahahahaha Motorola is on the right path, and I hope Apple remembers the old saying if you can’t stand the heat then get out of the kitchen!!

  • I just hope this gets a fair case…. Would hate for the judge to be using his IPAD and be like.. it’s okay cause I have one and really love it… 

    • Anonymous

      Think how much worse it would be if Verizon tricked him into buying a Xyboard.

  • m

    Good luck and hello moto!

  • ddevito

    I’m going back to school – law school. Gonna make me some cash

  • Jordan Webb

    Considering Motorola left them alone for years, this is pretty much just a spiteful counter. In which case I wholeheartedly agree.

    I don’t agree with the patent wars as a whole, though, so I’m hoping Motorola’s just doing this to bloody Apple’s lawyers a bit and get them to back off.

  • SamXp

    A) Serves them right
    B) Enough of this crap already. Lawyers are getting rich off Android, to the detriment of the fan base.

  • yes! I hate apple!

  • Carlos

    Getem Moto!

  • Glad Apples finally getting a taste of its own medicine. They started it, now they have to deal with the consequences. I would love to see Apple paying Motorola money for every iPhone sold because it would be indirectly them paying Google.

    • Anonymous

      That sounds so nice when you put it that way!  Nothing could be sweeter than that.

      • bad enough that siri uses google to answer most of the questions people ask it.

        • Josh Groff

          I would love to watch Google and Bing restrict SIRI’s searches. 😉

  • jbonics

    rolling in his grave. HA ha.

  • Jim McClain

    what a great time to be a lawyer,,, both sides throwing away millions

  • Anonymous

    I regret not choosing patent law as my career.

    • Anonymous

      I have a friend that is a patent lawyer. She would disagree with you.

      • Anonymous

        Want to clarify that comment wasn’t meant in a negative way toward you. It’s just a high stress, long hours field.

  • SpikedRed


  • GF1 Fanatic

    Go get ’em Motorola! Go for their jugular! Grab Apple by the neck and bite down hard.

    I really used to love Apple, but their irrational patent trolling is anti-competitive and anti-technology innovation. They need a reality check.

    • Kinchas

      Amen….Brother Ben.

  • Wsnydes

    how do ya like them Apples?

    • Strife

      wow thats clever how long have you been saving that gem lol 

      • Aaa

        I laughed at your reply.

        • RobertoYurez

          I didn’t

  • Guest

    Get’em tiger

  • EC8CH

    If apple invented the flat rounded corner rectangle…

    Motorola invented the cell phone.

    • Motorola in conjunction with the Bell System operated the first commercial mobile telephone service Mobile Telephone System (MTS) in the US in 1946, as a service of the wireline telephone company. Source wikipedia.
      If you believe this, then yah Motorola kind of did.

      • RickX93277

        Ah, but did they patent it?  lol

    • More importantly, Motorola gets credit for _digital_ wireless communications. They own a piece of pretty much anything involving CDMA and, by extension, the UMTS 3G for GSM phones.

      Personally, I’m waiting to see what comes of those 200-odd patents Google acquired from IBM. This deal wasn’t about the money; rumor has it IBM wants to get back at Apple & Microsoft.

      • EC8CH

        That’s the point behind my tongue in cheek comment.

        Apple has patents on lots of design and UI elements, but Moto has patents on much of the tech behind cellular communications.  My hope is apple pays up or goes back to selling ipods.

        • JulioGozolo

          butt cheek

        • Josh Groff

          I don’t want Apple to be stifled, competition leads to innovation and cheaper prices for consumers, I just want Apple to learn who not to mess with in patent wars.

          • EC8CH

            Exactly, it would be cruel irony for apple who goes around trying to stop people from selling anything thin and rectangular to learn the patent war they started winds up having them to pay out if they want to put cellular communications tech in any of their devices.

          • Whett Phartz

            Steve Jobs was the master of taking other people’s ideas and hard work and taking credit. I want Apple to be stifled to the point where their creative elements are out looking for a job at Motorola, Samsung, HTC, and Google.

  • Why did they have to bring this to my state?


      well i have seen their “place” down in deerfield i think? its somewhere around there/boca area… they have a motorola factory/work place..

      • my cousin used to work there…its a big unit

        • xformulax

          that’s what she said?

  • Anonymous

    Wow…the Big Apple is on the defensive…I never thought I’d see the day.

    I oddly have a bit more respect for Motorola (a bit more).

    • B Diggs82

      The Big Apple is New York, I am now going to sue apple for copyright infringement on behalf of my fellow New Yorkers

      • Anonymous

        Ha…at this point, you might win =)

  • Anonymous

    Bout time the fruit got some of its own medicine…

  • Anonymous

    Why does everyone keep going to German courts?

    • EC8CH

      David Hasselhoff

      • OreoMan

        That is wrong in so many ways…..

        • TC Infantino

          What, you don’t like the Hoff?  LOL Ok, what about KITT at least.  That was a seriously cool car.

    • Anonymous

      Might be easier to win. It probably is the Hoff though.

  • Fkntwizted

    the words, “pandoras box” comes to mind. apple should have thought innovate instead if suing now they might just feel real pressure. considering Motorola invented radios.

    • Josh Groff

      I know right. “Sure, lets pressure a company that has had phones since the dawn of time, there’s no way they can beat us…” – Apple (pretty much what they said by starting this war with Moto.)

  • Anonymous

    Good! Maybe they’ll (Apple) back off after a couple of turn abouts from other OEM’s.

  • jimbob

    Ah, the sweet smell of irony.

  • Anonymous

    I’m ordinarily against patent lawsuits, but in this case I’ll say: Don’t dish it if you can’t take it. I hope Apple gets shut down for a little while and, as a result, never initiates an anti-competitive patent war again.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. I don’t want them permanently shut down. It would be a loss if they were shut down completely. I do hope they stop the endless petty lawsuits though as a result. Hopefully they will all come to a “cease fire” of sorts.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah.. I don’t think Apple’s gonna “shut down” any time soon. Even if they’re in violation, they have the cash to license the tech from Moto.

        •  Well, depends if Moto is going to go that route. Apple doesn’t want to license its tech. It wants outright bans. It’d be great if Moto did the same to Apple so that they can get a taste of their own medicine.

          • Anonymous

            I believe Moto has the option to ban in Germany where they won.  Where are they at with that one?  Did Apple appeal?

    • FortitudineVincimus

      Jesus Christo… this is getting f***** out of control. 

      • Kinchas

        Yeah…now that Apple is getting a taste of its own medicine….Apple Fanbois start bitching….

  • Anonymous

    Lawyers are LOVING this crap… 

    The Bionic 2 is pretty niiice so far

    • Anonymous

      They are making a tone of money right now =)

  • Anonymous

    Imagine the joy if moto win!

  • Anonymous

    How’s it taste Apple?