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Motorola Sues Apple in Florida Court for Patent Infringement, iPhone 4S One of the Targets

Motorola took its battle with Apple to a Florida court today, claiming that a couple of the Cupertino giant’s products including the iPhone 4S infringe upon six of of their patents. The patents involve technologies that utilize wireless antennae, software, data filtering and messaging. This suit follows up Moto’s win in German courts last month, a case that could force a ban on iPhones and iPads in the country.


Via:  Reuters

  • Josh Groff

    It’s fine with Skull Candy headphones if you aren’t an audiophile and want good bass without having to side load an additional music app or equalizer. I don’t buy headphones over 20 bucks because I fall asleep to music, which ruins the wire after a few months.

  • Chris

    Going off topic here, but I just wanted to add this:

    Invest on iPhone: stays current, dependable, and consistent throughout
    the whole year with stable iOS with upgrades available to ALL owners with features and functions that really matter, closed system that comes from single source with expectation of quality control (software and hardware developed together to make sure all is compatible working seamlessly) and resale value being
    almost the same if not higher than what was originally paid for.

    on Android devices: becomes obsolete in a matter of few months due to
    continuous overload of different models being released every month, open system that results in frequent crash with incompatibility issues and
    overload of fragmented features, being rated as highest risk for mobile
    malware, sporadic random OS update distribution, battery life
    that puts holes in owner’s pockets from having to purchase bigger
    battery, resale value resulting in loss of money cause by the time you
    sell your device, it’s become ancient and a big “has been”.

    1 iPhone 4S vs. 100000000000000000000000 Androids. Whooopi, so impressed. NOT!

    How you like them Apple(s)!

    • Anonymous

      Not everyone likes the icrap from crapple………..that’s what choices are there for….You choose what you like and move on…

      1 iphone 4s vs 100000000000000000000000 Androids, is not a disadvantage for the android customers. They have a 100000000000000000000000 Androids to choose from. There you have diferent shape and form factor. You pick the one that suits your need and the one that you like. In the other hand you only have 1 iphone 4s(uck) and thats it great variety you have there.

      Last I read the battery on the iphone 4s(uck) is not doing so great and you can not replace the battery for a better one.  My VZW G-Nexus gives me 13-15hrs of use per charge.

      Frequent crasshes, I haven’t gotten one those. You must be talking about the iphone 4s(uck)

      Malware whats that? I haven’t gotten one of those for the 2+ years that I have been using my OG Droid and now my G-Nexus

      …………back to the topic….Go Moto go…..I hope that Moto sweeps the court room floor with crapple….

      • Michael

        haha, you mad bro? dont be bitter, just get an iPhone then!

        all your statements are highly exaggerated and holds no merit since you clearly never owned both devices to compare.

  • How iRonic…. I hope you see what I did there. LOL!