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First Batch of Chinese New Year Android Collectibles Sell Out in Minutes, Next Set Available at 11PM EST

Dead Zebra put their latest themed set of Android collectibles up for sale early this morning and as expected, sold out in minutes. The 3 traditional Chinese New Year minis are some of their finest yet, with more detail than you’ll find in some action figures. As a collector, this is a set that you should do whatever it takes to obtain. If you missed this morning’s sale, you have another chance tonight at 11PM EST.


Cheers Mike!

  • Anonymous

    I purchased my set in a mere 1 minute and 30 seconds, then about a minute later, the first batch sells out. MAN, that was lucky.

  • Jim McClain

    people really buy this stuff?

  • I got my order in 🙂

  • Anonymous

    How adorable!! Any images of the Chinese New Year Apple (crApple) Collectibles? Are they bitten into with dark brown yellow stAins and riddled with live worms and mAggots? Just curious.

  • Speaking of Android collectibles, I bought 7 blind box from series 2 and 5 of them are the same one…so annoying.

    • I’ve bought about 10 blind boxes, I only got 2 doubles – lucked out for sure

      • I’d trade you duplicates if you wanted, I have 3 of the neon green transparent from series 2, and 2 of the black and green hexcode from series 2.

  • I feel like a racist just looking at these. Still, I am contemplating the yellow, kung fu, grey beard one.  

  • hehehe kawai!~

  • Sk102704

    On another note, apparently I need to spend less time on Droid Life while I’m at work because I just answered my work phone by saying “Hello, Droid Life”! Ugh I hate my job…

    • What’s your job? 🙂

      • Sk102704

        I’m the Transportation Coordinator for an inner city youth program.  I have incorporated Android into our tranportation.  Most of my drivers have Androids and I can send directions or last minute changes to their phone’s GPS.  The drivers with i*hones get the crappy routes…

    • That’s alright. I’ve answered my cell phone saying my company’s name. It happens.

  • Teng247

    Got mine as well.  Im a collector

  • I may try to pick up a set… but I’ll be honest… I would turn right around and sell them for a profit.  Anything marketed as a collectible item rarely gains value as most of the people who purchase collectible items leave them in the box and hold onto them.  100 years from now people will be on “Pawn Stars HD in Hologram” getting pissed when they find out their great grandpas android collection is worth $30.  🙂

    Hey… gives you something to argue over when you get married and the wife says your man stuff has to go.

    • PDubya

      Hahahahahahahahaha!!!! Too funny.

  • Anonymous

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  • ddevito

    I’d keep these in their boxes, otherwise it just looks like a racist doll

  • phew i got mine!.. I just thought id give DL a heads up tip this morning, but they sold out so fast. at least theres a chance for the rest of ya tonight!

  • Mikel61101

    how much were they?

    • 30 bucks for 3

      • Mikel61101

        Sweet! Im gonna try tonight to get a set to leave in box and put on the shelf in the mancave. Good Stuff.

  • Anonymous

    I got ’em! I don’t sell them for profit, I’m a collector, hehe

  • I totally forgot to hop online this morning.  I usually buy any set that I can, because I like to build my collection.  The sad thing is that the majority of people who buy these android figures, try to make a a huge profit on ebay off of them and there are people who are willing to shell out 3X the cost to acquire them.

  • Anonymous

    Are these made in the USA? 😛

    • WAldenIV


      • Teng247

        nope China