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Today’s Wannabe Siri for Android: Say Hello to Evi, A Decent Option When It Isn’t Having Server Issues


Last night, the latest Siri wannabe was introduced to Android under the name Evi. It’s voice-inspired, can answer almost any question you ask it, and even learns on the go after receiving feedback directly from you. This actually is a decent attempt at being Android’s Siri, except for one problem which you will quickly find in the market:  they have like 1 or 2 servers trying to power the service for thousands of new users and simply cannot keep up with traffic.

At this point, if you jump into the app and search for something, you will see this: “I’m waiting for a network connection before trying this one.” It’s frustrating, especially after using it last night and finding pretty favorable results for the most part. In fact, it’s built-in map feature works well, however, we would have liked to have seen some way to launch navigation out of it. It returns simple, yet detailed results pages, beautifully laid out business or location pages, and even answered many of our off-the-wall questions. Again, this service actually isn’t bad and is probably the best attempt yet. Now, let’s hope we see a legitimate server infrastructure in the next day or so or it may be a short life for ol’ Evi.  


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Via:  TechCrunch

  • Anonymous

    Quite fancy giving this ago, although every attempt results in ”
    I’m waiting for a network connection before trying this one” doh!

  • Jim McClain

    Majel Barrett would be the perfect voice to use for evi

  • Anonymous

    : I’m curious to see big G’s official response to Siri.

    • Anonymous

      Meanwhile, where *is* Google’s response?  We’ve seen tiny companies churn out these apps one after another from nearly the time SIRI launched on the 4s yet Google has *nothing* to show yet?  Come on Google!  You put a “Beta” tag on everything anyway, push something out!  It only took the one dev only 8 hours to put one together….

      • Anonymous

        : When a true competitor (Apple) comes out with something initially, it’s at that point you need to play catch up. And when you play that game, it’s best not to just come out with a similar product, but something that “+1’s” the competition somehow. That is how you attract attention. Small players aren’t a major factor because their applications aren’t as powerful for one reason or another.

        In this instance, Nuance released something notable.. but it doesn’t “one up” anyone. In fact, it seems according to this report that they need to beef up their servers a bit.

        I think Google has something up their sleeve (while at the same time perfecting every angle). And you’re absolutely right, I’m sure it’ll have the “beta” tag attached to it. lol

  • Jim McClain

    so whos voice are the using for evi ?

  • Anonymous

    This is super cool. I might have to give it a try after the servers calm down.

  • Mmoreimi

    Why is this demo on the iphone?  I thought this was an Android answer to Siri?

  • Jon

    the only feature of Siri that I want on Android, is the ability to set reminders. For example, “remind me to check the laundry in 30 minutes”, or “remind me to call Steve at 9:30AM”. 

    Android does let me set alarms by voice which is great. 

    Other than that, I’ve seen far too many people struggle with Siri and it seems that just like Google’s Voice actions, there is a limited and specific use case for this stuff. Thus Siri is overhyped and not really anything ground breaking. But as it is with Apple stuff, things get way over-hyped and the reality of how useful, or not useful, a feature is is very clear over time. 

  • Kris Brandt

    Getting Majel out will only make the iPhone sheep point out that “Google copies Apple.”  It will do nothing to shut them up.

    • Anonymous

      And it will do nothing for the Android sheep that claim “Apple copies Google.” All fanboys suck.

  • JObobSisBoomBah

    When you can’t innovate, imitate.

    • Matthew Rosidivito

      Couldn’t agree more.

    • Anonymous

      Who had usable voice actions first??

  • Anonymous

    and now that you’ve brought this app to light on DL their servers are sure to be hammered by tons of new users 🙂

  • Anonymous

    This is app is powered by Nuance which is an outstanding leader in voice speech speech technology , but the company True Knowledge which license’s that technology from Nuance has to work out the AI part of the technolgy to really make this thing take off. I’ve stated before AI technology will take the smartphone and tablets to a whole new level. 

  • I’d rather they implemented EDI from ME2.

    “EDI, haxx0r that iPhone. Make Siri squirm and squeal.”

    “Logging you out, Commander.”

    “What? No that’s not what I said!”

    • Raven

      I just hope they don’t implement ED-209.

      “Please put down your phone. You have 20 seconds to comply.”

      “I am now authorized to… be loyal as a puppy.”

  • RadicalPie

    “In case 720p 4.65inch screen, 4g LTE, NFC, Face Unlock, instant shutter speed camera or Google nav and voice weren’t enough try out the new Siri-alike.” Alternate uncut title for post.

  • ddevito

    I can’t waithope Google is indeed working on the ‘Majel’ project to shut the iSheep up.

    And to clarify – I hope it’s NOT anything like Siri, just extended features and functionality of their existing (already fantastic) Voice Search.

    • Jon

      I agree. Siri is actually really juvenile and annoying. Just get the personality out of the way Google and give us improved Voice actions that reach a deaper level of integration with the OS. 

    • guest

      Why not just use Vlingo?

  • EC8CH

    am i evi……..L? 

    YES I AM!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah…….that’s great, GOOGLE can we get mejal done! I don’t get it you started this voice to text way before anyone and just the mere fact that your the biggest search engine in the world, you should be able to put Siri to shame, WTF?

  • Anonymous

    Siri is officially still in Beta. 

    Apple pulled a Google.  :-).

  • Sirx

    Unless it can be started up from my lock screen WITHOUT pressing any buttons and can turn my data network on automatically to actually work (I usually have to keep it off to conserve battery), it’s useless to me.  Pressing my power button is about as much leeway as I’m willing to give a program that’s supposed to be “hands-free”.

  • Anonymous

    With a wife and two kids, the last thing I need is a phone to talk to.

  • Anonymous

    SpeaktoIt worked the best out of the following for me:

    Iris, Jeannie and some other one that was so horrible that I can’t even remember it.

    • Sirx

      Jeannie is bullsh*t and I sorely regret paying for it.  Some apps don’t deserve to be paid for, and unfortunately, we have little means to discover that until the dev is swimming in our collective 2 bucks 🙁

  • Iris is still the best I feel. And even that I dont really care about these programs. I can easily use Google Search speech and get the same result. 

  • RaptorOO7

    Siri’s only real value is voice dialing a contact.  That’s about it.

  • Jfinn7793

    So they have a Siri alternate being demoed on an iphone…interesting

  • Anonymous

    I dont like talking to my phone. I dont want to talk to my phone. For most people siri is a gimmick, a novelty that you use to.impress people at parties and events.

    Just adding my comment so people dont think this is something all android users are fervently searching for.

    • NexusIsBestus

      Just like Face Unlock

      • Matthew Rosidivito

        Ehhh, I can see that, I guess. I use Face Unlock as it’s more secure than the swipe lock, but not as much of a pain as a PIN.

        Still, I do like to show it off to people.

        • Anonymous

          Try holding up a picture of yourself to the phone…it isn’t that secure.  Fun but not secure.

          • Matthew Rosidivito

            Yes, I’ve known that. Didn’t say it’s perfect, but it’s sure better than swipe to unlock, or even a pattern lock. Further, I doubt the guy on the bus who finds my lost phone would have my picture, or even name.

            Google doesn’t even pretend it’s very secure. They even warn you of that before you set it up, as shown here.

          • It’s secure enough if your phone is stolen by a random thief or if you lose it. They won’t know to whom it belongs to get a picture of you to use to unlock it.

          • Anonymous

            I’m SO tired of hearing this stupid argument so here we go…

            Let’s say I leave my phone on a bus and am worried about people getting into my phone. Do you really think that some random guy just happens to have a picture of me with him?

            Oh no! My friend does have a picture of me, he might get into my phone when I’m not looking and compromise it. Well I have news for you, get a better friend that doesn’t scare you about your own security.

        • Dshudson

          Face Unlock is absolutely useless PERIOD

          • Matthew Rosidivito

            Well, that’s a bit narrow-minded.

          • Says the guy with an iPhone. *troll face*

      • Anonymous

        I only use it to show off my GNex, then I switch it back. People are impressed so I am happy at the end of the day. Because tbh they have no idea what an unlocked bootloader is or care about what ICS 4.0 brings.

    • It would just be nice if android had something as polished other than an email client. All the press about siri indicates that its a nice to have. Its the evolution google speech functionality should have taken, especially since speech functionality was a big deal with android in the beggining. Yeah im an OG Droid.

    • Jdstell

      Exactly right. I do find that people who try to use Siri to show it off to me end up getting some crazy random result. Then I just whip out my phone and look it up on LTE faster than they can ask or tell Siri (repeatedly sometimes) what they’re looking for.

    • TC Infantino

      But…it’s a phone, how do you make calls if you don’t talk to the phone?  Won’t the people on the other end of the line keep asking if you are there?

  • Anonymous

    I have an iPhone 4S. Guys, you’re not missin’ much without Siri. Maybe if she did Voice Navi in the maps app.

  • Kidd_Funkadelic

    By word 5 they have a spelling error? LOL.

    • Anonymous

      The United States isn’t the only English speaking country. True story.

  • Mack

    Does anyone actually use something like this other than for novelty purposes though?

  • if they get more servers then iris might have some competition 😛

  • Anonymous

    Pretty happy with speaktoit, but I will check this out

  • ha ha.. good start 🙂

  • The Twitter account said they’re getting more servers, so I’m willing to give this a chance…

    • Anonymous

      if they would charge or advertise…they could get a decent rack of 1u servers for under 5K. i know there’s still power and maintenance and hosting, but don’t doom a great service from the start with limited resources.

      • It’s such a trade off though, isn’t it? Because advertising costs money (that they could otherwise be spending on servers) and the second you charge even $.99 for an app, at LEAST half your potential users start bitching about how your app isn’t free…

        Don’t get me wrong, I agree with you, I hope they can get enough servers up and running in time to keep from having people give up. It’s just that I think app developers are in a Catch 22 sometimes with these different factors.

      • I’m not dooming it, I think it’s a great app 🙂

        • Anonymous

          my wording didn’t make sense….i meant from the dev’s point of view of resource planning. thinking about what it takes to have x concurrent users, y amount of bandwidth, etc. when deploying.

    • And you should, because it actually is a pretty decent app.

      • I tried it last night. Really really nice UI. Once it works I’ll try it out!