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Tip: Replacement Galaxy Nexus LTE Battery Covers With “Google” Logo Likely Do Not Fit, Even Though They Claim to

From day 1 with the Galaxy Nexus, many of you (including the DL crew) have been on the hunt for a Google-branded replacement battery cover. In fact, we tried swapping our GSM cover with the Verizon-branded cover the minute we got the device and came up empty. Something about having a “Nexus” without a Google logo on the back just drives some of us die-hards nuts.

Since then, we have searched the web for possible replacements. After all, accessory companies could probably make a pretty penny off of these skinny pieces of plastic should they make one that would actually fit. So far, none have worked including the one we have pictured up top that was purchased from Amazon. This post is really just a heads-up to not purchase it even though it says it will fit the SCH-I515 aka the LTE Nexus. As you can see from the picture, when you get it snapped into place, it doesn’t fit properly and bows a bit in the middle. Also, I took a knife to it a number of times to try and shave off pieces in order to get this sucker to fit and still ran into issues. At almost $20 a pop, proceed with caution.

If you stumble upon one that fits, be sure to let us know!

  • nightscout13

    You’re holding it wrong – Steve Jobs

  • Anonymous

    Wow, so lame. I wish that battery cover wasn’t so cheaply designed. Other than that, it seems the Nexus is a decently made phone.

  • Nex-Life

    anyone know where I can find the Radios for the nexus, the DL Link isnt working…I need to try them before I take it back..I am getting really poor signal now. Almost seems to be getting worse. Anyone else having the same issues? 

  • Couldn’t you just use some nail polish remover to take the “verizon” off?  I do that to motorcycle seats to get the screen print name brand off and give them a clean look.

  • fartbubbler

    just for the record, I’d pay $20 for a proper-fitting back plate with just “Google” on it.  I love my GNex bare naked, and would like to support my Google overlords. 

  • Austinrgoebel

    Search on ebay for the google logo on the back there are plenty on then

    • Domikinzu

      but none that fit properly, apparently.

  • Samuel

    Kellex, is that with the stock battery under there? If so I’m wondering if the 2100mah extended might somehow be the cure all, just a thought.

    Also, any chance the Galaxy Nexus landscape dock is going to land this year? I’ve been throwing money at my screen since launch day to no avail, I thought Samsung/Verizon loved raping my wallet.

  • Anonymous

    if I could get one on the cheap I’d totally do it! but at $20 a pop no thanks..

  • Dshudson

    I don’t want to see anything but a radio fix, this phones reception is pitiful. Wish I didn’t sell my TBolt, this phone is a joke. 

    • selling my tbolt for this was the best thing i did

    • Angelrod111

      I also had reception issues, I was about to give up on the phone.  I exchanged it for another Nexus, problem solved.  I think there are a lot of defective units!

  • Anonymous

    Kellex…try using some sand paper. That might do the trick

  • Droidinmind

    I guess I do not have to worry about the battery cover on my DROID RAZR!!!

    • Highwire

      talk to me when your battery wears out and you can’t replace it…..sucka

  • Ruben181

    i had same results, you can play it off better with a clear case. Fanboys only lol.

  • Anonymous

    The pics ive seen of sprints gnex and it says sprint. If Google doesnt think its worth fighting over why should I?

  • Kierra

    Lol you dont mind advertising for Sammy and Google though? 

  • Kierra

    Lol this is really stupid.Entertaining to read though.I sometimes think that people forget that GOOGLE is big business also.Dont let the “Dont Be Evil” fool ya.

  • Kierra

    lol I respect your “right” to get a phone cover that says GOOGLE but I laugh a lot at how stupid this is . LOL .

  • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

    This is a problem? Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ. Get over it and go have sex.

    • Highwire


  • jared leboeuf

    Is it possible this whole kit is needed to make the google-branded replacement battery door work? 


    • Highwire

      I agree that has a decent chance of working, but I’m skeptical as to whether or not the rear frame replacement would fit since there were structural changes from the GSM version to fit the LTE radio.

  • Highwire

    I refuse to blame this on the GSM OEM manufacturers.

    Leave it to flippin’ Verizon to have a proprietary battery cover sporting their logo. grrrr

    Yea, I mad bro.

  • Guest

    Why is this so important?

    Some of you get such a hard on about Verizon and their LTE that one would think that you people would prefer the Verizon logo on your phones.

    • Highwire

      Like you said…. to “some” of us it’s important due simply to brands we favor. And yes “some” its not as important because we are too busy getting LTE hard-ons as you so eloquently put it.

    • RW-1

      While diehard, this wasn’t of any importance to me;

      Case, covered, solved!  🙂

  • Anonymous

    I simply returned the Verizon one for a GSM Nexus and put it on T-Mobile.  Two things solved:

    1.  The back cover says Google
    2.  I have 3G reception, unlike Verizon’s!

  • I would enjoy having a phone with absolutely no branding. Pure technological art.

    Why be a walking billboard, even for a brand you like?

    • Its funny you know, people so upset about a little logo on the back of the phone.  Claiming they are advertising for Verizon yet never look down at the shirt they are wearing that say American Eagle, Ed Hardy, Volcom, or whatever brand they wear.  Hell, were walking advertisements every day.  I think the phone is the smallest of concerns.

      • Highwire

        Not the same thing

        • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

          Correct. Wearing Ed Hardy lets everyone know that you are a complete douche. Whereas no one really sees the tiny logo on my phone.

          • QtDL

            LOL at Ed Hardy gear and Dbags….so true.

          • Agreed.  In fact… I used my brand new Nexus multiple times at work yesterday and nobody gave a crap that it was new.  One of my friends did notice I had a new phone (my OG Droid always ran low on battery)… but he didn’t care what brand, make or model it was. 

  • Anonymous

    I want a Nexus “with Google” so badly! The point of the Nexus is to be removed from the carrier’s alterations (Verizon in this instance) and have an unaltered phone from GOOGLE!

    The back claims the exact opposite and it infuriates me!

    • Anonymous

      First world problems… Infuriates? Really?

  • Anonymous

    yea i had the same issue.  i bought one off ebay and the seller included the gsm battery door.  i noticed right away it didnt fit.  luckily i had already ordered the extended battery and door so i didnt even worry about.

  • Anonymous

    : Oh nooo. This isn’t cool. I already ordered mine and it’s shipping to me in FL (I’m starting my vacation there tomorrow from NYC so I had it sent to my Moms down there). Just great. I guess I’ll just let you know if it was a wasted effort since that’s all I can do. lol

  • Eric Peterson

    Truthfully, I’d settle for a Square Nexus Ice Cream ‘X’ sticker to cover it

  • Treeburner

    Kellex you should rate the cover or post a review on Amazon so others are aware.

  • Anonymous

    I was so annoyed about it before the phone was released.  Now that I actually use the phone I have already forgotten it’s there.  But I also use a case most of the time as well.

  • I’d rather have the Google back piece….but my otterbox hides it anyway so not a big deal to me at all

  • Anonymous

    No offense but worrying about the branding/logo on a battery cover is probably the saddest form of pitiful fanboyism I have seen.
    I really am without words.

    • Then why did you write them out, bro? 

      • Anonymous

        he’s mad, bro

        • Anonymous

          is he mad bro?

    • Sorry you feel that way. I’d call it passion, but to each his own.

      • Anonymous

        Alright, I admit my comment was a little harsh, I rescind it. But its just a logo, it still the phone you love right?

        This is in response to Kellex, whom I respect greatly. Not the D-bag who still thinks the “u mad bro?” meme is still funny.

        • Anonymous

          IMO, it’s more about the idea behind the logo than the logo itself. But also, it is a constant reminder of VZW’s tarnishing to have its logo on the back, and the Google logo nowhere on the device at all (except during boot).

          • You still gave Verizon your money..they win

          • Anonymous

            Well, yeah. I “gave in” a bit because I found it worth it for the LTE. I still have it unlocked with Codename Android, so I’m not too upset over it.

        • It’s d-bags like you who demean people for their FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION that I think are funny…. to laugh at.

          • “It’s d-bags like you who demean people for their FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION that I think are funny…. to laugh at.”

            So it’s OK for you to demean him, then?  (You called him a “d-bag”.)

            The irony is strong in this one.

        • TheDrunkenClam

          I still love me a good “U mad bro?” every now and then. Same with being Rick Rolled. God do I love being the victim of a cleverly placed Rick Roll.

      • Agreed, and thanks for the tip, Kellex!

      • ILuvSoPA

        Passion for what? It’s a freaking Samsung…

        • That’s like saying an iPhone is a freaking Foxcomm.

        • Anonymous

          You have been samsunged…….lol

      • Obi5683

        Have you modded the software to remove every reference to Verizon? (Market, Notification Pulldown, Apps…)

    • reyalP

      I paid for this phone.  I pay Verizon to use their network.  They do not pay me to advertise for them nor do they own this phone. I see no reason for their name to be on my phone.

      • Anonymous

        Understood. And you have every right to put whatever kind of case or decoration on your phone that you wish… that really isnt my point.
        My comment was really more about going out of your way to purchase a new cover with your own money that said “google” instead of “verizon” because it somehow legitimatizes the fact that this is a “pure google” phone to yourself. Like you cant be comfortable with the “pure google experience” of a “nexus device” if the battery cover has markings that refer to a company other than google?

        Dont get me wrong, I understand the motive. At least I think I do, but really thats my point. Its still the same phone and everyone that sees it knows what it is. I just wouldnt waste too much time worrying about a battery cover if I were you, especially if it might not fit!

        • it’s likely more of the principle of the matter against vzw & other carriers and mftrs with their insistence to undervalue Nexus devices. If it were a google logo the way it was suppose to be, most ppl wouldnt even consciously notice the logo is there, because it is the way it’s suppose to be. Since it has a vzw logo instead, everytime it brushes across the peripheral vision, it’s a reminder of  how abusive carriers and mftrs have gotten with controling the consumer.

          I may not spend 20$ for a custom cover, but that’s simply b/c 20$ means something to my financial state. but oddly if there were a giveaway with a choice of prize being either 20$ or a Google Cover, it’s hard to say I wouldnt pick the Google cover.

        • You sound like an anti-american socialist. Seriously, you bash on people for the freedom of expression, then bash on people for spending their OWN money (which is capitalism buddy).

          • Get Creative

            Anti-American socialist? You’ve got to be kidding. Just because he thinks it’s pretty silly of people to pay for a logo change? …and really, come on, freedom of expression? Maybe if you personally painted it yourself. You aren’t expressing yourself. You’re paying for another corporate label. That’s just retarded.

          • I have a great suggestion..take a razor and scratch the logo off

      • Srmproductions

        Does google pay you to advertise for them?  Jus Sayin.

        • Blootzm3

          does verison?

      • Blootzm3

        tell em bro… took the words right outa my mouth

      • Ignorance is bliss

        Uh… so when you buy a Corvette, by your logic, you would pay for another company’s logo to be placed over it? A tiny logo on the back of your phone is NOT advertising. Sorry to break your bubble.

    • Craigg

      I agree with srh12. There are many other issues with the Nexus that need to be addressed, the least being the logo on the battery cover.

      • angermeans

        What needs to be addressed? Mine is working a million times better than any sense, blur or especially touchwiz device I’ve owned in the past couple years and take my word I’ve owned a bit.

      • dumbest argument ever.

    • Highwire

      I like Google and hate Verizon… reason enough for me change my batt cover? I think so.

      Call me what you will… (fanboy)

      • Anonymous

        If you hate Verizon so much, did you ever consider switching carriers? Too easy?

        • Highwire

          I’ve considered, but no one else has the reliability and coverage. Mostly I’m unhappy with the way they treat their customers. True it would likely be the same anywhere else.


        • Blootzm3

          I’ll tell you this, I can garantee that if some one makes the back cover without the verizon logo, they would sell like hot cakes. meaning theirs a whole lot of people that do care about it and not verizon.

        • dumbass.

          • Anonymous

            Good one bro!

      • Blootzm3

        true +1 keepin it real.

  • once i get my new cruzer lite android case (thanks to the DL tip) this wont bother me as much as it does now.. so glad it fits the extended battery too. never is any good cases that fit extended batteries

    PS $20 for a backplate is a ridiculous price.

    • My otterbox fits fine with the extended battery

      • Anonymous

        I found that with the extended battery AND cover on, the corners would not stay flush anymore; I simply just rock the otterbox and extended battery without the batter door on….. 

        • Serpico


        • Anonymous

          did you try taking a look at the hooks on the battery door?  i was losing it for a while there until i came across this thread.. i noticed my battery door was popped up in spots and i couldn’t fix it no matter how hard i tried.  turns out the hooks on my battery door got bent down (and couldn’t hook anymore since they were flat against the back of the case) and needed to be pried back up in order to get the case to fit snug and flush once again:

          • Anonymous

            Trust me (and the one who agrees with my post) that the alignment of the door was not the issue; it was connected properly. Sure, it will fit…. doesn’t fit WELL though.

          • Anonymous

            ah word, just trying to help out in case you were in the situation i was in.  i find that the [extended battery] case fits perfectly with the extended battery

          • Anonymous

            No harm no foul!

    • then it will just say Cruzerlite on the back .. haha

  • I can’t even see the back since I use a case. So the whole Verizon vs Google debate is not an issue for me. 🙂