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RetailMeNot Launches Mobile Site For On The Go Savers

There are plenty of people who enjoy saving money with RetailMeNot. It’s a site that gives everyone access to coupons that are valid for thousands of stores nationwide. And starting now, they have launched a mobile site that looks fantastic on your smartphone or tablet if you are on the go. Go save some money and spend the cash you saved on apps!

Mobile Site

Cheers SeaNanners!

  • Granted

    And with massive amount of awesome apps out right now, you once again take the low whore road and post for the highest bidder. That, or whoever doesn’t spit.

    Wow….all these new phones and I haven’t seen a new live wallpaper or Android eye in years. It’s not about the community anymore. And when you try to pretend it is, it’s some sponsored kickback contest. In prison you’d be the traded commodity.

  • Andy Christiansen

    i use this for online ordering all the time. the codes seem to work about half the time. worth a try…

  • Anonymous

    SeaNanners? The youtuber? He doesn’t read this site. 😛

  • I’ll be honest, I’ve only ever had success with 1 coupon from RetailMeNot and that was buying flowers…  but good to note anyways!

    • Granted

      If you’ve used it why is it good to note? Not that is…but how do thee feces taste?