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Recent OTA Update For Transformer Prime Already Rooted

If you are into the rooting game and have yourself a new Transformer Prime, then you will be glad to hear that the newest OTA update that it received has already been rooted by the folks over at XDA. Just a quick download and a few commands in ADB, then you will be enjoying your new quad-core Android tablet with full superuser access. Have fun and be safe!

Via: XDA

Cheers DroidHAM!

  • Anonymous

    and Asus to release unlock bootloader tool in Feb

  • Mxman311

    I love minw. Why would u say its obsolete?


    bought mines there

    • TRDRACER21

      i mean i bought mines today best buy got them in stock

      • Anonymous

        Gah!  I have a gift card for Amazon and would love to blow it on the Prime but they still don’t have it in stock (okay, they have it from some 3rd party for an inflated price).

  • Ha, when I first read that I thought you meant the OTA already CAME rooted. That would’ve been great.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know why we continue to post stories about android around here… I mean, look at the Q4 results of the iphone on verizon.  We’ll all be forced into accepting mediocre user experiences and walled garden environments soon.

    There’s no hope.

  • EC8CH

    Wow that tablet gets rooted as fast as it gets made obsolete 😛

    • How is it obsolete? Is there a faster one that you can buy right this second?

      • JPC776

        I think he means it will be obsolete in 6-9 months when the newer one comes out, and then that one will be obsolete 6-9 months after that when the newer one comes out and then that one…well you get the picture. I have a TP and I have not had an problems with it and I love it. I don’t see anyone calling the iPad2 obsolete knowing that the iPad3 will be out in a few months.

      • EC8CH

        The replacement is announced while there are still unfilled preorders for the current version.

        I get what you’re saying, but you have to admit that’s a pretty screwed up situation.

        • Jimdgarcia

          it wi be sold along with the prime but wil be $100 more