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Apple Reportedly Spent $100 Million in First Patent Case With HTC, We Laugh a Little

Newsweek’s technology editor Dan Lyons took to his personal blog yesterday to report on a spicy rumor that had cruised into his inbox concerning Apple and their patent war with HTC. According to his source, Apple spent upwards of $100 million in their first patent suit with HTC, a case that provided them with what most would consider a minimal win. In fact, that $100 million (which is unconfirmed by the way) awarded them justice over a single feature (the original suit was 10 patents) that HTC already claims to have a work-around for. Yikes. No licensing deal was struck – HTC simply plans to manipulate their products to avoid any further issues.

I think we all know that Steve Jobs hated Android with a passion. He claimed that it was a “stolen” product and that he was willing to go “thermonuclear war” and spend every last billion that Apple had in the bank to try and right what he considered a wrong. At this point though, hasn’t this whole Apple vs. Android battle started to look like a company acting not as a business, but as someone with a personal vendetta? OK, that may be stating the obvious. That’s exactly what it appears like. I would just worry that they are basing major business decisions off of emotion, which can be one heck of a scary thing- and I don’t mean for their competitors.

Via:  Dan Lyons

  • Aaa

    Whether or not $100 million is a ‘drop in the bucket’, that cost will still likely get passed on to consumers. I don’t laugh at that.

  • Austinrgoebel

    Heres an idea spend the 100 mill to make an iphone 5 that can compete with android phones rather then sueing

    • Stating El Obvious

      I know, selling 37M phones in a quarter screams inability to compete…:|

      • units sold doesn’t equal QUALITY units sold. Flip phones sell more, doesn’t mean it directly competes with the iCrap.

        • ….

        • Stating El Obvious

          LOL…yes, this makes perfect sense.

  • The “emotional” compulsion to own every aspect of the iPhone experience mirrors Apple’s actions trying to protect revenues from their Apple // series of computers (yes, I’m old enough to live through that).  Quick history lesson, they lost a market monopoly and almost ceased to exist.  Their stock become almost worthless, and Microsoft became the only OS provided by virtually all other pc manufacturers.  Tell me what has changed …

    • Stating El Obvious

      What has changed?  They just posted the best quarter in their history.

  • Stating El Obvious

    $100M = 1 tenth of 1% of Apple’s total money in the bank.  I have a hunch they’ll be ok…

  • Doesn’t seem to be slowing AAPL down based on these earnings. $100m is about 18 hours of profit.

    And if Apple spent $100m, how much did HTC have to spend defending? I bet it hurts them a hell of a lot more.

  • xxdesmus

    Let me know how that works out for ya Apple.

  • Anonymous

    “At this point though, hasn’t this whole Apple vs. Android battle started to look like a company acting not as a business, but as someone with a personal vendetta?”

    Businesses are people. Ask Colbert.

  • Davros

    Stolen product? I guess he forgot he did this interview lol


    • Anonymous

      And what a hypocrite Steve Jobs was hey?  Admitted that they shamelessly stole and that’s perfectly fine but if someone “steals” from him, whoa, its global thermonuclear time!  What a little brat is what I say.  Everyone thought he was such a model person but the more I read about him the more distaste I have for him.  From being a dead beat dad to not giving a care about charities, he wasn’t a very nice person.  Imagine if that $100 million they spent on lawyers went to cancer research or workers that are unemployed that could have been working in factories for him in the US.

      • Stating El Obvious

        It’s always so easy to spend someone else’s money, right?  How much did you donate to cancer research in 2011?

  • Anonymous

    Such a waste of time and money. Apple needs to stop with all these lawsuits. As much as Jobs may have wanted it, they aren’t going to stop Android with these moves. At least try to negotiate some licensing deals instead.

  • Sirmixalot

    apple just recorded their best quarter ever. will 100 million really dent their pockets ? 

    • DowJOnes

      Nope. Not at all. 

  • Anonymous

    And on a side note they just reported 13b in earnings for Q1 2012. Damn that’s some serious cash..

  • MrLittle

    you laugh a little?  get a life.  they report $46.33B in Q1, you think $100million matters?
    oh I am an android fan boy that likes relevant and interesting news.  not this crap

    • DowJones

      They made 13 billion in profits in 4 months. They have nearly 100 billion dollars in cash on hand. I am sure they are really, really sad about 100 million. haha

  • Anonymous

    Steve Jobs was a very driven man, he did not care who he drove over. And as for stealing,,,well…Apple has done their share of that…

  • @EMAW_29

    So many parallels between this and Adobe…Jobs’ own personal feelings had a lot to do with all that as well

    • Hi

      Well Jobs and Apple clearly won the fight with Adobe so if the model follows…

      • Lol it can’t considering your pathetic iBrain can’t comprehend that Android is beating apple.

  • HTC Quietly Brilliant

    Apple Loudly Retarded

    • oh my god the best comment

    • Fifa

      HTC losing money this quarter

      Apple record breaking quarter

      • Anonymous

        At the expense of companies like VZW that are forced to overpay ridiculously for these devices.  Guess where that money is going to get replenished from?

        • Zachary Manville

          Forced? Didnt realize they were forced to carry Apple products.

          • Anonymous

            They are forced to carry in a way. They need the iphone to compete with At&t imo.

      • I liken that to Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton making millions for their contribution to society.

  • m


  • EC8CH

    Companies fight over patents….

    Everyone Loses….

    Except Lawyers…

    Go Figure.

  • Anonymous

    I hope Apple keeps suing and keeps loosing.  Makes them look very pathetic against competition. 

  • Dam I was hoping at least one company would be sued into oblivion. That’d result in hilarious fanboy reactions.

    Don’t really care which company, just as long as a fanboy loses their faith 😀

    • Anonymous

      Naw, its more fun to see an iDrone take it in the ego when Apple loses.

      • Anonymous

        Well either or, doesn’t bother me. It’ll be hilarious if either Apple fanboys or Android fanboys lose their product.

  • You laugh, but that’s really not that funny.

    How much did HTC spend fighting that lawsuit? I imagine it’s pretty high too, and might not be quite the drop in the bucket that Apple forked out for their lawyers.

    • except apple has to pay for it… Never been to court huh?

      • Bionic

        You don’t live in the U.S., that’s not how it works. Plus it went to a special patent court in Washington, D.C.–not the typical courthouse you’d see downtown.

  • I own Apple and Android Products.  After having ICS on the GN, I would never switch this device for either any crapple product or old version of Android.

  • Anonymous

    I actually read the Biography of Steve Jobs to try and understand more about the I-devices and Apple. The main thing I took away from Steve Jobs is when he quoted Picasso “Good artists copy, Great artists Steal”. With that quote he based Apple off of. Starting with the beginning of the Mac Computer, He stole the ideas Xerox PARC to create the running system for the Mac. So if he thinks Android is in the wrong. He needed to look at himself.

    • I read it and could not agree with you more. You said it, Jobs stole. Jobs like a child, could steal from “them”, but nobody could steal from him. He didn’t like it!

      How ironic!

      • Anonymous

        Little brat comes to mind…

    • RW-1

      Totally true, but even when brought up to him in later years, he would act all suprised etc. We got you on video there Stevie …

      At some point (and it’s too bad that that isn’t sooner than later) the stockholders should shout out about how much they did spend on this and what they came away with, not worth it at all.

      Too bad that won’t happen, because those same stockholders live in that rosy colored world, er sorry, white world where continually suing instead of forking that $$$ into researching a better way to do things is irrevelent.

      This will end in the next few years, as more and more courts decide the jig is up …  We’ll all be on Android 7.0, and Apple will release it’s first phone that might have a feature they cooked up themselves.

    • If you think he stole the ideas from PARC, you didn’t read the biography at all.

      • you didn’t. He admitted it. They had to pay Xerox AFTER the fact to save themselves from sending Apple into bankruptcy.

  • This just goes to show how off-kilter Jobs sometimes was, almost to the point of OCD-type behavior. Apparently, that legacy still lives on within Apple.

    I’m sure $100 million dollars is chump change to them, though. Wish I had that kind of money to just throw around.

  • reyalP

    It is ridiculous and all but for them it’s just chump change. I would not buy their products based soley on their arrogance.  They do make some nice quality products though.

  • ddevito

    $100M could have been spent on:

    battery life
    Siri (out of beta)
    Bigger screen technology

  • Lewis

     Meanwhile Microsoft is raking in the money with their licensing deals. I’m sure Apple investors aren’t happy with Apple’s approach to patent violators.

    • Hi

      Yeah i bet those investors are pissed that the stock is through the roof. 

      • James

         Apple stock has been more unstable lately. Their patent war is definitely a bad business move and I’m sure investors don’t like it. Most companies go the licensing route instead of just letting the violator create workarounds since that actually makes them money. Of course, investors are looking at other things than just the patent cases.

        • Hi

          Their stock is at an all time high. Please learn at least something before talking(typing).

      • and googles is higher. good stuff right there.

    • wait is microsoft making money off of all the phones these manufacturers sell of just the phones that have the features their being sued about.

      • James

         At least for the licensing articles I’ve read, Microsoft makes money on every Android sold by the OEMs who licensed their patents. I don’t recall which OEMs or which patents though.

      • Mark

        Microsoft gets licensing fees from over half of the Android phones/tablets sold. They get about $5 per device sold.

        Last fall Microsoft was getting $0.5 billion in Android fees for that fiscal year. Apple is definitely doing it wrong.

  • RaptorOO7

    $100 Million, Apple will spend Billion$$$$$ more just to stem the flow of highly competitive products. If you can’t beat them, Apple simply sues them.  Its a matter of opinion as to whether or not a samsung phone or tablet would confuse an apple fanboy/girl.  I have yet to be confused but I guess there are just too many out there who can’t read Samsung on a device or box and know that it’s NOT an Apple product.

    I hope the courts figure it out pretty darn soon, that its all about nothing more than slowing down legit competition by abuse of the courts.  

    • Sirmixalot

      I’d like to know who is beating apple. According to their recent financial disclosure, apple just had it’s best quarter ever..which one company makes more money than apple….you guessed it not one related to android..

      • Anonymous

        They are beating Apple’s wish to destroy Android.  And as long as Android still makes these companies cash, it don’t matter how many billions Apple has coming in.  Its not about beating Apple.  Its about remaining profitable.  I could personally give a care less if Apple has more cash than the entire world.  As long as competition remains and profits from it, then its all good.

        • Hi

          Samsung is the only company making any real money of off Android. Oh yeah and Microsoft. hahaha. 

    • Anonymous

      Yes, but its good to know that even with billions in cash, the court is still being fair.  As long as that is the case, Apple can deplete their billions to zero and Android will still be in business.  The more losses, the more the courts are going to see the little boy Stevie that cried wolf one too many times.

  • Anonymous

    That $100 million couldve gone into development…such as figuring out that mysterious 4g technology.
    Oh apple, you so silly

    • Hi

      Apple doesn’t develop the parts they use. They leave that too people who make cell radios. Nice try though

      • Anonymous

        Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Tim Cook has graced us with his presence and anonymously responded to my comment. (crowd applause)

        Mr Cook, so apple doesnt develop parts that go into its phones? thats fascinating! Boy am I embarrased now!

        • Droidz

          You do know Broadcom makes the LtE radios right?

        • smh, it’s common knowledge. Noboby makes radios for their phones. All third party.

      • Cam

        So, the 100$ testing facility they showed off wasn’t for R&D regarding radio issues?


        • Hi

          That is a testing facility for testing products not parts. This is wear they test mock ups and prototypes of actual phones not the individual parts that make up the phone. Broadcom makes the radios not Apple. Just like Samsung used to make the CPUs. Apple doesn’t manufacture parts.  

          • Anonymous

            So what you are saying is that if all these companies boycotted Apple, they’d be completely and utterly screwed?

          • Hi

            You mean if all of these companies put themselves out of business by boycotting their largest and in some cases only customer?

    • Anonymous

      Frankly with 100 BILLION in the bank and a 40+ billion dollar quarter, it’s a drop in the bucket.

  • Monty Waggoner

    Good for them. I doubt they’ll learn anything from it though. 

  • Michael Forte

    I like how they think Android is a stolen product yet Apple stole many features from Android and other OS’s in the iOS 5 update.

    • Devito

      i like how you post here more than you go outside

      • Michael Forte

        Not sure if trolling or just stupid.

        • Josh Groff

          Well, if you post here 3 times a day, it could be true, how often does one truly go outside? Maybe 5?

          • Andrew Seraphin


          • Anonymous

            Your hear to keep tabs and count his posts. Go outside yourself?

          • Josh Groff

            Once to work, once to go home for lunch, once to go back to work, once to leave work, and once just to take a walk. That’s 5 times a day.

          • Josh Groff

            Also, Disqus takes note of all responses, I just click the notification.

      • ddevito

        Enough troll get a life

      • I like how much of an iFanboi you are.

    • Josh Groff

      Like the notification bar. 😉

      • Anonymous

        Except that android didn’t invent the notification bar either…dropdown notifications were being used in cydia before android even came out

        • Lol no.

        • Josh Groff

          Even if they were, we’re talking about inclusion in a product marketed with said feature, one could argue that SIRI was an app not created by Apple and then purchased (after which Apple claimed it as their own innovation, ask SIRI who created her…)

  • Anonymous

    haha they should take that $ number out of their comparison of how much apple has made vs Android

    • Dogs

      Android barely makes Google any money. Supposedly they only made one billion on all mobile advertising last year. Considering mobile ad revenue comes from all phones and tablets including iOS it is safe to say that Google makes very, very little from Android. 

      • CharlesHussell

        for now

      • Anonymous

        Funny, Oracle seems to think that Android activations alone are worth $3.65bil a year.


        Guess it all depends on where you get your information… for instance, it is safe to say that you pull yours out of thin air.

        • Dogs

          I get my info from Google financial disclosures not Oracle.

          • Yet he has a verified source and you don’t. INTERESTING.

          • Duh

            you are a complete idiot. he has a link to a story about someone’s opinion. that is considered a verified source? hahah. use google and look up their financial statements. are you that lazy to use google?