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Official G-Shock Phone Runs Android and Can Survive a 10 Foot Drop, Is Also Incredibly Ugly

Oh my. We thought the Casio G’z0ne was a beast of a phone, and then someone sent us the official G-Shock device that was apparently shown at CES a couple of weeks ago. It clearly runs Android, is reportedly able to hang under water up to 10 meters, can withstand a 10 foot drop, and can hold up a full ton of weight. It might be the ugliest thing on the planet, but you can’t tell me that you don’t want one to go trudge around in the woods with one, acting like a real man. 

Via:  Facebook, G-ShockZone (images)

Cheers GreeKNastY!

  • lksjb

    Not Ugly, feels good in hand, Idiot!

  • ovsik


  • does it float? j.i.c. lol.

  • dmont

    Bulldogs are ugly too but people love them

  • skyman

    Ugly, That thing the as TACTICOOL as it gets!!! so sick

  • FOSS


  • Michael

    My contract is about to be up with AT&T… Please tell me when this phone is coming out, I have to have it!!!!

  • mizdamyna

    this phone has inner beauty and is a field operatives dream

  • Love the Casio phones. I have ran mine over with a loaded gravel truck on a gravel road and only cracked the camera lens

  • logan

    Is this going to be manufacturd? I really want one. Any new info on this phone?

  • Jeff Tappan

    I think it’s a sharp looking phone. But then, I also think the A-10 is a sharp looking plane. Form follows function, so … , well, you get the message. I just don’t think I’d be able to
    afford one when they do come out, so, … drool .. . Oh well.

  • The O/A-10 Warthog is the ugliest aircraft in the USAF arsenal. However, it is also the most durable, reliable and destructive aircraft in the US Military period, save for the bombers. Ground troops know when they hear the engine sounds of the Warthog they have solid support at their aide. This phone appears to be the O/A-10 of phones. Highly effective, reliable and will take abuse. My G-Shock watch is combat proven four times over and still works perfectly. That being said, I have great interest in this phone and I look forward to what it will bring to the table. If the phone lives up to its G-Shock reputation it will be a game changer. And I’m an iPhone user.

  • Linw0724

    “Hmmm…I need to change the battery” *grabs hacksaw* …*five minutes later* “I need a new hacksaw”

  • Steve

    Im confused, if it can only withstand a 10ft drop, how the hell can it “hold up a full ton of weight” thats 2,000 lbs. I really dont see any phone being able to hold up that much weight and if for some reason it actually could, Id say it should be able to withstand a higher drop than 10ft

  • Anonymous

    It’s not ugly!!! I like it!!!

  • I think it looks cool. It would look great in my big manly hands.

  • Jay

    I like it. I’m a Gshock fan though so maybe I’m biased.

    I think Casio is onto something with applying their GShock technology to mobile phones. IMO, they should use their brand and their tech to either license it to existing phone makers or come out with GShock cases. They would sell tons of cases based on their brand alone.

  • beenjammin

    Ugly? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think it looks sweet. I want one. If AT&T has casio this would be mine.

  • seriously guys, the phone looks cool! i’ve been using g-shock watch since school and never been bored of this look.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, it is ugly, but also functional so it gets a pass for me. If it is not super expensive off contract I would consider getting it for work and recreational use.

  • Serpico

    You can chuck it at your assailant as well. Knock that %#$$! out!

  • Serpico

    You can chuck it at your assailant as well. Know that %#$$! out!

  • Twiztid Chaos

    My OG Droid and Moto x have both survived 20 foot drops onto concrete and survived with small scratches.  This can survive 10 foot drops….please, up the bar casio

  • CJ Vanilla

    lets stop the nonsense. I dont need ribs and whatnot outside my phone. I see they try to make it look rugged but cmon, make it a little more sleeker. i say cut the crap, build it out of really strong metal like titanium and charge a grand. Make it look sexy with a touch of beast ya know? Not straight out the forest, This looks like its been living in a hole.

  • Tesseract 3

    Million dollar question… bootloader encrypted???

  • RadicalPie

    “Warning!!! Your about to see the ugliest phone ever!” Appropriate title for this post.

  • linda samuel

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  • izzledizzle

    I feel like I would be required to squeez the crap out of the phone and talk/yell in a manly deep tone if I had this phone. Or just be Ron Swanson.

  • Bionic

    it looks like a roadside bomb or an alien communicator from star trek.  

  • Davros

    I actually would like to have one of these phones to switch to when kayaking, camping, etc.

    • Bionic

      to switch to?  you act like switching is easy.  You have to go online and do all kinds of crap. its not like you just tap a widget on your phone.

      • Davros

        I’ve always turned off the current phone, then *228 on the new phone to activate. Takes about 2 minutes. Haven’t changed phones since getting Gnex so I’m not really sure how the sim card thing works.

        • Bionic

          exactly, the sim card makes it harder, you have to go online and jump through hoops. trust me it aint easy.

          I was told you cant just take the sim card out and put it in the other phone like the old days

          • Cwpit81

            Actually all you have to do is call vzw and enter your number in an automated system and its done is seconds

  • Bob Martin

    it looks like a 1 pound turd. did they find that in a toilet?

  • jbonics

    James bond your son droped his phone at the bar, but you know that, your calling me. James do you root, whats that

  • Was that thing designed by GI Joe?

  • dblj

    I have liked G-Shock watches for years. I currently have five. I for one like the looks of this phone. If it released on Verizon with ICS I would give up my Nexus for it.

  • Alex

    Is this phone always on speaker?  look at the speakerphone, it comes out of the spot where your supposed to put your ear on!  Speaking of that, how the hell can you comfortably position your ear on the elevation that is the cave of the speaker?

    Also, do they really have to label everything?  How many times would you ever have to use the sim slot.  a slot thats hidden in my galaxy nexus next to the battery is clearly labeled in this.

    Anddd why is this running sense?


    I actually kind of like it. Manly.. lol, i also like my gnex :).

  • Hillbilliegreg

    Dude !, you call that ugly ? I’d hate to see your wife.
    Gotta be a city boy

    • Blackmagick20

      Amen! I would LOVE having this with me to use on the farm

  • Wonder if it will run on VZW and be LTE enabled?

  • My G-Shock watch is solar powered. I wish this phone was as well.
    Seriously, a rugged device which is begging to be taken outdoors should also have matching battery life to be able to function as GPS/compass for at least a few days away from civilization.Any smatphone is a far cry from that.

  • great googly moogly! I loved the Commando but this is pushing it…hard!!

    EDIT: A sim slot? is this coming to AT&T/T-mobile or is ir going to be an LTE device?

  • Spark

    I think i kinda like the way the menu bottons are set up on the sides

  • Um, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I guess.  I actually sort of like it.

  • Guest

    That looks cool to me.  No need to get some silly otterbox.  Just buy the phone and go.

  • Spunker88

    Needs inductive charging since it looks like it would be a pain getting to the USB port.

  • Serjicalstrike36

    But will it Blend?

    • InsertName


  • Sp4rxx

    “incredibly ugly” is strictly an opinion – especially when it comes to ‘rugged’ gear.  Most electronics that are used in the wild aren’t pretty at all, but HIGHLY functional and are perfect for their use.

    If it were to be pretty, it wouldn’t be rugged.  Looks take a back seat to functionality when you spend money to keep your electronics safe in a rugged environment.

    It actually looks pretty cool to me.  Almost like a spy or secret agent would carry it.

    • Dliuzzo110

      EExactly x”s 1000

  • Chris

    I like how casio doesn’t stick to the norm when it comes to the way there phones look.

  • Spc Hicks09

    If Chuck Norris had a phone, it would be this.

    • WarEagleVI

      Chuck Norris doesn’t need phones. His voice alone can find its target without the use of puny phones.

      • Spc Hicks09


      • Blackmagick20

        Well done, sir

  • WarEagleVI

    Make this fugly thing with GSM, CDMA and LTE radios along with a non-buggy OS. It will sell.

  • Irontexican

    Its a man’s phone.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like one of those rubber and plastic watches you’d get at Walmart

  • Lmrojas

    I want to buy it just because i want to break it lol.

  • Anonymous

    make it run andy 4.0 and it will be mine.

  • Anonymous

    At first sight, I thought, “Crap, that’s ugly,” but the more I look at it the more I want one…

    It’s like an optical illusion!

  • “Damn it I’ve got to do a battery pull. Sigh, I’ll go grab my toolbox.”

    • Spc Hicks09


    • Blootzm3

      i think that phone looks realy cool. rugged, wow matchs my gshock watch. now only if i can make it shoot bullets

    • Hahaha that was funny, but you do know there is always a button combo that will do the same a battery pull on any phone with an non-removable battery.

    • Omar Ibrahim

      toolbox you say. i say a dremel, a file/sandpaper, and a bit on elbow grease. oh ingenuity too.

  • Irontexican

    I wish Big Dog drilling would buy us these. Looks like one he’ll of a phone. Seems like it’s just what the drilling rigs need

  • Spc Hicks09

    I actually think it looks pretty high speed!

    • DaveTea

      Its the low drag Magpul tactical phone.

      • Spc Hicks09

        High Speed, low drag. Does it get any better?

        • DaveTea

          Only if it came in coyote brown 😉



  • It’s not that ugly.  It could use a bit of tweaking, but all in all, I am kind of a fan of the look.

    • PDubya

      …and so are the Kardashians of Star Trek.

  • It looks like any other phone with an Otterbox Defender case on it lol.

    • Anonymous

      Yea but just wait for till you get an Otterbox Defender for this beast!!!!!

      • Spc Hicks09

        ^ Completely missed the point.

        • Atomikhippo

          I think you missed the point.

        • Anonymous

          Actually, you missed the point. He made a joke from a joke, he wasn’t serious.

      • Calculatorwatch

        Haha, I would build a catapult just so I could shoot that out of it.

  • Greg Morgan

    It looks like a walkie talkie combined with a communicator from Star Trek. lol

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking a stopwatch mated with a smartphone and the offspring was then beaten with an ugly stick.

  • Sob157

    it looks like athletic douche-wear.

    • Spc Hicks09

      You must not be very athletic. This phone would be more suitable for people that do extreme sports, or are in the Military like me.

      • Anonymous

        Forgive him. He’s in the iCloset.

  • Anonymous

    Not as ugly as the stuff out of Cupertino… I’ll be sure to take one on my next Carnival Cruise.

    • Lmrojas

      Please, the iPhone is good looking. It’s just to small and runs horrible software

      • Spc Hicks09

        Here come the iTrolls.

        • Calculatorwatch

          Srsly? …dislike

        • Anonymous

          how was that trolling when he said it runs terrible software?

      • Jdstell

        “…iphone is good looking.”    Have you any idea the events you set into motion on this comment thread? May God have mercy on your soul.

    • Mandrous15

      are you serious? the iphone is the sexiest thing alive… iOS 5 could use work but cmon all glass back and front? (wish the thing could take a beating though)

      • Anonymous

        The design is great but the glass is a downside, it breaks too easy.

  • Blackmagick20

    Wow! It’s nice to actually a phone for men! This thing looks awesome!

    • Anonymous

      I would actually get this for my wife. Her phone abuse is legendary.

  • Ruzzara

    I… like it…

  • DaveTea

    Good thing its tough. Anything that ugly is just begging to be punished.