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Verizon Beefs Up Its 4G LTE Network in Indianapolis, Making the Super Bowl XLVI Experience Enjoyable

In preparation for Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis, Verizon held nothing back to take its 4G LTE network to the next level. Throughout the state of Indiana, they spent $69 million more than they did in 2010, some of that was obviously dedicated to this joyous football occasion. Knowing that some 85,000+ fanatics would be in attendance along with countless media members all starving for a stable data connection, Big Red wanted to make sure your experience at the game and in downtown Indy was optimal.

Nine (9) new antennas have been added to the outside of the stadium along with a massive internal 3G/4G network and a full WiFi infrastructure that allows for 28,000 connections. They also plan to have 3 C.O.W.s (cell on wheels) on hand to help beef things up even more. (bad joke, I know)

What happens after the game though? Verizon plans to leave just about everything behind, other than the C.O.W.s. So going forward, downtown Indianapolis is going to be in full-on beast mode.

Via:  GottaBeMobile

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  • Alvin B.

    Isn’t there some point where the available wireless spectrum in a given area is imply FULL, as in SATURATED? If not, then this whole spectrum shortage thing we’ve heard about is a myth. 

  • Steven Ege

    43MB/s Down

    These are the stats I got earlier when I was downtown…… and for those who are complaining that no one will use this. EVERY single large event that goes down in downtown Indy is about a moment away. Be it GenCon, Super Bowl, College Basketball Games, Indians Game, etc… they will use it. The thousands of people downtown will use it…. because our largest mall is about 3 minutes away walking, with the circle being about a 10 minute walk away.Now they just need to extend it to Speedway,IN for the Indy 500 and we will be all set.BTW….. Sprint…… where are you at for this?

  • Morgan Casteel

    East side Indy born and raised! This definitely makes living here just a little awesome!

  • Butters619

    Can you do this to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway June 8th-11th?  Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Hah! 69!

  • magy1

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  • magy1

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  • Alex

    I honestly think verizon expects the fans in attendance to use nfl mobile rather then watch the game.

    • Bionic

      exactly what i was thinking

  • Monty Waggoner

    $69,000,000 = Drop in the bucket to Verizon.

    • Bionic

      trust me they are getting more back from advertising and all that jazz.  They will probably have kiosk selling phones at the super bowl too.  

  • Stormin’

    Recent test results in Indy are:
    33.30 mbs down
    16.50 mbs up
    Gnex with full signal.
    Beastly, for sure!

    • EC8CH


    • Bionic

      yup thats what i get in south bend

  • Good thing I live close enough to Indy to get 4g 🙂 

  • IcyHeart

    Indianapolis hasn’t had this much attention in awhile…… Hopefully we don’t get nasty weather on the SB day, Indiana is known for unpredictable weather patterns.

    • Travis H

      lets just hope the roof doesn’t fly off during half time… 

      • Bionic


  • Jim McClain

    I think that Charlotte NC has the best 4g coverage, thanks to the Democratic convention coming to town

  • Josh Flowers

    this is why that (now failed) Bill-charge was put into place. for a 1-time, 1 day, 1 location cellular “beef up” of network service.

    the truth comes out!

  • Anonymous

    Nice donation to the Super Bowl Big Red, but how about home of the Oregon Ducks? Eugene?

  • MagMan68Classic

    It’ll also come in handy during the Big 10 Championship game and Big 10 bball tourney

    • Agree… Indy has a huge chuck of the nations major sporting events.  Then add in the largest event in the world each year… (Indy 500) and you can see why Indy needs…… requires the upgrade.

      Thanks Verizion!!

      • Anonymous

        Yep! Love Indy. Great city.
        Go horse.

  • Verizon double charges for tethering, blocks bootloaders, and I can’t get a decent signal in my home in the middle of town, and yet they shell out big bucks so a bunch of nimwits can have a good signal at the Super Bowl?

    Thanks Big Red.

    • Just ran Speedtest.. 24mb down 13 mb up in B’ham Alabama.  No connection issues.  GNex

      • Jade S.

        How in the heck is that lol. My Speedtests in Birmingham have been 7 and 7 for the past month whether I am downtown or on 280. 🙁

        • Bionic

          depends on time of day and your phone and all that 

      • Chad Ramey

        26 down about 15 up in hartselle alabama

  • Sob157

    All I want to know is when the hell is 4g gonna hit the Jersey Shore?! Those North NJ/NYC folk are gonna be PISSED come summer time and they drop back to 3g =)

    • Anonymous

      Verizon is too scared of guidos attacking the towers so as a precautionary step they don’t get 4g

    • Anonymous

      All that spray tan & over-gelled spiked hair would mess up the signal anyway

    • Bionic

      fck new jersey.  idiots of that state deserve nothing

  • I live about 2 hours away and I’m in indy all the time. This is gonna be awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Took me a second to catch the C.O.W.s “beef things up” joke. Love it

  • NO worries each one of us that has VZW just paid for this and will be for the next 2 years however many will never use it

    • Travis H

      I’ll make up for those that dont use it. I’m pulling around 8-9 GB’s a month. Just down the street from it all.

  • Anonymous

    Giants > Brady Bunch.

    • Anonymous

      Hawks > Brady Bunch. 😀

  • Scott

    In other news, Verizon Wireless is increasing monthly cost by $5.00

  • Anonymous

    Kellex, man, I love you but I would seriously consider offering a cash bribe if you promise never to use the words ‘beast mode’ in a published phrase again.

  • Chris G

    But the NFL app is blocked near stadiums…

    • Chris if this app works by your GPS, then download “Catch Me If U Can” https://market.android.com/details?id=kr.woot0pia.gps   This will allow you to fake your position and possibly use this app.

    • Bionic

      watching the game is blocked, not the app itself.

  • Anonymous

    Haven’t seen or noticed that much of a difference yet. Live just north of downtown. Still witnessing dropped 4g from time to time. Maybe they’re waiting for super bowl weekend to flip the switch. Regardless I’m happy I’m in the nappy city 🙂

  • Woot Woot for lots of 4g in indy

    • Anonymous


  • Jammasterj

    How about some 4G in the Atlantic City, NJ area!

    • JeremyW

      We have gotta have it by summer time. I was in Deptford a couple weeks ago and picked up Philly’s expanded coverage and it was awesomely fast.

      • Jammasterj

        I was in Cherry Hill this weekend and was getting 4G.

  • Nexussss

    How about the 99.9% people that arent going  to the game?

    • Bionic

      too bad so sad

  • Dan

    Can somebody tell me how to watch the current football games live? I haven’t been able to figure it out. I thought you could view all the playoff games live, but when the games were on the only thing that was “Live” were some NFL shows, not the actual games. Maybe im just missing it. Galaxy Nexus btw.

    • Anonymous

      You can only watch games airing on the NFL network.  At least that’s how it was during the regular season.

    • Chris G

      Only games on NBC or NFL Network or the Super Bowl.  So the first saturday of the playoffs was all you could.

    • Try firstrow.tv  You can watch nearly every sporting event there.