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DROID RAZR 16GB in White, Purple and Black All Available Now for $199 at Verizon

The microSD card-less version of the DROID RAZR is now available from Verizon in 3 different colors:  white, black and purple (gallery). Everything about this version is identical to the original 32GB version, except for the fact that you have to put your own removable storage into it. At $199, this is not a bad deal at all. Unless of your course you want the 3300mAh of battery juice that Moto packed into the RAZR MAXX for only $100 more.


Cheers Aaron!

  • LIAlan

    I agree the Droid maxx should not be more than $199 with 2 year commitment. I remember when verizon only asked for 1 year commitment. Verizon needs to take better care of there customers that have with them for a while like giving them better prices on phones.

  • Anonymous

    $100 for a bigger battery? sounds expensive…how about $199 for the Maxx and $99 for non installed sd

  • Anonymous

    Why so many compromises just to pay the 199.99? I think locked bootloader is already a compromise

  • Famouzstarzz

    just got the wifey a white one 16 days ago! i would gladly return to save 100! WTF VZW

  • Anonymous

    Where the white GNexus?

  • Phoneman67

    I holding out for razr maxx

    • Rawheat

      If only this thing came with an HD display.  I’ve got a GNex and love it, but the Razr would have been more tempting with a better display.  Still a beast though!

      • Alex Schechter

        Current gen battery tech just isn’t there for HD screens yet, imo. That’s why I’m not too bummed about the qHD on the razr

        • Anonymous

          With 3300mah thats more then enough for a 720 screen, my rezound makes it through the day fine with full brightness and 4g on, but I do feel like I could go alot further with a lesser screen

      • Anonymous

        The difference between qHD and full 720p on a 4.3″ device is negligible, in my opinion. You can see it if you’re 2″ from the screen staring at static text, but in actual usage it’s a non-issue. Screen tech is far more of an issue. I would happily (and did) purchase a qHD screen, but after having sAMOLED I can’t go back to LCD.

  • shdowman

    Unlocked or no dice…

  • All the 13 year old girls can cheer now !

    • EC8CH



      I HATE YOU.

      • shdowman

        How much for the purple one Wonka??

        • EC8CH

          ohhhh that’s gooood.

        • Anonymous

          Don’t talk to me about contracts, Wonka, I use them myself. They’re strictly for suckers.