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DROID 3 Drops to $49 on Contract to Make Room for the DROID 4

Last week, the DROID 3 dropped all the way down to $99 on contract moments after Verizon and Motorola officially introduced the DROID 4. This week, they hacked another $50 off of the price, making it available for $49 through February 6. If this was a sign that the D4 should be upon us at any second now, they I don’t know what it is. If you can live without 4G LTE for 2 more years, then this is a deal worth considering.


Cheers Jonathan!

  • Gokousupasayan

    Only for new plans.  Upgrade is $149.  Most people looking for the D3 are upgrading, so this does not apply to most of us.

  • $49 price is for new plans only ($150 promo discount).  Upgrades are $149 ($50 promo discount).

  • $49 price is for new plans only ($100 promo discount).  Upgrades are $149 ($50 promo discount).

  • A1cntrler

    Got mine free today from Wirefly with free 2 day shipping, free Motorola Dock and free Motorola Car Dock too.  This was an upgrade on the main line of a family plan, on which I transferred the upgrade from another line on the account.

    As long as you don’t mind sitting through about 30-45 minutes of someone in a foreign accent reading to you off a script about how you will drop your phone and if you have screen protector you will be taken care of, otherwise you have to pay $500 for a new phone.  Also tried to sell me a car charger 4 different times.  Each time I reminded him that the free Car Dock that is included comes with one.

    There was a $1.00 hold placed on a credit card to verify the purchase, but other than that, my invoice shows 0 top to bottom, and about 2 hours after I got off the phone I got the ship notification and tracking number.

    TL;DR: It can be had for free, as long as you don’t mind saying no for 30-45 minutes

  • Anonymous

    I think I need some back pay!!! lol

  • Anon

    If they release ICS for the 3, deal.

    If not, no deal.

    No way to predict either way.

    • Anonymous

      I think that’s a game show…

      • Gleff49

        VZW says this is for a new line only.  Has anyone had any luck with an upgrade ???

        • Spunker88

          It was free even as upgrade from Newegg the other day. You also got a free car mount and dock, one sweet deal.

          • Anonymous

            it is still free with new or upgrade and free overnight shipping

    • Matthew Gardner

      There’s already a daily driver worthy ICS rom out there for the D3, Few things are buggy as expected as it’s in alpha stage atm. Otherwise, hardware acceleration on the droid 3 really steps up it’s UI experience.

  • Sam

    …or just get it for free from Wirefly

  • Bewara2009

    Off topic, but I’ve heard that the HTC Edge will be coming to VRZ…that’s way the price of the Rezound drop to 199.99

  • Now to await the Nexus price drop.