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Verizon Offering HTC Thunderbolt Free On Contract Through January 26

If your pockets are empty, it is looking like the perfect time to snatch up the HTC Thunderbolt from Verizon. Now through January 26, you can pick up the device for free when you enter a new contract on Big Red. Thanks to HTC unlocking the bootloader, the Thunderbolt still receives love from the developer community so we know that this device won’t disappear from the radar anytime too soon. And the fact that this was Verzon’s first 4G LTE device, means owning one just for nostalgia is completely justified.

Via: Phandroid

  • Jonathanphx1

    This deal would be a no brainer for me….

    Get 4g LTE no out of pocket cost for the phone.
    I have the below on my TB with Rezound Battery and have absolutely no issues. Battery life is great, the Rom is awesome with the most customizations I have seen from any Sense Rom. End of story
    1) Root the phone
    2) Install SkyRaider
    3) Install Dark Horse theme
    4) Enjoy

  • DanSke

    EOL! EOL! EOL! Oops, I dropped my TB in water, what a shame! Hmmmm I’ll take a Rezound now *cough* or a Gnex if I can complain enough.

  • Camaro96383

    i just called verizon and they are not accepting this offer

  • Thunderpoo

    So they’re punishing us for signing up?

    Thunderbolt = worst phone I have owned since the storm 2

  • J-rome

    With the Resound Battery the Bolt goes all day and then some.  I love it.  I came from the OG
    so this phone is from heaven.  I don’t understand how one can have a spare Bolt, does it not cost
    for the service if they give it away for free?  Too bad HTC took so much time to fix the initial problems.
    For that I will be looking at Moto/Google for my next phone in about five years.

  • DailyRunner

    I received this email from verizon today. Funny thing is:

    1) I already am a verizon customer
    2) The email address they sent it to is the email address registered with them for my account
    3) I already own a Thunderbolt which was purchased last March

    Looks like the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing!

    • LionStone

      HaH! Me too!

  • Rawheat

    They couldn’t pay my ass to use that phone ever again!

    • ditto man, i came from the iphone 3gs to the blunderbolt, and it was so bad it almost made me go back to crapple. Thankfully moto rushed in and saved the day!

  • Mike Johnson

    of course it’s on a charger in the picture

  • Anonymous

    I’ve learned my lesson, never buy the first of anything!! (4GLTE, dual core, etc..)

  • Ponokyo

    I loved my Thunderbolt! Short of the whole reboot issue, which was fixed with an update, my phone worked perfectly. I have the Razr now but thinking about picking up a Thunderbolt as a backup phone.

  • Still using my TBolt.. Launch device, never had a problem. People seriously overreacted to the minor “issues” this phone had. No phone will EVER have a perfect launch.

  • Gina

    Im on a bolt writing this. Learn the device and it works pretty flawlessly. My camera kicks A, my battery is the original one it came with, and the kickstand is a huge + for giant devices like ours!

    p.s. did I forget to mention this is a launch day device?

    my phone is still a beast

    • Anonymous

      My Thunderbolt performed very well. I don’t think anyone would be disappointed with it. (There is always someone complaining about something)

  • Babyboy14622

    Gnex sux with setup and its an ugly device

    • Highwire

      its takes a special amount of stupid to form statements like this…


      your an ugly device. xD

  • reyalP

    I have had it with HTC. This phone was problematic and fixes took forever.  Probably the worst phone I have ever owned with the exception of the Bionic. I expected HTC to treat their high end phones better than that. It will be a while before I buy another HTC. The Nexus has restored my faith in Android once again.

  • Anonymous

    It would be plugged in… 😀

  • Anonymous

    I beat them to it. I offered my thunderbolt free when the Gnex came out. HTC will have to show me breasts if I’m every buying another phone from them. My Gnex is the best phone I’ve had so far, only going to be replaced by the iPhone 5 if it’s done the way I want it. 


      gnex> any iphone

      • GNEX(MOTOX)

        correction: gnex> any phone

    • iPhone which is done right would be running Android.
      I’m really surprised how could people be looking at iOS after having an Android device. iOS is so toy-like.

      • Anonymous

        That’s just funny. This whole thing is a subjective experience, if it doesn’t work for you, move on.

        • Sure, it’s subjective. It’s my own opinion, of course.

          • Anonymous

            +1 to you for that.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone have any word on a Bone Stock Ice Cream Sandwich Port that has the radios (data) working properly?  Are we close?  Although I have the Gnex now, I handed this phone down to my dad, and my little brother has one as well.  They’re both currently running a recent cyanogen7 Kang made by a guy named Workshed.  Very nice work.  It seems that our guy Slayher has given up on this phone?

    • No ICS with working RIL yet for TBolt.  Twisted and Protekk have pretty solid ROM’s forming up.  They’re just working on the RIL.  Protekk has said he is pretty much focusing on the RIL for the time being. 

      I don’t know Slayher’s status and I have nothing but gratitude for him even if he’s stopped deving for the TBolt.  He’s a ridiculously busy guy and his hard work with others like xoomdev at least got AOSP for the TBolt to where it is now.  

  • Anonymous

    Free nostalgia is nice, but two years of it? When I get nostalgic, I pull out my special edition OMG Droid. 😛

  • They’re probably just trying to empty the stock so they can EOL the TBolt.  That way they have an answer of “never” instead of “don’t know yet” for all the TBolt owners asking about an ICS update…


    Ever since my nexus… two words… never again..

    • If I could replace my TBolt with a GNex without getting in trouble with the wife for the money spent I would have done it the day GNex was released. I like my TBolt but the red-headed step child treatment it’s gotten has soured me on HTC.

      • GNEX(MOTOX)

        yea, sorry to hear. Well, ever since my incredible/palm pre plus.. didn’t like it so i got the incredible.. incredible was probably the best phone except for battery…so i got the droid x thinking it would be better…it was… but then it was laggy, and sucked.. didn’t like motoblur.. went to the thunderbolt.. most unfinished junk i ever had. Though i will admit it did improve itself over lots and lots of time. But i find it ironic.. i started off my touchscreen phones with the samsung glyde.. im only about 17.. and now im on a galaxy nexus..also made by samsung and i love it. I find it weird i come back to the manufactures that made me leave them in the first place..And yea.. i paid full retail during the full term until now when i had an upgrade for my gnex. It sucked, and i did waste a lot of money so my nexus is my device until 09/13..

        • TBolt really shines with CM7 or any AOSP build on it.  My problem is it shouldn’t be this hard to get updates.  TBolt was delayed and delayed and delayed.  Then it launched with only Android 2.2.2.  Took forever to get Android 2.3.4 on it.  Now at only 9 months old the odds of getting an official ICS build are slim to none at this point.

          Sense and Blur are crap and shouldn’t be allowed to be baked into the code.  I don’t see why they can’t just create their own installable launcher with a theme and allow users to turn their ugly crap off if they want.  All then need is to look at launchers like LPP, ADW, and GO Launcher.  Why bake into the code making it harder for themselves?  I just don’t understand it.

      • GNEX(MOTOX)

        I do like sense best of all though, but i know prefer ics stock, as my first stock android device, i’ve come to like it, a lot. Though i did buy beats from the rezound for it… 🙂 they’re good headphones..

  • Anon

    Sign up for Verizon today and get a free kick in the head! 😉

    • Highwire

      broke out laughing at this one, very nice!

    • Anonymous

      Hysterical =D!!!

  • Zachary Manville

    Have to admit, Im okay with my thunderbolt now. Having gone from the Eris (couldnt play Angry Birds without murderous lag) to the thunderbolt (didnt work right for the first 6 months) has really shaken my confidence with HTC though. Im just happy I snatched up a 1 year contract before they got the axe. Struggling between giving android a third try with Razr maxx, or sleeping with the enemy.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t sleep with the enemy, you just had some poor luck with your phones, I was a former Eris owner myself and switched to the GNex, but I haven’t lost my faith in HTC. They are not incredibly consistent, but I wouldn’t say any manufacturer is.


      go nexus man.. but yea my dad has the razr.. its a great phone and the razr maxx has killer battery…

    • Edub

      After the T-bolt and the Bionic I find myself enjoying the iPhone. I use to hate when people said “it just works”, but damn it does!!

      Not trolling, loved my OG and incredible , but having no luck on LTE

  • Dan

    It’ll probably get ICS too

  • Hugh Hansen Jr.

    For all the flak the T-Bolt deservedly got, mine worked perfectly after the Gingerbread update. I also liked how Sense made it a point to have the app drawer and camera launch instantaneously (which doesn’t happen on G-Nex).