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Samsung’s “We Just Got Samsunged!” Ad Campaign To Kick Off During Super Bowl


During this year’s Super Bowl, Samsung is going to roll out of their latest ad spot which continues on with the theme of Galaxy SII vs. iDevice. Their widely popular scene of a Samsung owner showing up in front of a line of loyal Apple users is taken to the next level in this lead-in with the term “Samsunged” after an SGS2 owner 1-ups a line member. Is “Samsunging” going to catch on? Sick of these spots yet? Enjoy!

  • Anonymous

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  • Jack Coleman

    im a little irratated though that they use “samsunged” for something like navigation, which is and android thing and not specific to samsung, though i would like to see one where and iphone user drops his phone and it explodes and the the SGSII gets run over or something and nothing happens.

  • Jack Coleman

    The should have played off the fact that he had to use a charger and couldn’t get a bigger or another battery.


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  • magy

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  • Interesting ad, my plus to samsung!

  • Anonymous

    There’s just something negative about the “samsunged” euphemism. I wouldn’t want my product to be associated with negative. I would have said “we just got jobbed/appled” or something and put the negative connotation on the competitor whose product is found lacking. 

  • Anonymous

    Whatever firm is writing the ads for Samsung is doing a good job; these are pretty funny.

  • Me

    Samdung….we copy and we are proud of it!!

  • Anonymous

    Honestly GOOGLE should take away GOOGLE PLUS, YOU TUBE, GMAIL, and GOOGLE MAPS from the entire apple app store. If you think the phone is boring today take away these apps and users of the iphone will become feabile and useless..

    • Anonymous

      1. WTF is “feabile”??? Shouldn’t your “bitch slapping” Galaxy Nexus have caught that glaring misspelling? Go get a better education you senseless dolt.
      2. Since you obviously don’t know, there are alternative ways to access your email from the iPhone, just like there are on Android. 
      3. Give me one good reason you think Google should pull their apps from the iPhone, other than for the fact that you say so. I’d really love to hear your childish reasoning. You’re an insignificant nobody to Google, why the heck would they care what you think or feel when they have billions of customers all over the world to worry about? Oh, and by the way, iOS doesn’t have access to Maps, shows how little you know.

      • TRDSupra84

        calm down brobeans. Everyone is entitled to their opinion here. It’s 2012. Continue kicking idiotic knowledge or enlightening knowledge? Which one seems more educated…hmmm..

  • Anonymous

    Look around guys you see a bunch of JUNKIES drinking and smoking weed in line while they hope and pray to get their hands on a peice of garbage made by apple. Talk about being LOSERS….

  • Anon

    This is the “egg mcmuffin” of Samsung commercials!

  • Anonymous

    … like the camera angle, looks like a JAIL. and i am shure that was on purpose …

  • Anonymous

    apples strategy: lets get intimate with the consumers and show them how our products can change their lives by showing what they can do….

    samsung: lets troll iphone users, basically calling them idiots and make up a new word…it’ll be hilarious…that’ll make them switch 😛

  • Bryce

    I already “samsungq” people a lot as it is. Love my Galaxy S II!

  • The other ones were better, this one is kind of meh

  • sammy

    i love these commercials due to the fact it drives fanboys bongers, that’s all LOL

  • Absolutely loving these new commercials by Samsung because unlike Apple’s commercials, they’re true.

  • Anonymous

    I like the older ad too where the girl asks “does it have 4g?”


    Leroy, I am not going to flame you, but part of advertising is to demonstrate that buy buying your product, you are part of the in crowd so the users of the competition is fair game.  I never understood why people stand in line for hours for a stupid phone, it is absurd.  Depicting them as the idiots they are for a phone that does not do as much is quite effective IMHO.

    • “Does not do as much” is pretty subjective; I use both platforms, and I can show you areas where Apple’s clearly better (media, responsiveness, offline syncing, corporate support) as well as Google’s.

      The reasons for the lineups are that Apple clearly devotes a lot of effort into each phone; even the iPhone 4S has an almost obsessive level of attention paid to the camera.  Not that Samsung doesn’t at times, but Apple is much better at getting across what’s new and tries to make changes that are clear leaps.

      As such, an iPhone feels like an event, especially if you already had one and you’ve waited 1-2 years to see what’s next. Even as Samsung puts out some very nice phones, it’s still the embodiment of the “good enough” mentality, the cynical bigger-numbers-always-mean-it’s-better school of thought.  Hard to get excited when it’s clearly engineers that wrote the sales pitch.

      Depicting others as idiots is only effective for insecure or smug people who want an ad to reinforce an existing choice, not to convert others.  Samsung has said the ads are more to attract newcomers to smartphones and to reward the loyal base, and I’m not sure the former works if you come across as mean-spirited.

  • Granted

    Yes, I can see it now, a kid punches his friend in the testicles and says “You just got Samsunged!”. It’s always humorous when companies attempt to create trends, whether it’s vernacular or something else it usually just ends up being stupid – just like this. They make great products and there is no need to make up retarded words to seem hip, enough retarded words and phrases exist already, furthering the decline of sensible communication skills. The internet being the supreme example of this.

  • jason6g

    im going to replace “tebowing” with “samsunged” from now on for when i see failures in my day to day life

    i dont actually do that, but its a catchy lil commercial, cant wait to see if they can keep a comedic run going with this campaign

  • Jedi54


    the iDumb doesn’t come with some free navigation software?  REALLY?? 
    Buddy of mine has the 4S and I swore it had some kind of (google map based) navigation.  They have to pay for this?

    • Anonymous

      doesn’t come with “turn by turn navigation” i know the dude is walking in the video, he doesnt need turn by turn, but no the iphone comes with Maps, which is like google maps, but not navigation (nvm i see he’s on a bike touche samsung)

    •  Maps yes, turn-by-turn nav, no.  It’s not like you can’t get free apps anyways; the real advantage on Android is just having a built-in, first-party app.

  • hahahaha –>>> http://youtu.be/WyCovuXqfY0

  • Problem with the ad: Samsung’s so very clearly trying to make “Samsunged” a viral term.  Also, it’s a bit of hubris to talk about software given Samsung’s reputation.  An Apple fan say “I get updates as soon as the OS developer posts them for at least two years… you just got iPhoned!”

    • Anonymous

      I get updates as soon as I apply them.  Custom ROM’s man, do whatever you want.  You should know this if your on this website.

      •  You don’t sell to customers that way. “Hey guys, if you hack your phone and void your warranty, you can get timely updates too!”  …or, just get an iPhone or Galaxy Nexus and get them right away without having to do anything special.

        Die-hard Android fans need to learn that not everyone can or is willing to load custom firmware and apps just to get their device working the way it’s supposed to.  That’s why Apple is still (slowly) gaining share; some just want a smartphone that works without a fuss.

        • Anonymous

          If you want something that just works then iphones is NOT what you buy. You purchase a flip phone or windows phone. Plain and simple if you want to learn and understand what a bootloader is or rooting or what a rom is then android is your choice. Customizations galore will forever be android REGARDLESS of little minial updates apple brings to iphone. Apple treats their customers exactly how they are a bunch of clueless clowns that walk around thinking they have a 4g device. I tunes is for losers and apple is useless just like all the dopes who purchase apple.

          • When you grow up, you’ll understand that not everyone who *can* hack their phone has the time or need to do it.  Some of us have things to do: work… girls. You know, life.  iPhones (and stock Android phones) let us get on to that.

            Also, it’s pretty unfortunate that you have to insult anyone who’s not using your platform to mask your own insecurity.

          • Anonymous

            Looking at how many comments you have it doesn’t seem like those life factors like girls and work are a concern for you.

          • Anonymous

            1. “if you want to learn and understand what a bootloader is or rooting or what a rom is then android is your choice” This coming from the stupid old fool who, on multiple occasions, told me that rooting was for “2plus year old devices”? Riiiiight. Keep on trucking with that blinding ignorance there Dick.
            2. “If you want something that just works then iphones is NOT what you buy.” Last I remember, the iOS’s “motto” for lack of a better word, was “it just works”, so you’re (again) wrong on that point. Not to mention the fact that I’ve seen more elderly and children with iPhones/iPod Touches in their hands than Android devices as a whole, further disproving your childish little viewpoints.
            3. “I tunes is for losers” A) iTunes is one word, moron. B) I guess that makes the well over 200 million people who use it (as of Mar 2011) “losers” too, eh? What a joke. As Jonathan stated, it’s quite sad you feel the need to insult others simply because they don’t have the same absurdly screwed up mentality that you do.

      • Anonymous

        Actually, a recent poll on this site showed that more readers have completely stock Android phones than otherwise, so your argument is invalid.(http://www.droid-life.com/2012/01/17/tuesday-poll-state-of-your-android-phone-rooted-stock-or-rom/)

        • Anonymous

          Its not invalid because most CHOOSE not to. The point is that you have the CHOICE to do it. If you want to update your phone and its not available for your phone yet your not stuck, there are options available.

  • LMAO…that is gonna be the next big saying to my roommate (she is an apple fan)

  • Anonymous

    Careful, Samsung… Apple may hold the patent to adding ”  ‘d  ”  to a word. Tread lightly oh wise marketing team.

  • Anonymous

    I feel dumber for knowing this campaign even exists.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly who’s the hipster now? 

  • Anonymous

    I feel dumber for even knowing this campaign exists.

  • Like that subtle “behind bars” imagery? Very clever Samsung.

    • Anonymous

      I caught that too.  Nice little touch for those who are observant.

    • Anonymous

      nice! I didn’t give that much thought until i read your comment haha

  • WhatUpdate?

    sam·sunged v. To have your phone be refused an OEM system update despite it being less than 18 months old.

  • Kierra

    samsung still feels so cheap.

  • Anonymous

    Samsunging?  I’ll take Tebowing over Samsunging personally and I own a Galaxy Nexus.

  • Anonymous

    “Samsung’d” is almost as dumb as “Binged,” which is almost as dumb as waiting in line for a phone with a UI from a 2002 Nokia; so I guess it’s all relative. Funny ad, though, for sure.

  • I love these things.  I hope they catch on to the point that we start seeing tons of copycat, user generated videos.

  • Anonymous

    Samsung’d? Seriously? 


    I’m glad Samsung is making ads and actually showing what their phone does and I love the poking at other companies, but that is a little dumb. 

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, the people in line shtick is getting played out.  Hopefully this isn’t their long term ad strategy.

  • EC8CH

    Funniest part of that commercial:

    The i*hone STILL doesn’t have free Navigation.

    • Anonymous

      Yes that was the best part, the part that actually said something about the phone/OS.  The guy saying “Samsunged” made me cringe.

      • Anonymous

        I like the “i hate your roommate” at the end

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, it only took Samsung how many commercials to stop poking fun and present actual product differentiation?

      • LionStone

        I thought they showed screen size difference on earlier ones, no?

        • Anonymous

          That and 4G.

  • that’s so fetch

  • Anonymous

    love these commercials, they should lay it on a little thicker though. But why not use SGN instead of the SGS2?

    • Anonymous

      They want you to buy a Wizzed out phone to keep you coming back.  Or I’m sure that’s how their theory goes…

      • Anonymous

        Every manufacturer of every product wants you to come back for more. It’s not just Samsung’s theory.

    • Anonymous

      GSII is their flagship. The GNex is the nerd/hacker phone (nothing wrong with that, of course).

    • Nerdy Desi

      The reason is that the GSII is offered on more carriers than the Nexus.

  • Mack

    “London store just opened, this is THE first unboxing video.”
    “Awww that looks like last year’s phone…”

  • LOL. We just got Samsung’d

  • nwd1911

    Love it.

    • HerbieDerb

      Love the symbolism with the guy in the striped shirt, sitting behind bars… waiting to be jail-broken

      • nwd1911

        Totally agree, this might make it worth watching the Super Bowl…the commercials are always the best part.

      • Anonymous

        Brilliant! I didn’t think about that.

      • Anonymous

        Good news, it has been jailbroken.  Great timing. 

        I think it has more to do with being invested in the iOS ecosystem.  Once you are invested, you feel trapped in the ecosystem and it’s almost impossible to get out, like jail.  The ironic part?  The same is true of being invested in Android.