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And the Apple Patent Trolling Continues – Galaxy Nexus Lock Screen the New Target

In another non-surprising patent trolling move, Apple has made the Galaxy Nexus from Samsung their next target in German courts. In this latest trolling journey, the folks from Cupertino have decided that the unlock mechanism in the G-Nex infringes on their slide-to-unlock patent. [insert eye roll]

Without having any clue as to how a court would react to this, I’ll just offer my opinion on the differences between the two lock screens. First, Android’s is not a “slide-to-unlock” lock screen. I would argue that Google expected a move like this from Apple, which is why starting with Honeycomb, we saw the introduction of the globe that can be moved to unlock the device. It is no longer a slide.

Apple’s lock screen is true a “slide-to-unlock” gesture, as it is a bar that moves from left to right to unlock. Android’s – at least in 3.0+ – no longer acts this way. Upon touching the lock globe, you can move it in a complete 360 (up, down, left, right or at angles) before deciding whether or not you want to unlock or jump into the camera. While some may gawk at that as being a difference maker, just remember that these are patents and the broken system they make up we are talking about. The tiny details like this are what can make the difference in winning or losing one of these cases.

Just some thoughts.

Via:  AllThingsD, Foss Patents

  • Anonymous

    Technically, you don’t even have to slide to unlock the ring on Honeycomb (and I assume Ice Cream Sandwich).  I saw an older woman unlock her Galaxy Tab 10.1 by tapping the center lock, then tapping the unlock icon when it appeared on the ring.  I tried it later on an IdeaPad K1, and sure enough, it unlocks without sliding.

  • Srini

    stop rolling eyes kellex.
    please do some research before posting an article.

    a simple google search gives you this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tj-KS2kfIr0&feature=player_embedded

    I mean this is bigger that your globe and circle explanation.

  • Pirroav

    Apple is a little upset that the dozens of Android manufacturers have sliced into their market share, and so is going to resort to anything they can do outside of direct competition to slow the android juggernaut. Which is so ironic, because more people are switching to Apple, now that they have begun to steal UI features from Android… and are suing them for stealing their features…. 

    • Stating El Obvious

      Strangely, Android stealing UI features from Apple (creating folders) and Windows (People App) doesn’t seem to have made people stay with Android.  But I’m sure the fandroids have a logical explanation for all this…

  • Plechaty

    I think that Google maps won’t be on the iPhone anymore


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  • Mr. Yous

    Soon Apple will sue people using trousers with zipper, zip to unlock. lol


    Well done Jax.. 

  • It doeasn’t make sence… I always was a fan of Apple products, but now everything change, Adroid are going forward!

  • Master O’Disaster

    And, by the way, depending on how the courts interpret this patent, even the pattern unlock could be interpreted as a “predefined gesture for unlocking the device.”


  • Master O’Disaster

    For anyone who hasn’t done the research, here is the abstract for Apple patent #1964022:

    “A device with a touch-sensitive display may be unlocked via gestures
    performed on the touch-sensitive display. The device is unlocked if
    contact with the display-corresponds to a prededfined gesture for
    unlocking the device. The device displays one or more unlock images with
    respect to which the predefined gesture is to be performed in order to
    unlock the device. The performance of the predefined gesture with
    respect to the unlock image may include moving the unlock image to a
    predefined location and/or moving the unlock image along a predefined
    path. The device may also display visual cues of the predefined gesture
    on the touch screen to remind a user of the gestures.”

    I don’t think this will fare well for Google/Android. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what the courts decide.

    • Count how many times ‘predefined gesture’ comes up in that abstract. Now go use the AOSP lockscreen like on the GNex and you’ll quickly discover the gesture is NOT predefined, only that its determined exactly by which direction you CHOOSE to go. You can do a complete 360 with a finger if you so decide before arriving at the lock icon. And the fact that the path is not predefined makes the use of unlock/lock images moot, because no predetermined path exists with which they can be related. The destination is predefined but the patent doesn’t cover that. It only covers a predefined gesture and path to an unlock image. Its quiet specific actually. Google should have no problem getting this thrown out.

  • magy

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  • Johnnycsx

    I don’t think people realize just how much this does effect us. Think of Germany and the galaxy tab 10.1 suit, the product was banned for apple’s suit. Yes, this patent crap will hurt you personally as well. Microsoft, who licenses is different, apple is trying to kill off competition and YOUR choices!

  • Anonymous

    Well my fanfroid friends, I present to you the words of the late great Steven P. Jobs when he introduced the iPhone at MacWorld Jan 9, 2007:
    “We’ve filed for over 200 patents for all of the inventions in the iPhone; AND WE INTEND TO PROTECT THEM…..” Maybe they didn’t believe him…. I bet they do now.

    Say what you want about the system, but it’s not like they weren’t warned. For whatever reason they chose to ignore the warning, and now the chickens have come home to roost. Not trolling here, but it’s that simple. It’s just like Andy Rubins email when he decided to “do Java” and deal with the consequences later. When you have no respect for others patented IP, it’s eventually gonna come back and bite you. Point blank period

    • Srini

      oh yeah? google neonode N1m.
      touch to unlock has been there since several years . prior art.
      point blank yeah right.

  • Anonymous

    Apple is OLD NEWS only ladies and guys who think they are ladies walk around with that USELESS device. Apple can sue everyday for the next ten years and nothing that ever comes to market for purchase will ever be better than android. Google is not worried about apple at all and the funny part neither is samsung or htc for that matter. At best apple is the BIGGEST JOKE in the smartphone market they remind me of a bunch of stuffy old bald headed white guys sitting around in a confrence room picking their nose and eating balony..Samsung has BITCH SLAPPED THEM SILLY..

    • Anonymous

      “remind me of a bunch of stuffy old bald headed white guys sitting around in a confrence room picking their nose and eating balony” 
      HAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAA HAAAAAAAA! You’re sooooo funny! When I look at the profile picture you have for Android and Me, the pictures you’ve put up of yourself on G+, and the pictures you’ve used for Disqus, all I ever see is pretty much exactly what you just described: a “stuffy old bald headed [black] guy sitting around in a conference room”. Projecting much?

  • Anonymous

    hey, look on the bright side.. maybe ICS or JB will recieve a cooler unlocking mechanism 🙂

  • Stacy

    What about the Kindle Fire? That’s got a slide lock. Will they be suing Amazon?

  • Anonymous

    : So lame. Why doesn’t Google take them to court for “stealing” the new notification system that the i4S has. Which we’ve had since day 1 🙂

    • Because the world of patent infringement bears little-to-no resemblance to the real world of who had what first.

  • guest

    and the spirit of jobs lives on…..

  • Kangamitzi

    If I remember correctly, part of the ‘slide to unlock’ patent is an unlock lock image at a predefined image on a touch screen, which does cover the galaxy nexus’s unlock.

    This patent crap has been going back for years and really needs to stop. The parties involved can call it ‘protecting intellectual property’ all they want, but what they are really trying to do is gimp competition. In the end, it is the consumer that suffers. Some higher power needs to step in and put a stop to all this ridiculous nonsense and manufacturers need to go back to focusing on making better products to compete, not limiting other competitors.

    Gimping the way a phone is unlocked is more than likely NOT going to sway a consumer one way or the other, merely inconvenience them.

    Personally, I prefer Android and LOVE my Nexus, but its not for everyone. I recognize that Apple products are better for some than others, and if an iPhone is what it will take for someone to jump on the technology train, so be it. to each his own. I have never owned an Apple product and I never will, not because I dislike their products or feel they are inferior, simply because i dislike the company. 

    • The best comment ever!

    • Apple opened the door, Google walked through it. Apple stock is dropping so they need some other way to make up for the losses cause they have ran out of innovations.

      • Cancerkiller007

        stop being droid fan boy….AAPL stock is doing just fine. Google is the one who dropped 8% in a day bc of declining revenues. So lets not resort to fiction to make your point.

      • Jeffrey

        Ah yes, the fandroid worldview. Here’s what actually happened: AAPL is steady while GOOG dropped by 50 points because of declining revenues.

        • derpderp

          but then it rebounded…. then went down again….. and apple did the same…. then plunged….. then went back up….. and both will do the same tomorrow.  welcome to the stupid world of stockmarket trading, where over-reaction and criminals rule. 

          • Jeffrey

            Trading on fundamentals and focusing on long term gains will alleviate the short term unpredictability of the markets.

      • Stating El Obvious

        Apple stock is dropping?? LOL…nice.

    • Apple’s patent on slide to unlock is VERY specific. I’ve studied it in great detail, and it has to be unlocked on a predetermined path in a “from point x to point y” fashion. TheGNex lockscreen allows you to take whatever path you like to get the point y. Also, the unlock image under the touch point has to be some kind a graphic guiding the user to said “point y”. On the GNex, the lock icon thats present when stationary disappears once you touch your finger to it. Google deliberately designed around Apple’s patent and yet..here we are.

  • theyre like sopa but in company form lmao

  • Anonymous

    I have a Galaxy Nexus and I use the NONE option to lock my phone. (Meaning I do not lock my phone). I love that this is an option on the Nexus. Turn phone on and voila, I am right where I was when I last used it.

    • LionStone

      Nice…I’ve been using Auto Unlock app on my Incredible and TB and I like having no unlock too.

    • Tim242

      Me too! It is an unnecessary step. I certainly don’t understand those that want to launch apps from the lock screen.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, it really is unnecessary. I can understand pin and password methods, but slide to unlock is silly to me. I wonder if the NONE option will be on all ICS phones or just the Nexus.

  • I’m going to sue Apple for sucking because my vacuum already does that.

  • Anonymous

    As much as Apple may want it, none of these legal maneuvers can stop Android at this point. I’m not worried about this at all.

  • Dsim91

    Apple needs to get a life i cannot wait to see that company fall and burn what a bunch of pathetic losers

  • Esontos44

    google needs to sue apple for the pull down notification bar

    • yes! why dont they just do it, its a direct copy! pull their iphones off the shelves for a year just to shut them up

      • Anonymous

        Maemo had it first, IIRC. 
        Also, you can’t sue someone who used ideas off of open-source software… 
        That makes no sense. 
        There’s also the fact that Google doesn’t own the patent to a pull-down status bar. 

        • apple didnt have the slide-to-unlock patent when android actually used it. open-source point is a good one, but wouldnt apple have to make their software open-source in order to use and infringe on open-source intellectual property?

          • No, I could repackage android change one line of code close source it and sell it if I wanted to. However in the open source community that is a dick move and a way to make everyone hate you.

          • Anonymous

            Android is released under the GNU GPL, which requires that all derivative works be released under the GNU GPL.

          • Only the linux kernel portion is. The rest of it is under Apache.

          • Guest

            It does not require you to be open source though, and you could then sell access to the source code

          • makes sense 

  • Ppm

    I just got served by apple for having a cell phone that makes phone calls

    • Anonymous

      They lost that patent when they made the iphone4

  • RW-1

    What a bunch of F- kers ….

    Come up with something better on your own than go after those who make it better.

  • Anonymous

    In Honeycomb, you don’t even have to slide (or move) anything. Tap the center. Tap the outer rim. Done.

  • s2k_848

    And this is why when Android came out I ditched my iPhone even before the contract was up and was willing to pay the early termination fee!  I won an iPad2 a few months ago in a drawing…where is it now…collecting dust in closet.  I will never recommend a Crapple product to anyone!  Most people I know that were big Crapple fans wonder why they didn’t get rid of their iPhone sooner and move over to Android.

    • Anonymous

      Wanna sell that iPad2??? 🙂

  • Jonathan Ofalla

    I agree that this lawsuit is ridiculous.  However it doesn’t help that the feature is called “Slide” under the ICS security settings according to my stock Verizon GNex.  I hope German courts don’t rule in Apple’s favor just because of that.

  • Rawheat

    Apply is nothing but a cock block! 

    • Anonymous

      Take out the “block” & you win!!!!

      • Tim242

        Hey, cock is a good thing : )

        • LionStone

          Sounds like you got some, because yesterday you were in a baaad mood. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    You must be the jizz mopper who likes to clean up the mess.

    Of course that is going to happen around here.  The name of this site is DROID-LIFE not Apple-Life or are you to stupid to realize that?

  • Personally I don’t care which camp sues who.

    I just hope that eventually, one of these camps is sued into oblivion because it’d result in hilarious fanboy reactions i.e. losing their livelihood etc.

  • Jim McClain

    well i guess they have to do something with all those billions laying around

  • Anonymous

    Apple’s current method of jumping to the camera from the lock screen is to double-press the Home button and then tapping on the camera icon that shows up.

    Apple could have just made it so that sliding about halfway and releasing would open the camera. And a full slide would unlock the phone.

    They’re just mad they didn’t think of doing what ICS does in skipping having to press any buttons and just swipe towards the camera icon.

    You know, I should patent the halfway-slide-to-unlock-camera method!

    • you definitely should thats sounds pretty awesome! 

  • xXjaydubyaXx

    At this point in time I am seriously deciding how much sanity is left in the apple camp at this point in time. When will the pissing and kicking end from apple against google? 

  • johnny G

    Apple’s patent is to use a gesture on the screen to unlock it… not slide to unlock…. APPLE SUCKS!!!

  • Davros

    good news is Android OS and its features are becomming so much more advanced over ios that in another year they’ll have nothing to even compare to. Unless they start sueing for things they cant even do like “face unlock” Oh wait sorry they already are. Next they”ll sue because in ICS web browser you can navigate through the pop up menu when you touch the edge of the screen.

  • Since we can open say the phone app, mms, or any other app as well as a camera and unlock the phone, its obviously not the same boring, crappy old lockscreen that apple dreamed up. Their just mad because the galaxy nexus has twice the power of the iPhone4s and four times the power of the iPhone4.

  • Rocketjrb

    They need to concentrate on suing HP for the latest Envy laptop instead of this.

    • Tony Allen

      There is no money in HP, they know that, therefor they’re not a competitive company in Apple’s eyes.

  • Worm4603

    This just in.  Apple is filing a patent for Patent Suits.  In turn they are suing Samsung for the suits it filed against Apple for Patent Infringement.  Anyone who files a patent suit that is not Apple will be in violation of this patent.

  • Magnus

    Why would they sue Samsung over this? Since that’s a core part of Android – shouldn’t the sue Google?

    • KevinC

      No, Google doesn’t make money off of the OS directly.

      • Mostly. Oracle is attacking Google. If you see Oracle win, then you’ll see Apple very quickly sue Google directly. If you see Oracle lose, then if Apple ever decides to go after them, it’ll be after a very long period preparing for the attack.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t know about that. Google doesn’t patent troll, but they will use their patent portfolio for defense. They very well may hold some killer patents that Apple could get in trouble for (not that Apple is really “stealing,” but that they could do to Apple whatever Apple does to them or worse; this is what’s kept MS and Apple from going after one another: MAD).

    • Anonymous

      Apple won’t sue Google directly. They know they don’t have a great chance of winning, so they’ll go after successful devices in an attempt to get them banned from the market for a short while. In the fast-paced world of mobile tech, getting a temporary injunction for a few months is a huge win; regardless of how the case turns out in the end. Marketshare and mindshare are huge in this budding, maturing market.

  • Brent Stewart

    Meh, something like it will be on the iPhone 5 and they’ll claim it’s magical and innovative. Then use more magic to produce a patent filing for it that was mysteriously filed a few months to a year or so before Honeycomb launched claiming they had the idea first.

  • in other news, pattern unlock is sooo much more useful and Google has the patent for that so you know what iFuhrer, iFoff!

    iFuhrer vows to destroy Android! not by suing but by thermonuclear war!! link above in profile

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Isn’t there some verbiage about sliding an object along a “pre-determined path” to unlock?  Where’s the pre-determined path here?

    • Anonymous

      I seem to remember this also.  We need that lawyer to come and comment.

    • QtDL

      Uhhhh left to right?

      • Deltaechoe

        Put the unlock icon on the other side of the circle

      • Anonymous

        Yes, but you can also move your thumb up, make a circle and end on the unlock. So the path isn’t predetermined, only the destination

    • Very true. This is ‘slide-to-unlock’, but its not pre-determined. So Samsung/Google could easily fight this.

    • Anonymous

      Apple will likely argue that the “pre-determined path” is from within the circle to without the circle. Stupid, I know, but dumber arguments have held up in court before.

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        Apple invented “connect the dots” also?

      • The fact is though its not what you immediately think of as a pre defined path,  this new unlock method, and really any unlock method must follow a pre defined path, otherwise the input would not be recognized

      • They might but any intelligent person can decipher that the path isn’t predetermined, as you can move up, back down, to the left first, in a complete circle or whatever else before arriving at the unlock icon. So the destination is predetermined, as is on any lock screen including WP7, but the path is not. Its amazing this patent was even considered in the first place, seeing how specific it really is.

  • Anonymous

    So what?  If I want an Apple product, I’m going to buy one.  If I want a Samsung, Motorola, HTC, etc. product running Android, I’m going to buy one.  This entire patent mess has little to no effect on the purchasing decisions of consumers.  It’s corporate fud and fanboy bait.  Great job on biting. 

    • Highwire

      Hey great job to you too! 🙂

    • Some of us are actually in the technology industry and this is VERY important not only to our day-to-day lives but also our livelihoods that allow us to put food on the table and pay our mortgages. Some people actually work in the technology industry instead of just treating it as a thing that gives us toys.

      • Anonymous

        And some of us don’t care if Apple sues Samsung over the lock screen because it doesn’t affect us.  Important to some, not important to others.  Doesn’t make what I said wrong. 

        And even IF Apple were to win, the lock screen can be easily changed, so I doubt your mortgage, family, and food on the table will be effected very much.

        • “… It’s corporate fud and fanboy bait.  Great job on biting.”

          Where I quoted you, you’re wrong. This is much more than “corporate fud and fanboy bait”, and I explained why.

          “And some of us don’t care if Apple sues Samsung over the lock screen because it doesn’t affect us”

          Um, why are you reading this or posting this, then, if you’re one such person? If you don’t care about this, then go elsewhere to where things are going on that you do care about.

          • Anonymous

            It’s much more than that to some, not to everyone.  You’re obviously oversensitive because your involved in the industry, but that doesn’t make what I said wrong.  To 80%+ of consumers, this patent drivel doesn’t matter. 

            I’m sorry I interrupted the circlejerk of Apple hate. 

          • Just like this web site isn’t of interest to 80%+ of consumers. I’ll not resort to the lewd accusations, though.

            One more tip. If you read a little bit deeper here, while people are poking fun at Apple, the hate isn’t at Apple but the hate is at the patent system. That’s the fundamental problem here and that’s what this article is really about. Please at least understand that.

          • Anonymous

            LOL. The hate is most definitely at Apple. Your own comments specfically direct hate at Apple. Please save me the “deeper meaning.” This is the weekly anti-Apple patent litigation circlejerk.

            I’d love to see some posts about how Samsung is patent trolling and how Motorola is patent trolling, etc. And don’t act like they don’t, all of these companies do, it’s just that what Apple does makes the news, especially around here.

          • Calculatorwatch

            I would do the exact same thing if I was Apple and I saw my easy road to market domination cast asunder by this thing called Android. It’s the same as oil companies bribing politicians to vote against alternative energy measures. They don’t do it because they’re dicks (though they might be) they do it because they wanna make money and the system lets them do it.

          • Anonymous

            You must have forgotten that Apple already got a Samsung Tablet from being sold in Germany by winning a patent infringement lawsuit, so saying this won’t affect us is incorrect.  If they can stop a product from being sold in one country, they could easily delay/stop a product from being sold to us as well.  

            To say it can’t affect us is ignorant.

          • Anonymous

            Samsung secured an injunction against Apple in Germany in regards to the sale of Apple products, although I don’t see many shedding a tear about that.

          • Anonymous
          • Anonymous

            You’re right. It’s Motorola that won the injunction. Same still applies though.

          • Anonymous

            No you stated that Apple didn’t prevent Samsung from releasing their tablet in Germany, when in fact that article shows they did. 

          • Anonymous

            And then I edited it out because I knew I was wrong. So, again, what I said still stands as no one is shedding a tear over the injunction against Apple products, despite this being a deeper conversation on patent trolling, rather than just against Apple.

          • Anonymous

            So prove to us via facts that Apple’s products are being blocked from sale in another country.

          • gSheep

            Prove to us that you did not rape and murder a girls in 1990.

          • Guest

            you a dick bro??

          • Anonymous

            The fact is the guy was saying all these things about companies suing apple and not providing facts, I provided facts via links for my points.

          • Deltaechoe

            Jax, he’s a troll, just let it go, people with any iota of sense understand and follow the argument you presented above

          • Perhaps, but sometimes even the densest of us all can realize some truth. Other times, not. Seems this is a “not” case, here. Oh well…

          • Anonymous

            There’s no truth to this not affecting some people?  And I never disagreed that this affect some people, I even said it.  Way to be misleading.  Circlejerk away!

          • Anonymous

            Can’t join in on the circlejerk?  Must be a troll!

            I love how it’s not possible for this to have no affect on people. 

          • Highwire

            It’s clearly affected you enough to continue posting….

          • he is a troll, i hate seeing his name down here in the comments, just creates ruckus through the entire comment page. 

        • Granted

          Haha! Awesome! Things that truly matter are often lost on these sites and posts.

    • Anonymous

      You’re not going to buy that Samsung product you want if Apple gets an injunction against Samsung due to frivolous patents.

      • Anonymous

        Apple has received exactly one injunction against Samsung and it is no longer in effect.  Don’t blow it out of proportion.

        If people spent more time addressing the actual issue rather than all of this “hur dur crapple” trash, something might actually get done. 

        • Anonymous

          Patent reform is an issue, and Apple blatantly misusing the system to do unfair things is also an issue. It may be a minor thing to you, but it’s millions of dollars and millions of people denied a fair choice in an open market in the real world.

          Bottom line: you can’t always just buy what you want if what you want is held up due to this nonsense. That’s a fact, regardless of how small you think it is.

          • Anonymous

            Apple isn’t the only company misusing the system, yet I don’t see stories like that posted around here.  Patent issues are common place in the wireless communications industry.  Frivolous suits have been filled for years without much regard, but once Apple becomes involved, people explode with rage. 

            Bottom line: Apple is one player in this messed up game yet people act as if they are the sole perpetrator of evil.  

          • Anonymous

            If only there were some company out there who also hates the broken, patent system and pledged to use their vast and expensive patent portfolio only for defense. I bet you’d get behind them and their products, right?

            Also, logic fail. Just because others are wrong doesn’t make Apple right. People have raged against MS for this for years, with reason. Now it’s Apple being the same turds MS used to be (MS are still turds, but at least they license).

          • Anonymous

            Hasn’t Google come out against the patent system and called it broken?  Are they too poor to take action or are they all talk, as usual? 

            The rage against Apple is no where close to the rage against Microsoft.  Microsoft is making more money off of Android than their own OS yet this doesn’t draw no where near the same amount of attention as Apple does.  Logic fail indeed.

          • Anonymous

            Google does not use their patent portfolio for offense, and they’ve paid billions on patents. If that’s not putting your money where your mouth is, I don’t know what is.

            Also, the MS licensing draws plenty of attention and vitriol. You just see only what you want to see, which is typical.

            What is Apple doing to improve the system? How did they help fight SOPA? What do they provide to better the ecosystem other than the lining of the pockets of their shareholders? They obviously don’t have to work to make anything more than a buck, but I also don’t have to support them nor condone their practises.

          • Anonymous

            Google has never used their patent portfolio for offense, only defense?  Stop acting like Google is some good guy, they do plenty of evil things as well.

            The MS licensing does draw attention, I said that, but it’s no where near the amount that Apple draws.  Just looking at this website alone proves that, but why would you notice that?

            Really, you’re going to bring SOPA into this?  No you’re just reaching.

            And I forgot how Google isn’t trying to make money for their shareholders either.  Good guy Google, doesn’t worry about shareholders or money. 

          • Anonymous

            What I said still stands; you didn’t refute a single thing. You might make a good politician: stick to the talking points, and don’t engage in honest debate.

          • Anonymous

            Well, when you stop telling me that Google doesn’t care about money and shareholders, only Apple, we might be able to engage in a “debate.” 

          • Anonymous

            I don’t see where I said that. Shall I make up things for you to say to make it easier on me, too?

            Nah; that would make me a tool.

          • Anonymous

            If you were to make things up, you’d be the first between the two of us to do so.

            Typical, resort to semantics when you have nothing else to say. Bye fandroid!

          • Guest

            you a dick bro??

          • GuestWhat

            Why, you wanna suck it bro???

          • Guest123

            you say you like sucking dick bro??

          • Anonymous

            Posting from an iPhone bro? You kind of sound like an apple fanboy, and going off your first post, I must say you certainly took the bait! Ass hole often???

          • Jeffrey

            “Google does not use their patent portfolio for offense”

            That’s because Google lacks an appropriate patent portfolio to do so. That’s just typical Google double-speak. They don’t participate in patent offenses because they don’t have the patents to do so, but don’t for a second think that they wouldn’t be suing away if they could.

          • Anonymous

            My proof:
            -Google has publicly stated their patents are for defense only, since they believe the patent system is broken.
            -Google has a patent portfolio worth tens of billions or even hundreds.
            -Google has never initiated a patent lawsuit.

            Your proof:
            . . .

            I rest my case.

          • Jeffrey

            Google publicly stated that it only uses patents for defensive purposes AFTER it cried fowl for other companies suing Google for violating their intellectual property with Android.

            Google’s patent portfolio is almost nonexistent compared to companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Apple. Google’s failure to acquire the Novel and Nortel patent portfolios demonstrates that even Google recognizes that its lack of patents is dangerous. Furthermore, Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility is an attempt to remedy this problem (though it will not totally solve the patent problem for Google).

            Google has never initiated a patent suit because it has never had to do so. If someone copied Google’s patented page rank algorithms it would absolutely launch a patent suit. The reason I can say this with confidence is because Google is just a company, and it behaves exactly like every other company.

            Certain people (namely fandroids) like to think of Google as some sort of egalitarian organization that only exists for the good of its users. The truth of the matter is that Google is a corporation primarily responsible to its shareholders. Patent litigation is a hallmark of the industry, and so we should expect Google to behave exactly as every other company does.

            The reason that Google has hereto failed to defend Android is not for lack of want, but because it doesn’t have the requisite patent portfolio to do so. That oversight, the result of Google’s longstanding amateurish attitude toward patents, has hurt the company and, possibly, the viability of the Android platform moving forward. Google will surely correct this oversight the best it can, not only by acquiring more intellectual property, but but exercising that IP in court – just like every other company already does.

    • Anonymous

      How was your bite?

    • Sirx

      It’s simple:  Apple wins a frivolous lawsuit about a small-yet-highly convenient user interaction.  Other phone manufacturers cannot EVEN USE SOMETHING SIMILAR, even if the idea did not come from Apple.  When it’s time for your grandmother/uncle/cousin who is technologically retarded to get a phone, and they look for advice, everyone they ask goes “Oh, get Apple. They have [insert nifty features here] that make it incredibly easy and intuitive to use”.  Will that person be able to say the same about a Samsung, Motorola, etc.? No, because they were not free to implement their own [insert nifty features here] because of Apple’s meddling.  So you’ve just lost an entire (huge) sector of consumers purchasing decisions due to one little frivolous lawsuit.

      Hope you’re not this short-sighted on weekends, too :-/

      • Anonymous

        Why would anyone recommend a smartphone to a technologically “retarded” person?  You’re handing them a device that they will under-utilize and pay through the nose to have.

        • Because maybe that uncle or cousin works in a job where they would benefit  by having their email always available, or even simply because they want to play games when they’re sitting in waiting rooms.

          You’re missing the point here; I wouldn’t recommend a smartphone for my dad because he can JUST BARELY manage to get to facebook on a computer. But I would recommend one for my mom, because it would be convenient for her to be able to access certain websites when she’s out of the house, to have music on her phone, to use the navigation and recommendation sites like Google Places and Yelp, and so on. But she’s never going get into rooting or custom ROMs or even be concerned with Android versions or differentation, for instance. She just wants to pick up her phone and do what she needs to do.

          I think what Sirx is trying to say is that if Apple sues Android manufacturers into a corner so badly that they can’t use some of these convenient features, more people like my mom will get a iphone and Android will go back to being perceived as the tech geek/complicated phone – kind of like how most people view Linux, as discussed on the fragmentation post from earlier today.

          TL;DR: Just because someone isn’t a power user doesn’t mean they don’t “deserve” a smartphone, and if Android loses rights to convenient features, normal users will find it unintuitive, too difficult to use.

        • Emilio Figueroa

          You’re not giving nearly enough credit to those that are technologically challenged. Eventually they would get how to use all of the features. It’s the same with a non-smart phone, the features are still there, whether or not you utilize them. 

  • Anonymous

    If i remember correctly, apples patent refers to a predefined path. The fact that you can move the button in any direction should get this thrown out. Even only being able to move left or right would sidestep the patent.

    • LionStone

      Apple knows this…they are just trying to stifle competition. The courts are getting hip to their schtick and hopefully soon the blatant trolling will stop. 

  • I was served with a letter from Apple today summoning me to court. They heard I used a door on my house with a rectangular shape and a slide-to-unlock mechanism on it. I call it a deadbolt and protecting my wife and posessions. They call it stealing their inventions and it has cost them $125 million.

    • Anonymous

      Great, just f’in GREAT!!!! Well done Jax

    • gSheep

      That’s so funny the last time I heard that, I laughed so hard I fell off my dinosaur.

      • Anonymous

        … You criticize his unoriginal joke with another unoriginal joke… well done.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not surprised, Samsung deserves this.

    • Highwire

      How so? This is an Android 4.0 feature not Samsung. And if you recall this is a Nexus device meaning “pure” Android, no skins, themes, whatnot from samsung.

      Thanks for your two cents anyways.

    • Anonymous

      Troll bait..?  I hope so because there’s no way to rationalize that.

    • gSheep

      The amount of ignorance around here is absurd.  Samsung has been ripping off Apple left and right and these fandroids applaud them because they hate Apple.  Samsung is nothing but a cheap knock off company, it’s no wonder that Apple is dumping them.  Say buh-bye to billions of dollars a year Samsung because you couldn’t innovate for yourselves.  

      • Guest

        you a dick bro??

  • It seems to me that the camera option demonstrates the different nature of the android lock screen.

  • Apple could be so great if they would just use their powers for good instead of evil……

  • Gforce1963

    Technically, isn’t everyone who creates a phone infringing on a patent?

  • Dan

    Someone needs to patent patent-trolling.

    • Highwire

      I thought apple did….;-)

      • Zing! 😛

      • Bphillips35131


  • y2kferg

    This is why I will NEVER buy an Apple product…………..they think they are the NWO’s of the world……absolutely ridiculous…………:(

  • vaglvr

    with every new lawsuit that this apple-nazi company brings on, it makes me NOT want to buy anything from them even more. not that i have ever bought anything apple. eww. greedy and selfish they are. 

    • Anonymous

      LOL.  And Samsung isn’t just as greedy and selfish, let alone any corporation for that matter.

      • LionStone

        ^ misses the message.

  • Anonymous

    Soon apple gonna start suing people for eating apples….smh

    • Butters619

      Too late.  I was just served on lunch today.

  • Anonymous

    Well i mean, it makes sense. iPhone had that feature before android did.
    Oh wait. It didnt.

  • Disgusting.  Absolutely disgusting.  If this was Google suing Apple, I would say the exact same thing.

  • freewill2090

    This whole situation is awful!

  • Mtaylor924

    This is true patent trolling in Apple’s continued attack on Android!!
    Why would they wait until now to target the lock screen, when the ICS lockscreen is the furthest removed from their own version?

    Seems if they truly thought Android infringed they would have gone after the old lockscreen slide, as well as the associated skinned versions (Blur, etc).

    • Anonymous

      Was it a patent they were just granted? I know they were just awarded a bunch the other day, that would make sense as to why they waited until now. If not I have no idea.

    • Deansta90

      Probably because it’s on older phones that alot of people are buying or getting for free

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      Because ICS has the potential to de-fragment the Android environment into a common OS. That is not good for Apple and if they win an injunction against this, all oof the custom versions of ICS being readied for launch this year, could be delayed.

  • Michael Forte

    Patents like this are retarded. This is like making a patent to launch an app by touching it. I’m sure Apple has that patent too…

  • Apple needs to stop. You might as well just sue for all the other phones that have the same basic shape as the iPhone.

    Might as well sue for anyone using a battery discharging animation as well, especially on the lock screen.

    Heck, just say you own the whole concept of a smartphone, why don’t you? That’s what you’re trying to do anyways, right?

    The entire US Patent system is broke and needs to be thrown out altogether.

    Steve Jobs must be smiling from where ever he is at right now.

    • Dan

      Stop giving them ideas.

    • Anonymous

      They actually have sued for the same basic shape, but that was in Europe (that was part of the whole, ridiculous “Community Design” nonsense that, in part, got Samsung banned for a little while).

      • Anonymous

        You’re right, I remember that. completely bogus.