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Verizon to Offer “Smartphone App Pack” That Includes NFL Mobile, Ringback Tones, VZ Navigator, Visual Voicemail and More for $12.99

Verizon kicked off a new promotion this week to try and sucker tempt you into signing up for some of their monthly services like VZ Navigator and Visual Voicemail. If you aren’t interested in using the fantastic free services that Google offers like Maps and Voice or for some reason feel like paying for Big Red’s versions instead, then think about asking for this bundle. The entire package includes NFL Premium, Ringback Tones subscription, Usage Controls, Verizon Video, VZ Navigator and Visual Voicemail all for $12.99 per month – the same price you pay for just voicemail and navigator currently.

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  • Anonymous

    These apps look kind of sucky for 13 bucks.

  • Anonymous

    if they would just add a disclaimer: “for tiered data plan customers only” i would be all over this offer because i would love nothing more than for verizon to recoup their discount of $28 with one use of vz navigator to vegas.

  • This is defiantly geared towards the Iphone user. Who doesn’t get NFL mobile for free like 4G phones do. They don’t have the luxury of Google maps with voice navigation for free. Etc, Etc.

    Value for the people who visit this site….no I wouldn’t think so and they’re really not advertising to us.  It’s the people who don’t know any better. 

  • Anonymous

    So now I get to pay for blaotware? Oh joy. Where do I sign up?

  • No thank you.

  • Anonymous

    I never understood Verizon’s constant push for VZ navigator when Google Maps/Navigation is baked into the Android OS and is considered one of if not THE best GPS systems on the market and that includes stand alone GPS from Tom Tom and Garmin. 

    and ITS FREE.

  • Why don’t they just call it the sucker pack.

  • Never will buy a crapp Pack!!!

  • Jim McClain

    if I wanted to pay for apps I would have bought an iphone

  • Anonymous

    I bet they are saying “take that” to their customers after stopping the $2/month charge for online payments. Just another sign of how greedy these companies are getting.

  • Booboolala2000

    Hell to the no! $150 per year. Should be included in my monthly.

  • Bill_678

    Crap at a Discount can’t wait to not give a sh**

  • TC Infantino

    LOL  Pay for what Google has for free?  Wow, VZW is truely counting on the uneducated masses to bring in extra revenue.  Those of us who know what android and google have to offer get all this for free.

  • mary

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