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Verizon to Offer “Smartphone App Pack” That Includes NFL Mobile, Ringback Tones, VZ Navigator, Visual Voicemail and More for $12.99

Verizon kicked off a new promotion this week to try and sucker tempt you into signing up for some of their monthly services like VZ Navigator and Visual Voicemail. If you aren’t interested in using the fantastic free services that Google offers like Maps and Voice or for some reason feel like paying for Big Red’s versions instead, then think about asking for this bundle. The entire package includes NFL Premium, Ringback Tones subscription, Usage Controls, Verizon Video, VZ Navigator and Visual Voicemail all for $12.99 per month – the same price you pay for just voicemail and navigator currently.

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  • Anonymous

    These apps look kind of sucky for 13 bucks.

  • Anonymous

    if they would just add a disclaimer: “for tiered data plan customers only” i would be all over this offer because i would love nothing more than for verizon to recoup their discount of $28 with one use of vz navigator to vegas.

  • This is defiantly geared towards the Iphone user. Who doesn’t get NFL mobile for free like 4G phones do. They don’t have the luxury of Google maps with voice navigation for free. Etc, Etc.

    Value for the people who visit this site….no I wouldn’t think so and they’re really not advertising to us.  It’s the people who don’t know any better. 

  • Anonymous

    So now I get to pay for blaotware? Oh joy. Where do I sign up?

  • No thank you.

  • Anonymous

    I never understood Verizon’s constant push for VZ navigator when Google Maps/Navigation is baked into the Android OS and is considered one of if not THE best GPS systems on the market and that includes stand alone GPS from Tom Tom and Garmin. 

    and ITS FREE.

  • Why don’t they just call it the sucker pack.

  • Never will buy a crapp Pack!!!

  • Jim McClain

    if I wanted to pay for apps I would have bought an iphone

  • Anonymous

    I bet they are saying “take that” to their customers after stopping the $2/month charge for online payments. Just another sign of how greedy these companies are getting.

  • Booboolala2000

    Hell to the no! $150 per year. Should be included in my monthly.

  • Bill_678

    Crap at a Discount can’t wait to not give a sh**

  • TC Infantino

    LOL  Pay for what Google has for free?  Wow, VZW is truely counting on the uneducated masses to bring in extra revenue.  Those of us who know what android and google have to offer get all this for free.

  • mary

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  • Kuboo99

    Buyable bloat. Yay!

  • Chad

    Who the F*** would pay for a bloatware pack?!?!?! LMAO!!

  • Jason Lee


  • good thing they made this when the NFL season is over! so glad NFL mobile isnt free anymore…

  • Granted

    Ahh…..the devil’s advocate performs another play. Like including the word “sucker” would overshadow the whoring.

  • Marcus Reid

    Hmmm maybe next time Verizon would do this before the NFL season starts…VZ Navigator what is this on a android phone when you have FREE Google Maps/Navigation. Ringback tones..people still use this haha…Visual Voicemail no comment… So really you get nothing….GREAAT job BIG RED

  • Gk

    isnt nfl mobile free for 4G users?

  • I wouldn’t pay 12 cents for this crap.

  • Verizon_Groupie

    Funny to see all the clowns on this site attacking those who buy this “value” pack.  Same clowns who pay $3 for a Starbucks (when $1.50 from Dunkin Donuts is avail) or pay $6 for a beer at a bar when a six-pack can be had at the store for $8 and so on and so on.  For goodness sakes….if people take this offer and piss away $150 a year, who cares?  How is that any worse than the nickle and dime wasting each of us do every day (and likely adding up to hundreds of dollars a year).  If they are at least USING the app pack, there’s some value to them.  

    • Elliot323

      Good point aside from the fact that Dunkin Dounuts coffee is worse than McDonalds

    • Anonymous

      Some good points, but it’s actually more like someone paying for a beer at the bar when they give better beer away for free.

      • Anonymous

        The big point is they are giving it away at the SAME bar. Better experience at the same place but you want to pay for it???

        • Anonymous

          This man speaks the truth!

    • Good point, except that I get laid after spending $6 for a beer at a bar, whereas if I drink a $8 six-pack, I wake up alone with lotion crusted on me.

  • BionicCommando4231

    What kind of ass buys those services? Seriously? I don’t know anyone, even the most tech incompetent people at work, who pays for that crap. 

  • So does this mean they can not install these crap apps on my phone? I loved the NFL app. it was great when I was somewhere and wanted to watch a game but Im sorry no way Im paying $10 for the Verizon video in order to watch a few games. :/ 

    • djembeman

      I’m guessing they will still force the bloat onto our phones, they will just bundle the monthly subscription fees.

      Seriously, who pays for these services anyway?

  • Adam Elghor

    ok but how much do i pay to not get these apps?????

    • q`Tzal

      Reminds me of that Dilbert strip where the PHB tries a new management technique where he gives Alice 2 pennies and at the end of the say she and other employees are supposed to come and talk the PHB and give him “their two cents worth”.
      She sees it as being payed not to talk to him and offers more to take more of his money to never acknowledge him.

      How much money will Verizon Wireless give me so I don’t have any of their bloatware?

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to take a leap here and venture that this is mainly geared to the phones they sell running OSs other than Android.


    I guess its not a bad deal…but umm..google navigation… u get nfl mobile for free don’t really care about premium…i got netflix.. and if i want visual voicemail i could download an app though i don’t really care about voicemail nor i do i really get them anymore.. so pass.. but it isn’t a bad deal i guess.

  • Anonymous

    It is one thing to charge this price for this crap.  It is completely crazy to pay that much every month for that crap.

  • Prime7

    Yes! Now I can *buy* the garbage I bought a Nexus strictly to avoid!

    Where have you been all my life—other than preloaded onto my old Droid X—App Pack!?

  • Anonymous

    Verizon and “Smart” hardly belong together.

  • noisyKricket

    lol… what a joke.  Nobody want’s this crap for free

  • Breadable

    Maybe if Verizon can sell this BS to some rubes then they won’t feel the need to load up our phones with their bloatware

  • Anonymous

    Well, SOMEONE has to pay for Verizon execs’ new Ferarris and yachts…

  • Anonymous

    With one born every minute, Verizon figures some will be their customers.

  • Havoc

    HE LL NO !

  • Anonymous

    Dear Loyal VZW Customer,

    We’ve noticed you’re not buying our apps. We also heard that Google just passed the 11 billion app download mark. To make it easier on you, we’re discounting apps you don’t want or need to make them seem more attractive. Please buy our crap.

    The VZW Paycheck Arsons

    PS: Don’t forget when you download these apps, normal data rates will apply.

    • Anonymous

      More like:

      Dear VZW Customer,

      We’ve noticed that you don’t like to buy terds. To entice you we have piled a bunch of terds together including some filler terds. We’ve also polished them up and are offering them for a lower price in hopes that you don’t notice that they are, in fact, terds.

      The VZW JuCo Marketing Team

  • AG

    VZW Bloat Pack, Yay!

  • I feel bloated and slow just thinking about all that. {{o_0}}

  • faber


  • Unexpected62


  • Ramp1188

    more like a pack of crap

  • Jim McClain

    why would anyone want to watch a football game or movie on a damn phone ? thats what flat screen tvs are for

    • Speedyrulz8

      Carrying a TV around isn’t quite as convenient when you are away from home.

      • LionStone

        Yea that right, being on the East coast and trying to watch the most awesome Niners and they don’t air the game…sucks. NFL Mobile has saved me a few times. I’m pretty sure it will be no problem watching on the East coast, (without having to pay extra to cable co.) this Sunday when the Giants come to the ‘Stick. 🙂 

        • Philip A. Kaiser

          When I was away in Chicago, I wanted to watch the niners play the Cardinals. Natually, that was not on the air in Chicago. I used my RAZR to find a site with the game streaming online. Then I plugged the HD dock to the TV in my hotel room and BAM! Full, clear, 42 inches of Westcoast Football in my midwest hotel. I traded in my RAZR for a GNex but I know it was things like that, that I am going to miss.  

          • LionStone

            Oh man sweet! I have the connection cord for my Incredible to my flat screen but I haven’t tried the TB with its DLNA yet? If you know let me know.

            Yea one time I was able to watch the whole game streamed perfectly to my TB and another couple times happy to see the redzone plays or even just listening to the West coast radio broadcast is a plus too.

          • Philip A. Kaiser

            Funny drawback though. Every time, there was a good play or touchdown, someone would call me cause they knew I was out of town and they kept trying to update me. When they called, the phone would drop the game and go to the caller Id screen. Add internet lag to that and they were calling me before the play happened. Lol Still cool though.

  • Jim McClain

    13 bucks a month ?    forget it  no way

  • Levi Wilcox

    If there was a way to get NFL premium, I’d pay 12$ every month (during the season) alone for that… wish they’d make that an option. Its stupid you have to have DirecTV to get the games streamed to you…

  • Anonymous

    NFL streaming and season is about to end.  VZ navigator, visual voicemail, lol…these are all laughable to say the least. 

  • Goblueboy

    Sad, would of been somewhat decent if it was a one time purchase. 

  • Anonymous

    Seriously anyone who buys this please call me I have a bridge i’m trying to sell..

  • Sucks you can’t do a-la-carte and just get NFL Premium, nothing else.

  • Anonymous

    Visual Voicemail is nice…it’s free with Google Voice. And you don’t have to use your Google Voice number, you just forward your calls you don’t answer to your Google Voice voicemail rather than Verizon’s.  Plus, you get transcriptions, which work as long as the person leaving you a voicemail doesn’t have the phone down their throat while they mumber something that you can’t understand anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, really?  I see no value there.

    On a related note, does anyone actually use ringback tones?  I think they sound like ass and they’re really annoying.

    • Lmrojas

      I used to, when I was 15 and they were new.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed, tacky/obnoxious when 1st came out & used to yell at people or their voicemail if they had 1….even worse if still used today

  • Am I the only person that actually uses (and likes) Visual Voicemail?  meh…
    The rest of their bloat is crap though and I wouldn’t pay for any of it.

    • someones

      why not just use google voice, it does the same thing and is free 

      • I tried it before subscribing to Visual Voicemail.  While it is (almost) the same exact thing, I found there was a significant delay on occassion and I wouldn’t always be notified that I had received a voicemail for up to an hour afterward.  VVM has never failed me.  To me, it’s worth the money.

        • Philip A. Kaiser

          Understandable. For me however, generally the calls going to voicemail are the ones I am ignoring.. Hence, no need for a prompt update. 😉

        • djembeman

          I only had this problem on my Original Droid, Rooted and on a certain ROM. I’d be willing to bet that the delay is only on on certain phones or data connection problems.

        • Perhaps I will give Google Voice(mail) another chance. 😉
          Come to think of it, my DroidX was the last phone I tried it on, maybe it will run better on my Bionic.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    It’s called the “Sh1t Pack”

    what a load

  • Why is VZ navigator $5 cheaper for iPhone users? Anyone else notice that?

    • They don’t have google maps navigation… poor fellows!

      • LionStone

        My buddy said he paid something like 50 bucks for a Tom Tom navi app on his ip with AT&T! Craziness I tells ya!

    • I think that’s because Verizon is actually expecting iPhone users to buy it (they don’t have a good free alternative).
      And for Android Verizon is trying to make the most from these poor chaps who purchased this app for whatever weird reason.

    • Jim McClain

      google nav is way better and free

      • Google nav has gotten me lost a few times or made me go way out of my way to get to my destination. but I’d still use it any day over the verizon

        • Anonymous

          This is true of any GPS ever made.

  • Anonymous

    o yea lemme pay $10 a month for vz navigator because its so much better than google maps…

    good joke big red, never ceases to amaze me

    • Anonymous

      Actually, it is better than Google maps.

      • Booboolala2000

        It is pretty good, not $120 per year good. Maybe $10 good.

  • What’s sad about this is most new Android/smartphone users will buy this in a heartbeat. Verizon ripping off their customers yet again :smh:

  • Came to see if there were monthly fees to laugh at…

    … wasn’t disappointed!

  • So will there be an option to uninstall them if we don’t want them?

    • djembeman

      No! I really doubt it. It seems to me that they are really just bundling the monthly fees and giving you a discount. They are surely still going to jam as much of their bloat down our throats!

  • Guest

    Oh, everybody will want that >_> Maybe they will stop preloading it on our phone now, One can dream 

  • Anonymous

    Verizon = Pimps

  • Anonymous

    Ha! Verizon will never change.

  • Who thought this was news that readers of this site would be interested in.


    • Jordan Webb

      I assumed it was intended to be humorous.

  • vaglvr

    lol, charging for bloatware, what a dumb idea.

    • Anonymous

      I think it’s sad too, but wonder how many poor souls don’t know better and will actually pay for this bloatware. Verizon never surprises me with how low they’ll go with trying to get extra money out of someone. 

  • Small