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Nike Introduces the FuelBand as the Next Fitness Trend, Android Compatibility on the Way

The latest in active/exercise tech was introduced today by Nike. The product is called the Nike+ FuelBand and looks similar to those LiveStrong wrist bands that took the world by storm for an extended period of time, only it’s much more advanced. The idea behind it is similar to what you can find in FitBit, except that it introduces a new way to measure your daily activity, NikeFuel. It’s really a glorified marketing term, but the idea is that your Fuel score should “motivate” you to do more throughout the day. Whether you are running, walking, crawling, flipping or waving your warms around, your Fuel score is being calculated. Not only that though, you can also track calories and steps taken which are displayed on the band through an LED light panel.

The product is Android-related in the sense that an app to co-exist with your Fuel score and progress will be available soon. At launch, February 22, there will be an iOS app, however, Nike has already said that an Android version is on the way. The product will retail for $149.

Is that the MotoActv I hear crying in the corner? Actually that’s not completely fair since the FuelBand does not have a built-in MP3 player. Might be time to drop that price a tad though Moto, as Nike is one athletic master you do not want to battle. 

Introduction to the FuelBand:


Introduction to NikeFuel:


More info.

  • waiting for the app……

    and still waiting for the app……

  • SFAnnie

    As soon as Nike gets off its butt and gets the Android app, I’ll be a mite happier. Lots of promises, no action. NOT happy.

  • i have been using the fuelband for a few weeks now along with my wife and handful of friends and family. While the fuelband is certainlynot an “athlete” grade tracker of your exercise minutae it does not inspire to be this so I dont fault it for that.

    What it is however are two things:

    1. Effective in getting you to move more. Do more. Be more active in whatever way you like to do and yes it even captures weight workouts although for not as much fuel as more dynamic movements.

    2. FUN! its a blas to try to get more than your buds and family and you would be surprised at how motivating a string of coloured dots can be at the end of a long workday when you are 500 fuel away from your goal and if you dont get out you will breaj a 15 day streak while your firends are killing it.

    I love it and no I dont work for Nike but following this discussion I wanted to give my perspective.

  • ExNavyMid

    My wrist is 8.5″ in circumference.  I want one – why do I get screwed because I am big boned!!!

  • HSS

    Wow, lots of negativity.  I suggest you try it before you trash it…was lucky enough to get one and have been using it for a month now…LOVE IT!  It’s simple, easy to use and understand for us non-techy peeps and looks like you’re wearing one of those rubber bracelets (not one person has said…what’s that).  Wont comment on the other devices because i haven’t actually used them.  $150 well spent…would pay twice that much if I had to!!!


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  • Poor Nike supporting SOPA… lost my business.

  • mary

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  • The idea sounds actually kinda cool, except I cant see myself paying $150 for it. Ouch. I’ll just wait for the price to drop then I’ll be all over it 😛


    149? 149 for a plastic wristband that does “so much..” my a$$.. i’d rather buy the motoactiv for what.. the same price on ebay.. come on.. pathetic.. 

  • Alex

    Im sure girls will talk to me with a fuel band on my wrist.

  • Anonymous

    I no longer support Nike products after they pledged support for SOPA…

    • really

    • Therealmikebrown

      Did you also stop listening to music and stop watching movies too?

      • Anonymous


  • BestDeathEver

    It’s a pedometer for your wrist.  Weak sauce.

  • crash_davis

    Screw Nike.  The are a proponent of SOPA.  The threat is very real.  Look at what happened today with MegaUpload.

  • Granted

    Is there anything you won’t whore yourself out to?

    I can see it now….”Hey guys check out this awesome new car insurance you should totally buy! If you don’t you are bewb! This is related to Android because i’m pretty sure they used a Droid phone in their commercial! So you know, GO BUY IT!”.

  • Yeah it is just like the motoactv, except that it doesn’t play music, have GPS, track your routes, isn’t ant+ compatible….. just like it. 

    • Fear

      It is a lot like motoactv because it is something 95% of the readers of droid_life will never use since it is an athletic product. 

      • I realized that I think when they announced the motoactiv and everyone was comparing it to the ipod nano. When I have been waiting for a nano + garmin forerunner combo for a very long time and the website tracking like Nike+ was just icing on the cake, not to mention I can export all of the data and plot it onto google earth to track all the hiking I do.

        Just cracks me up hearing it get a bad rap as an Android device when it is an athletic device that simply happens to be built on the Android platform.

        Ok athletic nerd rant over 🙂

        • Mrhandelz

          The Moto is alot more. But why would we need that if you allready have an app to track your routes. Speeds. Play music. Etc. On your phone which you can take with you on yourworkout and have it synced via bluetooth?

          • mustbepbs

            Because I’ll be damned if I’m going out running with my $700 smartphone in my pocket. Or even in one of those arm bands.

    • Ya i’m with you on this — though I just bring my Gnex with me when cycling, however I’ve been wanting something better for running that has a “my tracks” app in it.  $250 for the motoactv is a lot for some very simple tasks.  I do like the Nike wristband idea but it’s feature list is too small to really benefit an active person, seems more like a mass consumer gimmick to me.

  • Or just walk, sprint, lift heavy… and eat clean.

    This calories in/calories out way of doing things is silly.


    Makes me wanna just download this music file wirelessly to my Galaxy Nexus, put on this Nike+ FuelBand, and start kicking and punching these punching bags up in this hizzy!!!

  • Anonymous

    Crappy android app in 3…2…1…

  • DroidzFX

    150 is a lil much for a bracelet with some lights

  • Anonymous

    Too expensive.

  • Wow, it certainly is a step up monitoring your daily physical activity.. Mos Def a Must Buy Item. ,-) 


      Nice try, Nike+ guy.

  • Anonymous

    Will it tell me how many calories I burn reading Droid Life each day?

    • that there’s pretty funny Michael.. I gotta hand it to U! LOL ,-)

      • Hopefully enough to keep you alive so that you can come back tomorrow. 😀

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      My right index finger looks like a 1/16 scale replica of Shwartzanegger’s arm from clicking on this site every day. 😉