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Peter Alfonso Releases Ice Cream Sandwich Build For Verizon’s Motorola XOOM

Our buddy Pete Alfonso has released an Ice Cream Sandwich build for Motorola XOOM owners on Verizon’s network. The WiFi version of the XOOM receives update love straight from Google and Moto, but with this Ice Cream Sandwich update having to go through Verizon, it tends to make the process a bit longer. For all of our friends who are impatient, you can grab the download link just below and enjoy ICS today! 

For installation, you will need to be rooted with a custom recovery installed that will allow users to flash custom zips. Just make sure to perform a backup and then wipe your device completely so no issues arise. Shoot your questions down below if you have any troubles and we can try to help.

Download Link

Cheers Ben! 

  • Jay

    Does anyone know if there is a driver named flash mz600 for the Droid Razr? I was told that I need it to activate my Razr on a network other than Verizon. Were can I download it? Heeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllppppppppppppp.

  • DD1980

    I have hlk75h will this work?

  • Jay

    Were can I get a flash mz 600 driver to activat my Droid Razr

  • NightTrader

    I am getting the distinct feeling that the carriers are all dragging their feet on the ICS update to try to drive sales toward their newer devices.  Otherwise we XOOM 4G owners would already have the update.  Is the 3G/4G model really that much more difficult to test and upgrade than the WiFi version?  I say NOT and Pete has proven that here.

  • David Stockham

    Hi Peter, Love the ICS…Tried the latest build along with a couple earlier builds.. I seem to get hung on the “Start” screen.. It “beeps” at me and doesn’t move to selecting the Wifi. Any idea what I am doing wrong? Any hints?

    • David Stockham

       I persisted and was able to finally get it past the “start”… All seems good now.. Just need to figure out why the 3G will not activate.. Any ideas on this?

  • Fphammen

    I want to install ICS on my Verizon Xoom but don’t want to wait forever for a Verizon approval of ICS (I don’t even use the 3G/4G on my tablet only the WiFi). I can handle rooting, but how do I install a custom recovery that allows users to flash custom zips?

  • Awilinsk

    HELP! My Xoom is stuck on the Ice Scream Sandwich splash screen and won’t boot. Did I make it a paper weight?

    • Awilinsk

      I finally got it working. I was still able to boot into recovery. I tried loading the image again and again. I did some searching and found a forum that said to clear the cache and davik cache. I loaded the image for the 5th time, cleared both caches and then rebooted. It came up working great.

  • Installed to my xoom  but only one bug not enought space if i connect it to my laptop it shows just like 4gb totall space . any sulution ???

  • Anonymous

    Hello after following the help with rooting my xoom and flashing it with this ICS. I just Wanted to know in case i needed it is there a way to go back to factory like it new out of the box

  • rob

    I have rooted wifi US running the tiamat kernal and rom (Mantaray? Stingray?). I haven’t done anything to the xoom since august. Will this work for me? Do I need the recovery they have listed before trying? 

  • Anonymous

    Hello so I did this and my only question is I don’t see in the settings where to do I update afterwards just a case if I wanted to update when they came out

    • Thanks for giving this a try. Updates can be found on my downloads page. For your device specifically, you can find them here: 

      • Anonymous

        TY Peter I just wanted to see if it’s just my Xoom or its the ICS build. The problem I’m having is when I try to use voice search or voice typing it doesn’t work. If it’s just me is there a way to fix it


  • Anonymous

    I will have to give it a try sometime but Team Eos has got the 4g Xoom on lock for weeks now. Thier rom in the honeycomy era could not be matched and the Ics rom is even better for the past few nightlies has been on point.

  • http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1446469  I used this i was rooted stock HC and i was able to just flash no factory reset no nothing Just easy breezy ICS 

  • New build is up that fixes data, adds the extended power menu, updates the kernel, and more. No bugs left 🙂

  • Team EOS (fans and the actual devs) really went crazy on this post didn’t they?

  • Anonymous

    Is there a post that has a walkthrough on rooting a Verizon 4g Xoom

    • Here you go: http://bit.ly/wSf64V.

      Worked great for me.

      • Anonymous

        Ty chris

    • None Ya

      this worked for me on 3.2.2 http://www.xoomforums.com/forum/motorola-xoom-development/9621-root-universal-xoom-root-any-xoom-any-update.html

  • Team EOS has done a great job with their rom for the xoom.  No disrespect intended, but if Peter Alfonso puts his hands on android.  Its worthy of at least taking a look at.  If you don’t know, that fine, enjoy your Xoom as is if it works for you.

  • Just Installed iit on my xoom 3g and  its pretty good .

  • Ken Haines

    I installed but I have no 3g/4g signal.
    In “About Tablet” it says baseband version unknown

  • does it work on MZ601?? 3g ??

  • Anonymous

    boo! terrible post. the update.zip for wifi xoom didn’t require root / custom recovery. 

    • T Hall

      yeah it also came from Motorola, this did not.

      • Anonymous

        exactly! actually quite suprised no has leaked update onto xda from any of the soakers. can’t even check again til this sopa protest is over =(

        for 3g/lte test. i just look @ my honeycomb tab in disgust now lol. after seeing the beauty of ICS on my nexus prime. 

        • Search is your friend. The link to download the official IML77 update was put up on XDA. However it will not work for you if you have an LTE Xoom as it is for the MZ604.

          • Anonymous

            =O moto hates me. lol the price i pay for getting the LTE upgrade. 

        • Granted

          Isn’t it funny how Droid-Life supports the SOPA protest but kept the site up today. Money negates convictions once again.

          • cuz they’re not hypocrites. Shutting down public knowledge in protest of censoring public knowledge=fail.

  • While I love Pete, not sure why this is news worthy since there have been builds for both 3g and 4g xooms for a while. 

    • Tell ’em Ike! I guess this is for those that don’t like to dig for their goodies…

    • I thought those other builds didn’t have everything up and running like HDMI and camera.  Then again I haven’t been combing forums for my Xoom in a while.

      • The Team EOS ICS rom has had fully working LTE data, camera, and HDMI for many weeks now. 

  • Is this for the LTE zoom.  Also is there a channel log of what works and does not.  EOS is running pretty good right now. On build 24.

    • 3G/4G LTE XOOM 🙂

      • You DO realize that Team EOS has had a fully working ICS rom for the LTE XOOM for over 3 weeks now.

        • 2Ceedz

          I’ve been looking, and have only seen the Kanged -working version of EOS’s rom for the Xoom.  Also, Team EOS (and the others working on the Xoom) are NO Peter Alfonso!!
          Long Live Bugless Beast!!

          • 2Ceedz

            A week or two ago ( i meant) I had looked at ICS roms for the XooM

          • fanboi

            how are them nuts you’re hanging from?

          • 2Ceedz

            Dunno, dont go that way… but nightlies are NOT stable builds…. Sorry to Inform you all of that… 🙂

          • 2Ceedz

            Although i stand corrected… as Pete has this one labeled as a nightly also… My Bad!

          • But it is stable 😛

          • I’m not certain that there is an ICS build for the Xoom that could be considered unstable out there. The ICS AOSP code base is inherently very stable out of the box.

          • Xoomcreature200

            I installed stingray_01-22-12 nightly and I did find a bug
            On my MicroSD Card I have pics and videos and for every time I reboot or restart  my Xoom the pics and videos multiply they make copies of themselves I went from 180 pics to 720 and the same for videos so from 180 I rebooted 4 times hence the 720 pics and for some reason my music folder in ms MicroSD card gets erased

          • Arasthel

            Then you should look a little better. Team EOS has diary nightly builds for mz600, mz602 and mz604 Xoom models fully working, and now they are trying to get the mz601 to work, as 3G connectivity is not working at all.

    • This is for the LTE Xoom, Wi-Fi Xoom builds coming soon. Changelog can be found here: