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Kodak Suing Samsung Over Five Patent Infringements, Looking To Thwart Bankruptcy

Kodak is looking to bring Samsung to justice in a New York courtroom over five alleged patent infringements involving digital imaging. This won’t be the first time Kodak has taken a major tech company to court over patents though, with filings also involving Fujifilm, HTC, and even Apple already being resolved in favor of Kodak. Recently, Kodak has been trying to keep their heads above the water and it is said that all of these court cases are basically a means for them to keep the lights on and to keep from going bankrupt.

Kodak has listed which patents Samsung is allegedly infringing upon, but has not said which devices are at fault. Could it be the Galaxy Tab 10.1, or even our dear Galaxy Nexus

  • U.S. Patent No. 6,292,218 – “Electronic Camera For Initiating Capture of Still Images While Previewing Motion Images”
  • U.S. Patent No. 7,210,161 – “Automatically Transmitting Images from an Electronic Camera to a Service Provider Using a Network Configuration File”
  • U.S. Patent No. 7,742,084 – “Network Configuration File for Automatically Transmitting Images from an Electronic Still Camera”
  • U.S. Patent No. 7,453,605 – “Capturing Digital Images to be Transferred to an E-Mail Address”
  • U.S. Patent No. 7,936,391 – “Digital Camera with Communications Interface for Selectively Transmitting Images over a Cellular Phone Network and a Wireless LAN Network to a Destination

We have not seen any court dates and these hearings can sometimes be drawn out, so who knows when we will see an actual outcome. Does anyone have feelings toward Kodak and their attempts at keeping their business alive?

Via: Engadget, Forbes

  • Actually… http://www.business-standard.com/india/news/kodak-files-for-bankruptcy-plans-biz-overhaul/155687/on

    Kodak filed Chapter 11 TODAY.

    •  yeah i sent Kellex a tip earlier this morning, i guess it wasnt news worthy lol.

      • They also borrowed $950M to clean up their mess. Jesus, 10 year screwup costs just a shy of a billion dollar? I doubt they can do anything about it.

  • I can’t help but feel bad for Kodak. It’s sad to see an old company with such a rich history die.

  • Anonymous

    Our company today came within the sites of a patent troll. They are suing us for how we link products to purchases or something like that. It is nothing more than blackmail considering along with us the plaintiffs are Microsoft and Amazon to name a few. We are just a little bitty company with 10 employees so this just goes to show you they are suing anyone they just pick out of a hat. It is now beyond ridiculous :/

  • I thought Kodak was just flaunting their patents to potential buyers trying to prove that they are actually worth something, (sentimental values & loyalties aside).

  • samsung is going to win. whoever has the most money always wins.

  • Kodak Sucks. This is how my grandfather feels about it: 

  • Anonymous

    sorry I’m not sorry.

  • Anonymous

    Kodak invented digital photography and failed to bring it to market. It deserves bankruptcy, not a patent victory.

    Check Wikipedia… Tomorrow.

    • Good Idea!
      While we are on that topic…
      …how come this website is not down?!?

  • so basicly no one can do anything on any device because everyone owns a piece of the puzzle…great

    • Scott Webber

      Yes. It’s been that way for quite a while.  That’s why software patents must cease to exist.  They do not make sense.

      • Jeremy Morrison

        I agree to a certain extent. It should be more about code. If someone uses the same code to do a similar or like task that is wrong. Or maybe even the look of the operating system. Touchwiz was way to similar looking to iOS.

        • camera phones have been around for a decade now doing these things and now they are going to court over this? Isn’t their a statue of limitations on this? My first camera phone in 2001 could do all this.

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to patent the following:
    U.S. Patent No. 689,495,503,040,534.23 1/2
    “Moving pictures off of camera to be viewed on anything but the camera itself via any link (wireless, wired, memory card, etc.)”

  • Anonymous

    Seems as if Kodak is getting desperate.

    • You should check out the respective post on FOSS Patents; It should validate your sentiments.

  • Wait… aren’t all these what all cell phone manufactures have been doing with all their phones for the last 5 years? maybe even longer?

    So theoretically, they can sue everybody that makes a cellphone/tablet. o_O

  • Rokenford

    **** em.