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Educate Yourself on SOPA/PIPA – the More Your Learn, the Scarier it Gets


If your life includes the internet at all, then you have likely heard of the SOPA and PIPA bills that if passed by Congress, could essentially ruin your online experience forever. The initial goal of them was to stop foreign websites from hosting and distributing pirated works, but as these bills have evolved, the world has realized that they will do much more than that. Both website owners and their users will face some pretty severe punishments should you be found to at all be involved in distributing copyrighted material. Now, at first glance, that sentence probably doesn’t scare most of you, however, once you read the vague and grey mess of these bills, you may realize that you are probably already violating in some way.

As you cruise around the web today, you will notice that sites like Google and Mozilla have “blacked out” their front pages to show that they are firmly against both of these bills. While I cannot and will not tell anyone how to act when it comes to the political environment, I will say that if you are not familiar with PIPA and SOPA, that you educate yourself today. This is serious stuff, and as with any major political movement, it is in your best interest to learn all that you can.

And I fully understand that this is not directly related to Android, but in the big scheme of things, this site and every other tech site that you read will be affected by this.  


Worth Reading:

And if those aren’t enough to get you going, I suggest you Google it. 🙂

  • Johnzenobia

    This is happening because of liberal politocians. Just look at obama and nancy pelosi,liberal.

  • There is a concerted effort that has been ongoing to censor the internet for a myriad of special interest groups. The internet & the information that is contained on it has become the 21st Century bargaining chip of politicians to garner favors from deep pocketed donors. SOPA & PIPA are only the latest installment of this sad, dictatorial effort. While these bills are real & true threats to the internet, let us not forget Net Neutrality, which passed through the FCC without any input from the people or even Congress. The true spirit of Net Neutrality was to be an effort to keep ISPs from capping data. However, once you read the actual ruling by the FCC (which I have; I downloaded the entire document from the FCC website) throws out as it’s third point that the FCC will only enforce the ruling AT IT’S OWN DISCRETION!! This is legal jargon for “hey, you give us money & keep us in power, we’ll let you keep your data caps.” It even goes as far as threatening the ISPs that don’t play ball with them by telling them that they will have to provide the FCC with their network architecture & infrastructure so that it can be made public by the FCC. That is just stupid, as it will leave the ISPs no choice as to pay these bastards off in order to avoid massive network hacking attacks, since they will become even simpler to do. Bottom line is this: government has zero place in regulating a resource that it has zero idea of what it is. We need to all band together to put up a united resistance to their meddling, regardless of political affiliation. Let’s keep the internet free, as it was intended and before it ends up becoming bastardized like the U.S. Constitution has become.
    “Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.” – Alexander Hamilton

  • Michael Russell

    Kellex I feel like you didn’t proofread your title very well. 

  • Taglogical

    This is ‘old news’ but gogo exposure!! I have been writing and leaving my representative messages since November concerning SOPA and PIPA – You can do more everyone! Let them know that you won’t stand for this!! And KEEP LISTENING, KEEP PAYING ATTENTION… these @$$holes are going to cram this crap into another bill in a couple months.  Get educated. Stay diligent. Vote.

  • Johnzenobia

    Does anyone know what the word politics mean?
    Poli = a combining form with the meanings “much, many” and, in chemistry,
    Tics=a Bloodsucking creature that burrows itself in its host and feeds off you.

    That sums up what I think of government.

  • Jamdev12

    I like some people here know that politicians don’t care about anything else, but been elected and taking their piece of the pie. When I heard about SOPA and PIPA, you know who came to mind, George Carlin. I know you are asking yourself, why him. Well because even though he was a comedian and most people think he was high all the time, the stuff he talked about is true. Politicians don’t give a SH!T about you or anyone else. What they care for is more power and the more power they have and the more stupid their constituents become the more they can rob you of your “American Dream.” There is a reason I put that in quotes because the “American Dream” as we know it is no longer the what we envisioned. It is what these pricks that have been elected tell us what our “American Dream” should be. On top of it all is the fact that most people give more sh!ts about the Kardassians and Beaver than they do about what is going on in the halls of Congress, the White House and the Supreme Court. Will people boycott movies, music, tv and everything else that keeps them plugged in while our government steals our rights from under our noses. No. They won’t until is too late and you might as well just keep the status quo. Enjoy the last few freedoms while you still have them folks, cause little by little if we don’t stand up for ourselves and put our foot down, we will all be slaves to a government that is willing to go the distance to maintain its overreach into our freedoms as human beings.

  • Markopolo1022

    If this law was to pass. I. Say. We all. Cancel our internet. At home. . N also on our smart phones. .. n just go back to regular phones. That. Will make company s. Like Verizon att n more get involved n help us in the long run keep internet as is. Now. … I’m not paying for no internet that is not free to use as we wish. .. we pay enough as it is. ,!!!! .

  • jbon

    obama suck it i voted for Mc…… biqh

  • Anonymous

    Funny… if you go on Wikipedia’s SOPA entry, it doesnt kick you back to the blackout page.

  • JMonkeYJ

    i’d just like to point out this does actually directly affect Android and this site, since you link to things such as SBF files. in SOPA and PIPA you linking these files, even if you don’t host them, could result in the closure of droid-life! i love that you link these and they are invaluable to us.

    • Based on the wording, since DL (and 99% of android sites) are blogs or forums, which have the ABILITY to post or link to pirated material through user comments or posts, it would come under fire from SOPA and PIPA.

  • DeAnna

    Thank you for posting this DL!  It was well written and everyone needs to be aware! 

  • KnightCrusader

    This comment removed pursuant to SOPA.

    • PC_Tool

      Not how it works…they’d take the whole damned site down.

  • Anonymous

    George W. Bush hates the internets! 

    • Anonymous

      … … … that makes no sense.  Lamar Smith and 12 other co-sponsors proposed SOPA… no Bush.  Actually, the sponsors were even bi-partisan, so this isn’t even a lib/con issue.

      • Anonymous

        I was being facetious.  

        • EC8CH

          *Blank Mike Meyers Stare*

        • Anonymous

          Sorry, can’t sense sarcasm on the internetz

        • Lakerzz

          What a SHOCKER!!

  • Tybalt2011

    Thank you Droid Life for posting about these potentially life-altering acts.  As American citizens we are responsible for what our Congressional Representatives pass into law.  The more people who become educated and aware of SOPA and PIPA the better.  Wikipedia has set up their front page providing a zip code input that lists your Congressional Rep and provides a link to their contact page.  I urge all readers of Droid Life to contact their Representative and voice their opinion about SOPA and PIPA.  We need a free and open internet as we move into the 21st century.

  • Will

    go under googles site and sign the petition below the search bar!!!    

  • Ciro

    To really educate yourself, read the actual documents! Everyone is reading the media’s summaries and opinions. Take the time to educate yourself and not just soak up someone else’s opinion.  I feel that these bills should be shot down, but this knee-jerk habit is uneducated and dangerous. Links to both documents are below. While you are at it, check out the third link to a video explaining that SOPA/PIPA are possibly Red Herrings for the upcoming OPEN bill – everyone will feel all pleased with themselves that they have shared their opinions and stopped these bills, giving high-fives all around, then OPEN will be passed quietly and be much more destructive.
    SOPA: http://judiciary.house.gov/hearings/pdf/112%20HR%203261.pdf
    PIPA: http://leahy.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/BillText-PROTECTIPAct.pdf
    Further Education (14 minutes): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=894T7EAfYCw

    • Anonymous

      Sorry to say that I am not seeing how OPEN act will be worse than SOPA/PIPA.  I have read through parts and it puts the responsibility on Trade Commission instead of just anyone, anywhere.  OPEN is a more precise attack on piracy then the SOPA/PIPA blanket.

      • Exactly, plus, many of the sites protesting SOPA/PIPA are supporting OPEN.

  • Dshudson

    It will pass… This country sucks quite frankly. I wish I had the balls and the money to leave it. 

    • Anonymous

      Go to canada, lets all start a pool so we can help mr dshudsob leave the country. If you hate this country, i dont want you here. Go live in a socialist country for a while, youll change your tune.

      • Alp2001z28

        you are obviously ignorant and stuck in your ways that you wont see whats really going on in this country that I PROUDLY FOUGHT FOR. Dshudson is right to a degree, i wouldn’t say the country sucks but that our government and congress are corrupted by the banks and money hungry phucks in office. get informed people.. get on youtube and watch these videos.. Zeitgeist and Esoteric Agenda.

        • Alp2001z28

          also check out NDAA bill on google that was recently passed cuz its not just the internet we have to worry about them taking over.

  • EC8CH

    I wonder is the senate is getting a couple emails regarding this issue today?

  • drinksprite

    down with the NWO!!!

    • Anonymous

      Fo’ Life!!

  • let me play devil’s advocate … “ruin your online experience forever” is a definitely an over the top statement … the intent of the bill is to protect the hard work of artists and companies from being stolen and distributed … i know everyone wants free stuff on the internet, but it’s not always the right thing … and as for these “big companies” that the politicians are protecting, these big companies employ a large number of your average hardworking people … i can see both sides of the argument …

    • TomHolmes

      It’s crap and it’s not going to pass. Cantor has already declare SOPA DOA in the house. Now that everyone knows the score, it’s going to take a perversion of the legislative process at the magnitude of ObamaCare to get SOPA or PIPA approved, and the President has pledged to veto either/or if they make it to his desk. Not saying we should stop working to defeat these bills but there it is.

      The intent of the bill is irrelevant. The effect of the bill is what renders it a travesty.You can’t have our internet.

      • Anonymous

        It’s not DOA, it’s just delayed till February, likely in the hopes that the fervor will be dead before then.

        • Anonymous

          havent seen u around these parts recently, sucks that it was something like sopa to bring u back out (or i could’ve just missed your comments, either way, hope all is well)

          • Anonymous

            Well thanks!  I haven’t been around as much, but I’ve been checking in more often lately.

      • Taglogical

        He said that he’d veto the NDAA too but he signed it anyway with the stipulation, and I paraphrase, “Don’t worry America, I know I said I’d Veto this… and although I’m passing it anyway, I’ll never use it on you, scout’s honor”

        They will cram this in to bill after bill until is passes under the radar.  Stay diligent, this is just the beginning.

    • Anonymous

      it is not the intent of the bill that is the issue, it is the result that would come of it… seriously read the bill, it destroy youtube, dropbox, anything that users can post things too, even facebook and google+, the wording of the bill makes leaves it so open ended that it is super easy to be found illegal if it were to pass.

      I suggest you read the mashable article posted above, they did a very good job explaining it and how it can be related to the average internet user.

  • Johnny Isakson (Senate – R – Georgia) has already sent me a generic form-response letting me know that he doesn’t care about my concerns because I do not fund his campaign as well as the MPAA or the RIAA (plus, they kind of would like to censor the hell out of all our information sources).  I hope there is a massive campaign to remove those who support this nonsense.

    • Anonymous

      From a fellow GA resident I agree!!

    • That’s bull. I can’t believe people like that get away with corruption like this. I too live in GA, (Atlanta, to be exact), and I called each representative. Isakson’s mailbox was full. I ended up talking directly to Tom Price. We had a nice chat, and he said he would “see what he could do.”

      This better not pass.

  • Interstellarmind

    +1 to kellex and the d-life team for this post. +1 for not using your position to throw around your own political views – one of the reasons i love this site is its classy approach to all things.

    However, as a commentater i can say, please sign the petition(s) to kill these dumb and dangerous bills.

  • ddevito

    A real life nightmare for sure.

  • Anonymous

    Have to support this, but thanks for not blacking the site out Kellex 

  • FCKthatSHIT

    Fck SOPA an PIPA.. yall are a bunch of bitch ass mothers. You better not censor mya internet. Shiiit ill bust a cap up in this mugg nigg.. fck yall stop sopa pipa

    • Tyrian

      Spend our tax dollars on education so this man can learn some English!

  • Anonymous

    CyanogenMod blacked out their site as well in support.

  • Anonymous

    Great post. If you can, keep this at the very top all day. 

  • Anonymous

    I would be perfectly fine if this is the only post today.

    • Anonymous

      I agree.

  • http://www.forbes.com/sites/johngaudiosi/2012/01/16/obama-says-so-long-sopa-killing-controversial-internet-piracy-legislation/
    this helps ease my mind a bit on the SOPA end but leaves the PIPA aspect completely up in the air. 

  • thesaber2000

    was waiting to see if you guys were gonna say anything about it. glad to see your helping inform people

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Don’t just read about it, do something about it! Send your reps an email, it is all automated at the below link. Put in your zip, get your reps, it will send them the email for you.. how much easier can it get for you. JUST DO IT!


    • Anonymous

      Everyone do this, it literally took 40 sec to make a difference….

    • thefullritz

      Done….thanks for passing along!


    droid-life blackout in protest… when’s it gonna happen???

  • Adam Wiggins

    The fact that SOPA/PIPA exists tells me that Congress is completely out of touch with reality and their constituents.

    • Anonymous

      i see nothing but old farts in the office.

      • Anonymous

        It’s not the age that matters, it’s the arrogance and corruption. Legislators think they know more than experts on things they’re completely ignorant on (arrogance), plus they take payoffs from lobbyists, like the MPAA guys (corruption). It’s our fault for voting these dumb bastards in year after year, decade after decade, but most American voters don’t even show up to the polls much less care, so I don’t see this changing anytime soon. Kudos to Droid Life for trying to do something about it.

    • Edwin M

      Why would our Congress and Senate that we elect and work for us do what we ask of them? American politics in its current format is built for giant corporations that contribute to these elected officials to call all the shots. The hard working average taxpayer that constantly gets shafted day in and day out by the lawmakers and these giant banks and corporations has no say whatsoever. Until this country’s individuals decides to put its petty political views aside and band together to clean house in DC, we will continue to get the high hard one.

      • Anonymous

        There’s more to it than that. The fact that most Americans fail to recognize that politicians are supposed to work for us. We hire them, we pay them. Think of it in terms of a company, we are their boss.

        Most of the country seems to think it is(read should be) the other way around.

        • Edwin M

          I absolutely agree with that. Everyone forgets we are THEIR bosses.

          • Anonymous

            Unless you hire a lobbyist you and me are nothing to congress. It isn’t about us constituents anymore, its about who pays them enough money as to who their constituents are! Those in congress are there to make money, and make laws that protect their money. They don’t care about us little people.

          • Anonymous

            That’s because the electorate is too apathetic to make them care. Have a giant purge and vote in people who will do some sweeping redaction and it’ll change the whole climate. The American voter made this mess, but refuses to take responsibility to clean it up.

          • Anonymous

            I thought that’s what the #Occupy All Streets, etc, was initially about. Growing the movement to direct attention BACK to the constituents.

          • Anonymous

            No the whole Occupy movement is about special rights for some and against others based on some arbitrary precept of what constitutes “fair.” Funny that it’s funded by some of the richest Americans who make money off of government programs designed to help give hand ups to people, but that’s a whole ‘nother thing that would be too cumbersome for a tech blog comments section.

        • Roided

          I also pay for the police but I can’t fire them when they give me a speeding ticket

          • Anonymous

            Well, police don’t vote in laws so it doesn’t really have an impact on this topic.

            If the public voted in every police officer, nobody would ever get hired. If you have a valid complaint about a police officer, not just something like “He was mean and I hate him because he gave me a ticket for breaking the law” You can take your complaint to the police chief.

            If the chief is the problem then you take your complaint to the council that you voted in the last election. If they refuse to hear or address your complaint(assuming it’s valid and terms for corrective action or termination) then you vote them out of office.

            Yeah I realize this is all ideal but the point is, that’s how this system is supposed to work. It doesn’t work that way because people get the attitude of “they know whats best” or that they are somehow superior because of the position they hold. People need to wake up and realize that we put them in that position. We hired them, and we have the right to fire them.

            People are so disorganized and don’t want to put any effort in to correcting the situation that it wont change. Sitting and complaining with words doesn’t do much, especially if you’re not taking action or talking to the right people.

          • Roided

            I never disagreed with you…I’m saying although we pay their salaries there is little we can do. 

            One thing to remember:  The Government serves to promote the welfare of the FUTURE of our nation, not the immediate present. 

      • TC Infantino

        I agree, with one exception.  The web, and its many specific forums DO actually give the average working Joe a place to voice their opinions and concerns.  And occasionally those in our government take notice of the voice of those people (if there are enough and they are vociferous enough), I would not suggest that politicians normally heed the will of the people, but on occasion they do.  The good thing about the web is that it allows those who would normally just complain to friends while discussing whatever subject to actually have their views seen by many, and have that discussion with a much wider group.  The information available to that wider group is also so much broader that it helps prevent the government from sneaking objectionable laws past the people.  This of course is one of the reasons that we all need to fight to keep our internet free from government domination and interferance.

      • Anonymous

        Thats typical distracting mumbo jumbo, that evil large corporations control the government. In reality the problem lies with everyday bafoons having the idea that government can make their lives better, and should do more for them, so they elect idiots like this who end up overstepping their roles in an attempt to expand their power within government. Which, ironically, is the very thing our founding fathers fought against when they formed this great country. The good things in life can only be EARNED by yourself. Not given to you by the government. We’re reverting right back to the very thing we came across the atlantic ocean to escape. And its very sad.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah it’s all the people’s fault. Corporations can do no wrong. If we would just remove all regulations they’d have the world sorted out to everybody’s benefit in no time at all. What are we waiting for?

          • Anonymous

            It’s this type of simplistic thinking that gets us some dangerous legislative precedents (and a good bit of judicial ones, too). Too often we like to blame “corporations” or “government,” forgetting that they’re made up of people, as well. We need to make laws to enforce fairness (not equality) for all people, period. That’s how this country was set up, but the have nots are exceedingly moving towards wanting to legislate differently for the haves, which creates a class society. That’s what we’ve had for decades, now, and it’s tearing up opportunities.

            tl;dr: There’s no easy answer, and making your opponent into a straw man doesn’t help.

          • Anonymous

            the have nots are exceedingly moving towards wanting to legislate differently for the haves”

            Example please?

          • Anonymous


          • Anonymous

            OWS? OWS is complaining that the haves get the breaks while the have-nots don’t (bailouts, low taxes on investments, access to politicians, etc…). Lots of have-nots lost their homes because their finances went bust. Now they’re on the streets. Meantime, the big banks where the finances also went bust got bailed out and their CEOs for the most part got their bonuses. 

            And you talk about fairness…

          • Taglogical

            How can people who don’t pay taxes, get tax breaks?

            What actually happened: In an poorly thought-out scheme (arguably intentionally setup) to ‘stimulate’ home ownership, our current administration encouraged the lenders to loosen their loan restrictions and then insured the banks loans, good or bad.

            The lenders proceeded, under protection of the administration, to grant loans under looser restrictions.  People who had no business buying homes which they couldn’t afford, ended up in foreclosure.

            While there are legit exceptions to this, the exceptions are/were not the ‘crisis.’

            I “Like” absolutely everything that Droidzilla has said in this comments section.  You’re killin it Zilla!! (In a knowledgeable and fantastic way)

          • Anonymous

            “Lots of have-nots lost their homes because their finances went bust.”
            Many of those people didn’t have the funds for said homes to begin with. It was because of government regulations that forced these banks to issue loans to people with low income that caused the collapse. That all actually started with president Jimmy Carter.

          • Anonymous

            Two words: INSIDE JOB.

            See it and you will know who is running the show.

    • Anonymous

      This shouldn’t be even consider. The internet is the only place we can
      read and share our thoughts as human beings. TV, magazines, newspapers
      and radio have limitations by “the government”. Hopefully it does not
      get approved.

      side note to the politician who started SOPA: You old people are just
      afraid that ALL these young Entrepreneurs started making billions off
      the internet based companies and your “OLD” strategics way to make
      business are less than successful now days. Please retire and let us
      (new generation)  build a better world from now on.

      Thank you,


    • Tybalt2011

      How about writing your Representative asking them to say ‘No’ to the passing of these acts?  We all have one vote.  We all have a voice. 

      • Anonymous

        I have, and they send you a form letter back telling you they are voting for it because it protects American Jobs. 

        • Anonymous

          This happens a lot. If they’re up for reelection, talk with their main competition and start canvassing. They’ve given you your answer: the middle finger. Now, what’s your response?

          • Anonymous

            Oh both of their offices have already received a letter telling them that they’ve lost all the votes they had coming from my house. That is, should they vote for this. 

          • Anonymous

            Good for you, thank you for taking action. Sincerely.

      • Adam Wiggins

        I did.  But, that’s not the point. 

        It shouldn’t take my phone call for them to realize that this legislation is a bad idea.  They’re supposed to be intelligent people who are making the best decisions for us.  This is clearly a step in the wrong decision. 

        • Anonymous

          It’s partly the point. It should take YOUR phone call…and mine and his and hers, etc.  Otherwise, it’s apathy.

  • theoatmeal.com has a pretty funny SOPA protest up now for any interested.

  • I’ve created a Facebook cover photo as well as a profile picture that can be used to protest SOPA/PIPA today, or any day. Feel free to use them on any social networks you’re on.


    • Adam Wiggins

      Thanks for this.  Changed my profile pic. 

  • Anonymous

    Amen, Dr. Droid. AMEN!

  • Exceptionally pleased with this post. I was hoping for something from DL and wasn’t disappointed. Here is a link for sending a form email to your representative (takes less than thirty seconds and is way better than doing nothing) and their office phone numbers to get in contact with them.