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Wozniak: I Wish My iPhone Did The Things My Android Does, I Really Do

Would things have been better if Steve Jobs just admitted that he liked some of Android’s features?  Was it impossible for him to show just a little bit of love for us?  At least we know Steve “Woz” Wozniak himself enjoys parts of Google’s operating system when compared to his favored iPhone 4S.  In a brief interview with the Daily Beast, Woz held nothing back when it came to comparing the two iOS to Android.

My primary phone is the iPhone.  I love the beauty of it.  But I wish it did all the things my Android does, I really do.

There are things we as Android users enjoy that our Apple counterparts cannot.  We have a wonderfully integrated navigation system, freedom to customize our devices with ROMs and custom kernels, and the ability to install 3rd party applications.  But as most of us do know, that Apple has Siri. A personal assistant built right into your device.  Unfortnately, the Woz is no true advocate for Siri. 

I used to ask Siri, ‘What are the five biggest lakes in California?’ and it would come back with the answer.  Now it just misses.  It gives me real estate listings.  I used to ask, ‘What are the prime numbers greater than 87?’ and it would answer.  Now instead of getting prime numbers, I get listings for prime rib, or prime real estate.

Just because you do not care for certain features or feel that your competitors might have a bit of an advantage in certain aspects, doesn’t mean you should abandon your favorite handset.  Mr. Wozniak still rocks his iPhone on the daily and even recommends the 4S to all people who are curious as to which device he would choose.

The people I recommend the iPhone 4S for are the ones who are already in the Mac world, because it’s so compatible, and people who are just scared of computers altogether and don’t want to use them. The iPhone is the least frightening thing. For that kind of person who is scared of complexity, well, here’s a phone that is simple to use and does what you need it to do.

We love Woz.  He keeps it real.  Let’s hope we can enjoy his antics for a long time.

Via: The Daily Beast

  • Anonymous

    The home screen on the ipad is starting to look like the old android tablets that had froyo on them. It is so evident that Google has surpassed Appleat this point that it is impossible to ignore anymore. I mean you can’t even spin it without sounding dumb. And unfortunately, im afraid, with the passing of Jobs, so has the innovation at Apple. And when Microsoft releases Windows 8 with Arm compatibility, it will be the end of the ipad’s marketshare dominance.

  • Rb11411

    If the iphone ran Android I would buy it in a heart beat lol

  • Anonymous

    Siri is garbage, I’ve actually used it and its nothing to write home about. My mom eventually turned it off on her 4s.. she said it was annoying.

  • Anonymous

    Siri is garbage, I’ve actually used it and its nothing to write home about. My mom eventually turned it off on her 4s.. she said it was annoying.

  • E A butler

    Android is turing into something new and awesome… I just picked up a G Nexus and a G Note, I love ICS….I have a HoneyCOmb Tab.  I have never rooted any device, I simply love the freedom to customize and set my device up however I see fit.  I love that I can view any video file type,  add and remove programs and music anytime I want. Send Bluetooth transfers browse the net with flash and the list goes on…. I picked up my ipod touch 3 days ago and it just seemed like a toy … iOS is lacking in features and falling behind the curve.. 

  • thats because woz is a level headed thinker. not a hipster douche.  i will always respect his thoughts.  i do think its interesting he didn’t mention the windows phone.

  • Anonymous

    The Woz is a smart man

  • tim you can’t be serious with siri. 
    android could do the same thing back 2.5 years ago with android 2.0

  • Well put Woz !

  • the iPhone is a great device…its smooth, the screen looks great, it feels very nice, its fast, the camera is amazing, and everything is simple..

    However…my Droid Incredible has a good screen, great camera, feels nice, is still fast, and everything was simple for a first-time smart phone user.

    In fact, the phone still finds ways to wow me when I come across things…and I got it the day it came out April 2010.

    The iPhone is perfect for simple people…but people that want their money’s worth should really get a device they can call their own, learn with, tweak, modify, customize, create with, and be wowed by day after day…that’s what makes a phone worth $199 (300 is redonk)…also the razr and rezound are great phones, they have good speakers, and for someone to get a product that has almost zero “wow” features instead of one that can do practically anything just boggles my mind.

  • Anonymous

    Well, after scrolling down a bit i guess we can chaulk up another DL comment section ruined by arguing about rubbish

  • Jonik Cannon

    Darth Jobs is Sh!tting in his Grave

  • Anthony Alves

    Jobs is a baby.

  • Destroythanet

    I wish more Apple and Android people were like Woz and were able to see the advantages and disadvantages of each platform instead of simply hating on the one they don’t support.

  • please don’t use that argument, it only proves that you know nothing about cameras when you judge quality by megapixels, and you make us all look bad.

  • Kierra

    Hmm wonder why he likes the Droid Razr better than the Galaxy Nexus…

    • samIam

      Despite it’s popularity on DL, the GN has a few dirty little secrets:
      1) ICS on GN is still quite buggy with a significant percent of user experiencing random reboots
      2) The GN display is bleeding edge — with the accent on bleeding.  It REALLY dark — the brightest reading I’ve seen on it is ~180nits.  By default the ‘autobrightness’ setting makes things look horribly dark.
      3) The GN is not optimized at all when it comes to power use.  I’ve measured current drain on both devices & the RAZR is more efficient in almost all test cases.  As a result, battery life of the GN is poor.

      • Anonymous

        This isn’t every single GN user. In fact I’ve noticed none of these problems whatsoever. I find ICS to not be buggy at all, I haven’t noticed any random reboots, my screens brightness is perfectin my opinion, and I have fantastic battery life.

        • DroidLifeIgnorance

          Like you said, this isn’t every single GN user.

          • Bionicman

            my wife’s iphone has rebooted, locked up and programs have stopped responding. i think its safe to say every phone and i mean EVERY phone can have issues. also i wouldn’t go as far as to say a significant amount of GNex users are experience constant reboots. I certainly am not.

      • I’m sure someone like Wozniak isn’t bothered by glitches or battery life, he probably just prefers the Razr because it’s a better device overall.

      • DroidzFX

        Need to lay off the hashish

  • RW-1

    He’s right!

    While a devoted Android fanatic, I have never had negative feelings about the iPhone or it’s capabilites (What the company that makes it does in our legal system is another thread).

    I’ve always said to people that ask, if you want a device that doesn’t require you to think or have computer knowledge, and want anything you throw on it to just work, get an iPhone.

    I leave them with this: “Just remenber, that while you enjoy the whole experience and warm fuzzy feelings that you’ll get while using it, that they are not truly yours. They are Steve’s…”


  • SamIam

    Yeah..the Woz admits the iPhone is for ludites…no real news there.  What caught my interest was this:  

    “As it turns out, Woz wasn’t crazy about the Galaxy Nexus—he likes the Motorola Droid Razr better”.  

    So, despite having been given a FREE GN, Woz chose to fork out the cash for the RAZR.  I’m guessing he wasn’t impressed with the GN’s abnormally dark display & constant crashes.  I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again:  Samsung makes really sexy devices, but they push them out way before either the software or hardware are ready.

    • DroidLifeIgnorance

      The GN isn’t the be all end all device everyone was hoping for.  Despite this, they still tout it as such. 

      • PC_Tool

        They who?

        Name one person who claimed it was the “be all end all device everyone was hoping for”.

        You wouldn’t be exaggerating just for the sake of argument, would you?

        • DroidLifeIgnorance

          Droid-Life and the incessant commenters who made us all aware of it on every story. 

          • PC_Tool

            Try again.

            Show me one.

            Just one.  I’m sure, if you are not lying about the “incessant commenters who made us all aware of it on every story.”, it shouldn’t be all that hard for you to…




            Come on.  Prove you aren’t full of sh*t.

          • DroidLifeIgnorance

            Are you new to Droid Life?  Every story on here, even ones that had nothing to do with the Galaxy Nexus, were flooded with posters talking about how the Galaxy Nexus was the be all end all phone. 

          • Uberblade

            They aren’t asking you to prove that there might be a little g-nex bias going on, they asked you to find a post touting it as the only phone you would ever need based off of your previous comment as a end all be all device.

          • He’s right, you guys, Droid Life became a central gathering for Nexus fanboys who constantly touted that the Galaxy Nexus would be the best phone, would have no bugs, and be the best thing since sliced bread. They spoke of it as if it were the god of all things technology. This was BEFORE the phone even came out, mind you.

          • PC_Tool

            Yes, yes…

            We’re all crazed, drooling, zealots.  smh…

            Do you people even read your own posts? 

          • Getting that angry over someone’s comments on a phone can’t be good for your blood pressure 😉

          • Anonymous

            The newest phone about to come out always gets a lot of attention. And the Nexus is a phone that deserves plenty of it. 

            Are you so angry because your Mom won’t let you buy a new phone? I could be wrong, maybe you are not a kid, but based on all your anger I can only assume you can’t get a new phone yet. 

            I understand that you are interested in an iPhone… nothing wrong with that. But why not just save up and get yourself one?

            I apologize if you are actually an adult but the advice would remain the same. Just get an iPhone and be happy. 🙂

          • PC_Tool

            Wrong again.

            They were filled with people excited about the next Nexus device.  They were filled with folks who stated their preference for the device over others currently on the market…

            Not a single one of them ever claimed it was “the be all end all phone.”

            Not one.

            If you have to *constantly* lie to make a point….perhaps, just perhaps…it’s NOT WORTH MAKING.

            I’d suggest you take a moment and think about it, but…yeah…who am I kidding, right?

          • Anonymous

            You don’t own one do you iggy? I do have one and it is a pretty darn nice phone. I also had a Droid X like you have and it was also a nice phone for it’s day.  Why are you so angry and upset?  

    • mons

      Dark display?  Maybe you should adjust the brightness.  Auto brightness seems to work well for me – if I have the brightness all the way, up and am not in a bright environment, it’s too bright.

      I showed my GN to a 4S owning friend, and his first comment was ‘it’s snappy,’ followed by ‘and really vivid.’

      I haven’t had any random reboots, and have only had a handful for force closes.

    • I don’t think having to fork out a little bit of cash is that big of a deal for the Woz lol

      • Anonymous

        Haha!! U dont think he’s saving his change up all month to get his next device???

  • boo Jay

    I’m so glad there is one Steve from Apple who isn’t a liar.

  • ddevito

    iSheep need to look up at someone like Woz – who has every God given right in the world to be an Apple fan.

    And even he knows the benefits of Android, and points it out to the world.

    • DroidLifeIgnorance

      And there are no benefits to the iPhone?  Fandroids are just as bad when it comes to the iPhone, let’s not pretend otherwise.

      • Sp4rxx

        You didn’t read the article, did you?  He never said there were no benefits to iPhone.

        Read before your flame.

        • DroidLifeIgnorance

          Did you read the comment I was replying to?  He’s implying that because Woz recognizes the few benefits to Android that all of the “iSheep” should.  If Andy Rubin came out and said he liked the iPhone for certain things, would the fandroids recognize that?  You and I both know the answer to that.  Nice try. 

          • go away cocksuckers. Good god I wish this site IP banned you.

          • DroidLifeIgnorance

            I least my criticisms don’t entail childish name calling.  IP ban indeed. 

          • Know english much? Go back to your iCrap site.

          • DroidLifeIgnorance

            I hope you aren’t really an Android developer because you are acting like a child.  Must be a fart app developer. 

          • ddevito

            We all love Woz and Woz loves fandroids.  🙂

            Don’t be jealous

      • Anonymous

        As an Android user, there is only one area where admittedly the iphone is better: camera quality.  In literally EVERY other area though, Androids are far superior and having a slightly better camera is not worth neglecting all the other more important features of a phone.  That’s why I have a Canon camera.

        • DroidLifeIgnorance

          Ok, I cannot even take you seriously.  Every aspect but camera quality?  Serious fandroidism here. 

          Come talk to me when app quality is the same on Android as it is on the iPhone.  Come talk to me when Android phones don’t lag despite running the bleeding edge of hardware (There’s a reason they need quad-core processors).  I think you get the picture. 

          • Be thankful I’m even talking to you at all, sheep.

          • DroidLifeIgnorance

            Ah, nothing left to debate I see. 

            Sheep? My Droid X running CM7 says different, but I forgot that if you say anything good about the iPhone and bad about Android that you are an iSheep, a Steve Jobs lover, and an idiot. 

          • Actually, more like nothing left to say to a simpleton.

          • DroidLifeIgnorance

            I thought I was a sheep? 

          • my gnex hasn’t lagged a single time. all my apps look just like they would if they were on iphone. You fail. good bye.

          • DroidLifeIgnorance

            Since some apps are iOS imports I can see how they “look just like they would if they were on iphone.”

            Hopefully the new design guidelines can help to create differentiation and originality with app development. 

            And your experience doesn’t dictate the experience of all Android users.  Lag is a problem on the Android platform.  To deny this is pure fanboism. 

          • not on ICS where everything is hardware accelerated. Stop living in the past brah! In all seriousness. Leave this site. You’re obviously an iTroll. Go jerk off while reading iMore and Steve Jobs bio.

          • also that’s the last time I respond to you. Seems everybody else is doing the same, other than to poke out how ignorant and obsessive you are.

          • DroidLifeIgnorance

            You’re the only one that ran around here replying to just about every one of my comments.  Seems that you are the only one poking at my “ignorance,” only to show how truly ignorant you are. 

          • Anonymous

            any valid point you may have made has been lost in the comedy you’ve created by replying to countless posts with the same opinionated drivel. everyone has an opinion, and most here will disagree with yours. you should be more like Woz and realize each phone/os has advantages/disadvantages.

          • PC_Tool

            “realize each phone/os has advantages/disadvantages. ”


            Thank you.  I knew there were others out there.

          • DroidLifeIgnorance

            Only one phone has an official version of ICS and even it has some lag.  Just another typical Galaxy Nexus sheep. 

          • ddevito

            ” Lag is a problem on the Android platform.  To deny this is pure fanboism.”


          • ddevito

            ” Come talk to me when Android phones don’t lag despite running the bleeding edge of hardware”

            Okay, I’m ready to talk now.  🙂

        • PABNJ

          Lets see what the latest Sony phone with a 12MP sensor has to say about quality.  But you are correct with every other Android device.

          • Yes, I was very impressed with the 4s’ camera performance, slightly jealous even, but honestly, if I want to take incredibly sharp photos and video, I have a high-end camera for that.  The camera on my android is adequate enough to take everyday pictures.

      • Josh Groff

        I have both, mainly it’s the iOS exclusive apps and the picture quality that stand out. Can snap pics fast as hell too.

      • PC_Tool

        “And there are no benefits to the iPhone?”

        Did he say there weren’t any benefits to the iPhone?

        “Fandroids are just as bad when it comes to the iPhone, let’s not pretend otherwise.”

        Yeah.  Almost as bad as folks who pretend someone said something they didn’t, just so they can argue with them…

        • DroidLifeIgnorance

          I doubt someone who proceeded his comment with “iSheep” is going to have nice things to say about the iPhone.  He’s more than welcome to prove me wrong though. 

          • PC_Tool

            He doesn’t have to prove you wrong.  YOU are the one making baseless assumptions…not him.

          • ddevito

            The iPhone is great for my parents – folks who hate computers. My so-called “hatred” isn’t geared towards it. Frankly it’s difficult NOT to like how nice it runs, regardless of preference or allegiance iOS is great.

            But the cult-like phenomenon that has amplified (even worse so than the original Mac cult) is very hard to bear.

            “iSheep” just say the iPhone is better. You can’t reason with them, you can’t discuss ANYTHING about it to them, and you can have another OS or platform that works well too. They simply don’t want to hear it. 

            Example, the 3.5″ screen. Because Apple hasn’t created an iPhone with a larger screen they swear anything larger is insane and stupid. yet, if the iPhone 5 is released with a 4″ screen they’ll swear then that it’s a stroke of pure genius.

            That is a blind sheep cult follower in my book. Better known as an “iSheep”.

          • Anonymous

            You pretty much hit the nail on the head.  There are so many iSheep that even if God himself came down to earth and handed the perfect phone, they would refuse to believe it is any better than the iPhone.  They don’t reason.  They don’t accept that something *could* be done better than the iPhone.  And because of this lack of acceptance and refusal to reason, yes, “iSheep” fits them ever so perfectly.

            I will say the iPhone is a good phone.  Things I don’t like of it though are dropped calls, lack of the ability to see what is important to you at a glance (aka widgets) and the fact that Apple tells you what you can run on it.  Nobody does that to my PC, why would I allow it on *my* phone?  But overall, yes, the iPhone is a nice simple phone.  Many 3rd party hardware companies make everything including the kitchen sink for it.  On the flip side, iTunes has made me an enemy as I could not stand it and all the problems syncing devices and failed OS update attempts.  I think the Apple iPhone/iPod Touch platform is the worst I have ever seen with odd errors, failures, etc.  And that is with multiple devices over different generations.  Its anything but “it just works” at times.

  • Cant we all just get along???

    Except for windows phone phone f them always talk so much crap

    • PC_Tool


      That was awesome.   Those darn WP7 users…..all 5 of ’em.  😉

      • Anonymous

        Nice addition to an already good comment!!

  • Garrett

    @19cfc5e7d2538dffd9113e9f8edfe95a:disqus There is video of an iPhone running Android.


  • Android 4.0 does a great job of closing the user friendliness gap between Android and iOS.  I played with my mom’s 4S a bit this past weekend.  iOS is looking very dated these days.  The screen is tiny and the UI is very old school feeling, and not in a good way.  ICS feels so slick and fresh.

  • Anonymous

    I really wish he was still as involved in the tech world, he has such a real grasp of what people do with their technology and what they wish they could do.

    I loved seeing him point out how Siri was very useful and fun at first, then it quickly turned into a way to use your information to point you towards a place to spend money.

    • DroidLifeIgnorance

      It’s almost like it’s a beta product or something. 

      • It’s in beta cuz apple screwed it up.

      • PC_Tool

        …so is Google Maps…

        • DroidLifeIgnorance

          And how long was Gmail in beta?  It’s a completely different situation. 

          • PC_Tool

            You’re right, of course.  it couldn’t be more different.

            Siri was actually *not* in beta when Apple purchased it. 

            …but now it is. 

          • DroidLifeIgnorance

            The Siri Apple purchased and the Siri that Apple has on the 4S are completely different. 

          • Really? You’ve seen the source? lol. No it’s the same. woz said it.

          • PC_Tool


            Wow..  More lies.  Who’d have guessed?

            If you’re going for humor…you’re doing it wrong.

  • Dshudson

    I just hit the search button and asked my GNex ”
    What are the five biggest lakes in California”
    it came back with the answer.. assuming you can read, I don’t really see the big deal with Siri. 

  • Anonymous

    Wozniak… closet iphone hat3r

    • DroidLifeIgnorance

      I know I use things on a daily basis that I hate. 

      • Anonymous

        You do?  That’s strange. An Apple fanboy that doesn’t even have an iPhone is a strange breed… 🙂

        Having “Ignorance” in your name is also strange…. Why not “DroidLifeDummy”?  or “DroidLifePeanutPacker”?  Maybe even “DroidLifeFelcher”?… lol  

        Just Joking with ya…

  • Its funny how everyone says Android is way more complicated. I always thought that but then I talked my girl friend into getting an android phone (because you get way more bang for your buck). But she has figured it out pretty quickly, I did have to help her a bit into differences between Android and iOS. But if she can figure it out how can it be complex.

    • I agree. My mom had a Droid X but was curious when iPhone came to Verizon. She struggled with it. Things she found simple on Android she said were a ridiculous hassle on iOS and she quickly went back to Android. Never looked back.

      • DroidLifeIgnorance

        Care to explain what she found to be a hassle? 

        • probably everything. Android is just easy once it’s set up. Toggles for this, widgets for that. Not a slew of apps cluttering homescreens. yuck.

    • My wife first had an Android phone and then when we started our own contract on Verizon she got the iPhone and has stated a few times that her next phone will be an Android phone. And she is by no means tech savy.

    • Anonymous

      Wow…whether this is a bash on your girl, or females in general, it’s offensive. Did you mean it that way?

      • PC_Tool

        I guess that depends.  He specifically stated “his girlfriend”.  You’re the one generalizing to to apply to what?  All women?

        Who’s being offensive?

      • Really?

        Think he was just providing an example from his personal experience. Get off your soapbox. If he used his dog instead of his GF, would you go tell PETA? Don’t be so sensitive for god’s sake.

  • Fattie McDoogles

    I agree with Woz. The iPhone is sexy and it just works. Very rarely needs to be rebooted very rarely crashes. So for me its a great change of pace phone. Especially jailbroken. But my Nexus is usually my daily driver. Until the iPhone gets LTE then I will be swapping phones literally ALL DAY LONG lol. Just because I can. 

    • DroidLifeIgnorance

      Fall of this year the iPhone will be getting 4G LTE.  Along with a 4″-4.3″ screen and a quad core processor. 

  • Anonymous

    He’s right — iPhone is more beautiful in simplicity, but Android is more for the nerd.

    • Exactly. Android is for that cousin or little sister / brother that took apart the remote control and calculator as a kid. iPhone is for the settling big sister / brother.

      • Josh Groff

        Omg, that was totally me, except it was CD players and what not.

        • Lol me too…along with a hair dryer, tv, a truck motor, 3 rc cars, 5 fishing reals, 2 remotes, a dvd player, and a deer (I hunt sometimes bro, bambi tastes good)

          • Josh Groff

            RC cars, what a good time, remember zip zaps, used to swap batteries and gears and what not. remotes weren’t too interesting though.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t get this argument, even though it’s the go-to for iOS lovers. Android can be just as simple as iOS, but, if you like, you have the option to make it more. Want a UI that’s nothing but a wall of apps? BAM! Done. That’s how Android works out of the box. Want widgets, custom launchers, custom keyboards, and on and on? BOOM! Done.

      How is something that’s more limited actually simpler in function? Android functions just as simply as iOS out of the box, but it can be more complex if desired. Just because you can customise doesn’t mean you have to.

      Honestly, I think people find iOS to be “intuitive” simply because many are used to iPods. My wife is about as non-techie as you can get, and she navigates Android devices with ease. If she uses her friend’s iPhone, though, you’l start to hear things like, “How do you go back?” or, “Where’s the menu?” She never owned an iPod, so iOS is foreign to her.

      Bottom line: it’s not simpler, it’s just different and more limited.

  • Kris Brandt

    I recommend people get the iPhone so that I don’t have to fix their phone when they break it on grounds that I know nothing about Apple products.

    • Anonymous

      Thats exactly what I tell people.

      I also own the thinkgeek shirt “No I will not fix your computer”

    • Anonymous

      “For that kind of person who is scared of complexity, well, here’s a phone that is simple to use and does what you need it to do” I bought an iPad2 for my mother thinking it would be “simple to use” but boy was I wrong. Not only was I forced to installed itunes on to my computer to activate the device but now I’m also forced to help her with her iPad2. Where’s the device for people who can’t use iOS? ARGHHHHHHHHH 

      • Anonymous

        Chalk tablets.

        • Anonymous

          bad ass

        • Etch-a-Sketch! 

          But if I may, the i devices are simpler in many ways, and it IS stupid to have to install iTunes to use your iPad, but it’s not that hard to do. Apple will continue to break jailbreakers [most of the updates are to break it]. Android is built around open source so you can root/ROM whatever.

          Which is why I like webOS. you don’t even Have to root it, just turn dev mode on. 

      • Anthony Alves

        same here.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe we should ask siri if it had a choice would it have picked IOS or Android? 😉

    • Josh Groff

      SIRI is a moron, she seems to think Apple created her…
      I wouldn’t trust anything she says after that.

  • Gunther

    The iPhone is more and more become the iDon’t.

    • DroidLifeIgnorance

      You’re right, iDont want Android! 

      Save the tired cliches for engadget. 

      • then go to imore faggot

      • Anonymous

        What is wrong with your old Droid X that has made you so angry? Being so unhappy isn’t good for your health. 

        You should save up your allowance and get a new phone. Maybe even a nice new 4s and be happy. Then you could hang out over on an apple site with those that are like minded.  You would be so much happier without all the stress of arguing with those of us that actually enjoy our Android phones.  

      • While you’re at it, save the trolling for engadget also. If you don’t want Android, get the hell off a Droid/Android dedicated site. 

  • Apple may have Siri but I find the free Android app “speak to it” actually is more accurate than when using Siri as well as more social. I don’t get all the Apple-Siri hype myself and I have an iPhone 4s as well as a Galaxy Nexus.  I have to agree with the Woz on his statements, if your non-tech the iPhone will probably be more than enough, for the rest of us I feel its missing a lot.

    • Josh Groff

      I recommend Android to my family since they always ask me to help them anyway, but to most other non tech people, I recommend Apple.

    • Kierra

      lol I love android but no just no Speak to it is buggy as hell.

      • Anonymous


        • english not your first language? lol

          • Anonymous

            I guess not… 🙂

    • DroidLifeIgnorance

      Again with this “the iPhone is for non-tech people and Android is for tech people” cliche?  Can we stop with this crap.  I’m willing to bet that there are an equal ratio of techies and non-techies on each platform. 

      I’m sure all of the tech people with iPhone disagree with your baseless comments. 

      • Anonymous

        But what can they do with them other than run apps? If they are “techie” they must be going crazy when they see the stuff we can do with our “unlocked” Android phones. Even those with a Motorola phone can do “some” stuff.

        A techie person better like their iphone just the way it is.

        • DroidLifeIgnorance

          Some techie people don’t want to tinker with their phones.  Imagine that.  Some people don’t want to flash custom roms every minute of the day.  Some people want to take a phone out of the box and have it be optimized to work efficiently and properly. 

          “But what can they do with them other than run apps?”
          Perhaps make a phone call since it’s a PHONE!

          • McDroid

            But exactly what is “optimized to work efficiently and properly?”  Who decides?  The manufacturer, the carrier, the user?  You appear to be proving Woz’s point.  Obviously this blog is for people who like to tinker with phones.

          • DroidLifeIgnorance

            You shouldn’t have to root and flash a custom rom to get rid of the lag caused by the skinned version of Android running on the phone.  You shouldn’t have to be subjected to bloatware. 

            And of course it’s the user who decides.  Just look at Droid-Life.  What is the main reason people around here root their phones?  To get rid of bloatware, followed closely by getting rid of the skinned manufacturer versions of Android.  The user around here has decided that the Android experience out of the box is poor, unless you are going the way of the Nexus.  You can tell me that it’s the carriers/manufactures and not Android.  You and I know that, but to the average user, the user that makes up a vast majority of Android’s market share, does NOT see it that way.  They see it as an Android problem. 

          • Josh Groff

            I rooted and s-offed because of bugs with the sensation. Getting rid of bloatware was just a bonus.

          • DroidLifeIgnorance

            So you rooted to get rid of the skinned version of Android and the bugs that accompany it.  I covered that. 

          • Anonymous

            How do you root to get rid of that skinned iphone theme cause I don’t like it.  If I wanted an iPhone theme we have one… Can you load an Android theme on your iPhone?

            You are making our case for us. We have the ability to root and get rid of skins if we want to.  You can’t.

          • DroidLifeIgnorance


          • Anonymous

            You can permanently jailbreak a 4s?

          • DroidLifeIgnorance

            Not yet, but it’s a couple of weeks away.

            Can I unlock the bootloader of my Droid X?

          • Anonymous

            The very reason I got rid of my X. I lovedit, but no longer buy Motorola phones. If you save up your money from your paper routeyou could get a new phone too.

          • Guest23

            How can you run CM7 on a phone with a locked bootloader? I thought the locked bootloader prevented you from rooting, or doing anything

          • McDroid

            How is bloatware exclusive to Android phones?  I’ve been staring at an empty ibook bookshelf and a barren itunes library for months now.  No universe is perfect.  We should be grateful we have options.

          • DroidLifeIgnorance

            Bloatware like Madden 12 and NFS.  iTunes is an essential aspect of the iPhone.  Just because you don’t like iTunes doesn’t make it bloatware. 

            You expect iTunes when you buy the iPhone, you don’t expect Need for Speed and Madden when you buy a Droid X, etc. 

          • Jim Ortmeier

            First, anything that the user doesn’t want on their phone, expected or not, which is unable to be removed is bloatware.  Second, you say itunes should be expected on an iphone, but if you look at it that way, users should expect preloaded, nonremovable apps on androids, because that’s the norm (other than the Nexus series).

            I agree with Raven, as long as the “bloatware” isn’t using processes or battery without the user activating it, or taking up so much space that you can’t install what you want to, what’s the problem? It’s really no worse than an app that you no longer use yet haven’t uninstalled. If anything it’s only a problem for the OCD. I’d almost bet that with all the bloatware Verizon puts on their phones, they take up less than 25mB. Maybe on principle it’s an issue (paying for something and getting something else you may never use or don’t want), but in practice it’s negligible.

          • Anonymous

            Having the ability sure is nice though isn’t it? LOL

          • Raven

            I am really sick of this definition of “bloatware”. So what if a phone comes with a few preinstalled apps.  They don’t take up any real space.  It is a feature not a bug.  As long as something isn’t continuously running in the background taking RAM or CPU cycles, I do not consider it bloatware.  Now, if it was running all of the time and nagging me to upgrade to a full version, then I might get a little pissed off.  I rarely even notice NFS mixed in with my 544 other apps that I have installed on my Droid 2 and I still have half of my internal storage free to install more.

          • Anonymous

            Then why are you referring to them as “techie”?

            Do you mean they are only techie with their computers or something?  Or something else?

            Not sure why you think someone is techie if they are not techie…

            And of course we all want our phones to work properly out of the box, and most do… don’t understand your point.

          • DroidLifeIgnorance

            Techie doesn’t mean tinkerer. 

          • Anonymous

            Good since that techie person won’t be able to “tinker” with the iphone. But at least have the label of being techie… lol Maybe even “creative”!

          • DroidLifeIgnorance

            So they cannot jailbreak their iPhone to “tinker” with it if they so wish?  Get lost.

          • Anonymous

            Can they? Is it permanent now or just temporary?  You get lost, you are in the wrong forum… Doesn’t Starbucks miss you?

          • DroidLifeIgnorance

            You mean tethered or untethered?  All iOS devices are jailbreakable, except for those with the A6 (4S and iPad2), and an untethered jailbreak is right around the corner. 

            I don’t know, does Starbucks miss a Droid X, running CM7, user?  Stop acting like if you own and use Android that you cannot say anything critical of it or positive of Apple.  Child.

          • Anonymous

            I am not the iPhone fanboy here… you are. There are things you can be critical about on all phones, I’m glad you realize it… “Child”?  A member of Mensa you are not.

          • DroidLifeIgnorance

            Again with the fanboy garbage.  Come up with something better.  I don’t even own an iPhone.  Let me say that again, I DON’T OWN AN IPHONE!

          • Anonymous

            Thenyou sitting here atinglike you do makes no sense. You are a strange Apple Fanboy for sure.

          • DroidLifeIgnorance

            Or I’m not a fanboy.  Too logical.

          • McDroid

            “Some people want to take a phone out of the box and have it be optimized to work efficiently and properly.”
            “So they cannot jailbreak their iPhone to ‘tinker’ with it if they so wish?”

            See what happens if you post too much?  Your own logic circles back to bite you.

          • DroidLifeIgnorance

            Follow along with the entire comment thread instead of cherry picking parts of it. 

            Tech people who want to tinker or wish to not tinker have that option with the iPhone, it’s not exclusive to Android.  Try again.

          • Anonymous

            Really?  What can we do with the new 4S?  Can we change the theme to make it look and act like an Android phone?

            What do you mean by tinkering… 

          • DroidLifeIgnorance

            Why would you buy an iPhone to make it look and act like an Android phone?  Just go buy an Android phone. 

          • Anonymous

            That’s the  most intelligent thingyou’ve said.

          • Raven

            I agree and disagree with both of you here.  I am a very “techie” person, but I have never “ROMed” a phone, but I do love my rooted Droid 2.  But, even with rooting and ROMing phones aside, I still consider Android phones to be much better than iPhones.  The larger screens (even the smaller 3.7″ on my Droid 2), replaceable batteries and MicroSD cards (and physical keyboards on some) are just for starters.  I still also consider the killer OS feature to be desktop widgets.  I would never even consider an iPhone until they copy that feature.  I only have a few actual icons on my desktop, but I have all 5 screens filled up with very handy widgets that give me instant access to all kinds of information at a glance.

      • TC Infantino

        Hmm, baseless….Even though it is what Steve Wozniak (who I am fairly sure qualifies as a tech person) thinks as well?  Let’s see, what was the quote….
        ahh, here it is..”The people I recommend the iPhone 4S for are the ones who are already in the Mac world, because it’s so compatible, and people who are just scared of computers altogether and don’t want to use them. The iPhone is the least frightening thing. For that kind of person who is scared of complexity, well, here’s a phone that is simple to use and does what you need it to do.”

        There is a reason that stereotypes become stereotypes…because for the most part they are true.
        And yes, I will give you the point that not all Android users are tech people, though I would suggest that those who are drawn to the platform are interested in the ability to customize and make their phone uniquely theirs.

  • Josh Groff

    I feel the same way about my iPhone 4 and my Sensation. But my Sensation is the daily driver and the 4 is just for those iOS exclusives. 😉

  • Lmrojas

    I wish the iPhone ran Android.

    • Josh Groff

      I know the old iPods could run linux if you cracked em’, so it should be possible.

    • Anonymous

      Some i devices can but its only the old ones. Personally i dislike the design of the i devices mainly for the center button. It should be capacitive. As it is, its a major weak point in the glass and a lot of the screen fractures come there.

    • Michael Forte

      3.5 inch screen? No thanks, that’s so 2007.

      • DroidLifeIgnorance

        Is that an Android phone in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

        • Anonymous

          you must be looking at some odd shaped penises. I dont get the size argument really. they lay flat against your leg. different people might like a smaller screen size for touch reasons but phones arent bulky anymore.

          • DroidLifeIgnorance

            It’s a joke, not a conversation starter. 

          • Colin Vesper

            That’s what she said when I whipped it out

          • DroidLifeIgnorance

            So you have an iPhone?

          • must, because iphones are jokes. lmao! not really, but you’re a mindless drone so it’s funny to make fun of you.

          • DroidLifeIgnorance

            I have a Droid X running CM7 so I guess that makes me an Android drone.  Child. 

          • iphones were great, last decade, this is the decade of android

          • LionStone

            She told you, “It’s a joke, not a conversation starter.” ? 
            LoL…i love dL, it makes me laugh 😉

          • Anonymous

            I understand the joke. Im explaining how it doesnt work in this situation. 

            Now Colin’s does work.

          • DroidLifeIgnorance

            You must be a fun person to hang out with.  Glad we have you around to explain the technical details of joke telling. 

          • it was unnecessary to EVERYONE except for YOU.

          • DerekMasten
          • Anonymous

            I’m tearing up right now, lawling at this.

          • did you have to wikipedia what a joke is first

        • Anonymous

          I came across a lot of your posts on this article, and I just wanted to say that you, my friend, are an idiot.

          • Guest

            AMEN!! he’s a worthless douche bag loser looks like.  Reminds me of crybaby John Mc_Clain and Angelfaggit77

    • Anonymous