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Whale Trail Is Android’s Newest Game Filled With A Baby Whale And Rainbows

Not only have the developers done an amazing job at creating Android’s newest and cutest game called Whale Trails, but this game seriously rocks.  It might seem silly to have a baby whale and its rainbow trail fly through the sky smashing thunder clouds while bumping trippy hypnotic music.  But don’t worry, once you start trying to collect the stars and see how challenging the game can be, you will find yourself not able to put it down. 

There is a special 99 cent tag on the game during its time of release.  Go have some fun!

Market Link ($0.99)

  • Duyquang Ha
  • Raven

    But, how does it compare to Robot Unicorn Attack?

  • J Dub

    Ummmm a little to “cute” to put it nicely.

  • Van Hicks, Jr

    Would like to see a non-pastel version of this game, looks really cool though.

  • Anonymous

    Just the title of this post makes me want to put a gun in my mouth…

  • Anonymous

    errbody does drugs! 0:25

  • Anonymous

    cute game is cute.

  • Anonymous

    but will it blend?

  • Rtyler

    @Androidandwp7equalspower, this game has been on iOS for a few months.

    • Anonymous

      Did u have to kill my buzz

  • Baked14

    I’ll just wait until the apk is on 4shared

    • dodger55fan

      really? for a 99cent app, what are you 14?? pirating goes against the whole point of android and the dev community…

    • mons

      So you can afford a smartphone and a data plan, but not 99 cents to support a developer.

      Don’t be a dick.

      • Anonymous

        people will do what they want/have to do, preach all you want but talking down to him will not change his mind… #justsayin

        • Philip A. Kaiser

          People like him make me not feel so bad for uploading viruses to 4shared. 😉 Probably would want to avoid some of the apps on the torrent sites as well. Just sayin.

          • Anonymous

            While i firmly believe developers deserve to be paid for their hard work, i think you need a hobby bro. Uploading viruses? Sheesh..

          • Philip A. Kaiser

            Just a joke towlie. I don’t play with viruses anymore. Although I did hijack several email accounts from a Nigerian scammer once. No viruses though. 😉

    • Anonymous

      What a loser. Can’t even afford a dollar app. What, did your parents withhold your allowance this week?

      Seriously though, developers won’t bring quality apps to the Android platform if they think it will be pirated on a massive scale.

    • he’s baked. cooool

  • ain’t this the cutest game.

  • Anonymous

    Nice to see games come to the android market first before ios.

    • been on iOS for a while, just sayin