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Samsung Looks To Beef Up Batteries And Tweak Radios In 2012 For Extended Life

Are we starting to realize that many of the features we request for in our smart devices are finally catching up with us and killing our batteries?  We have more powerful cameras, huge screens, 4G LTE, and now we have come to an age of quad-core processors.  In an interview with CNET, the VP of product innovation at Samsung said they plan on doing as much as they can to help beef up their handset’s batteries to last a full day of moderate to heavy usage  by tweaking radios including WiFi and 4G so they won’t consume so much battery.

With companies such as Motorola busting out whopper batteries such as the 3300mAh one found in the RAZR MAXX, Samsung should have no problems marketing a smartphone that will last its users all day.

Via: Engadget

  • Djenks24

    If they can get their radios fixed so they work as good as Motorola in my area, that will be what makes me switch.  I love the looks of the Samsung Journal but I bet it has the same ol’ radio problems that Samsung is famous for in this area.

  • Anonymous

    my friend has a samsung exhibit ii 4g and he left itin my car over the weekend after listening to music the whole back to college(a 4hr trip)  and when i got it back to him on monday it still was on… i checked the battery usage and it had been on for 3d23hr and no it hadn’t been charging at any point… I mean yes it doesn’t have lte but still that is good battery life for any smartphone…..

  • Justin Robinson

    i wish android would use a hardware switch to control audio like the palm devices used….and like apple does now(bleh!)

  • Nbo_commish

    Thats nice. But I cant help but wonder why it took all these companies to address this. *Looks at Thunderbolt*

  • SteveTango

    Good, too bad it probably wont help me and my G-Nex very much. With 45-60 mins of streaming music at the gym, 30 or so text messages,  5 phone calls, and maybe 2 or 3 browser visits, I’m usually at 20% 7 hours or so. I’d like to be able to make it from unplugging at 7 in the morning until I’m home and relaxing around 6. That’s not too much to ask for, is it?

  • FortitudineVincimus

    2 words – bring it

  • Can I send my galaxy nexus in for this new technology 😉

    • Kuboo99

      It could be samsung’s version of the 4g upgradable Xoom. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I’m hoping these “tweaks” are also done in the form of firmware and baseband updates!

  • Anonymous

    How is this the age of quad-core processors?  Does anyone at all even have one in their hands yet?

    I know I’m coming off as a pedant, but seriously, nobody can run out and buy one.

    • funny i have one in my hands right now.

      • Anonymous

        Really?  We have to do this?

        Ok, fine.

        But it’s not like everyone can do that as easily as walking down to the nearest Verzon store and pickin’ one up.  So, therefore, still not the age of quad-core procs.

  • i dont really want samsung “tweaking” anything, i considered both the captivates ive had gps-less for similar reasons

  • ddevito

    Samsung Smart Actions, and will get tons of great press.

    Motorola will then sue them.

    • tlspatt

      Apple has already filed a patent for it.  Moto will sue Samsung and Apple with sue both of them.  

  • oz0ne

    Oh, Gawd.  It looks like my wife without makeup.

  • Will they work with current phones, or will this be applied to future phones only?

    • Anonymous

      Im leaning towards future devices only, but wouldnt mind if i was wrong

    • Alex9483


  • Anonymous

    I get a good full day of moderate to heavy usage with the G Nex on extended battery. I even leave gps on all the time. Unlocked rooted, CM9 Kang, Franco Kernel, EK06 / EK04 radios 

    • leaving gps on all the time does nothing. its only used when u see the gps icon on the status bar

  • EC8CH

    Just sell me a three pin landscape dock and my G-Nex’s battery will always be full.

    Samsung… make it so.

    • PC_Tool

      “Samsung… make it so. ”

      …and while you’re at it, get me some tea.

      Earl Grey.


  • Michael Forte

    You know what? I wouldn’t mind integrated, non removable batteries if they were as big as the RAZR MAXX’s and the phone was still relatively thin. The problem with the original RAZR was the battery was non removable but still only as big as a regular battery. And on the topic of Samsung radios, please fix them. My G Nex drops 4G in many places my Bionic had a 4G signal just fine.

    • Anonymous


      If the battery is big enough it lessens the negative of it being non removable. I didn’t feel screwed at all when the RAZR launched because the battery in my Bionic(extended) is still 1,000mAh larger.

      The RAZR MAXX on the other hand…..ok now I’m a bit jealous.

    • richard melcher

      no. I keep a external battery charger plugged into my car at all times, so when my phone starts to die I just walk to my car whether im at work or home and get a new one. I never have to charge my phone at all even if im watching a movie and blowing through battery’s like a crazy man. 

      If the GNexus had a non removal battery no matter how big the battery is once your at 10% your screwed. 

  • thatblasianguy

    they should done this before they released the G-Nex

  • I’d take a built in 4G switch.

    • Anonymous

      It’s out there to install if you want it. A 4g toggle that is.

  • OG Droid

    Looks like a Moto battery

    • Anonymous

      Nope, pentile on GNex.

      • Yep… She’s a beaut ain’t she?

        • Actually yes.  In real life the display looks amazing.  I personally would prefer non-pentile (duh) but seeing how, during the Gnex’s developement, it was impossible to make a non-pentile AMOLED screen at such a high dpi, I’ll take what I can get for the time being.  There is always something better to come along.  Could be worse, could be a low dpi Motorola pentile that looks like a screen door even from normal viewing distances.

          • Yes i agree totally. despite what seemed to be a sarcastic tone i was being quite serious.. if you count the pixels, the battery icon is over 20 wide. From a normal viewing distance, it’s imperceptible. even up close, i can’t even make them out when i squint.
            Sigh… i love my phone…

          • TheAndroid1

            Isn’t the iPhone a stripe layout?  It got a very high (higher than the Gnex) dpi.

          • Evan Knofsky

            The iPhone 4s has 6 more dpi

          • Anonymous

            I thought the 4S’s screen was 326dpi vs. the nexus at 314dpi? Or did I screw up both numbers?

          • Evan Knofsky

            The Nexus is 320 dpi

          • Anonymous

            Actually it is 316, if you round up.

          • Evan Knofsky

            If you go into the phones build.prop the screen is set to 320

          • Anonymous

            This is true, but Adam’s point is you couldn’t have this high of a dpi with AMOLED technology at the time of manufacture.  The iPohne (sic) does not have an AMOLED screen.