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Rumor: RIM Looking to be Acquired, Hopes That It’s by Samsung (Updated)

Update:  Samsung has responded, saying that they are not interested in purchasing RIM.

According to a report out of the BGR camp, RIM is actively seeking potential candidates to purchase the quickly dying, former king of the smartphone market. Co-CEO Jim Balsillie has met with “almost every company that might be interested” in all or part of the pie, asking for anywhere from $12-15 billion for it all. Who is their top choice? Samsung.

Samsung, after a stellar 2011, seems like a decent choice. After all, Sammie has yet to fully tap into the enterprise market as Motorola has attempted over the last year. What better way to strengthen that aspect of your business than by acquiring the best in the industry?

Also, Blackberry Messenger (BBM) has been brought up as a major selling point. While rumors over the last few months have suggested that will see a BBM client on Android, you would hope that an Android manufacturer owning the product would speed up that time frame. I’m just wondering if BBM is really worth spending that kind of cash for. Sure, it’s popular and all, but I personally do not know a single person that has stuck with a Blackberry device just to have BBM. It’s a nice service and all, but that topping your list for reasons to spend $15 billion? Not so much. Building up your mobile enterprise security business, definitely. Patents? Maybe.

Thoughts on a RIM acquisition by Samsung? Is anything that RIM is doing these days even worth buying?

Via:  BGR

  • krazypoloc

    RIM can burn and die for all I care, they have been massively overcharging for over 10 years now….

  • Chad Ramey

    rim should trash their os and use android….its only logical

  • user01

    This could be a nightmare for Samsung…one of the remaining value-draws for Blackberry is their infrastructure and the services they offer over it.  However, being a service provider and having to support, maintain, and sell infrastructure and services is a freaking black hole for a hardware (and maybe mobile sw) and consumer devices company like Samsung.

    The main value to Samsung might be the patents or maybe even getting QNX/BBX for a real steal in case they want to offer another mobile OS (or in case the War on Android gets even hotter).

  • Anonymous

    Wasnt Samsung looking into (or did they realease it?) something very similar to BBM recently?

  • ddevito

    That’s great – but Sammy’s success would be nullified without Android. Does this indicate that RIM would be merged into Android, or Samsung expunged from Android?

  • Anonymous

    They have some decent hardware.  I for one would love a 9900 Bold Touch running stock Android ICS.  That would be my perfect phone.

  • Bionic

    I dont get it, what is so great about BBM?  

    • Anonymous

      Millions of United Arab Emirates use it to try and flirt with women. That’s about it.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think that anyone is going to pick them up at 15b even if they have the cash.
    There’s not going to be any takers at that price. The cost of integration of BB services into their one will
    cost money in addition to the buy out.
    In anything RIM should do the smart thing and split up its assets and sell off that way.
    Their Enterprise security/services alone is worth 4-5 IMO.
    Their patent portfolio is their other cash cow.
    If they break off the patents and sell it I think Google/Microsoft will bite.
    But RIM won’t do that because they are stubborn.
    Or I could be completely wrong and this sale happens faster with no split up.
    Either way I’m glad to see that RIM has recognizes they are done.
    They have no one to blame but themselves.
    I’m sure RIM will be the case study for some college business class when this is all said and done.
    Don’t rest on your laurels otherwise you’ll end up like RIM and PALM  

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone see how RIMM spiked right after this news hit (~11:04AM EST)?  Up ~8% as of now.  This rumor obviously has some legs.

  • Who the hell would want RIM? No innovation lolol joke

    • ^ This. What does any company have to gain from buying them aside from a few patents? Are a few patents worth 8 billion?

      Even their push technology is outdated and expensive. My company started moving away from BES a few years ago because of the expensive licensing costs. Why pay all of that money to RIM when Activesync does it all just as well for free?

  • Michael Forte

    If anyone were to pick them up I’d think it would be Motorola, they seem to want to capture enterprise and business users the most out of all the manufacters, but since Google is about to own them, who knows.

  • Sob157

    BBM is not a selling point. There are a number of apps that work CROSS PLATFORMS that do the same thing.. That is how irrelevant they have become.. Their one major selling feature, has been recreated for a while now. Please BB owners.. do some research and dump BB and BBM for good

  • balls

    “I personally do not know a single person that has stuck with a Blackberry device just to have BBM”

    i knew a few actually

    • My aunt refuses to go with android because she “needs” her BBM to talk to the 3 people that still have blackberries

  • Illegitimi non Carborundum

    Pillage their IP and dissolve them.

  • EC8CH

    One Dollar Bob.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      Look man, don’t be a d1ck okay… it’s worth at least $6-8

  • RSLP

    They should pick them up out of bankruptcy in about a year for some lint and pocket change.  

  • Google should pick them up just for the patents.

    • Android69

      Google’s shares already took a hit from Moto’s poor past quarter. I can only imagine what would happen if they bought BB.

  • I’ve owned a few BBs in the past and never really understood the obsession with BBM.  Google Talk has always worked perfectly for me and it is available on all mobile platforms as well as Windows, Mac, and Linux.  What more do you really need?

    • Anonymous

      There are still some features that would be great that Talk doesn’t have…. indicators that the message was read/received, voice notes, pictures. I’m sure I missed a few..

      Yes… these can be added to Talk. But will they, and when are the questions.

      • QtDL

        Doesn’t texting do all that stuff?

        • Anonymous

          Doesn’t texting cost money where I could instead replace it with a free alternative, which – as an added bonus – delivers messages exponentially faster than the one that costs money and doesn’t lower the resolution of photos or limit the size of the file sent?

          • QtDL

            Sorry wasn’t being a smart ass. I thought BBM costs extra though? I have unlimited texts w/ my voice plan so I don’t pay per text. I’ve never had a BB so I never understood their services.

          • Anonymous

            No, BBM doesn’t cost any extra.  It sends and receives over the data network.

          • Anonymous

            BBM is totally free. It uses either BIS or BES servers – depending on personal or enterprise Berry usage. Whatsapp is a knockoff of BBM that most closely resembles it… Whatsapp is free for 1 year, then 1.99 USD for a yearly subscription after that. It’s a pretty fair price, even at that.

        • Not in the same way. You cant text me a file (doc, video, etc..) Also, BBM does not compress pictures or video if you send them (video/pic limited to 6mb in size). All of that plus what BulletTooth_Tony mentioned. 

          • Don’t we have email for that? I would hate to have docs or images sent to me ONLY be on my phone, since I almost always want them on my computer as well. Email solves both problems, and all smartphones already have it.

      • Google doesnt need to buy BBM just to integrate those features.

        • Anonymous

          Who said they did? Certainly not I. I guess what I’m asking is… after I already said the following, and I quote myself, “these can be added to Talk. But will they, and when are the questions.” what is the point of you posting?

    • I’m with you. Also, the appeal of BBM is that you can talk to other people who have BBM (and that is pretty much the only thing). If no one has a BlackBerry, why are we still talking about it? Whether it is great or not is irrelevant, because it is nonexistent.

      And either way, I still stick to texting. Yes, yes, it costs money, but is there honestly someone out there that doesn’t do it? And as far as pictures go, there’s really two choices: if the person has a smartphone, I email them (that way, they can see it right now, but also have it for later on their computer), or if they don’t have a smartphone, texting it is my only option. BBM (or the like) never come in consideration.

      • I don’t do texting.Mostly because I think it’s a highway robbery by the carriers, pure and simple.

    • You  can also make chat groups then share the bar code on the net.

      • Sorry all these post. It sayed system error.And I didn’t think it posted anything.

        • Anonymous

          I’m more sorry about your grammar. 

    • You  can also make chat groups then share the bar code on the net.

    • You  can also make chat groups then share the bar code on the net.

    • You  can also make chat groups then share the bar code on the net.

    • You  can also make chat groups then share the bar code on the net.

    • You  can also make chat groups then share the bar code on the net.

    • You  can also make chat groups then share the bar code on the net.

    • You  can also make chat groups then share the bar code on the net.

  • I hope Samsung will not make this mistake.

  • What! I didn’t see this coming. RIM’s doing that bad! (sarcasm)

  • Andrew

    Get a Playbook! haha

  • No, it’s not worth buying in my opinion. 

  • NorCalDroid

    Samsung is becoming too big. There going fall next