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Galaxy Nexus Extended Battery Back in Stock at Verizon, Still 50% Off

And it’s back. The extended battery for the Galaxy Nexus at 50% off is available once again through Verizon’s online store. We have talked about this deal time and time again, but we really want to make sure that everyone jumps on it. This extended battery may not double the standard, but at $25, it’s worth having the extra juice and extra battery as backup.


Cheers bigknowzz, CG and everyone else!

  • Amanda

    I got the extended battery when i first purchased the phone about a month ago. it was lasting me well over a day for the first few weeks but within the last week or two it has started to die much quicker.

    For example…I will unplug it around 10:30 AM. Go to work where my phone sits unused in my locker. By 4 or 530, Im down to 85% without any activity on the phone. Sending about 20 texts and 1-2 phone calls later Im getting the 14% notification and within the next hour with limited use it dies. 

    Not sure if this is happing to anyone else. Thoughts?

    Even when my phone is used often throughout the day it will die within 7 hours? I do not do anything crazy with it besides text, make 1-2 calls our a day, and check on twitter occasionally. 

  • Justin Moore

    Anybody know if it will still fit the OtterBox Defender case with the extended battery? I’d even be willing to use it with the battery cover off if it still fit the OtterBox, but otherwise its a deal-breaker for me.

  • J.B.

    Back in stock? Hmmmm. Not with my order. I placed an order for the extended battery last week while it was “in stock” on the Verizon website. A day and a half later I get an email saying it is out of stock. I asked them if they had a time frame as to when they would recicee more and they replied “not in the forseable future”.

    They said that they would contact me when the item became available. Guess they forgot. Damn Verizon. You would think they would be knocking on my door begging for my money.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know if this battery works with the GSM version of the Nexus?

  • Maybe this is a stupid question, but switching batteries won’t affect NFC, right? It’s just the antenna that lives in the battery, and the actual information is in the phone, is that correct? I have Wallet and NFC Task launcher all set up, and would rather not start over because of a new battery.