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Galaxy Nexus Extended Battery Back in Stock at Verizon, Still 50% Off

And it’s back. The extended battery for the Galaxy Nexus at 50% off is available once again through Verizon’s online store. We have talked about this deal time and time again, but we really want to make sure that everyone jumps on it. This extended battery may not double the standard, but at $25, it’s worth having the extra juice and extra battery as backup.


Cheers bigknowzz, CG and everyone else!

  • Amanda

    I got the extended battery when i first purchased the phone about a month ago. it was lasting me well over a day for the first few weeks but within the last week or two it has started to die much quicker.

    For example…I will unplug it around 10:30 AM. Go to work where my phone sits unused in my locker. By 4 or 530, Im down to 85% without any activity on the phone. Sending about 20 texts and 1-2 phone calls later Im getting the 14% notification and within the next hour with limited use it dies. 

    Not sure if this is happing to anyone else. Thoughts?

    Even when my phone is used often throughout the day it will die within 7 hours? I do not do anything crazy with it besides text, make 1-2 calls our a day, and check on twitter occasionally. 

  • Justin Moore

    Anybody know if it will still fit the OtterBox Defender case with the extended battery? I’d even be willing to use it with the battery cover off if it still fit the OtterBox, but otherwise its a deal-breaker for me.

  • J.B.

    Back in stock? Hmmmm. Not with my order. I placed an order for the extended battery last week while it was “in stock” on the Verizon website. A day and a half later I get an email saying it is out of stock. I asked them if they had a time frame as to when they would recicee more and they replied “not in the forseable future”.

    They said that they would contact me when the item became available. Guess they forgot. Damn Verizon. You would think they would be knocking on my door begging for my money.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know if this battery works with the GSM version of the Nexus?

  • Maybe this is a stupid question, but switching batteries won’t affect NFC, right? It’s just the antenna that lives in the battery, and the actual information is in the phone, is that correct? I have Wallet and NFC Task launcher all set up, and would rather not start over because of a new battery.

  • Lovin it

    Just ordered mine from Verizon. Being that Im a family man and I take lots of pictures and video with this phone(And yes the camera is not the greatest) I am tired of taking video at Disneyland and having my battery go dead right in the middle of the parade. Also love the NFC on this phone. I walked into a 7-11 yesterday and used it and the cashier said “What is that” and I told him. He said that the first time he had ever seen it. I told him to “Get ready because its the future” All I can say is I love this phone. Im unlocked and rooted and running Gummy on this thing and its AWSOME ! Anyone that is afraid to unlock and root there phone, All I can say is DO IT. You wont be dissapointed.

    • Timdogg7777

      What is so great about rooting it? What are the benefits you see or gain? Only asking because i am new to this whole thing and would love to.learn more from people like yourself . I didnt think i would i would ever do it but not so sure now….

  • Rolandopr

    got the battery with my GNex using the link with Firefox beta from the market !

  • Vaphilly

    Hmm, $25 versus $50….ok, I’ll bite, even if it wasn’t the stock battery, I’m getting something that will help me save time repeatedly charging (and slowly killing) the original battery…..

  • Anonymous

    So I bought my battery last week when DL first announced it, and the order went through. Next day I get an email saying it’s out of stock and the order was canceled. Today, I get the battery and cover in the mail from VZW. Uh, ok. Either way, it’s here. Barely noticeable in thickness, barely noticeable in weight. Actually, the small added weight feels good. Another +1 for “they should have used this from the start”, but then, how would they get another 24.99-49.99 from us? Yup.

  • Jim McClain
  • Anonymous

    Finally got mine ordered after several attempts to get one before only to always find it sold out!

  • Anonymous

    Got it. Thank Droid-Life

  • Jim McClain

    did anyone look at those pics with it in ?    wow thats a fat phone now  

  • Woobaker

    not showing online at all

  • Jim McClain

    no its called the  ‘ we didnt get all your money the first time,so we are taking another shot at ya ‘

  • Jim McClain

    did anyone look at the pic of the gnex with and without that battery ?  the phone looks twice as thick at least

  • RW-1

    I’m sorry, but in the grand scheme of things, I can spend the $25 elsewhere for the benefit I’ll get.

    I have chargers available to me everywhere, and in the car, etc. Plus, once I get into flashing on it (Been to busy to begin, ahh the old days of CM nightlies ….) the batt life will go upwards somewhat.

    Lastly, I just see this as a way for VZ to sidestep the issue of network issues in fringe areas. Release 4.0.3 or the new radios already to the unrooted masses, and again let them be your guinea pigs.

  • Anonymous

    Just an FYI for everyone.. I got tired of waiting for VZW to get in more stock (online/in store), I was told I couldn’t order one in store.. wtf?
    I ended up ordering 2 batteries plus a spare charger on Amazon for $30. Each battery is 1900mah. I now have 3 batteries, and a charger for 30 bucks – by Hyperion. Reviews are good so I gave it a shot. So far the batteries last as long as the stock battery. I’m not a fan of bulking up my gnex simply because I love how slim it is. The downside is that you have to swap out whenever juice is low.. but atleast I can use all the accessories I currently have. Also no NFC support. Here’s a link!

    • Jim McClain

      3 batteries ?   lol   hey can you come over and jump start my car   lol

      • Anonymous

        3 including the stock battery lol 

        • Jim McClain

          is that your house i see glowing off in the distance at night ? lol 

  • Jim McClain

    I would have to think that that baby would add some weight that you would notice,not to mention it looks pretty thick,,would have to see it in person first,,or just wait till one that does support nfc comes out

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know if anyone’s seen this but I just picked up the seidio innocell extended life 3800 mAH battery. I get it in 2 days…it was 69.95 if I remember correctly. Here’s the link: http://www.seidioonline.com/samsung-galaxy-nexus-3800-extended-life-battery-p/bacy38ssgnl-bk.htm :

    • Jim McClain

      that battery does not support  nfc

      • Anonymous

        …I’ve never once used NFC, plus, NFC also uses more battery. To me, battery life is much more important than Google Wallet and Android Beam.

        • Anonymous

          android beam is the shiznit.  Only had to use it three times so far.  1) beamed a webpage. 2) beam a few contacts and 3) beam some music.

        • RW-1

          NFC doesnt use more battery, it is like GPS, unless it is on …. It’s any poorly designed apps, wallet not being one of them, that would cause your drain.

          • Anonymous

            Does NFC use any battery at all? I have it in all my credit cards. I’m pretty sure my credit cards do not have batteries.

      • Yes it does. At least the one in the picture does. It’s a little blurry but in that pic it reads “Near Field Communication” under the Samsung logo

        • Nevermind, I see what you were referring to.

        • Jim McClain

          the ad says it red print that it does not suport nfc

          • Anonymous

            Edit: Wrong Reply!

          • Jim McClain

            we are not talking about the samsung extended battery

          • Anonymous

            Ya sorry, I followed the thread down wrong. Thats what I get for trying to be helpful!

          • Anonymous

            No, we’re talking about a different battery, read a few comments up.

    • Anonymous

      ITS HERE! WOO!. . .  Been on that site EVERY DAY since they had the “Coming Soon” Sign… Think I’ll wait for the random price drop from amazon though lol

    • Anonymous

      Here’s a comparison picture straight from their site.

      • Jim McClain

        would be like having two gnex phones taped together in your pocket, really makes a sleek light phone look very ugly,but get it if ya want it

        • Anonymous

          Already got it, and am gonna get the case to cover up the color difference. I have huge hands, and when I say huge, I mean, well, huge. My phone in the current state it is slips out of my hands so it couldn’t be that bad. I had the Thunderbolt with the extended battery so I’m quite used to phones being large. But I need better battery life to get me through the day.

          • Jim McClain

            if you want a brick in your pocket…. well its your pocket,go for it

          • Anonymous


          • Stop ripping on this guy.  Some people don’t care about the size of their phones and really just need the battery to last.  What if you work at a location with no utility power for 18 hours a day?  Some people put battery above aesthetics.  And don’t tell me they could just get an iPhone, that thing is useless.

  • How do u buy it tried to find the buy now but cant?

    • Anonymous

      add your device first and then the buy now button will show up.

  • Jim McClain

    hey its just 25 bucks, get it ,throw it in there and forget it, you wont notice any weight or size difference

  • This photo makes it seem like its twice the size but yet only packs an additional 300mah which is not a lot. Maybe a 20% increase overall performance or 2 hours if that. 


    meh. Ill buy it but we’ll see how much barley 300 mah more helps… 

  • I turn on 4G when I actually need it…I’m at 88% after 4 1/2 hours with moderate use on 3G and the CM9 Kang ROM with Franco’s kernel. I don’t need to spend $25 to justify hitting a button to turn on 4g (or wifi) when I want it. Just my two cents.

  • I want a larger battery, the extended one is alright i guess, but not as good as it should be..that is my only complaint of the Nexus, I guess I just use it too much..ha

  • Zebra

    Grr why won’t my 25% employee discount stack with this

  • Anonymous

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  • From my chat session just now with a verizon tech when trying to order the battery. See BelowPlease hold for a Verizon Wireless sales representative to assist you with your order. Thank you for your patience.You are now chatting with ‘David’David: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service. May I help you with your order today?You: Hi David, I’m trying to order the extended battery and cover for the nexus and I dont see a add to cart button on this siteDavid: I’d be happy to assist you. David: That means the battery is not offered at this time. You: OK thanks for your help

    • Q

      I had to click “Check Compatibility” and choose the Nexus before I could add it to cart.

    • No

      Not sure if you’re messing with them, or too dumb to realize you have to confirm compatibility by selecting the device first…

  • Q

    Just ordered.. if you’re having trouble finding the item on Verizon’s page, try this URL.. 

  • df2rools

    im looking for the battery charger+ a new battery. I don’t care whether its regular or extended, as long as its 50% off.

    not going to be swapping batteries just to charge them.

  • PC_Tool

    Honestly, why bother?  1850 vs 2100…negligible difference. 

    Waiting for something better to come along….

    • Sheabyrd1

      I would think that an ~13%increase in juice is worth 24.00 out the door………besides any bigger and you have ruined the feel of the phone…….better?…….do you have a new and improved cell technology that the mobile world has yet to see? I do not see a “better” in the future for this phone…….maybe 2015 when polymer batts get to a better level…….not being a dick but “better”?

      • PC_Tool

        “I would think…”

        “not being a dick”

        Really?  Because you apparently “thinking” that your opinion is the only valid one seems, well… pretty dickish to me.

        Not to mention the whole “do you have a new and improved cell technology that the mobile world has yet to see?” sarcastic stab.

        As much as it might surprise you to discover, some people apparently do believe that a measly 13% is simply not worth the hassle.

        But I digress….

        FYI:  Moto will soon be shipping devices thinner than the G’Nex with 3000 mAh batteries in them. 

        How’s that for “Better”?  (Do I need to point you to Websters for a definition on that??)

        Oh, and yes; I am being a dick.

      • PC_Tool



        Yeah…that kind of better.

        Man, timing *is* everything, right?

    • Totally agree heard there is a 3000mah batter out there with upto 65hrs of usage. Now thats a battery. 

      • Anonymous

        Seidio has the 3800mah out today…. 

        • Caveman978

          Seidio’s battery does not contain the NFC antenna

          • Anonymous

            Doesn’t matter to many folks…. If Seidio didn’t do it I don’t think any other third party would. Not much USE for NFC right now to be honest. I just rather good battery life that the Gnex Lacks

          • PC_Tool


            Other than it being butt-ugly right now (I am sure they will design better cases, smaller battery form-factors), NFC really isn’t a make-or-break for most I would guess.

            Awesome timing on the announcement though…

  • Jim McClain

    I dont notice any weight or size difference

    • eze4

      There’s really not a difference. The original back even fits on the extended battery without even having to tussle with it

      • Jim McClain

        there is little difference in stock to extended, but that 3800 battery looks a lot thicker

  • Anonymous

    I was waiting for this deal pop back up. Bought it. Will be here in two days 😀

  • Anonymous

    Standard battery is only $20. I have the extended but don’t really like the extra weight and thickness. And I don’t need to carry the extended battery cover. Is it 1850 mAh versus 2100 mAh?

    • eze4

      What extra weight & thickness? The standard battery cover fits smoothly over the extended battery

      • Jim McClain

        was talking about that 3800 battery

      • Anonymous


  • Eric

    Is there a limit of one?  I added two to my cart and only get the discount on one?! WTF>

    • QtDL

      I think so. Just place 2 orders – should still be free shipping doing it that way.

  • Am i the only one that thinks these extended battery offers are dog crap?  If the phone can’t last the day without a re-charge, then it should have come with a bigger battery STOCK!

    • Anonymous

      It is what they call the “Nickel and Dime the customer to death” strategy.

    • Your average person probably has no problem getting through the day without the extended battery.  Us nerds need the extra juice.

    • I agree, but nevertheless, what is your option in this case? I’m waiting for a 4000mAh battery from Mugen Power. They promised to announce soon on their facebook http://www.facebook.com/MugenPowerBatteries. At least they are good quality…

  • Wbp1981

    Has anyone heard if they are going to come out with a larger extended batter in line with the Maxx?

  • Jonatan Sofer

    it is working on the GSM version ?

  • any word if this will fit in any of the docks? (if/when they come out)

  • Secret Squirrel

    What’s the secret here? I can’t for the life of me figure out how to put this in my cart and checkout.

    • Anonymous

      What I did was; SHOP-> [under Accessories, select VIEW ALL] SHOP BY BRAND-> Select Samsung. The battery will show up there. click on it and find the Nexus. add to cart. I bought two but only could buyone at a time to get the discount to apply to both. I did this a week ago and they sent me an email saying it wasnt in stock.

  • Unexpected62

    how do you even buy this? I don’t see a link. Do you have to call? And after a google it seems that most cases fit still if they have a little give, does anyone that have one agree?

    • Anonymous

      Yes that interface is horrible.
      Scroll down to compatible devices and Click on the Galaxy nexus. THEN AND ONLY THEN you will get the add to card link.  Who thought this up ?

  • tjmonkey15

    Personally, I think the phone feels better in hand with the extended battery & cover.  For $25, it’s well worth it.

    • Jothen2002

      VZ gave me one free when I explained why battery drains because of constant signal drop..and searching for signal…

    • Anonymous

      completely agree. this feels like the battery and back cover that **should have** come with the phone.

  • KNG60FT

    The battery that should have came with the phone in the first place…. its funny how they are telling you 50% off when thats the orginial price of the battery to make you buy it faster

  • viewthis74

    got it. done deal. thanks for the heads up. 

  • Bwaha! Worked. 

  • Jim McClain

    love it,,, it does make a diference

  • Dan

    Im afraid if I buy this, my case wont fit anymore

    • go to the store and ask.  It really doesnt make that big of a difference in the back profile of the phone.

      • Jothen2002

        Yeah I would say virtually no difference…but I never use a case

    • What case do you have?  Many cases fit just fine, especially if they have a little give to them.

    • checazola

      I have the extended batter with the outerbox case and it fits just fine.

  • Thank you Kellex!! Just copped another one!

  • Kuboo99

    Just ordered.

  • Anonymous

    How much longer does this battery last, on average?

    • It’s a 2100 mAH (as opposed to the standard 1850mAH)… which comes about to about 13.5% more capacity. Usage time varies greatly but this will give you about 13.5% more than you would normally get. So, if you normally get 10 hours, this will give you an extra hour and 20 minutes. If you normally get 15 hours, this will give you 2 more hours.

  • I love the fact that this battery gives you the extra time, without the extra weight/bulk.

  • Chris G

    Ordered one about an hour.

  • ddevito

    I have the extended, but still hoping for a real extended battery.