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CyanogenMod 9 Music Player Released for Download


The CyanogenMod 9 music player that was teased a couple of weeks back is now available for download. The app will be in the market soon, but for now, you will have to download and manually install it via the link below. Why use this app over the stock Google Music app? For a few reasons.

  • Long pressing and flinging gets you special actions
  • You can search for songs in the market from almost any screen
  • Share tracks with social outlets
  • Customize the notifications music player
  • It can easily be themed, meaning themes are on the way
  • Shaking your phone or flipping it can activate special actions
  • So much more…

One thing to note – this will not pull in your Google Music collection and is only for tracks on your device. To my knowledge, Google has not opened up that service to anyone, so until they do, you’ll have to load music onto your phone in order to take advantage of apps like these.  

Download:  CM_Music.apk

Install just as you would any other non-market application. Download, tap when finished, install, enjoy.

*Note – This more than likely will not work on anything that isn’t running Ice Cream Sandwich.

Via:  SeeingPixels

  • Jim McClain

    well if it wont pull from your music collection its a waste of time

  • Tvldone

    I Like the options for the widget. That’s one thing google music lacks.

  • Philip

    There is an iOS apply called gMusic that lets you access Google Music. I would think that if this developer is able to create an apply with access, others could to.

  • I see Kellex is a Rick Ross fan. Awesome!!! I prefer PowerAmp over any other music app any day. It eliminates the purpose of me going out buying $200 Beats headphone.

  • Skaterskye

    I get over 1200 songs when i sync my phone!
    Once this gets the go! Ill choose this before stock app
    Me and my 16 gb nexus love that we dont have to store music!!!

  • Anonymous

    If you want 3rd party music players to play google music files that you’ve bought or made avail. offline, u should try out “gMusicSniper” in the market by R2doesinc. Solid app by 1 of the most talented devs out there (also known for the “OMGB/OMFGB” roms). The kid puts in work!!!

  • Lataviadaddy


  • Bionic

    no thanks, i like poweramp

  • guest

    You can stream google music to any music, try these steps

    Works on stock evo 3d, no problems.

    • guest

      Any music app and works on poweramp

  • Bob Campbell

    Sure folks, I have over 15000 songs onthe cloud too, but they made it easy to make songs available offline.  I always keep a few albums and playlists local anyways so I will give it a try.

  • Jason Purp

    Hey, Kellen. Mind sharing that blue wallpaper in the screenshot?

    Maybe you even have a Dropbox where you keep all of your wallpapers or something? You always seem to have great ones.

  • Hep

    Doesn’t appear to pull in current playlists and I’m not gonna recreate them all again…

  • Doublea501

    I tried google music for a month and came back to putting the music on my phone.  i have 25 gigs free.  4 gigs can be used for music…

    The only thing i use google music for now is to stream standup comedy :D.

  • I don’t even use Google Music–seems pointless to stream your music. Most of the time when I go to listen to music, I’m not even in range of internet access. Sooooo… This seems better than UberMusic. RIP Fede. 

  • Anonymous

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  • Useless without google music support. Oh well.

  • Anonymous

     this will not pull in your Google Music collection and is only for tracks on your device.”   

  • Jdstell

    omg omg omg, I need this: “One thing to note – this will not pull in your Google Music collection and is only for tracks on your device.” nevermind.

  • Anonymous

    If I have my music offline, will it be viewable/playable with this?

  • Zebra

    This doesn’t even have swipe left and right gestures to change tracks. Fail.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, way to dismiss it on its 1st version. Obviously u prefer to have the gestures so this wont tickle your fancy, but easy on the “fail” stuff right away. The CM team is pretty amazing, so the constant development this app will see is gonna be intense.

  • Zebra

    Without Google Music integration, you might as well just use Power Amp…

  • Excellent choice of music there 🙂

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Why did you say “Why use this app over the stock Google Music app?” and yet it cannot do the most import thing Google Music requires…. stream from the cloud

  • pair this app up with gMusic Sniper and you’ve got a win in my phone 😀

    • Anonymous

      Ha, i should have read some comments before i posted bc i just said the same thing….Love gSniper & R2doesInc always has solid stuff imo. I prefer to store my music on my device & not stream, so using gSniper & powerAMP is dope for me. Cant wait to give this a shot, but its gonna be hard to break the audiophile in me away from poweramps sound tweeks.

  • Anonymous

    “One thing to note – this will not pull in your Google Music collection and is only for tracks on your device.”
    And that is why it is not better than the Stock Google Music app, who wants to clutter up their device with music when you don’t have to. It’s Okay, but it still doesn’t beat “PowerAmp”

  • All my music is in the cloud through Google Music.  Until that is opened up to be integrated with third party apps, I am sticking with the stock player on ICS.

  • acs

    meh. im not very impressed.. at least not yet.. maybe after somemore updates. but for now google music is leaps and bounds better than this

  • J.B.

    Can’t get the Bass Boost or the 3D effects to work. Plus nothing happens when you try and share on Facebook. Other than that I kind of like it. Hope the kinks get worked out soon.

    • Anonymous

      It doesn’t work on Facebook share but I was able to share: “Now listening to: Where Are You Now by Janet Jackson” through “Friendcaster” and “Tweetdeck” No big deal though, No cover art, just a simple Text.

  • Meh.

  • J Dub

    Lost me on the last sentence. No point in this until Google opens up the streaming to devs.

  • Mack

    Haha I definitely DO NOT agree with your taste in music but awesome app none the less. 

  • spickle

    it’s not worth a download yet. the whole reason the Music app is great is because of the Google cloud and without that this is pointless. i’ll never load all them gigs on my phone, it’s not worth it.

    • Anonymous

      See, I prefer to have all of my music on my phone so I can use Music apps such as PowerAmp. I also use JuiceDefender to switch off mobile data when not in use, so I can squeeze a bit more battery life out, rather than stream. To each his own, I will give this a try!

    • TC Infantino

      That was one of the reasons I went with the Rezound, 48gb combined storage.  That way if I am driving through an area without good signal I can still use the phone as my car stereo’s music server.

  • what is the point if you can’t stream fromg Google Music. I was so excited, till I read that. Well, I guess I ‘ll just keep waiting for CM9 to hit =(

    • Azndan4

      Because, sometimes people don’t like waiting for Google Music to buffer and stream their music.  Also Google Music has ZERO customizations.  Finally, Google Music has this incredibly annoying bug where you select a song and it only plays that song.  To enable continuous playback of other songs, you have to press the seek button again.  That’s why I’m still using the gingerbread music player, so I don’t have to deal with all that BS.

      • I dont know what this bug is that your talking about.  I use google music on a daily basis, and it always plays the whole CD that I am wanting to listen to.

      • Evo4emperor

        Yes sir! Every time I select a song on a playlist then press shuffle it will stop after the song is over! Hopefully this player is better!

        • Azndan4

          Its very nice, but only useful if you store mp3 files on your phone.

      • RW-1

        Playlist, create, add all, done.

        • Azndan4

          Good point, I hadn’t thought about that

      • never experienced.

  • Anonymous

    the one thing CM7 did (that is a MUST have for me) is to be able to play/pause/previous/next from the current playlist using the hardware buttons with the screen off. i listen to my music most of the time while driving or running.

    also, no gmusic is a dealbreaker. can’t wait to see improvements!

    • Colin Zack

      that is nice, but its not as necessary with the music options available from the lockscreen on ICS. 

      • Anonymous

        if you drove in Houston traffic everyday, you would appreciate anything that can help keep your eyes on the road.

        same goes for running, but not needed as much.

    • Cyantific35

      I’m with you 100%. The ability to change the track by long-pressing volume up is so key for driving or any other time you want to skip the track without pulling it out of your pocket and taking your eyes off the road. 

  • marty jones

    Rick Ross is my role model. Along with Tom Brady, Dexter Morgan, and Ron Swanson.

    • J Dub

      Ron Swanson and Dexter are fo’ sho’! Not too sure about the other two.

    • Anonymous

      No prob, just dont try to emulate Ricks diet bc i think he has gotten bigger with every album/mixtape release since “Port of Miami”

  • Kellex you tease. Shoulda showed Stay Schemin off Rick Ross’ mixtape with Drake.

    But yeah with no Google Music access this is a deal breaker. Also turn over to pause/resume isn’t working. Equalizer doesn’t seem to be working either but 
    Shaking does. 

    • Except it should have been the version with Common’s verse on the end.  Drake don’t want it!

      • Haha no way Common had no flow in that diss. Drake did his thing

      • Anonymous

        Thank god someone here knows about real hiphop. How a flavor of the month rapper like Drake is mentioned in the same breath as a living legend like Common is mind-blowing. Diff strokes for diff folks & im not saying Drake is garbage bc he isnt that bad, but when he puts 20+ years in the rap game like Common then we can talk.

    • Azndan4

      Why are Rick Ross and Drake being used in the same sentence?

  • Will use it once it streams Google Music