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Video: Google Maps Game Headed to Google+


This may not necessarily be Android-related, but Google+ and its growth is still fun to talk about. And with that growth we have the introduction of a new Google Maps game that’s essentially like the wooden pyramid game, only in a virtual setting on real streets through Maps. You will find city and indoor maps to help you “play your world, like never before.”

  • That will be interesting.

  • ZzzZZzzZZZ

    Way slow day at the office huh Kellex ?

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Kyle

    The Game. You lost

  • David Henry

    That looks amazing!! I wonder it will come out in waves (first the bigger cities and so on) or if it’ll work for most locations to start with. I guess it depends on how much they try to do with indoors.

    I know one thing for sure. If this is as fun as it looks, I’ll need to invest in a better battery..

  • Sp4rxx

    “This may not necessarily be Android-related, but….”

    Maybe most of this site should have that user warning, slightly changed:
    “This is not Droid-related but….”

  • You realized that we’ve known about this since Jan 9?

    • U Mad Bro?

    • Anonymous

      Did you beat the game bro?

      • df2rools

        did you bro the bro bro?

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t.