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Galaxy Nexus in White Spotted Overseas, Looks Like a Bigger Nexus S in White

And just a week after we saw the official render for the white Galaxy Nexus, a real unit has appeared in the wild. As a reminder, the GSM version is headed to the UK some time in February, but so far, we have heard no plans from Verizon to release an LTE version here in the States. While we would welcome it as a nice change from the all black slab trend we need a break from, we should point out something.

As someone that has the white Nexus S (also a Google “experience” device), I must say that the white version isn’t just a new white shell. Google treats this as a completely new build on the phone, meaning it doesn’t update at the same exact time as every other Nexus S. I’m not necessarily talking fragmentation here, but I am saying that if a white version does come, I would not be surprised to see the original G-Nex receive an update while those that forked out for the white version are stuck waiting another few weeks.

Hope that made sense. Now, jump past the break to get a view of that backside.  


Via:  HDBlog.it

Cheers Adam!

  • Trophynuts

    what does it matter if you have a case on it? 

  • Anonymous

    i personally don’t care for white phones. white phones look household appliances. 

  • Matt Osborne

    What? Wow. Aside from the NON-STORY about using a leaked radio then making it sound like all the GN’s reboot randomly when they don’t. Now you’re making a blind guess according to something that “happened one time with a different phone.” Seriously, and what are you talking about the look of the phone!?!?!? IT’S THE EXACT SAME PHONE IN WHITE. I’M HOLDING IT IN MY HAND. There’s literally NOTHING different.

    My God I never realized how unprofessional this site was.

    • You would probably benefit from a nice brisk walk and a few deep breaths. Just saying.

      • Matt Osborne

         Yeah, you’re right. I had like three cups of coffee before writing that…they wore off juuuust before I could change the world.

        • I have those days too. Glad you’re feeling better now.

  • can someone saw ew.

  • Nah

    Teenager girls will like it. Looks Ok but not for me.

  • Anonymous

    All smartphone can have rebooting issues if the cause is a rouge app. Personally my Bionic has had two reboots from apps since the day it came out. I reboot once a week and since the last update my camera works so much faster. I took another look at the gnex yesterday and the lag between screens and the portrait to landscape transition looks like it redraws the screen and take forever to happen. there is a blueish film over the screen that can really be seen in MAPS that I just can’t get passed, it’s really bad and I’m not sure if that’s not ICS doing that. But for the most part ICS is nice but will take some getting used to for those who purchased the phone. Summary: I was not completely impressed, if fact, a bit disappointed actually. 

  • Guest

    black bezel gives more larger screen effect when the screen is off and makes it look more appealing.
    with white bezel, screen will look retarded just the way rotten-apple looks with 4:3 screen.
    the thing i don’t really understand is that most people who buy white or colored phones tend to be more female based than male, and that population who get’s those phones put a case/cover on it to cover the phone so why is it important what color the actual phone is?

  • Joelseph
  • babadush

    Two tone anything looks awkward. Reminds me of a Chip Foose car.

  • EC8CH

    I love how all the *pple blogs whine that the front bezel isn’t white too, so it’s not a “real” white phone.

    If I wanted a white phone, which i don’t, that’s how I’d want it done. Make the back white and leave the bezel black so it isn’t fugly and distracting.  Maybe I’m just not hypster enough to understand why a white bezel is appealing.

    • Anonymous

      Nope, I agree. The white bezel makes it look so dumb, especially with the soft buttons. With the black, it gives the illusion that the soft buttons are actually buttons, but with pure white.. I just can’t stand it.

    • Anonymous

      Leave it up to a fanboy to make fun of something and forget that Apple did the same thing with the white 3G and 3GS.

      • EC8CH

        They DID do it right there, looks much better than the white bezels on the 4.

        Don’t know why they changed, and I don’t know why all the *pple fanboys think a white bezel is such a great improvement, but hey *pple says white bezels are revolutionary and magical.

        • Anonymous

          Gimme some of that crack your smoking’.

          How childish do you have to be continue to write ‘*pple’? Grow up. What are you gonna start calling it next? The “Techthatshouldnotbenamed’? Pathetic.

          • EC8CH

            nah.. I’ll stick with *pple.

          • Anonymous

            All I read was, ‘nah.. I’ll stick with stupidity.’

          • EC8CH

            then you should work on your reading comprehension before calling other people stupid.

          • Josh Nichols


          • TheRobotCow

            And the fruity fanboy is reading an android related article because???

  • ehh

    • JMac726

      –The Fonz

  • Anonymous

    I guess the white that samsung uses isn’t made from the same Unobtanium that Apple’s white Iphone 4 is made from.