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Both Adobe Flash 11 and Adobe AIR Receive New Security Updates

Since we know that Adobe is no longer adding features to Flash 11 and AIR, the new updates that were released this morning can be nothing more than security fixes. We love updates, but these reminders that mobile Flash is dead are sort of depressing.

Market Links:  Flash | AIR

Cheers DL app tipster!

  • Gnasherrr

    Actually you are not right about the fact that the update is only a safety update…after the update, on my galaxy nexus I found that watching own3d.TV streams in HD a lot smoother. Definitely a performance update as far as I see

  • Jim McClain

    had it on my orignal droid, dont have it on my nexus and so far have not missed it

  • Will

    Most websites still take advantage of flash, also logins, vids, etc. are nice to play straight off the website.  I still love flash because it’s a major player to this day on webpages.  HTML5 is sooooooo damn far away from being the primary setup, until that mess is dominating, I’ll take my flash please!

  • Anonymous

    mobile AIR will still be supported as all the major mobile platforms allow for the AIR runtime to be executed on the OS

  • Anonymous

    Whats the latest flash version?

  • I don’t understand the desire to have flash.  Now, before I get flamed, which I expect to happen – looking at you “Guest” and you, “McClain” — I’ve installed it on my phones and have uninstalled it shortly thereafter.  It doesn’t seem to enhance my “browsing experience”, unless of course, the ability to look at random video ads is an enhancement.  I mean, now that porn is miraculously streamed in non flash format, I don’t understand the point of having flash, other than to be bombarded by ads, and other nonessential information.

    FLAME ON!!!!

    • Jordan Webb

      Eh, my work’s website uses embedded flash objects to present real-time information. It’s nice to be able to see what’s going on from my phone.

    •  Set it to on demand and only watch the flash videos that you want to watch.  No ads.  Why is that so hard?

  • I found a 3rd party flash player

    its called “SWF Player” on the market. I havent used it since flash still works but its glad to see others hitting on the the homebrew scene.

  • Anonymous

    I will be glad to except this update bottomline apple iphone will forever go down as USELESS.

  • Anonymous

    Me me I’m the tipster! 🙂

  • Lmrojas

    Iphone 4s users rejoice at our pain

    • Jordan Webb

      That’s like a paraplegic laughing at Dr. House.

    • but then realize they have iphones and weep

    • I never understood the iPride in that. They embrace not having a full web experience as if it is a good thing. There is only two ways this could happen: 1. Apple’s marketing is pure genius. 2. Apple users aren’t smart.

      Or maybe it is a combination of the two?

      • Jim McClain

        did you happen to read that iphones with siri use twice and much data.. or more, it was on news somewhere I read