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Starting January 16, Alltel Device Can No Longer Be Activated on Verizon Networks

Some of you may remember the purchase of Alltel by Verizon back in 2008? On Monday (January 16), almost 3.5 years after making their merger decision public, they will no longer accept Alltel devices on their network. And in case you were wondering, here are still Alltel locations in various regions throughout the country. Verizon bought the majority of them and AT&T picked up most of what was left, but there are still some in the wild. So if you own a Samsung Showcase, you better head into a VZW store today in order to move it to Big Red.

Cheers Anonymous!

  • Anonymous

    I love that they have an Apple tab in the picture, shows how “apple” focused they are compared to diversifying brands and keeping neutral in the OS space.

    • Anonymous

      Umm…it’s probably because Apple requires devices to be handled differently than everyone else so they have specific procedures to go through when dealing with Apple devices. Chill, dude.

  • dreedy android

    So does this apply to people who, currently, have an old Alltel device still active on Verizon?  My dad have an old Samsung phone for work that he still uses and I’m just curious if he will have to get a new device now.

  • Tim242

    Ummmm, this has been.the policy for over a year. I tried to put an alltel phone on an extra line, to drop the data plan, over a year ago. They said an alltel phone could only be used if it was active during the merger.

  • Anonymous

    What happened to that “any device” talk? Just saying…

  • Ytram

    Hey, just an off-the-cuff criticism, but you need to proofread better, especially in your headlines.

  • what a fricken scam if the device is technically compatible with the network than there should be no reason to make all these alltel customers to buy a new phone fu*k verizon I have them love the coverage but hate them more than anything. I fantasize about them going out of business but if they keep fuc*ing customers so effectively that will never happen! BASTARDS they don’t even pay taxes we give them a rebate for making tons of money isn’t the tax code great 1.3trillion a year in corporate welfare and all you droid lifers are paying for it.

    • Ashemo

      Nobody said anything about Verizon making Alltel customers replace their equipment. The way I read this, they will no longer ACTIVATE an Alltel device.

      • Tim R

        exactly. And besides dont most people buy new devices every two years or so anyway so there really shouldn’t be that many people left who would be effected by this.

        • scoccercoach

          Verizon wants to eliminate alltel phones and plans they currently service.  If you have an alltel phone on your acct, you cannot change the plan to a verizon plan (went thru that when I got my daughter a current phone.)  If you are using an alltel phone, you can continue to use it.  If you ever deactivate it, it will not be able to be reactivated.  You do not need to replace any devices but if / when you do, at that time your alltel plan will be changed to a verizon plan and you will have a verizon phone so they are happy.  This begs the question why do they want verizon only plans and devices?  (Rate increases?)  I have been with them (Alltel / Verizon) since 1988 and am quite suspicious of this scheming.  I plan to keep my alltel BB for a long long ong time.

          • Anonymous

            Why do they want Verizon only plans and devices? Probably because it’s Verizon’s network now and they want to reduce any fragmentation, especially as they begin fully developing their LTE network and begin dropping the CDMA one. I don’t know why people are bitching. Everyone is eventually going to upgrade to a new device – even you with your precious Alltel Blackberry. AT&T will eventually do the same thing.

          • fragmentation of devices that are technically compatible with verizon’s existing network? When they get rid of the existing 2g and 3g service not to mention the voice infrastructure and only then will they be in the right for telling customers they can’t activate their existing compatible phones. 

          • Buckazui

            verizon bought alltel… its been 3.5 years since the buyout… people who dont like how verizon does business have had plenty of time to run out their contracts and move to another carrier. alltel is gone why should verizon allow ppl to keep the old plans that are not part of verizons current rate plans? they BOUGHT alltel they can do what they want! verizon is out to make alot of money thats no secret the alltel devices and plans are not helping them do that. they could have forced ppl out right away 3.5 years ago and made them buy new phones or get off the network but they didnt i feel like its one of the “nicer” things big red had done. belive me when i say im no fan of huge money hungry corporations and not a huge fan of verizons way of doing things, however in this i feel like they are justified.  

          • Tyler Cameron

            It means that someone couldn’t use an HTC Merge on Verizon if it’s from Alltel, you’d have to buy the Verizon version. IMO, that’s the best global phone, much better than D4 and DInc2. WHy should people have to buy the same device twice? And on top of that, who the hell wants a phone that has been DEFACED/VANDALIZED with a HORRIFIC Verizon logo on the front? There should be a LAW against that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Are you dense? logic would imagine that by cause and effect by banning the old all tel devices that use the same tech as the Verizon network you would then need to buy a new Verizon phone despite already owning a device that is technically compatible  and not everyone has a smartphone. if you have a dumb phone that only makes calls why upgrade every 2 years for the better features?  I stand by my first comment. 

        • Anonymous

          It’s not “banning”. If you still have an Alltel device activated you can use it. If you try to ADD an Alltel device, you can’t. As for your argument about using dumb phones – phones break, nobody will never upgrade. Additionally, most dumb phones are free and have better features than your old one. I think you’re just butt-hurt.

          • to prohibit especially by legal means ;also : to prohibit the use, performance, or distribution of 
            so what exactly is your argument?  the definition of the word fits the context. Verizon is banning people from activating an old device. an example is if you have a phone and you lose it. You happen to be a broke bastard living in america and decide to use the old phone you kept when you upgraded. you can’t afford a second new phone because you can’t afford 3 meals a day(see living in america above) as it is. why upgrade a dumb phone. my parents are technophobes and don’t even text. there is no need or reason for them to upgrade their phones seeing as they only use them to make phone calls. I can see it for a smart phone or a feature phone but not a dumb phone. this is just a scam to sell more phones and lock people into new contracts and if you don’t see that then you are a troll or just plain stupid(see troll reference)

  • steven ross

    They told me back in july or so they wouldn’t activate my old alltel phone and I had been with Alltel since 2003

    • Anonymous

      you have to be on an Alltel plan and not a Verizon plan. if you were on Alltel then got a Verizon plan, then thats it, no going back

  • Anonymous

    I have an existing Alltel plan

    • Charlesnleora

      I do as well and am the envy of the sales reps when they see it.

      • Anonymous

        Every time i go in to the Verizon store they try to get me to switch. They all look at it then say “we cant beat that plan”. 

        • cannco98

          The same here, i mean 95 bucks a month for this is just awesome. and i just bought a alltel data plan a month ago. #true story

  • Jordan Webb

    It actually happened back in September/October. I almost couldn’t get my Nexus because they couldn’t reactivate an old Alltel phone.

    At least, this is what they’ve been telling me for months.