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Somehow HHGregg is Selling the Transformer Prime 32GB for $399

Still haven’t full committed to buying an Asus Transformer Prime? Will a $399 price point help? That’s exactly what HHGregg is selling it at right now. We have no idea why they decided to slash the price by $100, but we will most definitely not be complaining.


Cheers Mike!

  • Marty B

    whats the best Tablet for around $400

  • And they are all gone now… bummer.

  • J Dub

    Shouldn’t it say Android 4.0???

    • QtDL

      No b/c it wasn’t shipped w/ 4.0. As soon as you power on it should upgrade to 4.0 automatically from what I hear.

  • Its probably due to the re-release with the upgraded front cam and such…

  • they took the page down.

  • Anonymous

    If only this tablet and ICS had been around when I got my iPad 2.

    If only…

  • Vtxtank

    out of stock , back to normal price

  • VBoggs

    Price back up to $499.99

  • It’s over =0(

  • I wonder if I can get Best Buy to price match? Mine just shipped from them this week. 

  • Anonymous

    Its no longer active? Can I go into the store and buy it?

  • JPC776

    I found this early this morning while checking some TVs. I immediately printed the page and took it to Best Buy (which is where I got mine from) they looked at the print out and refunded me $110. (Price + Tax difference) Very Happy! I have had mine for about 10 days. Got ICS on the 9th and I have had no issues with it at all as of yet.

    • Sounds like a great deal! You seem to be the far and few between. Congrats!
      Mine is heading back to Best Buy!

    • Lmrojas

      You should upload a PDF for everyone lol

    • QtDL

      Damn it. I knew I should have printed out that page. My TP is arriving in the next day or so. Yes you should upload a PDF for everyone so we can get price match too. 😉

      • JPC776

        Wouldn’t let me upload a PDF only image files.

      • Lmrojas

        Just print the image that dl has up above I’m going to best buy tomorrow to try my luck

        • QtDL

          Yeah didn’t know if they would look at the URL or whatever to make sure it was actually from a store. I’ll give it a shot though.

  • GCurry

    Yes!  We have no bananas!

  • Anonymous

    Here’s a link that also has an HHGregg coupon for $50 on any purchase of $399 or more in-store or online:

    http://dealspl.us/hhgregg-coupons (coupon code: 50OFF)

    Haven’t confirmed it because it looks like the page is down.  If it works though, $349 for the 32GB Transformer Prime ain’t bad at all.

  • Wouldn’t buy it! Too many issues. WIFI, GPS, Bluetooth, Screen issues and some not having an unknown serial. Returning mine to Best Buy next week before the 14 day return window is up.  All the hype and excitement came to a crashing disappointment.

  • They removed the link, and a search for transormenr prime, only shows the $499 version now.

  • Honestly, I think it was a pricing mistake. You can no longer get on the page for the product BUT you can click “Compare”. Notice the price.

  • Tmcmenamin23
  • sold out!!!!
    It kinda blows I returned mine this morning due to pixel bleeders!  Now shopping for a new one. $399 price would have been perfect

  • Jscofi

    It sucked without ics. Perfect now. Wifi is not an issue. I haven’t tried gps. Excellent top of the line tablet

    • Lmrojas

      To be honest I was disappointed with Honeycomb. Bit ICS is a beast!

  • People mostly go on forums to whine and complain. People who are happy (me) are too busy using and enjoying their stuff to care.

    • Raxx

      yet you are here.. contradicting.

    • Do you have a serial number in your About Tablet > Status? That is my only issue.

      • Yes.

        @3eda6fcd3204ef285fa52176c28c4d3e:disqus I am responding to people who are like “I went on such and such forum and everyone has problems with everything !1!! This tablet sucks!” People who have something to complain about will be more vocal than people who do not.

    • Anonymous


  • Jeff Huntington

    Just talked to customer service at HHGregg, asking if I could order the tablet.  They stated that they had to take it down because they oversold the item by 200+ units, but here’s the good news.  They will be getting in additional shipments at the end of January/early February and they stated they would repost the item then @ the $399 price.

    For those concerned about wi-fi, I actually had a transformer prime that met an unfortunate demise.  In the week that I had it, I used it extensively and let me say I never, never, had an issue with my wi-fi signal.  Its a non-issue for me.  I’m buying another once as soon as I can.

    • Anonymous

      I will say that the wifi does not impress me on my transformer prime, it is not terrible, it may even be better than that of my D3G and other cell phones that I have owned, but it is not as good as my laptop. That being said I will surely not return it for the dinky plastic backed one…

  • The main site is up, the page is gone/missing.

  • Jake

    Gone in Tampa, FL. I checked, and none of the local stores have them, the warehouse doesn’t have any, and they are no longer taking orders. The system shows -150 (negatives denotes unfilled preorders). This deal is dead for now.

  • derek connolly

    That page is now taken down…looks like it was an accident

  • S9779

    I dont know how large most people’s houses are but mine is round 2000 sq ft. Two floors wood and plaster construction. I have good wifi signal in my whole home. Infact my thunderbolt is much worse. Over wireless n in my back yard i see speeds of over 15mbps. Dont see anything wrong with that.

    • Lmrojas

      After the ICS update I tested it agianst my Droid X and my buddies Xoom and now my Prime has further wifi range than both.

  • Anonymous

    Why bother, got one yesterday POS would not even turn on… and ASUS support is worthless, plus they won’t replace it… so at least with HHGregg whatever it’s only a $399 paper weight vs. 499 at BB ended up with the ACER a500 for 299 not bad a step back on the specs, but heck it turns on and actually does something!

    • Lmrojas

      Mmhm yeah that’s why 99% of prime owners are more than satisfied. If you got a lemon that’s one thing, if you are trolling that’s another.

      • Anonymous

        My point is if you have ANY issue, even one that simple, ASUS will NOT stand behind their product and help the customer, I would have accepted a replacement, they COULD have shipped me one, but refused to honor the warranty, even though I just bought it that day…. 

        • Lmrojas

          Stop lying all guys who complained about the GPS or wifi on the forums to Asus got an RMA. Seriously they have given great support and the tablet other than the GPS is perfect

        • you dont need a replacement you need to charge it retard

          • Anonymous

            I did for 2 hours… does it take 60 or 600 to charge enough to turn on, and their support said it should take less than 1 hour!!!

          • After the update to ICS mine wouldn’t charge past 59%. I did a factory reset and worked flawless after except for the bleeding pixel in which i returned this morning.  Now shopping for another

          • steve west

            can i buy your paperweight? i got 50 bucks with your name on it!

        • 1. Mfr’s don’t replace, they repair, I’m sure they offered to repair it for a cost.
          2. Retailer would absolutely replace it for you without a hassle, the problem is they don’t have any to give you. 

          It just sounds like you’re being a little baby about this whole thing. Well grow up dude.

          • Anonymous

            Yea they do, I have had many things “replaced” often with overnight free shipments, they would not offer repair/replacement or any real help… point is the company has poor customer service how hard is that to get through your collective head(s)… posted on their facebook and rather than reply, or apologize they delete the post… yet again proves they could care less about CS.

          • LionStone

            If you bought the extra little BB insurance, if something happens they replace tablets with a new one. If they don’t have any now, wait and I’m sure they’ll get more. If you didn’t buy it, then they ship it out and you have to wait. 

    • Did you charge it for a while first? This seems obvious, but you wouldnt be the first.

    • Cory

      I thought the same thing when I got mine, but then I used Google and found out that many of them are shipping with 0% battery, so I charged it for at least two hours before it would turn on, even with the power plugged in. Works perfect now.

      • Anonymous

        So did i, still would not turn on, just vibrated and nothing, would even appear on the screen like hey Dead battery, hello….

        • Mine was the same story… I was scared at first, but then i took a second to breathe and think…. people can be idiots. The tablet is great, the customer is defective

    • Anonymous

       I don’t think anyone is going to sympathize with you on this. Most manufactures don’t replace , they repair and it doesn’t sound like you wanted it repaired. Hope this make you think twice about being an early adopter since the store doesn’t haveany for you to exchange.

      • Anonymous

        THEY SAID “TAKE IT BACK TO BEST BUY THEY WILL REPAIR IT” of course when I go there, oh , they don’t repair only returns on tablets… ASUS didn’t even know that… 
        ASUS refused to do ANYTHING but tell me to return it to the store!

        • Aubreyvt

          They sure are giving you a hard time here…… so are you basically stuck with a dead tab? With no way to return it? Seems like there would be some way to either get a refund or an exchange. Even if you have to wait a little while for them to ship you a new one. 

        • Anonymous

          so return it to where you purchased it. or go ahead and do the RMA and get it repaired. this is standard policy, not just ASUS dicking you around. I find it difficult to believe that you’re somehow shocked with this.

    • Anonymous

      So teke it back and get your money back. Then buy a new one when it’s available. Big deal.

      • Anonymous

        Watch the price go back up… right pay an extra 100-200 just to get a working one, rather have one that works NOW then wait for another dud! Besides as I SAID, my point is ASUS will not stand behind their products so what is the point of buying from them at all, if they could care less about fixing the issue, so say i have one for 3 months and the screen goes out, o take it back to BB, NO just enjoy your paperweight as ASUS won’t do anything for you…

    • I’m not saying Asus support is great, but I don’t believe for a second that you were stuck with a 1 day old computer you couldn’t return to some one.

  • Anonymous

    i work at an hhgregg in virginia. i have been checking our inventory system daily to see when we were getting it in. when i checked on sunday it finally popped up and at 399. i bought 2 without thinking about it. i suggest going to a store and ordering it that way. give them the part number and it will ring up at that price, thats the best way to ensure you will get it at 399. my manager has told me we will be getting them in store next week. not sure if thats the same for all of our locations but its worth a shot. good luck!!

  • Lmrojas

    Okay. The Wifi is fine. Seriously if you don’t own one don’t comment based on a bunch of dumb teens on the forums. The GPS is an issue for some but who really uses a tablet for Navigation. It you have wifi on the tablet finds your location quite easily. Beat tablet on the market for the next few months. Period end of story.

  • Teng247

    im sure its a pricing error and they caught onto it… they’ll probably cancel orders for people who got through

  • Jdevore64

    Gone Already…….

    • The entire site is down, I’d say start spamming the refresh in case that page comes when the site does.

  • Dacatalyst41

    No longer available. The whole page is gone. I might have paid $399 with the GPS flaw, but….so much for that. That Acer A700 is starting to look very nice if it comes in at the right price point.

    • Dacatalyst41

      Oh….gps AND wifi flaw…..just sayin

      • Cory

        Mine has no wifi flaw. Works perfectly.

      • stop reporting rumor and don’t judge until you have one… the Prime is amazing. Just wish it had NFC

  • Brian Wenger

    Page no longer exists.

  • “hhgregg.com is temporarily down for maintenance”

    Edit: For $100 less I’d be willing to buy and test it at home. If the Wifi isn’t an issue I’d say it’s a fair price for a defective but otherwise fantastic tablet.

    • Chris G

      I have no issue with wifi on it.  I use a g router or my galaxy nexus as source.

  • Anonymous

    To be honest, between the gps, and arguably the most important feature of a wifi tablet… The wifi bring flawed, I think this is priced accordingly.

    • How bad the WiFi is Prime is?

      • Anonymous

        Bad enough for asus to recognize, make a statement, and show a replacement at ces within one month of the primes release.

        • The tablet they showed on CES is mostly demonstrating a HD screen, not just fixing Prime’s shortfalls.
          I think the all-metal back of a Prime was a design mistake and Asus acknowledged it, so they are not carrying this design over to the next model, but I don’t think the next model was made just to correct Prime’s shortfalls, I think it was mostly to demonstrate HD screen on CES.
          Are there any proven report/demos of WiFi weakness in Prime? I’ve seen only rumors so far.

          • Anonymous

            Asus talked about slow wifi issues as being part of the delay of initial launch: http://www.engadget.com/2011/12/12/asus-delays-transformer-primes-release-until-wifi-fix-is-found/

            The GPS issue is explained here: http://www.anandtech.com/show/5285/asus-eee-pad-transformer-prime-gps-issue-explained and there was another firmware update on the 3rd for GPS fixes, but it’s still an issue: http://www.theverge.com/2012/1/3/2678837/asus-transformer-prime-firmware-update-gps-fix

      • ShopDroid

        It’s an non issue.  Works fine for all 6 tablets between me and my friends.   Check out XDA forums.  Very few are bitching about it there and ppl there are about the most vocal bunch.

      • I’ve had mine for almost for about 3 weeks and haven’t had any wifi issues. great tablet and ics made it even better.

        • Dacatalyst41

          That actually helped me alot I’ve only heard bad things about the wifi and when I asked in previous forums I only got bad responses. It’s good to know it works well for some people. I think I’m back on the Prime Train!

  • John Repetti

    Out of stock

  • Page is now gone.

  • Anonymous

    Error:The product you have selected cannot be purchased at this time.

    • Anonymous

      And now the page is saying “We’re Sorry We Can’t Reach The Page You Are Looking For”

  • Anonymous

    I just tried to add it to the cart and I get an error saying… Error:The product you have selected cannot be purchased at this time.

  • Anonymous

    But this is the lower res version, isn’t it?

  • Says can not be purchased at this time when trying to add to cart.

  • Anonymous

    It is a Discount for Taking “GPS” off the Specs sheet… LOL

    • Anonymous

      i was always confused, why would gps be a big deal feature on a wifi device?

      • I love my Prime, never touched GPS. Why bother? Not like you can get Turn-by-Turn, and a decent, dedicated GPS will only run you 50 at Best Buy anyways. That, and anyone with a quad-core tablet will probably have a smartphone with GPS that would be worth using.

        • Anonymous

          word. i have a 2 year old evo 4g with navigation what a need a tablet for. If i ever were to buy a tablet it would be a transformer prime or maaaaaaaaaaaaybe an ipad 3 (only if they had 3d animation apps for it) and i would def not pay extra for 3g for a tablet.