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Madden NFL 12 Now 99 Cents In The Android Market

As we start getting down to the wire as far as NFL playoffs are concerned, Electronic Arts has lowered the price of Madden 12 to 99 cents for a limited time in the Android Market. With real teams and real players, you just can’t help but get sucked into all the gridiron action that this game delivers. 99 cents – go grab it.

So who is everyone rooting for this weekend? Go Niners!

Market Link

  • Anonymous

    There is a new android market version released. 3.4.4 Just thought you should know.

  • YESSS!!!! GO NINERS!!!!

  • edwards311

    RAVENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LETS GO BMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And who woulda thunk it……Hitler is a Steelers fan

  • Jeffjames92

    49ers all day

  • CTD_Chevrolet

    Bought it through the link for my touchpad.  Hopefully ICS love soon

  • Bionic

    cool, im gonna give it a try tonight.  Been curious as to how well it performs.  Does it kill your battery?

    I can see this game being really cool on a 7 inch google tablet or that ASUS tablet from CES

  • Bayou Boy

    Just gotta say one thing, WHO DAT??

  • Anonymous

    No g nex support??

  • Jikhead

    Hope you have plenty of storage, as this game requires a 600+ MB download.

  • 49ERS!!!!!!!!!!!…. Gnex

  • This app is incompatible with all of your devices.

  • Djlowproz

    i will not be rooting this weekend. Im still trying to enjoy the stockness of my nexus

  • Anonymous

    Anybody but the Pats.

  • Anonymous
  • KRDM

    Go Broncos!

  • Cammy Cakes Newton go Panthers.

  • Justinlightner

    Boooo!!! Galaxy Nexus is not a supported device 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Eagles! (Now I’ll go cry in my room alone.)

    • Anonymous

      As long as Vick is on their team, my CO Bulldog refuses to let me root for them.

      • Jjjjj

        Yeah because youe life is perfect and you never needed to be redeemed from wrong.

        • Anonymous

          Michael Vick didn’t get drunk at a party and get in a fight, or something similar. He’s a psychopath.

          He didn’t just fight dogs (while laughing at them when they were being torn up), which is cruel enough, he tortured them. Vick killed dogs by wetting them down and electrocuting them, hanging, shooting, drowning, and even slamming them down on the ground until they died.

          The fact that he half-apologized (only for the dog fighting part, which isn’t the worst of it; even then only calling it “immature” and “a mistake”) in order to resume a multi-million dollar career doesn’t mean to much to me. I don’t know how anyone can be a fan of his after what he’s done (and with as little remorse as he’s shown) just because he can run with a ball.

          • Anonymous

            Sometimes we just have to forgive someone for making a mistake. That’s what I did with Vick. You should to. Besides, they’re just dogs – animals (and I love dogs). It’s not like he killed people.

        • Anonymous

          Here are a couple articles from a quick Google search (both from examiner.com; hardly a bleeding heart PETA site):

          I don’t get it when people’s love of their sport means more to them than the realities of life. There is something deeply wrong with Michael Vick, and the fact that he’s still out there making his millions and being showered with praise and adoration just because he’s physically gifted is insane. I believe in forgiveness when someone is clearly repentant, but even then that person should have to live with the consequences of their actions. Vick is neither repentant nor is he living with any consequences.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t condone what vick did, but let it go already. You don’t know what that man’s childhood was like. Not saying i do either or that it was right, but i know what poverty breeds. He served his government mandated time. He has every right to earn a living. Instead of dragging it on and bashing the guy, why don’t you move to your nearest ghetto and see to it that everyone is raised with your morals and high standards.

          • Anonymous

            There are plenty of people who are impoverished that don’t do those sorts of things. Not only is poverty not an excuse, but your line of thinking is insulting to anyone who lives below the poverty line. Also, thanks for thinking you know me, my background, and how I volunteer my time.

          • Anonymous

            You’re right. Poverty is not an excuse for what he did. And I’m not excusing him either. But i don’t think he picked up dog fighting in college or the Nfl. Curious to see where you think that idea came from. I know from my own childhood how difficult it can be to let go of things, learned, because that’s how they did it in my old “neighborhood.” Not trying to influence your opinion of him, flat out it was wrong, but move on from that. He paid his debt.

          • Dereknmsu

            He served his debt already and everyone has the right to a second chance. people need to get off the high horse already and move on. 

          • and you are neither forgiving or graceful….and no i am not nor ever have been a Vick fan.

  • GIANTS!!!!

  • mchlkrieger

    How is this “not supported” on the RAZR when a trial bloatware version came with the device???

  • John

    how if it’s not compatible for your device? also, don’t they release separate versions every year to make more $$$?

  • Interestingly enough, it says not compatible with the GNex, but seems to be ok for the Transformer Prime (also an ICS device)…?

  • Highwire

    Fawk the niners. GO SAINTS!

    • LionStone

      You mean the “Aints”… lol! 


  • John

    Verizon Samsung Galaxy NexusThis item is not compatible with your device.

    Damn you EA!!

    • Anonymous

      EA supports SOPA, and therefore I do not buy games from them.

      • John

        True but I like that game & will overlook it just this once (if they ever support this OS)

  • Edwin M

    GIANTS!!! GO BLUE!!!

  • Anonymous

    At least my Browns got the cover! …that’s the only thing we will get :/

    • marty jones

      We gotta get rid of colt, bro. Colt’s not the guy.

      • Anonymous

        Man we have so many needs I don’t know who to get.

      • Anakin Solo

        Colt is about the only good player they have on Offence.  They need to draft better.

  • Texans!!! H-Town baby!

  • Sk102704

    Go Pats!

  • Genius

    Sweet, only $0.99 for a great game that doesn’t work yet with ICS. Good timing EA, thanks for rubbing our noses in it. 

  • Jonik Cannon

    Welcome to Mr Rodgers neighborhood…….Cheese Heads All Day

  • Hell Yeah go Niners!

  • Anonymous

    Go Pats! Brady prays too!

  • Or free as bloatware with several phones, piece of crap.

    • Anonymous

      Who wants Madden, one of the most prolific sports game series of all time?  Is that what you’re asking?

      • Yep! Madden is for casual gamers, and a lot of people play it, but real gamers such as myself, who appreciate the true beauty of video games could not care any less about any Madden game.

        • marty jones

          I love Madden AND Skyrim. You lose.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah it’s not like they hold madden tournaments all the time or anything. Casual gamers aren’t interested in tournaments…

          Madden since ’91.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s go G-Men!  And Denver… pulling for you guys too.

  • Anonymous

    Go Hawks! Wait… Damn it.

  • Hep

    I used Chrome to Phone from the market link above and it says NOT COMPATIBLE WITH YOUR DEVICE…  GNexus…really?  My phone’s not powerful enough to handle this?  Why are GNex owners getting repeatedly screwed with apps?

    • Anonymous


      • Hep

        I just emailed them from the Market.  Asked for a $.99 rain check.

        • Edwin M

          Worked on my Rezound!

          • Highwire

            yea….about that….at least you’ll have something to keep you occupied while you wait indefinitely for ICS 🙂

          • Edwin M

            ICS is coming to My Rezound way sooner than you think.

        • Highwire

          you could always buy it and wait for it to be updated for ICS, same as the raincheck…

          • Hep

            Ha!  Just tried to do that and it’s not compatible with my OG Droid either.

      • Hep

        Hahaha!  Here’s the reply I just got:

        Hello,Thank you for contacting EA Mobile.
        Please visit https://help.ea.com/ ; You should be able to find answers to many of your questions within our Knowledge Base or FAQ sections.
        If you are unable to find the answer you’re looking for, click ‘Talk To A Game Advisor’ so that we may help you with your specific issue.
        For Japanese support: 日本で購入された方のカスタマーサポートはこ[email protected]
        Thanks again for your interest in EA Mobile, and we hope you continue to enjoy playing our games on your mobile devices!
        Sincerely,EA Mobile Customer Service

    • Anonymous

      Because ICS is new?

      • Hep

        Yeah, but everything that hasn’t worked has been from large corporations.  How is it that the little guys were ICS compatible before the money holders, NFL, EA…?  Like peezwizz said, frustrating.  You finally get a powerful and have to still miss out things you were waiting to enjoy.

        • Anonymous

          Large corps don’t care about small markets (ICS).  Once ICS is more prominent, they’ll take notice. 

          ESPN fixed their app just last week to work with ICS.

          • Hep

            Ugh.  Oh well, I still get to be irritated by it all.  I’d feel differently if it was someone like the guys that make Note Everything.  But even they updated early.  I’ll just eat my force fed stew and enjoy it.

    •  It has absolutely nothing to do with the Galaxy Nexus not being powerful enough.  It does not work with Android 4.0.

      • Hep

        Yup.  Guess EA missed the early code release.

  • Bgoody75


  • Anonymous

    morning paper

  • Anonymous

    i dont see it in the market, is the gnex not supported?

    • Erik

      i dont see it either. must not be supported on gnex. very hard to believe though

      • Anonymous

        yeah I have a gnex, droidx, and a xoom and the market is telling me none of those devices are compatible… yet im pretty sure i’ve played it on the droidx.

      • Kurtis Tamez

        Not available on my GNex or RAZR, but works on my Kindle Fire, Bionic,  Droid X, Incredible and Samsung 5″ Player. Just sent it to my son’s Player. He’ll get a nice surprise next time he connect’s to Wi-Fi. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Go Broncos!!

    • Anonymous


    • Michael Forte

      Go Broncos, only because I dislike the Pats and I’m a Florida fan so I’d like to see Tebow do good.

      • marty jones

        Would you also like to see him do well?

        • Drinksprite


      • Jake

        It’s fascinating to me to see someone use the correct punctuation, and capitalization yet fail to understand when to use good versus well. 

        • Tony

          to many commas jakebro

          • Anonymous

            How about another o on that to of yours….

      • Michael Forte

        Doh…easy mistake. I meant well 😛

    • Genius

      The Broncos are done after tomorrow, not even Jesus can save them from Belichick and the Patriots.

      • Genius