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Friday Poll: Most Memorable Moment From CES 2012?

And we are off to the airport, officially closing out our time at CES 2012. While we will have a recap of sorts later on, I did want to say that I’m coming away a little disappointed. This wasn’t even close to the CES of 2011 where we saw the introduction dual-core processors, the first wave of tablets, 4G LTE and more. It sort of felt like an in between year for mobile technology, at least at this event. From what we heard throughout the week, MWC in February could be massive.

We still want to ask though, if you came away impressed by anything? Was their a best moment of CES for you? Are Verizon’s new LTE phones top tier or so-so? Are their too many tablets on the market now, or not enough? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • Anonymous

    The ASUS 7 inch tablet was the highlight of CES for me. I finally received my TP and I love it, but I realize 10.1’s are not for everyone. The new tablet with similar specs at literally less than half the cost is a very enticing piece of work.

  • Destroythanet

    None of the phones were that impressive. Galaxy Nexus is still my phone of choice.

    • Tim242

      Mobile World Congress next month.

  • Austinrgoebel

    Would have liked to more from samsung, moto, and htc about future smartphones. Also would have been nice to hear about quadcore phones, my favorite part would be the i’m watch

    • Tim242

      Mobile World Congress next month.

  • Bionic

    is it just me or was this year really boring?  I remember seeing maybe one or two quad core phones. Why didnt we see a quad core phone from motorola or sammy or whowever else?  

    The best thing this year was the ASUS tablet for $249 running ICS

    • Tim242

      Mobile World Congress next month.

  • Anonymous

    Red….this company is going places. I love the energy from that guy. They will have us all watching 4k in a few years and shooting 4k on out cellphones someday I bet. 

  • nwd1911

    MOTOs announcement that they would make fewer devices.

  • Anonymous

    How about nothing. There was nothing I found memorable this year. Nothing blew me away or made me say, “I’ve got to have that.”

  • Anonymous

    How about nothing. There was nothing I found memorable this year. Nothing blew me away or made me say, “I’ve got to have that.”

    • Anonymous

      Then I suspect you didn’t see the Samsung Smart Window…. #1 best new product shown at this year’s CES. However, since this is a phone/tablet site, the Asus 7″er at $250 was awesome as well. But nothing compared to the Smart Window.

      • Anonymous

        Nope, I saw it. Seems more like a gimick than a product I’d actually ever care to use.

  • Jotyr

    The thing that stood out to me was that everything will be available one of these days.

  • Asus $250 Tegra3 ICS tablet.
    If they’ll deliver it, and if they’ll not screw it up, then it will be a hit and it may lead to Android dominance in tablet market.

  • Totw187

    Id say it’d be motorola ignoring the bootloader situation. Scamorola.

  • Maxatkz

    Motorola Razr Maxx!!!!! Fantastic!

  • Anonymous

    Missing poll is missing.

    • Peter Kelly

      The missing poll is actually there.

      It’s the Actual Poll that’s missing.

      • Anonymous

        Poll is poll.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing memorable.  

  • Anonymous

    i feel like this CES stuff this week was incredibly uneventful and kind of boring.  are we reaching a peak with mobile tech?

    • EC8CH

      The awesomeness of your G-Nex has just numbed you to news of any other mobile devices.


      • Anonymous

        quite possibly 😛

      • I’d have to agree with that also. 

    • Tim242

      Mobile World Congress next month.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    “Are their too” – you mean “are THERE too” 

    Anyway, nothing wowed me really. 

  • Anonymous

    Asus 7in quad core tablet was the lone highlight for me.

  • EC8CH

    3 Words…




    • thefullritz


    • Haters. I’m buying everyone green checks for X-mas next year.

  • ASUS realizing that $400 is too much for a 7″ Android tablet. Samsung was OUT OF THEIR MINDS to price the 7″ Galaxy Tab that much.

  • The 7″ tablet from asus. i was going to get the prime, but if the 7 incher ends up with a halfway decent screen i’ll be getting it. i also liked reading about intel’s new atom processor. it’s always good to see a manufacturer step up and show everyone it’s about quality and design, not number of cores.

  • Anonymous

    From what we heard throughout the week, MWC in February could be massive.”” 

    Totally agree. I think I heard MWC more than CES this week.

    • EC8CH

      CES was a bust especially for Verizon specific releases.

  • Anonymous

    Seeing your pics of I Heart Burgers probably did it for me

  • Captainjeff

    I’m surprised there are almost no tablets available larger than 10.1 inches. I’d like to see one with a screen at least the size of a piece of notebook paper with a smaller frame around the screen. Game changer anyone?

    • Tim242

      Too big for portability, nothing to hold on to without touching the screen….nahhhh

  • Mike McCrary

    250 dollar ASUS quadcore tablet
    Moto/Intel getting in bed

    But I think the most impressive thing wasn’t Android based. LG/Samsung’s 55-inch OLED displays look BEAUTIFUL. If you have a TV that makes every other TV look like absolute crap next to it, you got a winner. I imagine it’s going to be way too expensive and the first generation will likely suffer from issues that get ironed out in the 2nd and 3rd generations, but man, it’s beautiful.

    • Lakerzz


    • Anonymous

      True, read about that Sunday and totally forgot. Cost-wise, they said it would be attainable by the average person. Expensive I’m sure but I’m going to guess around $3,000.

      By the way, what did they say again, 4mm thick and a 1mm bezel? Crazy.

      • LG said that they hope the OLED’s would cost the same as an LCD by 2016. Now stop and think what the TV technology will be by then. If the world survives past December an all. :]

    • QtDL

      I would love to have one of those uber-thin, expensive OLED TVs.  Will have to settle for my reg LED TV for now. The OLED TV did win best in show.

  • Lowel

    I don’t care about Android tablets. They provide nothing more other than a bigger screen. The bigger screen doesn’t justify the price if you already have an Android phone.

    • Anonymous

      i really would be interested in seeing someone do a phablet right.  some kind of tablet-screen accessory that your phone slides into and becomes a tablet on.  that would capture my interest.

      • EC8CH
        • Anonymous

          well that’s the trailblazer i’m referring to.  just haven’t heard anything about it in months

          • Anonymous

            ASUS said they’re showing it off next month at MWC.

    • But size does matter.
      At least for games, reading and videos.
      I agree, I can’t justify a $500 for tablet, there no enough added value.
      But for $200+ish it’s well worth it.

      • I totally agree. The only reason why I got my Xoom was because it was on sale for $200 on Black Friday. I would never pay over $300 and $200 to $250 sounds reasonable enough.

        On the plus side my Xoom has mostly replaced my Macbook. Its so much easier to carry around and no wifi no problem, I have 4G to cover me.

      • Bionic

        yup, i hope we hear something about Google’s tablet soon.  Between that and the ASUS 7 inch tablet we saw, ill be getting my frist tablet.

  • Eric Soriano

    The 7″ $250 Asus.  Hurry up and release it!

  • Jake

    The part where I didn’t win the Tether app.

  • Nerdy Desi

    I was disappointed as well, it wasn’t as good as last years.

  • Razr Maxx with the 3300 battery. It set the tone for other phones on a 4G network.

    • Eazy

      Battery wise yes this and the HD Asus prime were the highlight of CES

      • Anonymous

        Yeah I know its not revolutionary and all but I actually am pretty happy about the prospects of a phone with stock 3300mAh and no huge battery bump on the back.

  • 7″ Prime of course. Other than that, I was really impressed with Lenovo’s phone. It reminds me of what Meizu is doing, which is making the UI more sleek. MOTO, HTC and Sammy take notice!

  • Anonymous

    yea i was going to say it seemed so lack luster from last year. lets hope MWC is more exciting 

  • Zebra

    $250 Asus Quad Core…but only because I had to choose something.

    • Anonymous

      This one^

  • Anonymous

    The Moto Intel Android thing was easily the most interesting. With Google owning Moto and Intel getting in on the mobile game, we have the biggest possibility of a real game changer over the next year or so.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I think the most surprising part was when Asus said, “Hey TF201 owners, we here your problems, and we’re gonna let you finish, but we are about to release a new tablet that fixes those and has the best screen of all time!”

    • hear*

      • Anonymous

        editted. Thanks, it’s been a long morning.

    • Obi5683

      ^And this

    • Anonymous

      Yes, and also, “BTW, we will also not retrofit your TF201s because we know that you will most likely forgive us and buy the next generation anyway…(whispers: Which will have problems of it’s own and will be released two months behind schedule).  Thank you for being a valued customer.”  ASUS:  Inspiring Innovation. Persistent Perfection.

  • The Android Style Guide, which probably helps explain some of the lack of ICS phones, and *potentially* the Droid 4. Although I’m half-expecting a Droid 4 Maxx a few months down the road.

  • I remember how excited I got about the Bionic at last year’s CES. And how disappointed I ended up being with it. Now I’m stoked about the Asus 7″ Tegra 3 tablet. I hope it does much better than the Bionic.

  • Teng247

    Asus quad core 7″ tablet was the only good news this CES….. this years CES blew chunks

    • Obi5683


      • Jonathonflores6958


    • akhi216


    • Anonymous

      Yeah, the only 2 announcements that I got excited about were the Acer HD quad core tablet and the Asus 7″ quad core.  CES 2012 was a very big disappointment.

      • Edwin M

        I agree. I will now wait patiently with money in hand to throw at Best Buy or wherever the Asus Quad Core $249 tablet will surface.

    • Anonymous

      It wasn’t even the tablet on its own, it was the fact that it will be $250. The other bright spot, which is just a “cool” rather than “wow” is the 13.3″ tablet from Toshiba, glad someone decided to go to that size.

    • Sort of my thoughts too heh.

    • Mack

      Interesting way to put it, but I definitely agree. 

    • Anonymous

      Don’t forget Huawei P1 and P1 S… 5mm thin, 1.4 GHz CPU dual core, a gig of RAM, and a Non skinned version on Android 4.0 on a 4.3 or 4.5 inch screen, I forgot. Looks amazing though.

  • Anonymous

    hp spectre

    was hoping for more cellphone/tablet/ultrabook “earth shattering” type news, but hopefully MWC won’t disappoint.

  • MFG

    I’m kind of having a hard time thinking of exciting things from this year. Last year was much better.

  • Motorola + Intel + Android = Doom of iPhone

    • Motorola??  Hahahahah

      • Anonymous

        i second the Hahahahah

    • Anonymous

      the i devices aren’t going anywhere. The term i”fillintheblank” killer is f’ng stupid and needs to be killed its self. Just rate the device on it’s own merit. We don’t need to be validated by comparing it to the i device.

  • Kaufkin

    The GNexus update to 4.03

    • Kaufkin

      and yes, that was Sarcasm (First, etc, etc)

    • Bewara2009

      Why are you still on the nexus? Its old news and outdated already. I don’t think I should go on.

      • Tim242

        The Nexus is better than anything announced at CES. Also, anything announced at CE$ will be outdated next month. I don’t think I should go on.