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DROID X2 Finally Gets Some CyanogenMod 7 Love

The Motorola Droid X2 was a tough nut to crack, but it seems that there has finally been a breakthrough as far as custom ROMs go. XDA user dragonzkiller has successfully brought CM7.2 to the handset that gave people headaches over it’s locked bootloader. The ROM is almost fully featured as well:

  • Full Theme Support For Every Aspect of Your Phone
  • Incognito Browser Mode
  • DSP Equalizer
  • Lockscreen Customizations
  • Lockscreen Gestures
  • Fully Customized Pull Down Toggles

As far as installation goes, this one is a little bit tough so I suggest heading over to the XDA thread and following the instructions exactly. This has got to be good news to anyone with the X2 that was frustrated with the lack of development for this device. This brings one of the most stable and functional ROMs out there to your phone. Head over to XDA to get started.

Via: XDA

  • Ryanchuha15

    i tryed to put cm7 on my droid x2 but there was no keyboard can anyone help

  • USMC1488

    It’s now in BETA!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kurnik

    anybody know if the HDMI work on this,,,?

  • Anonymous

    I’ll install as soon as he finishes the beta assuming he gets Google Voice working. For those waiting for a few more bug fixes, I suggest running Eclipse ROM for the X2.

  • Mack

    Beta should be out sometime this weekend, testing is going down tonight. 

  • motcher41

    It is a very stable rom to an installation really isn’t that hard. Flash a couple of zips and you’re ready to go

  • Alexander Garcia

    ***APPLAUSE*** It’s about f**kin’ time!  =)

  • CM7 itself may be stable, but for the X2, it’s still an Alpha release. Still, for being an alpha release, it’s really nice. I can’t stay with it for now since bluetooth doesn’t work yet, and it cannot access the external SD card. I can actually live without the bluetooth for awhile, but I must have access to my 32gb class-10 SD card since it has all my music AND I mount that as the internal SD card where I install my apps.

    Once the external SD card is accessible, I’ll definitely stick with CM7. But, to at least have even an alpha-version of CM7 running is great! Can’t wait to see what the next release will hold!

    • Got the external SD card working thanks to help ej1911 on XDA. Now I just need bluetooth to work and all will be fine.

      I’ll keep testing CM7 X2 out this weekend and see how it goes.

  • Dude

    Speaking of CM7, is there even a good release for the DX? Stable, RC, nightly or otherwise? If so, can someone throw me a number?

    • Anonymous


      It’s Jenny’s number but I didn’t think she’d mind.

      • Dude

        Thanks but it was some guy named Dave and he sounded upset… anyways I was referring to the nightly build numbers for CM7 since thats the only thing I see available for a DX

        • Anonymous

          Oh man, sorry. I was hoping you’d get to talk to Jenny. I know what you were referring to and I tried to resist the urge to make my comment but I am weak.  (I hope you get the answer you were looking for.)

        • Brah.  Check the Droid X Rootzwiki.  And use RevNumbers’ newest “Unofficial” release.  720p support, even.

          And it’s on the gingerbread kernel…so no need to sbf back to froyo.
          The ONLY problems are no %1 battery increments (stuck with %10) and the phone’s green led is lit while charging.

    • Jonny

      Do a quick google search, the Droid X has had it for a while. 

    • Dude

      nevermind, it looks like the latest nightly is 154 which was released 11-16-2011. Looking at the forum it seems like the project has died off. I think I just need a new phone, non motorola at that.

      • Mack

        Check out encounter ICS for the X. It’s ice cream sandwich and I believe it’s based off of CM9. 

      • Anonymous

        Selling mine and getting a Droid Incredible 2. 

      • SopaNo


        no its still active, although unofficial, if that even matters.

      • Anonymous

        It hasnt died off, all the phones stopped progress at that exact day to work on CM9

  • Elliot323

    Great it get’s it after I get rid of that piece of crap

  • Mack

    I got stuck with a Droid X2 from asurion when my X died and this is by far the smoothest and fastest it has ever run. CM7 reminds me that this phone actually has a tegra 2. Now I just might be able to live with it until my upgrade this august. 

    • Anonymous

      I think the X2 is a really underrated piece of hardware.  Good battery life, nice formfactor, and a bright 4.3″ qHD screen IF you can live with Pentile.   Tegra 2 is still nice for gaming and I could reuse all of my existing DX accessories and batteries and whatnot.  However, it’s really ruined by an especially lousy implementation of Blur, not enough internal storage, and also poor memory management.   Heck, the users still on stock GB are still waiting on the original DX to be “fixed”. 

      I’d love to see VZ & Moto get this device officially on 2.3.5 (at least) and give it the 3D-style Blur seen on the newest devices….if not ICS outright. Sadly, none of this is likely to happen.  The X2 had the disadvantage of being released a bit too late in the game to be a flagship 3G device so it, along with the Bionic, are gonna end up as the redheaded stepchildren of VZW’s 2011 lineup. 

      • Mack

        There is a 2.3.5 update on XDA you can apply in stock recovery that was pulled from one of motorola’s servers. The 2.3.5 update has not been released as an OTA but it’s from motorola and works perfectly. No 3D blur like newer moto devices, it is root-able though.  

  • I dont mind the DX2….my chick has on after having some bad luck with her X1 and its been good, its fast and does the job until she can upgrade later this year…

  • Oaxican509


    • Edwin M

      Why would you want to be for the DX2? Lol.

      • Mack

        Because CM7 makes this phone worth using. 

      • Oaxican509

        Yay got First……now what? 🙂