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New Google Search Released for Devices Running Android 2.2 and Above

Google released a new version of Search for Android today, bringing devices running Android 2.2 and 2.3 into the world of Ice Cream Sandwich. The UI has been simplified and is also much faster than any versions before it.

Here is the full list of changes:

  • Faster, smoother performance, with an updated and simplified user interface.
  • Suggestions for your search grouped by type, with web suggestions at the top.
  • Country-specific suggestions and search results for all countries with Google domains.
  • Long press to remove history items.

Google also tossed out some tips to try out during your next search:

  • Tap the arrow to the right of a search suggestion or history item to add it to your search term before searching.
  • Get suggestions from other apps on your phone – check out searchable items in Search settings.
  • Long press on home screen to add the Google Search widget, if you don’t have it already, to access search faster.

Market Link

Via:  Google

  • Hrtblaster

    If this Google Search app is installed, will this add the microphone button to my qwerty board?  Using the Casio Commando and not real impressed so far.

  • Anonymous

    I have droid bionic with .901 update and Liberty 2.0, it doesn’t install, says it “…is not signed correctly. Uninstall the previous copy of the app and try again.”

  • no Gnex support?!?  how can that be?

  • cool! thank U!

  • Jdstell

    Tap the arrow to the right of a search suggestion or history item to add it to your search term before searching.”  ME GUSTA!!!!

  • The Market says my GNex is not supported??? Is this only for those on Gingerbread?

  • Anonymous

    why doesnt the app that comes with the gn have so much flexibility….EG long press to remove history etc etc

  • Kat Selezneva

    A dessert for developers: Some Ice Cream Sandwich, please! http://k-selezneva.blogspot.com/2011/10/dessert-for-developers-some-ice-cream.html

  • 12HLKKFJBEA I like it very much!

  • So no need to install this on a Galaxy Nexus right?

  • Malfunction84

    “Simplified interface” = removed the useful and unobtrusive ability to choose what category to search from the main screen. Now it searches everything all the time, or I guess you can dig through the menu.

  • Anonymous

    I am running liberty also on my droid 3 I unistalled it with rom toolbox and installed the new Google search. The weird thing when I unistalled it my phone flew. I installed the new one and it still flies now.

  • Nitemare15

    Glorious Galaxy Nexus master race.

  • Does anyone else find this app completely unnecessary?

    • Anonymous

      No, but if you were asking about Bing I would certainly agree!

    • Anonymous

      Not at all, I use the search button/key all the time on my devices & this is the app it launches. I also have an unlocked gNexus & still find myself reaching for it all the time out of habit even though its not there.

      • J RIDD

        if you flash a ROM (say the cm9 kang) you can add your search button to the onscreen buttons… unlocked bootloader FTW!!!

      • This alone is the reason I ROM’d my GNex.
        AOKP, which is great because it gives you the option to get the search button back but it also has the ability to long-press for voice actions.

    • Anonymous

      Do you not use Google on your phone?  

    • Nope.

  • So I’m assuming the GNex’s search version is still newer according to the numbers!

  • Sacchin

    If rooted, then how do you install it? Im running Liberty 2.0 on my D3 and it says “File package was  not signed correctly”

    • I BELIEVE if you uninstall your current one with titanium and then install that one it will work

      • Anonymous

        Not updating for Droid Bionic w/Liberty 2.0 (w/.901 update). I uninstalled via Titanium, then re-attempted. This time it says “Incompatible Update.” I was able to restore from Titanium, just fine…

        • Bertha

          Uninstall using Titanium, then reboot, then you can install – worked for me.  But then you might lose the action for your search button.  Took me two hours to find the answer, but if you move /data/app/googlequicksearchbox-#.apk to /system/app/GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk, and reboot one more time, all will be right.  🙂

          • Anonymous

            Thanks, that worked. It was a little strange when I copied the file to the /system/app directory. It seemed to paste using Root explorer, after I mounted the directory, but it did not appear. I rebooted any way, and problem fixed.

    • Anonymous

      Did Mike’s suggestion work?