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LG Spectrum First Look and Hands-on

Before day 2 (well, day 1 of the open show floor) ended, we had a chance to sneak into the Verizon booth and grab a quick hands-on with LG’s latest device, the Spectrum. This phone is headed to store shelves on January 19 for $199, has a dual-core 1.5GHz processor, 8MP camera, LTE connectivity, and most notably, a 4.5″ True HD IPS display. The Spectrum is a great effort at a comfortable price from LG, a company that had what we would consider a rough 2011 in the Android game here in the U.S. This could be the device that helps them turn things around. 




  • Aaron Russell

    The metal accents around the bezel look pretty slick.  The pop-out usb cover is terrible though.  Overall specs are good, but not great since these specs were released on phones that came out in October/November.  LG has no track-record for quality smartphones like HTC, Motorola and Samsung.  If LG expects to get in the race they need to produce something we haven’t already seen two to three months earlier.

  • Percysnow23

    did yall peep the watch?    nice huh?

  • Anonymous

    The Voyager served me well, but I don’t really know about LG’s smartphones… 

  • napes

    Why does every company, including Verizon ruin a sleek looking phone by pasting their logo right in the middle of the bezels?  The logo and the carrier are always on the back of the phone and as well as built into the phone’s software.  Hopefully someone will fix this this at some point.

    • LionStone

      Agreed! That turned me off immediately, as well as the bold logos on the back, boo, no like.
      My Incredible and TBolt both have an unopposing VZ logo on the top, so blends in hardly know its there and the back simple and elegant HTC logo.

  • J Dub

    Why are LG’s phones so boring? They lack hype in every way.

    • Gueast34567

      you could have a lg phone with a terabyte octo core processor, with virtual 3d display, and people would go huh, and just keep passing by it for something else.

  • what a beast

  • be aware!!!  Lg while making a great screen and overall hardware phone. their software is poorly written and updates are long away. and the updates aren’t any better.  Support from LG is only what you could call a joke.  all they know is to exchange phones with the same buggy software.  their quality control is piss poor,  some phones are fine while others overheat,reboot,have backlight bleed(noticable).  stongly urge you to stay away even though im sure the screen will be attractive.  and dont buy any promises of ICS coming soon.  After owning the G2x it is my responsibility to warn people away from LG phones.
    Take this as you will.  

    • Terminatorbob

      Completely agree. After my experience with the g2x I don’t think I could ever trust that company again. What a truly horrible phone it was.

  • Lgreg64

    16 items from VZW thats alot. i hope they can be uninstalled.

  • QtDL

    Why the heck is the ‘back’ button on the right side of the phone? That’s weird.

  • RW-1

    Not only GB, but fools you by not standardizing the three HW buttons at bottom, not even aligned with ICS …

  • this is a little better to me than the Nitro HD and LIGHTYEARS ahead of the Revolution. if the SportsCenter is running in the background it will kill the battery.

  • faber

    I like.

  • Anonymous

    Brings me back to my LG Dare days with Verizon lol I loved that phone! I even rocked an  LG Venus with the mini touch screen which was so awesome back then.  … Not going to get out of my GNex though.

  • Domikinzu

    why are phones still coming with Gingerbread???

    • Tim242

      Because they were in development long before ICS was released.

      • Gueast34567

        even though ics was literally announced 1 year ago, they didn’t plan for it to be out all ready.   i doubt it’ll be 200, verizon will make sure its 300. the gnex was suppose to be 200 as well.

        • Tim242

          They can’t plan for it, without having the software. Google just released the source in December. The Nexus was not supposed to be $200. That was a rumor. $200 for a 32GB LTE phone, with an HD screen? Are you on drugs? Haha

          Sent from my Galaxy Nexus
          On Jan 13, 2012 2:30 AM, “Disqus”

  • EC8CH

    Sexy Nexy is not Jelly

    • Anonymous

      lol – you drinking at work again?  :p

      • EC8CH

        Nope, but lots of late nights so I’m a little short on sleep.

        I do drink my water out of this glass though…

  • EC8CH

    no About screen until 1:45

  • Seeker

    Is it global-capable on Verizon? Previous rumors (and Verizon screenshots) suggested it was.

  • Anonymous

    Gonna compare the screen quality to my Gnex and if it matches my i device better, craigslist will have as “as new” Galaxy Nexus for sale in about 8 days. Woohoo for IPS. (maybe)

    • Staticx57

      IPS over AMOLED?

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know, that’s why I’m going to compare the two…

  • looks better then the HTC line

  • Anonymous

    Kudos to LG – looks pretty nice.

  • Mark729

    IPS !!

  • Wow Kellex. Long Sleeves and green checkered on top of that. Is there a glitch in the Matrix?

    • I literally lol’d. +1

    • EC8CH

      Dude writes a tech blog… not a fashion blog.

      Ok, that’s probably no excuse 😛

      • I was just referring to the fact that he is dressed business casual not Portland casual   as we’re use to seeing. Not ripping on him at all. As long as he is wearing some brown pants it’s fine. LOL. 

        Plus I don’t think I have the stones to wear that shirt. 

      • thefullritz

        Still needs to work on those talons…

        • why do you are about another mans nails?

          • LionStone

            got talons bro? lol, sorry had to…won’t happen again.

            Maybe because we have to look at them in our faces when we watch the video?

        • Anonymous

          They help with unboxings. 😉

      • Edwin M

        I was just enchanted with his hands. He can be the next 
        Ray McKigney. (Look it up if you don’t know who that is.)

        • Danbaran06

          I hope Kellex is master of his domain.

          • Edwin M

            I think he is. Didn’t he win a contest?

  • Sam Thompson

    Way better looking than the nexus!

    • Tim242

      Ha ha you brought jokes!

  • Anonymous

    My next LG phone will be… It’s highly unlikely that I’ll ever finish that sentence.

  • Small

    if it is easy rootable and unlocked bootloader, then it will be a nice phone to have

  • Lmrojas

    Cheap looking phone. Wouldn’t think twice about purchasing it.

    • It has gorilla glass… I wouldn’t call that cheap. 

      • Anonymous

        I honestly think this phone is pretty sweet all-around OTHER than the unknown factor of LG’s updating history AND the horribly gimped internal storage. But just 4GB for internal storage?  Come on LG, the Droid Incredible had 2x than that 2 years ago!

        I find myself frequently coming close to filling up my Bionic’s 8GB partitioned internal SD card (out of the “16” it comes with internally) due to the wacky SD/SD-EXT partitioning.  I would not buy a new phone with anything less than 16GB internal + a microSD slot.   

      • Lmrojas

        So you guys are telling me you call the Gnex cheap ( I don’t own one, I’m not eligible for an upgrade yet) but this phone with its shiny plastic backing looks nice and well made? Please give me a break.

    • Blood

      Cheap looking troll. Wouldn’t think twice about killing it.