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Verizon’s Double Data Promo Ends January 15

On November 8, Verizon kicked off a new “double data” promo with a semi-open ended run time. The promo allowed customers to sign up for tiered data plans and receive double the amount of data without a price hike. The 2GB, 5GB and 10GB plans were now 4GB, 10GB, and 20GB respectively, but still at $30, $50 and $80.

For anyone that wasn’t able to lock into unlimited data, this is something you should try and jump on as a January 15 end date popped up on Verizon’s site this morning.

Cheers Josh!

  • Anonymous

    I came from sprint had the Evo 3d and unlimited data never used more than 4gb monthly on sprint. Now i am on verizon with the Galaxy Nexus since November 11th jumped on the double the data promo and now i have 10gb monthly. I am happy with my GNex and LTE …

  • Bill

    I hope that they are planning on replacing “twice the data” with some other comparable promotion.  I’m planning on dropping my AT&T contract early (where I am grandfathered with unlimited data) to go to Verizon once the Droid 4 is released.  If Verizon doesn’t do something to give provide additional data, I may stick with AT&T/Blackberry until they do or my existing contract expires in August.

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  • ill stick with my delicious unlimited data thank you very much

  • Ophios

    For those of us on a budget, this bites. I have unlimited but the rest of my family has the old phones. To upgrade them will cost me $90 bucks a month (3 phones * data plans). It would be a lot easer to take if the $30 bucks was still unlimited. Oh well, I am with Verizon but the rest of my family will go to another phone service vendor. I am not the only family doing this. I hope Verizon is happy with this decision. Although I am not bitter about it as others, I tell people that once enough folks move away from Verizon then will have no choice but to change again. They can do it now becuase the market will take it.

  • Ryan Bentley

    So, I have a totally rube like question here… I’m astonished when I see people who use double digit GB of data.

    What are people using 10-12GB of data for?

    I have the 4GB thing thanks to this promo, but with a week left in my billing cycle I have used .433GB of data. Granted, my heaviest use time is at home hooked up to wifi and I know that takes alot, but I can’t see anything that would cause me to use that much data.

    Is it because I don’t stream music/video much on the phone that keeps my data total low?

    Honestly curious, because even when I had unlimited (I had to activate a dumb phone for awhile… booo), I never used that much data.

    Thanks 🙂

    • You must not be using 4G speeds. I said the same thing when I was only using 3G. I would never hit 4GB in a month because I tried to be on Wi Fi as much as possible. Since having a 4G phone in a 4G area, my speeds are quadruple compared to wi fi. I stream music and download like crazy and am using at least 6GB of data a month.

  • RaptorOO7

    While I have unlimited Data as well, I have to wonder at what point will Verizon kill it off, for example if you buy a new phone on contract will you lose the unlimited.  My feeling is that will be the case.  I might consider getting the 5GB with double data to 10GB now.

  • This deal also applies to ANY new 4G line activated to your account.  You don’t have to buy a new phone; even a used one bought online will qualify for the promotion.

  • Anonymous

    This didn’t pop up this morning. I heard about this on the radio right after new years.

  • Glen E Ston

    eh, switching to Sprint anyways. Much cheaper and I get a 25% discount through work. I’ll be saving myself $60 a month.

  • If I remember correctly, verizon said the unlimited would remain for a limited amount of time. Any idea when it could end?

    • Anonymous

      I would like to know as well, as I said, I plan to stick with my OG Droid (with the unlimited 3G) for awhile, maybe until the next Nexus comes out….

  • Sob157

    Wish theyd bring back the 1 year contracts.. Id SERIOUSLY pay the $30 extra bucks for the phone to upgrade my device every year with a subsidized price… =(

    • Why should they? Now we all pay $100 more for the phones and that’s with two year contract.

    • kw

      they cant, its in the contract with apple…

  • So if I have unlimited data right now for my DX and upgrade to a GNex will I get to keep unlimited data? Or will I have to switch to the 4 gig/mo?

    • Edwin M

      You get to keep unlimited my friend. Welcome to the unlimited 4g club and enjoy! Download to your hearts content.

      • Awesome! Thanks for the info!

      • Anonymous

        Do you know for how long they will honor this? Because I plan to stick with my OG Droid (and unlimited 3G plan) until the next Nexus comes out (lol)….

        • No one knows. In theory, forever, but in reality at some point they will find sneaky ways to wean everyone off unlimited.

  • Kevinmills7

    I got my mom, brother, and his girlfriend to jump on this cause they all wanted smartphones. They went to best buy and got the stratosphere for free and all got the 4 gigs. worked out just in time too.

  • Anonymous

    my wife had an iphone 4 on verizon with unlimited and i just got a nexus with the 4gb plan for 30 dollars.  i was able to switch the phone numbers on the two giving me the unlimited on my nexus however when i activated the iphone on my number they said it would only be 2gb for 30 dollars and their explanation was only 4g phones are eligible for the extra 2gb.  is this true or do i need to complain?

    • Tyler Cameron

      Tis true.

    • Toddman214

      Thats true. Only 4g phones can get the double data.

  • Commercials around here have been saying the 15th is the end date for the promotion for awhile now, im really tired of hearing the one radio commercial that is constantly on

    • RaptorOO7

      Wait, so can I get double data on my 4G MiFi’s that I have right now or will they not do it since I already have contracts in place?

      • It has to be an upgrade to 4G for that line, so no they will not give you the double data.

        • kw

          no it doesn’t if you have a 2gb plan you can go on my verizon , sign in and change the data package to 4gb. You can for sure with phone so i dont see why not with a mifi

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad I still have my unlimited. Also have 4G where I live. It’s awesome.

  • Jer85008

    Get it now, $30 for 2GB of data is absurd.

    • Edwin M

      Lucky I have unlimited because with 4g I am usually at around 10-12GB of usage a month. When I had 3g I was at 4-5GB easily.

      • RaptorOO7

        I rarely use 1-2GB a month right now, but that would change IF I was using it as a mobile HotSpot which I may do.

        • just so you know, the HotSpot feature offered by Verizon is under a different data plan.  I have unlimited data for my phone, now, but they told me that if I turn on the HotSpot aspect of my phone to share data with my laptop, that the unlimited data would not apply.  I’d have to pay for a separate data plan, even though it’s still all going through the same device.  (the various tethering apps out there use the existing data plan of the phone)

          • Xiermail

            Yes – using Verizon’s hot spot app will incur additional charges.