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Snapseed and ShadowGun:DeadZone Both Headed to Android Devices in Early 2012

Yesterday at NVIDIA’s press event we got a sneak peak at a couple of apps that are sure to get Android users excited. If you happen to own an i*ad, then it is quite possible that you have heard of Snapseed. It has recently won the “iPad App of the Year” award, but is now coming to Android. The Snapseed application allows users to turn any ordinary photo into a work of art. With its amazing filters and effects software, it is no wonder why it won app of the year.

Another announcement that came from yesterday, is that MadFinger is working on a multiplayer edition of ShadowGun. It’s called ShadowGun: DeadZone and it will keep folks busy for a long time with the ability to play with others just as you would any other online multiplayer shooter.  And from what we saw yesterday, they were playing with Xbox controllers. Oh boy. 

Both applications will be making their way to Android in early 2012, so keep your eyes open.

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  • Blootzm3

    you can use xbox controlers on the samsung galaxynexusapp

  • Anonymous

    Whats the deal with snapseed? It just applies some generic effects to photos, I dont get why its so popular, ipad app of the year? 

    • It’s supposedly the best photo processing app on iPad. I doubt it’s as good as Lightroom, but  for the tablet it may not be bad.

    • We got to view the Android demo and it was really awesome. Way more than just generic effects. 

  • Mack

    I’ll be jumping on this as soon as ASUS releases that $249 Tegra 3 tablet.