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NVIDIA: Ice Cream Sandwich Will Be Available for the Transformer Prime Tonight

In case you missed our live blog of NVIDIA’s CES event, we wanted to make sure that all of the Transformer Prime owners in the building heard the special announcement that came out of it. NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said that thanks to the countless hours put in by the NVIDIA and Asus teams leading up to CES, that Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) would be made available tonight. So if you own a Prime, you might want to start checking in your system settings for the push. If it doesn’t hit your device tonight, you can bet that the dev community will pull it and try to make it available for a manual install.

  • Scip

    No facial recognition security in this release. Just updated my prime

  • I…..C……S!!!!!! yeah buddy!! just downloaded

  • 9:00 pm Central and it shows up for me on my Prime. Downloading it now!!

    • Anonymous

      Same here, I just finished downloading and am in the process of updating!

      • Anonymous

        And done! Yay ICS!

        • Chad Stauffer

          I just got it too. I also have another camera update.

  • Vinnieallard

    Updating to ICS now on my prime!

  • Anonymous

    Just pulled update now!

    • Anonymous

      Yup its ICS and boy does this thing fly! Def must have been what Asus was thinking when this was conceived.

  • Chad Stauffer

    Downloading firmware update nowon my prime. Ihope its ICS.

  • JeremyW

    I got my Prime in today and are posting from it now. Great to know ill be upgraded to ICS already to match my GNex

  • Anonymous

    Heck yeah! Best news I heard all week!

  • I’d love ICS on my Transformer..

  • Anonymous

    Hey Kellen, still think the XOOM is the developer device?

    • Synaptic13

      lol…*burn* ….I think 😛

    • Pete_¥

      Heck yeah, it’s a developer device. My Xoom is developing dust while I’m waiting for ics for my prime.

  • Anonymous

    Will the prime now get that direct touch thing like on the other asus 7 inch quad core err is that apart of the hardware and not the software…?

    • Synaptic13

      Relatively sure that is software related

      • Anonymous

        I swear… First the prime HD. Now this? Wtf Asus

  • Synaptic13

    all be it extremely disappointed in the news this morning, I have also had several calls into ASUS..
    1) most retail help within the company has no clue what the new model is
    2) The one I talked that did said it would be late quarter 2 as mentioned….before release. 

    so in hindsight…yes I wish I waited…however knowing it still will be unlocked, still get ics first, and for all purposes be the only one on the market for the next 6 months…I can say I am “satisfied”…for now;P

  • Chris

    Wasn’t the Xoom supposed to get the Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade first?

  • MJL

    what about the original TF101? Any news on that?

  • Chris G


  • Anonymous

    Ball’s in your court Moto

    • Moto is too busy releasing a pink RAZR

      • Rodd

        Exactly !
        Moto has much better things to do with its time & resources..
        pink & purple phones
        focus groups to come up with cool new names like xyboard
        512 bit encryption for their bootloaders
        a new Blur
        you know – all the important stuff people really want & need

  • Anonymous

    Meh. There is no recovering from the earlier disappointment of hearing of a newer better transformer prime =(

    • You must not have a Prime in your hands…The thing is flat out amazing!

      • Anonymous

        I do have a prime with the dock, and I cannot wait for the ICS upgrade. But i was hurt this morning with the news of a newer prime. I do love my prime and I havent put it down since I got it, but I didn’t want my tab to be made obsolete by the same people that manufactured it a few weeks/months later.

        • That’s a sad reality of owning electronic gadgets. Deal with it.

          • exactly, if this thing launches late 2Q thats 6-7 months after the 201 release…which was about 7 months after the 101 release.