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Live – Samsung CES 2012 Press Event


We are well into CES 2012 press day, but it’s about to get spicy starting at 2PM. Samsung is going to take the stage to unveil what they have in store for the next year. They usually put on one of the better shows. We are fully expecting to see the Galaxy Tab 7.7 with LTE on display after receiving a press release for it earlier. Other than that, it’s anyone’s guess, although we have a pretty good idea with so many of their products making their way into the public within the last few hours. We could see more of their AT&T lineup that includes the Galaxy Note and the new HD Skyrocket. But just a reminder, this is a “Samsung” event, not just a mobile event, so expect TVs and appliances mixed in as well. The Galaxy SIII is not going to happen here.

This should be good, hang with us.

  • Jim McClain

    whats wrong with the Nexus?  speaker, camera,radios…need I say more


      My nexus works great!

      ~Sent from my Galaxy Nexus

  • Blootzm3

    samsun galaxy nexus 7 

  • Did they say anything about 4.0.3??!!! 🙁

  • Booboolala2000

    Angry burds. Lol. Yesterdays news.

  • very good… Thanks you very much !

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I have a new current Samsung 2011 Mart TV, with apps and it is 3D LED and I never have used 3D one time and have no plans to.

    “Samsung is claiming to be the first to offer “future proofed TVs.”

    Most of the apps are so sucky and so so so basic like Palm Pilot quality, it is laughable.

  • Bewara2009

    So basically Verizon isnt getting any new phones besides the droid 4 and Razr MAXX etc… I guess I should just upgrade to the Rezound…Best of all and its getting ICS by the end of this month… 

  • Anonymous

    Well, that was a bit “disappointing”!

  • Anonymous

    Meaningless, meaningless! Everything is meaningless! I am one of those that personally doesn’t care about “3D” tv, or “3D” anything for that matter! It has not advanced to the point where it truly looks “3D”. I want to see holograms become something that everyone has! But anyway, besides that, I want to know where besides EU I can buy the Tab 10.1N. I like the looks and the FORWARD FACING SPEAKERS!!!! better on it. Why don’t all tablets make forward facing speakers? That would be something to jump on, use some of that generous bezel space for a true “surround sound” experience!

    • Booboolala2000

      Same here. 3D is a gimmick and really a waste.

  • Anonymous

    We need to see a hands on gallery of that ultra book that you won Tim! I need to see if its worth returning my macbook air to best buy and waiting for the new ultra books

  • Bob Campbell

    Will the TV still be interesting if you have to hook it up to a DirecTV DVR or will it become another dumb monitor like my Sony with all the spiffitude neglected?

  • Bionicman

    what os is samsung TV running on? proprietary?

    • EC8CH


  • To many market apps. I have like 5.

  • Jason Purp

    Nothing interesting for Verizon = no interest to me

  • Anonymous

    lol, he keeps saying “Smart erection”.


    Sorry had to=P

  • Jim McClain

    hey Samsung, are you ever going to fix the Nexus   ????

    • mons

      What’s wrong with it?

    • EC8CH

      I think they’ve already fixed mine.

      • Jim McClain

        and how is that ?

        • EC8CH

          Everything works

          • Jim McClain

            so,whats everything ?

          • Anonymous

            everything is everything, as opposed to nothing.

    • Turnhips

      I don’t understand… everything works on it…

  • Byczy Byk

    id rather wtch a stream then read some bla bla

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        The stream is on Samsungs facebook.

        • Anonymous

          Sweet, thanks!

          • Jason Purp

            No problem