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Live – Intel CES 2012 Event

I got blocked out of the Intel event, but Tim was able to make it in early. He’ll do his best to keep you all up to date on what Intel has, just in case they announce some Android stuff. Wish him luck!  

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  • Oh thanks, i appriciate that!

  • Tim, ask him if the ultrabooks are going to overheat fast. Ask how they are going to address overheating issues with ultrabooks. 

  • Sob157

    Even Tato is stuck in the nose bleed seats.. That device better have optical zoom! = )

    • Mainly because that one has full 4G bars and mine doesn’t 🙁

      • Anonymous

        Maybe 4 bars if you live underneath one of the three LTE sprint towers that exist =P

        • You know the funny thing about my 4G connection is if my dBm is 109 i have 2 bars but if it is 118 I have no bars.

  • Kellen why didn’t they let you in?

    • Tesseract 3

      Sounds like he just didn’t get there in time. The even had probably just started and they were cutting off any more press from entering the room. Pretty standard. I’m sure Tato is up for it. 

  • Anonymous

    That [email protected]:disqus , that is one of the more interesting CES events.